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Volume 5, Issue 1 Volume 5, Issue 1 MAY 2014




ALUMNI NEWSLETTER Dear SHARKS, This issue marks the beginning of our fifth year of reaching our alumni community. It is a little paradoxical and filled with mixed emotions as every start of a new year for our Alumni Newsletter coincides with the end of a school year in CMS, when our seniors leave the school and become alumni. Carol Morgan School is not just an international school; it is the home of many generations of students, parents, teachers and staff that grows in our hearts and fills our minds with wonderful memories. We develop a special connection with our peers and an incredible sense of belonging that transcends countries and make us proud when our Sharks excel in their personal and professional lives. This publication aims to keep that connection alive, to maintain our alumni informed of what is happening with their classmates around the world while we become the voice of our SHARKS.

A Much Deserved Recognition To Mrs. Linda Contreras

LEFT: Dr. Angel R. Contreras, José Rincón, Linda Contreras, Lissette Rincón, Dr. Angel B. Contreras ‘80, Arlene Alvarez de Contreras, Jack Delman, Georges Santoni ‘77, Clara Rojas ‘92, Sandra Aponte ‘84, Joanne Pichardo, Elaine Sosa ‘91, Manuel Cáceres ‘86

Delman recognized the significance of so many years of service that Mrs. Contreras devoted to Carol Morgan School and the positive impact she had on so many students.

The CMS Alumni Association along with the support from different members of our community installed a plaque in our Health Office in honor of Mrs. Linda Contreras, with the inscription that reads “IN HONOR OF MS. LINDA CONTRERAS FOR HER TWENTY FIVE YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR SCHOOL AND OUR SHARKS. FOR HER LOVE AND DEDICATION IN KEEPING OUR MINDS AND BODIES IN GOOD HEALTH.”

Mr. Georges Santoni ’77 reflected on how Mrs. Contreras touched the hearts of so many classmates and the special care and attention she gave them during difficult times to help them heal their bodies and ease their minds. Interestingly enough, her baking skills were also appreciated by all.

Mrs. Contreras joined us for this special occasion accompanied by her son Dr. Angel B. Contreras ‘80; her husband, Dr. Angel R. Contreras and other family members and friends to unveil her plaque. She thanked the Alumni Association, the School Administration, our Board of Directors and most of all her beloved students for such recognition. Also, Clara Rojas ’92, Alumni Association Chair, welcomed everybody and shared a few words of appreciation on behalf of the alumni community, while our Headmaster, Jack

FOR DIGITAL / COLOR VERSION GO TO WWW.CMS.EDU.DO/ALUMNI * SENT BY EMAIL ON MAY 30, 2014 let us know if you did not get it!



SHARK PROFILE…. Vanessa Espaillat Bonnelly ’05 is an Architect and Urban Designer, trained academically in Santo Domingo, London, and New York in the field of Architecture, Housing and Urban Design. She holds a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University and a Master of Arts

in Housing and Urbanism from the Architectural Association School of Architecture. She has been co-editor of several

Vanessa Espaillat Bonnelly ’05 Developing In The Architecture And Urban Design World

academic publications as a researcher at the Columbia’s Urban Design Lab. The most recent of these research projects was "Re-envisioning Health in Kumasi: Spatial Strategies" which was the culmination of a design studio in Columbia University's Urban Design Program at GSAPP. This report was collaboration between the Urban Design Lab, GSAPP, Millennium Cities Initiative (MCI) and local Ghanaian authorities and institutions. She holds the position of Research Staff Associate at the Urban Design Lab, where she is currently Managing Editor of an urban design report on the future of the City of New Rochelle, titled: "Alternative Futures for New Rochelle: A New

Generation Live/Work City." go. Even though she plans to For a second, consecutive sum- live in the U.S., she will continmer, she will be holding a teach- ue to be an active part of the ing position in a summer course architecture and urban design at Columbia University, designed field in her home country. for high school and first-year college students interested in the As Vanessa expressed to us: field of sustainable development. “There are many lessons I "Sustainable Urbanization: New learned in my three years at Designs for the Future City" ex- CMS. The most important one poses students to emerging is the opportunity to engage trends in urban sustainability in with a flexible high school curan interdisciplinary workshop riculum, one that blurs the lines environment where they explore between fields and plants the new solutions for sustainable seed of a truly contemporary cities in the context of a real- hybrid professional.” world project. She periodically collaborates with one of the most prestigious ArchiATTENTION: tecture magazines in Dominican Republic: Arquitexto. For her, this SUMMER PROGRAM IN NYC for is one of her most important endeavors, since it engages her juniors, seniors and freshman in a fruitful conversation with her year of college by Vanessa peers about the current developEspaillat Bonnelly ‘05 ment challenges in Dominican Republic and pressing urban “Sustainable Urbanization: New issues concerning Santo Domin-

Designs for the Future City.”

SHINING SHARKS! Carol Morgan School is very proud of the following sharks for their success! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Ricardo Espaillat ‘10 was unanimously selected Alicia Troncoso Ariza ‘08 was certified as by the Economics Department of Fairfield Univer- Literacy Specialist at Columbia University. sity to receive the Joan G. Walters Award 2014.

Cristian Robiou ‘07 is currently a J.D. candidate at Harvard Law School and the Vice-President of Sourcing at InSITE's Boston chapter.

