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ALUMNI NEWSLETTER UPCOMING EVENTS  CMS Summer Camp (4% Discount for CMS Alumni), July 1-26, 2013 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.  Real Federación Española de Futbol, June 17-28, 2013 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M  Escuela Internacional de Futbol Soccer Camp, July 1-26, 2013, 9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

Dear Sharks, We are so happy and proud to start our fourth year with this publication sharing the highlights of the celebration of CMS’ 80th Anniversary. During a whole weekend we could all experience the bonds of friendship, love and caring that have transcended years and generations. Current and for-

mer teachers, students, alumni and staff were all in awe to see a community brought together after so many years

dra Aponte. Also, we captioned images of the different activities enjoyed by the ones who could attend these unforgettable events.

In this issue you will learn about this great experience from the very own words of some of those great teachers who visited CMS once more, thanks to the Alumni Association Committee and its Chair, Ms. San-

We want to thank the alumni community, the school administration, teachers and parents for all their support since the beginning of this publication. Enjoy!

CMS Choir at the Epiphany Church Jaymin Baird, current CMS Choir teacher, prepared the singers during rehearsals.

As part of the 80th Anniversary celebrations, CMS HS advanced choir and members of our alumni community were invited to sing at the Epiphany Union Church. This was the place where Mrs. Carol Morgan taught her students after moving the first classes off her porch. They all sang a piece composed especially for the occasion by Mr. John Walker. The song is called “A Song of Ascent” and was accompanied by organist Mike McLennan and conducted by Susie Acra Class of ‘90 who also, along with Ms.

Here is a link to the video courtesy also of Mr. John Walker: http:// video_gallery

As Mr. Walker expressed in a note sent to us: “For me, it was a joy to see how the arts in general and music in particular have prospered at CMS over the years. Today’s students are fortunate indeed to b e enjoying the contributions of such capable and inspiring educators. All of this, of course, rests on the shoulders of a long-term commitment to educating the whole person which is one distinguishing element in the much larger picture of how CMS has continued its historic mission in each classroom, each day Mr. Walker rehearsing with the students at CMS Choir Room over these last 80 year.”



CMS Reunion Memories

John Walker and Ann Ulrich From the moment I received the invitation, the moment I packed my bags, and then, as I boarded the plane, I sensed I was going home! Imagine! Twelve years in a place, so far from my birthplace, (Wisconsin, USA) yet the country where my marriage began, my children were born, my professional life as a teacher developed, and where lifetime friendships were made. When I walked into the Administration building, that first day, I gazed upon the photographs of the many headmasters and superintendents with whom I had worked, those who had first hired me. I walked down the tree-lined courtyards, bordered by classrooms, and the years just simply seemed to disappear. I saw familiar faces of my former colleagues hard at work. My visit to campus was more than just observing. The

by Ann Ulrich Walker

“teacher in me” compelled me to ask a fifth grade teacher if I could visit his class. Michael Kaufman, Grade 5 teacher was so cordial and flexible because whatever lesson Walker plans he had planned for that moment were instantly replaced by my visit. My opening line was “Smart kids ask questions” and as I sat in his classroom, surrounded by 5th graders, a myriad of hands reached up in the air. I loved feeling and witnessing the enthusiasm of youth, their interest, and positive energy. “Did you REALLY meet THE Mrs. Carol Morgan?” they inquired, and I was able to share my own memories about the 50th Carol Morgan reunion! It really seemed like yesterday that I had met Carol Morgan! She had even carried my son in her arms. What a privilege for me, to attend two reunions--both the 50th and the 80th. The school had indeed grown and transformed over the years, but its spirit had still remained the same. The morning anniversary assembly was incredible. I loved walking into the gymnasium among the cheers and enthu-

siastic cries of the student body. My heart leapt to see so many familiar faces, administration, forMr. mer school board presidents, colleagues and students. I thanked the organizers of such a well-organized and meaningful event. I loved the parade of class graduates, from the future “to-be” CMS graduates (the kinder and prekinder students,) on to the different generations with their own “signature” cheers. I loved the recognition of multigenerational CMS alumni, parents and grandparents, with present students. It was enthusiastic, memorable, and exciting. What a privilege to be there! It was indeed thrilling and heart-warming to be back. With fellow colleagues and former students, we traced the paths our lives had taken since leaving CMS. We held up the names of those dear remembered colleagues as we stood beneath the tree that had been planted in honor of the memory of James Gregg, III, former music teacher. We remembered Horst Bernhardt, Mr. Rosco Crowell, Franny Elligers, Howard Moss Mr. Robert Zurfluh and others.

