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Image: The image is abstract. Perspective : The camera angle is positioned at a low angle,making it appear like an illusion. This creates pattern on the glass windows. Colour: The colour from the sky is reflected towards the windows creating a vivid blue. Influence: This image shows how having the right perspective and the simplicty of the image can have effective outcome. Sections: The windows take up majority of the space; but there is a smooth transition between the building and the sky.

Image: It’s easy to recognise what the image is. Perspective : A front view camera angle makes the image clear . Colour: Your eye is lead onto the vibrant red and it takes up half of the image. It’s a bright colour scheme of white, blue and red. Sections: The structure is divided into two sections. Emphasising variety of pattern. Influence: Blending colours and structure together. The composition of the pattern is a great point because this make each section stand out.

Test shoot

Vividly shows pattern from the glass window. Perspective leads your eyes to the left.

Structure brings out the detail of the building.

Cropping in this way creates an abstract composition.

Camera angle your eyes upwards.

Front camera angle shows a clear image.

Reflection creates a different perspective.

Pattern with the structure and windows.

Abstract makes the imagedifficult to what it is,which gives a different perspective .

This image is abstract because you can’t see the whole image .

The reflection creates a second focus making it more appealing.

Pattern creates a interesting outlook with each section.

Edit 1


Second shoot

The negative space emphasises sihouette creating an effective outcome.

Flipping the image creates better symmetry and removes distraction.

The camera angle creates am effective perspective.

Low camera angle creates interest.Too bright towards top.

The structure of the sculpture is a distinctive shape.

The camera angle leads your eye upwards and creates a symmetry.

Symmetry could be created by flipping half the image.

Cropped image shows good balance.

Pattern creates interest.

The perspective emphasises the symmetry of the image.

Interesting structure. Composition emphasises by crop.

May need to be skewed to align building.

Edit 1

Edit 2

Edit 3

Edit 3

Leeds Shoot Reflection shows a different focal point(the sky).

Dynamic lines emphasises the building;bolder outlook.

Camera angle is taken below which leads your eye upwards.

Symmetry balances out the proportion of the image.

The pattern shows the unique outlook of the structure.

The camera angle was taken from below which leads your eye upwards.

The pattern of the windows the building stand out.

The background of the sky creates a almost silhouette of the building.

Diagonal perspective creates a illusion outcome of the windows.

Rules of thirds balances out the image,which is effective use of perspective. The camera angle creates perspective of the structures of the building.


Edit 1

Edit 2

Edit 3

Statement of intent

As part of an up and coming exhibition ‘through the eyes of a photographer’ you have been asked to create a series of images that captures local architecture from a different perspective. The images are to be displayed to the public at the Lowry Gallery in Manchester and should encourage the viewer to view their surroundings from a different perspective. Your images should take inspiration from a photographer of your choice that uses the abstract in an image to create strong compositions. For my project I’ll be producing outcomes of Kevin Saint Grey style. With the influence of his work I’ll be able to think about the compositions and techniques needed to create an effective outcome (understanding how I can adapt these factors in to my work). Through Kevin’s work he usually uses negative space, symmetry and dynamic lines which focus onto the building structure. Combining with techniques that he uses with the sky contrasts a dramatic perspective to the image. Understanding the style of Kevin Saint Grey I’ll be able to take into consideration through my photo shoot. With this project I hope to achieve to create my own final outcome which will have a great visual to the viewer.

What do i need to alter of Kevin’s style • Curves – Creates the right shadows and highlights of the building. • Motion blur – Altering the sky which I’ll adapt from Kevin’s work. • Crop – Taking any distractions out. • Desaturation to the image - Kevin’s work is usually in black and white. • Camera angles – Most of images usually taken from the side to create diagonal perspective or from below.

I’ll be going to take a photo shoot in Manchester for my location. Shooting in the city will benefit from finding great architectures to take. Depending on the weather this could affect my images. I hope with inspiration of Kevin Saint Grey’s work I’ll have several effective images. For this project I’ll need to think of ways to create manipulations to the images such as crops, perspectives, by using my understanding with my Photoshop skills.

Artist analysis

Salford shoot

Low camera angle creates the image overpowering.

The negative space leads your eye to the focal point.

The perspective emphasises the window. The pattern gives a illusional perspective of the windows.

The symmetry balances the proportion of the image.

The perspective leads eyes directly upwards.

Low camera angle leads your eyes upwards.

The reflection of the window which creates a second focal point.

The contrast between the highlights and shadows emphasises the outline of the buildings.

Edit 1

Edit 2

Leeds shoot

The camera angle creates an abstract composition.

Reflection creates a second focal point.

The lighting emphasises the texture of the building.

The image needs to be aligned straight. Flipping the inage creates a better symmetry.

The low camera angle makes the structure overpowering.

Tilting the camera angle creates a different perspective.

Low camera angle creates a bold image.

The lighting emphasises the texture of the building.

Perspective leads your eye directly upwards.

Contrasts of highlights and shadows;balance to the image.

Edit 1

Edit 2

Edit 3

Manchester shoot Pattern creates an interesting perspective.

The low camera angle emphasises the diagonal lines.

Reflection creates second focal point from the window. The structure of the building is striking.

Camera angle creates emphasis on the texture.

The camera angle makes the structure overpowering in scale.

The abstract composition gives a different impression.

Negative space isolates the structure of the building.

Reflection is emphasised by the daylight.

Abstract creates a different perspective to the image.

Camera angle brings the image more larger in scale.

The camera angle emphasises the pattern of the building.

Edit 1

Edit 2

Edit 3

Evaluation Following from the brief I’ve produced a series of images. The first set are presented a set of three vertical portraits, deciding to present the three images to align together to contrast together effectively (balancing the shadows and highlight within each image). Having the images blend together in tonal range. With the second set, positioning the second set at landscape because the images are produced at rectangle form so it’s presented evenly. Presenting the images at landscape shows a balance between the images of the shadows and highlights. Collectively the final outcomes show different perspectives of the local architecture. With the series of image, learning the photographic techniques to focus creating abstract images. Referring back to the brief I’ve used variety of techniques such as symmetry, negative space and perspective to emulate Kevin Saint Grey’s style. With the photo-shoots, reflecting back to the brief helped to outline and to consider the compositions to focus towards. For example, positioning the camera angle upwards to produce dynamic lines from the perspective. To enhance the images I considered first by manipulating the architecture. For example I referred back to Kevin’s style to create one of images by mirroring an image which shows dynamic lines and symmetry. Then blurring out the sky to contrast successfully with the foreground. I think with series of images have been successful because reflecting back with Kevin’s existing images to emulate his style by using the Photoshop techniques with each image. Each of the final outcomes emulates Kevin Saint Grey’s style because taking the key aspects (desaturation to the images - Kevin’s work is usually in black and white) to his photography to produce into my own series of work. As each development edits progressed showed what worked and didn’t through my edits. With some of the edits it was difficult to balance the shadows and highlights to the building which couldn’t blend with the blurred sky. If I had chance for alterations I would explore further with different architectures. Overall the final outcomes meet the intentions of the brief.

Jessica's architecture  
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