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ALUMNI NEWSLETTER CMS Alumni Community Celebrate Their New Members: SELECTA 2013 Selecta is the most numerous class since 1989, with 86 seniors! CONGRATULATIONS SHARKS! Vanessa D. Alba Reyes**** Lorena S. Alcántara Dicent** Charlene Joan Alonzo María Amalia Alvarez Diná* Karla Alvarez Núñez** Omar E. Andino De Castro** Claudia A. Antún Hernández Sasha Arias Torres Alejandro A. Aris Sánchez Eduardo José Ariza Marrero Francisco A. Artaza Roca Jonthony Aybar Javier J. Baquero García*** Pedro Dantas Barros*** María D. Bogaert De Moya* José Roberto Bonetti S***** José Antonio Bowen Pedro José Cabrera Haché** Jacobo J. Cantisano Majluta Ricardo A. Canturin Gianni A. Cavagliano Lama Diego Ciazo Colussi Espinal

Alejandro Contreras Miniño José Luis Corripio M.** Bertha A. De La Torre R. Manuel De Moya Barnichta Marco J. De Moya Cuello** Maria F. Di Carlo A.***** Meghan C. Egan R.***** Kareem Elattar Carlos A. Elias Pellerano Rodolfo R. Espinel Cabrera Silvia Fabian Jansen*** María José Fernández G.** Nancy M. Florentino V. José A. Ghattas Khamis Renata M. Giraldi S.***** Máximo A. Gómez Rizek Anna I. González Cáceres Sofía González Corripio***** Carlos Franklin González Ong Annabelle B. Guerrero D. Pedro Eric Haché Muñoz

Jonah A. Conn Haskell*** Shinji Hattori Qi Jun He Gong (David)*** Montserrat M. Hennig Nuñez Chia Hsin Lee Carlos Guillermo León Rivera Laura Losmozos Suarez*** Marcelle Marie Malagón Báez Paola N. Marrero Rodríguez Bianca N. Marrinucci S.*** Carlos José Martí Ramos Elsa Cristina Melgen Lama Rita Cristina Mella Roca José M. Munné Cáceres*** Anaelia A. Ovalle Suarez*** Brandon T. Paniagua Bisonó Sungjoon Park Sara Virginia Pérez Berrido Isabela M. Pichardo Espinal Luis Alberto Piña Martina Juan A. Planas Alorda*** Nicole M. Poluhovich P.

Gabriel Iram Poulard Manuel A. Pozo Jiménez Amalia Lucía Prida Perdomo William J. Reid Hernández*** Adrian Nicolás Requena Zabala José Antonio Rodríguez Alvarez Pelayo Rodríguez Busto César A. Rodríguez M. Alejandro José Ruíz León Marco Joaquín Sánchez Ramos Dianne Carolina Santana Nest María Alejandra Senior Alvarez Alexander Imran Shah Dominique Tatis Sención Sara Marie Ureña Eusebio Franklin Roberto Valdez Prats Carlos Manuel Valiente Bermúdez Oscar A. Valiente Bonetti Hernán Rafael Vásquez Hazím Jarely Hibalo Ventura Isabel Wang***

* At CMS since Pre-K **At CMS since Kindergarten ***National Honor Society


Leaving CMS!


By Sofía González ‘13

It has been almost three months since I graduated from Carol Morgan School, but it still feels as if it was yesterday when I was entering the gymnasium, walking towards the stage facing all of my classmates wearing their maroon gowns and graduations hats. It wasn’t until the moment that I stood up to throw my hat into the air, though, that I realized it was over and that I was actually leaving the school I had grown up in and where I felt safe. This is why graduation left me with a bittersweet feeling. Even though all I wanted, for the past fourteen years, was to get to this moment where I would leave for college and start living on my own, the realization that I was leaving CMS forever was sad. CMS meant safety and protection. It was more than a school to me; CMS is my

childhood, where I grew up and made friends, where I learned how to read, write, add and subtract. This place holds most of my memories, and even though I am leaving, I will never forget school, and much less one to which I owe so much. Last Monday, August 26th was the first day of school in Carol Morgan and I can honestly say I miss it and a part of me wishes I could go back. Sofía González SELECTA 2013 Class President

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Clara Rojas ‘92 with her sons Christian ‘25 and Victor ’26 This school year marks the beginning of my two year term as the Alumni Chair for the Carol Morgan School Alumni Association; serving as a good opportunity to reflect on what CMS means to me. I started Carol Morgan School as a Kindergarten student and was a graduating senior in the Class of 1992. In 2011, I returned as a parent, placing my family in that 25% of CMS families with at

By Clara Rojas ‘92

least one alumni parent. If someone were to ask me what was the best gift I have received from my parents, I would say, without hesitation, it is my Carol Morgan School education. CMS is the gift that keeps on giving, contributing in many ways to what I am today.

Our school’s innovative curriculum, well qualified teachers, and top of the line facilities help its graduates tackle the pressures of the college years and keep them strong through the different challenges and situations encountered through life. The multicultural composition of the community encourages tolerance, the strength to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances, the ability to work as a team and to compromise for the benefit of all the members involved.

