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This unique collection of bags brought to you by AlterNatives are all hand woven and embroidered on a back-strap loom in five rural communities in the area of Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán by members of AMA´s Women’s Circles. They were transformed into stylish bags in the Pixan production workshop by Maya women of the Llanos de Pinal valley who lovingly stitched each bag.

AMA´s products are always rich with meaning and convey the philosophical principles of Mayan cosmovision. Look closer at the embroidered pattern on the front of each bag and you will see an array of diamonds. In our culture the shape of the diamond

represents the quadrilateral Mayan universe characterized by its distinctive four corners. Each corner represents one of the four cardinal directions: east, north, west, and south. Within each diamond is another smaller diamond that represents the sun.

catalogo AMA  

catalogo de la ONG AMA y Pixan

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