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PARADISE Maui, Hawaii

Photo by Steven Hill

U.S. Marine Steven Hill was hired by the Navy to teach college classes aboard the USS Pinckney in 2006. In this photo, Hill was on land in Maui, Hawaii, while the USS Pinckney sailed in the distance. Traveling is definitely one of the most exciting parts of being in the military. You get to see so many places that you’d never think about visiting.”

“ Norfolk, Virginia Photo by Linda Brinson

After not seeing his loved ones for months, Ensign Samuel Brinson took his family on a Navy Tiger Cruise, where family members join the ship’s crew for a few days. Brinson and his family sailed on the USS Mesa Verde from Morehead City, N.C., to Norfolk, Va. This is the view from the bridge of the ship as it docked at Naval Station Norfolk after a 10 1/2-month deployment. 64 | HOMEFRONT MAGAZINE

Members of the military agree that one of the biggest appeals of serving is traveling the world. We asked some of our readers to share photos of their favorite travel experiences, from sailing the Persian Gulf to celebrating a reunion with their family members in Norfolk, Va.

mallorca, spain

While stationed at sea in the Persian Gulf, Navy Lieutenant Chase Coleman traveled to Mallorca, Spain.

Photo by Chase Coleman

This was taken in Valldemossa, a small village in Mallorca with architecture and lifestyle fairly typical of the Balearic Islands. Michael Douglas used to live there, so it’s become a bit more touristy than most towns, but it’s still very quaint, and I’d love to go back.”

Seychelles Islands

Photo by Steven Hill

Hill took this photo of the Seychelles Islands while on his second teaching mission in 2008. In 2008, I was onboard the USS Momsen, another destroyer. We sailed around the Horn of Africa, off the coast of Somalia (yes, pirate waters), up the Red Sea and through the Suez.”


ephesus, turkey

When Samuel Brinson found out he had a few days of rest to spend in Italy, his parents Linda and Lloyd Brinson quickly traveled there to meet him.

Photo by Chase Coleman

Photo by Linda Brinson

This is in the Puglia region of Italy in August while the Mesa Verde was in port at Taranto. [The photo] shows fishermen repairing their nets at the historic town of Gallipoli, Italy, on the Ionian Sea, not far from Taranto.” Graphics by Rachelle Branca

Coleman also traveled to Turkey while at sea, and the boat made a stop at Ephesus, an ancient Roman city rebuilt by the Turkish government.

This is the Library of Celsus, which I had studied and seen pictures of in college, but it was so awesome to finally see it in real life.”

JULY 2012 | 65

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