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The 5 BASICS Series #3 “Focus 100% of agents’ time on leasing” By Rick Burkhalter In each leg of our series “The 5 BASICS,” we explore the necessary characteristics found in all of our leasing experts. As a refresher, here are the five essential traits of the most successful leasing programs. #1 Employ only highly successful sales professionals. #2 Provide these pros with extensive leasing training. #3 Focus 100 % of agents’ time on leasing. #4 Monitor performance daily and provide coaching and feedback. #5 Set and communicate goals, tracking results against those goals. We’ll kick this installation off with a discussion of #3: “Focus 100% on leasing.” Beyond the initial recruiting and training processes, leasing experts must focus no less than 100 percent of their time on leasing, reaching out to potential renters and connecting with prospects who want more information about the property. The structure of our sales team is such that they literally focus only on the leasing process, tracking down prospects and getting them to sign. By whittling down the number of tasks to these essentials, our leasing experts don’t have to bother with any of the problems and day-to-day tasks that get in the way of selling leases. Traditional leasing agents don’t have that luxury. Traditional leasing agents are often responsible for other aspects of the job, such as property management, organizing maintenance crews, resolving complaints, as well as posting and checking rent. All of those tasks add up, disrupt and get in the way of the primary goal of leasing. For our sales experts, signing new leasing agreements isn’t just another task to “check off the list.” Focusing too heavily on task organization and letting other responsibilities get in the way means sales don’t go through. When a potential renter walks in the door, your salesperson—although happy to talk about the property—may become distracted with a unexpected phone call about a plumbing emergency. Your sales team may be up to the job, but simply too busy to ramp up leasing sales to meet your property goals. Any person who walks in the door is a potential sale, and our experts have the time and dedication it takes to deliver that sale. Let’s take, for an example, the typical college town. In college towns across America, leasing agents face the challenge of leasing rental properties to students. Many of these students are unfamiliar with the rental process. In any given day, the typical leasing agent has nearly 100 tasks from rent collection to processing maintenance orders. At the end of the day, hardly any time is left to call back interested student renters or sit down with them one-on-one on the renting process, From the Desk of Rick Burkhalter (770) 623-4545

describing the benefits of each available unit. These college towns are a huge market for multifamily housing property owners, but how many opportunities are being missed when things get busy? As much opportunity as this market has for property owners and leasing management companies, there are just as many challenges. Leasing agents must focus 100 percent on capturing the market without getting bogged down in day-to-day business. By following our guide and letting your sales team focus solely on leasing, you can ensure that your property reaches optimum occupancy for years to come. In the next segment on The 5 BASICS, we’ll explore the process of monitoring and coaching the leasing sales team.

From the Desk of Rick Burkhalter (770) 623-4545

The 5 BASICS Series  

In each leg of our series “The 5 BASICS,” we explore the necessary characteristics found in all of our leasing experts. As a refresher, here...

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