HS Students Mario Chang 9th Gr. and Juan Ferrúa 10th Gr. showed such an excellent performance during the recent National Math Olympics, that the Ministry of Education selected these two young boys among the three students that will represent the Dominican Republic at the international competition, "Olimpíadas de Matemáticas de Iberoamérica y Centro América-Caribe." that will take place this summer at Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We are confident that both Mario and Juan will be worthy representatives of our school and our country. The image on the left corresponds to an announcement published in Listin Diario on Monday, May 26th, 2014.



CAREER DAY AT CMS A group of thirty four professionals, composed by parents, alumni and friends supported a career day at CMS for 8th Grade and high school students. Th e al u mni c o mmun ity stepped forward to make this activity possible as seventeen of the presenters were alumni. There were ten different clusters that our students attended to learn first-hand from the vast experience of very successful people. In this occasion technology played an important role, braking long distances and allowing some of the participants do their presentations via skype! Many thanks to the following fine professionals for covering the different clusters!

I. ARTS & DESIGN: Cristina M. Báez ’04, Susie Acra ‘90, Glenn Hilario II. MEDICINE: Laila Cochón ‘07, Angel B. Contreras, ’80, José Alfonso León, Jennifer Rhinecker III. ECONOMICS & BUSINESS: Elizabeth Riley ’82, Yamil E. Isaías ’94, Zoila Bello ‘91

chael Spence ‘08 VI. COMMUNICATIONS/ JOURNALISM: Sibylla Brodzinsky ’84, Ezra Fieser , Yamell Canaan Majluta ‘12 VII. HOSPITALITY/TOURISM: Fernando Queipo ‘94, Charyna Hasbun ‘99, Laura Asilis

X. TRANSPORTATION: Oscar Monzón, Jason Amiama ‘89, Iovar Medina, Juan José Veras

Tomas Fernandez ‘90 IV. LAW & DIPLOMACY: Mary Fernandez ’74, Livia Marlene Perez, Jonathan D’Oleo V. IT / ENGINEERING: Juan Carlos García ‘03, Axel Haché ’94 , Justin Gitlin, Mi-

VIII. PSYCHOLOGY/HUMAN SERVICES: Jeremy Daniel Fernández ’02, Liza Rivas ’97, Katherine Langa IX. AGRICULTURE: Ramón Mejia, Annibale Bonarelli, Morgan Perkins

Photo Records Of Latest CMS Events

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Here are some pictures of our alumni, parents, teachers and students supporting different events on and off campus. For the first time amongst the many activities offered during Spring Fest and Family Fun Day, our PE Department organized a 5K Color Run where hundreds of members of our community jogged, walked or runned while volunteers threw powdered edible paint at them. Also, the Alumni Association hosted their second party outside the Dominican Republic, this time it was in Boston. And finally, our CMS Golf Open took place at the breathtaking facilities of Punta Cana Resort & Club, with amazing golf courses and fantastic views! Thanks to all members of our community for their support! For more pictures of these events go to our Facebook Page: Carol Morgan-School.

Alex Dupuy, Camilo Taveras, Eduardo Batlle and Carla Pichardo ‘94, Gael ‘25 and Jorge Fernández, all class of 1990 at Spring Fest Luis ‘24 at Spring Fest.

CMS community supporting 5K Color Run at starting point.

Sharin R. ‘23, Sharin Pablo ‘94, little Jude and Jaime R. ‘21

María L. ’14 after 5K Color Run

Gregorio T. ’18 Diego Torres, Carlos Castillo and Jean Marcos Troncoso ‘96 ready to swing on Carlos Antonio Castillo ‘07 at CMS Golf Open 2014 hole 8 in Arrecife.

Salvatore Bonarelli and Carlos Hoyo ‘97 besides participating in the tournament are now members of the CMS Golf Committee playing a very important role during the organization phase.

Members of class or 2011 and 2012 at the CMS Alumni Reunion in Boston

Raymond Marino ‘83 and Feliz Guzman ‘88 sharing with former teacher Ann Nahabedian at CMS Alumni Party in Boston

Announcements CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CASCELLA ZELLER FAMILY FOR WINNING THE CMS TUITION RAFFLE. They won second prize, for US$5,503. Thanks to all the parents who supported this fundraiser.

CMS Alumni Newsletter Ways to support Carol Morgan School

Vielka Morales Development Officer T: 809-947-1020

There are several ways to give to the Carol Morgan School. CMS depends upon the generosity of our community to sustain and advance the mission of the School:

Alumni Giving Annual Fund click here for more information

Leave a a Brick

 

Ana Venta Alumni Relations Assistant T: 809-947-1021

Naming Project, sponsor a room under your name or a group of classmates Make a Pledge

For more information about these programs and other ways to make a gift, please contact Vielka Morales at 809-9471020 / 809-947-1021 or by email: Carol Morgan School is a 501 C3 organization, donations are tax deductible in the United States.

CMS Alumni Association Av. Sarasota esq. Nuñez de Caceres Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

U.S. Mail: Carol Morgan School 8400 NW 25th Street, Suite 110, BM# 1-09221, Doral, FL 33122 Phone: 809-947-1021 / Fax: 809-533-9222 E-mail: /

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