Shark Spirit in the making... Alvaro Logroño now in 9th grade, is the second son of Maud Letellier ’87; he started playing tennis just for fun at the age of nine. After winning first place in the Club Deportivo Naco Tournaments for several consecutive years, he found his passion and started training daily. He trained with a personal coach and competed in many national championships. By then, despite the fact he was competing with the best tennis players in the

country, he was ranked number 5 at the Dominican National ranking at age twelve. He continues to train hard and has participated in several cities within the Dominican Republic obtaining first place in many of them. Being number one in the national ranking (category 14) in 2012 has been an unforgettable experience for a boy who has chosen tennis as a lifetime career. Last summer he joined the Domini-

can National Team at the “Juegos Centroamericanos y del Caribe de Tenis Juvenil”. This year Alvaro will be heading to Florida to finish high school in a boarding tennis academy where he will receive a full intensive integrated training program. He will also start ranking in the USTA (United States Tennis Association). We wish him the very best, as we rest assured that those eleven years he has spent at CMS will always be part of who he is and what he will develop to be.

Kaufman and Ann Ulrich Walker During my visit on campus, I just could not stop walking down the halls, peering into the classrooms, greeting the students. I loved seeing the changes in the buildings while remembering the past. I loved seeing the casual outside reading area as part of the library. I treasured the conversations with the dear friends who still are part of the faculty. I loved the hugs and recognition from all the support staff. I loved meeting new staff. My past became present as I met my former students. The words, “I remember...” and “You really helped....” were privileged words to hear. Those words and the memories intertwined with them were the best gifts, I feel, life could offer, especially as a teacher.. So, thank you CMS, for this incredible life experience. Your gift of “bringing me back home” to Carol Morgan School and the Dominican Republic is one I will always cherish.. Heartfelt thanks from Ann Ulrich Walker 1977-1989



A Month of Celebration March 2013 was a very busy month for the greater CMS community, many of us were immersed either in preparation and coordination of last details of the many activities planned to celebrate eighty years of academic excellence, some others were packing to come back to a school they last placed foot many decades ago. There were tons of emails, and messages on our social media pages that showed both the excitement and anxiety of knowing it would just be days before meeting again with long time classmates, teachers, colleagues and friends. I will leave you with some of the pictures of the Assembly, with its overwhelming parade of classes from Class of 2026 to the CMS Original Students; the Alumni Reunion Party, with recognition to former and current teachers; the Spring Fest & Family Fun Day and the Golf Tournament. For the complete albums you may go to the alumni Facebook page Carol Morgan-School or follow this link:

Mr. Jack Delman with Victor José G. and Natalia I. representing Class of 2026

Members of Class of 1985

Annie Reid and Nelly Pickett, original CMS students with Sharkie

Mr. James Willig receiving his certificate of recognition from Miguel Fernández ‘90

Remember all these teachers?

Our alumni enjoying the party!

Sandra Aponte ’84 with Nelly Pickett, Ms. Dalmau and Ms. Postigo

Teachers back on campus to enjoy Spring Fest & Family Fun Day

Seniors working at their stand for Spring Fest & Family Fun Day

Class of 1983 at their softball game during Spring Fest & Family Fun Day

Cristina Ricart, Maricruz C. ‘16, Maxine V. ‘17, Máximo Vidal ‘75

Masao Yonemura ‘94, Alex Lamarche ‘04, Roberto H. ‘21 and Roberto Herrera

One Flew Over The Cuckoost Nest At CMS staff. They put up an incredible show where parents, teachers, students, staff, friends enjoyed an outstanding performance. Here are some of the comments they received:

Our Headmaster, Jack Delman and Linda Mishkin, HS Teacher, joined their talents to direct “One Flew Over the Cuckoost Nest” with a cast composed by teachers and

Leticia De Los Santos: “The performance was so powerful that, I must admit, stirred some hidden emotions in me. It literally took a couple of days to recover. I never imagined this would happen to me. I am still amazed by all the talent of each and every actor and the directors. Wow!!”

Jaymin Baird: “A huge congratulations to the ensemble and directors of "One Flew". The show is AMAZING and so professionally done. When you all first came on stage I saw my friends and colleagues dressed up, but within the first few minutes, I forgot who you were in "real life" and was mesmerized by the insane and quirk people in front of me. I know how much work it must have taken to make the show this fantastic and just so you all know, it was worth it!!!”


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