CMS has been there for me every step of the way and more importantly, it has touched my life in a very personal level. Carol Morgan gave me the opportunity to see firsthand what parents working together for the benefit of their children can accomplish. My parents’ decision to give their children a CMS education gave me a clear understanding of their priorities, their sense of parental responsibility and capacity to make sacrifices and work together for a common goal. For them it was not a stroll in the park keeping three kids at CMS; many dreams were put aside, but they believed that education was the only inheritance their children were getting, and so, they managed to pull it through. Carol Morgan School has helped me value my parents as caregivers and human beings. I love them deeply for the gift they worked so hard to give me. Education is the only thing

a person owns that cannot be taken away; it will not be stolen, lost or broken; it will stay ever-present, capable of transforming and transcending. My Carol Morgan School experience is definitely transforming and transcending as my husband and I are working hard to give our boys the gift that keeps on giving. Clara Rojas CMS Alumni Association Chair 2013-15



“I Have An Identity, I Have An Opinion!” Modern Day Preschool Education By Claudine Bergés

I entered CMS at the early age of 4 in 1976. I remember fondly Mrs. Fran Elligers, my Kindergarten teacher, wise beyond her years and a modern teacher of the 70’s. Mrs. Elligers wore hilarious hats, made us all work together, arranged easels in a big circle so we could see each other’s work and prompted us to eat our paintings made with edible finger paint. Yes, we ate our pictures! As I think back to those days and now being a preschool teacher myself, Mrs. Elligers truly valued each student. She was a devoted, thoughtful and prepared teacher who respected each child’s identity and learning process. I

had different kinds of teachers throughout my years at CMS. I remember the ones who made a difference, the ones who showed they were interested in their students. In the wise words of Mr. Loris Malaguzzi, a 20th century Italian early education specialist: “Creativity becomes more visible when adults try to be more attentive to the cognitive processes of children than to the results they achieve in various fields of doing and understanding.” Mr. Malaguzzi was right! The teacher must focus on the process, results will come. The quality of the process is what will determine the quality of the result. Children will show their creativity if you allow them to express and display it. Let them be. The teacher is a guide, not the owner of all the facts in the world. I remember my first classrooms used to have 15 identical

“clown faces” pasted out of identical cut out pieces. Children didn’t have to think, it was mechanical: “Here is the model, just copy it.” How could a child recognize his or her own work? Impossible! In my 23 years teaching in preschool, my view of the child has changed dramatically. I could say I have evolved, progressed. It is a proven fact that children are born knowing. While still in the mother’s womb, they recognize her voice as well as other familiar voices and respond to different stimuli. "This not only points out a newborn's innate love for his mother's voice but also a baby's unique ability to learn quickly." -William Fifer, Ph.D. When they are born, they are full of stored information and not blank canvases which parents and teachers have to fill in. Modern preschool education is oriented towards developing critical thinking, strengthening socio-emotional bonds, respecting learning processes and looking at children as individuals. Even though we do have clear objectives to cover in each preschool level, as well

as elaborate and specific curriculum, children need space and time to explore, discover, and learn taking into account not only the teacher’s interests and personal goals, but primarily the children’s own interests. In a classroom, it is normal to observe children at different cognitive, physical and socioemotional levels. We must respect that. Look at your preschooler as an individual who has a voice, an identity, opinions and personal thoughts. What is the point of learning through memorization and copying? Traditional education made the teacher the center of the classroom. Modern day education makes the child the center of the classroom. Don’t we all want to be respected as adults and our individuality recognized? It starts with the child. Make sure the learning process is full of opportunities to have fun and learn at the same time! I dedicate this article to Mrs. Fran Elligers, who sadly passed away in December of 2010.

Ramón Cáceres Rodríguez ‘79 Is Elected Distinguished Alumnus 2013

Daniel Foote, Claudia Foote, Ramón Cáceres, Jack Delman & Chris Paniagua On the tenth year of this award the alumni community voted and recognized Ramón Cáceres Rodríguez as Distinguished Alumnus 2013 for his outstanding achievements and contributions to the field of Computer Scien-

ce and his support to society and minority groups. Ramón holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkley and is currently working on research in human mobility using anonymous location data for hundreds of thousands of cellphones in several metropolitan areas. Amongst his many accomplishments, he has eight granted patents and nine more pending.

Americans and Native Americans participating in computer science and engineering in the US, Ramón has worked very actively to promote the careers of women and underrepresented minorities pursuing a Ph.D. in a computer or communications related field.


Foote and Mrs. Claudia Foote. He pointed out the positive impact that having been educated in a multicultural environment such as Carol Morgan School, has played in his personal and professional life. He also encouraged these young alumni to always conduct themselves with responsibility and couraAfter receiving his award, ge, considering how their Ramón addressed the graduaactions may affect others. ting class of 2013 during the Seniors Reception hosted by the Charge d’Affaires, a.i. of Click here for full speech Given the low percentage of the Embassy of the United women, Hispanics, African States of America, Daniel L.



NEW BRICKS We want to thank all of you for the support you are giving us through our different fund raising programs.

New Alumni Parents

Here are the new supporters that are leaving a mark…

Karla Alvarez Nuñez ‘13 John & María Aybar José Roberto Bonetti ‘13 Ricardo Canturín ‘13 Seth & Jonah Haskell Alejandro Contreras Miniño ‘13 Carlos González ‘13 Anaelia Ovalle Suárez ‘13 Renato Espinel Cabrera ‘13 Santana Nest Family Ureña Eusebio Family THANK YOU!!!

Lily Ros ‘92 is our new Board Administrative Assistant! We are very happy to have her back!

UPCOMING EVENTS! Thursday, Sept. 5th, 2013 * ES/MS Back To School Night at CMS Tuesday, Sept. 10th, 2013 * HS Back To School Night at CMS Wednesday, Sept. 18th, 2013 * Welcome Cocktail & Parent Assembly I at Occidental Hotel El Embajador

Ways to support Carol Morgan School There are several ways to give to the Carol Morgan School. CMS depends upon the generosity of our community to sustain and advance the mission of the School:

Alumni Giving Annual Fund (At least US$25 per year)

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Carol Morgan School is a 501 C3 organization, donations are tax deductible in the United States.

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