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Part of a series of photographs exploring patterns and texture



Hong Kong




Jennifer works at a German handbag company, sewing their high quality, hand-made leather handbags. She takes her work seriously, but joins in on the constant banter and laughter in the joke-filled atmosphere the company has built. I remember her story about how she lived in East Germany, and when the Berlin Wall came down, she was just about to have her second son, but still celebrated the reunification from the hospital.

Practice, practice, practice. Patrick started dancing his freshman year of college, and has been devotedly practicing every day to pursue his hip hop fantasy.

Jim trained hard for tennis, once. He recently picked up his tennis racket again for the first time in years and found everything in his tennis bag un-touched, in the same places they had been when he’d stopped playing. But while he no longer pursues tennis as seriously as he once did, he still follows his sense of curiosity to follow the life of a designer.

Originally from Jamaica, Rashida spent half a year abroad in Berlin. She’s spirited, outgoing, and adventurous. The FIFA Soccer World Cup in Germany was right up her alley and she eagerly joined the throngs of Germans on the streets to watch the games together.

After a week of vigorous dance practice, the girls from the S-Bahn Tanzcamp group assemble to perform the choreography they have diligently learned and rehearsed in just five days. The group consists of both local Berliners and foreign exchange students, brought together by a call for auditions in the newspaper.


Passage from my portfolio regarding photography.