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Begin today to not take everything so personally. It's time to realize that most of that which you are taking personally, isn't even about you at all! It's about the other persona and their beliefs, experiences and habits of behavior. So...someone treats you in a way that makes you feel as though you've been rejected. Is this about you or is it about the other person? If it is about the other person...aren't they entitled to "feel" or behave any way they choose? Could you be experiencing a feeling of rejection because that is what you were programmed or trained to feel and couldn't you choose to believe something different occurred, something other than rejection? Each person is responsible for his or her own life experience. If you choose to walk around feeling rejected then that is your choice. What if you decided to interpret your experiences and interactions with other people in a different way? What would happen? Would you be happy and more carefree? What if instead of deciding that you've been rejected, in its place you decide that that other person simply made a decision that was right for them and that you must decide what your interpretation of that decision will be. Good or bad? Will it be personal or not personal? Will it be about you or about them? What would make you happiest and would give you a sense of peace and love? To feel rejected or to feel that the individual you're dealing with has made a decision that is right for them in that particular moment? Why not opt to be happy and stop taking everything said or done personally? This subject of taking things personally goes hand in hand with your ingrained beliefs. If you believe that people are attacking you, rejecting you or not loving you or treating you fairly, then you are correct. You will be sure to experience that belief in order to continue the habit or pattern you have developed. When you love yourself unconditionally and when you accept the fact that you are indeed perfection in the stop taking everything personally. You begin to accept and love yourself for who you are and you love and accept other people for themselves as well. Acceptance brings peace and harmony into all situations and it alleviates the feelings of inadequacy. Begin today to practice acceptance. Inner strength is a prerequisite to complete fulfillment. Notice I did not say physical strength but rather inner strength. To define inner strength I must ask you to seek your soul. Go deep within yourself and feel the steel, which is there. It is within each of us so don't despair as to whether you possess inner strength. Know and accept that you have an inner strength that you may not be aware of yet, however it is there. Inner strength is that special "something" you have deep inside of your very essence. It is that unique quality, which will not allow you to quit, fail or walk away when the going gets tough! Has there been a time in your life when you felt as though you were fighting an uphill battle? Did

you ever feel as though you desired something so much that you were willing to be uncomfortable, unhappy or temporarily displaced in order to receive the thing you desired? What caused you to hang on, to stay in the game when times were challenging? It was inner strength that's what caused you to stay and fight... inner strength. There will be many times that in your pursuit of complete fulfillment, you must draw on your inner strength. You will have to seek the steel that you hold internally and infinitely. Inner strength is your connection to your complete and total self, the self that is connected with infinite intelligence and all of life. The self, which is who you really are and always will be...YOU! A few secrets to tapping into your inner strength are: 1. Make a decision to achieve, accomplish or obtain your goal. 2. Design an achievable and workable game plan 3. Include a date or time limit for accomplishment of your goal 4. Imagine yourself in possession of your goal (act as if it is so) 5. Proceed forward with enthusiasm and faith 6. Stay the course even when times are rough 7. Decide that quitting is not an option When good people experience challenges and heartache it's inner strength that keeps them moving forward in life. Decide today to become a person of strength and make your strength an internal version of the valor you most admire in others. Your spirit or internal light is a thin string of infinite creation which links you directly with all that is and all that was and all that ever will be. When you become aware of this wonder and indeed recognize the truth in your connection with all knowledge, love and will know no limits. What does it mean to know no limits? Exactly that. No limits, not ever. No limited thoughts, no limits to your ability to create, love and accept. There will be no limits to your abilities in any and all endeavors. Powerful and power less at the same time. You will be powerful because there is nothing you cannot have or do or be. You will be power less because you will not require any great power to have this unlimited amount of potential. In other words, you will have absolute and total freedom! To use the phrase, "will have" is actually incorrect. The truth is you already "have" these natural gifts. Inner strength is actually interchangeable with the phrase "intense desire." Once you make a decision and back it with an intense and unwavering desire to accomplish and achieve no matter the obstacles or the commitment will become all you truly deserve to be!

Lisa Kitter is an internationally renowned business trainer, coach and speaker. Creating a 6-figure residual monthly income in less than one year, Lisa has shared her success techniques with thousands of business owners over the last 10 years. She is the author of several books and audio programs, including Prospecting with Posture,

Posture Up - Your Complete Success Guide for Network Marketing and Direct Sales and The Game of Life for the New Millennium. These programs teach entrepreneurial-specific skills and mind set to utilize attraction marketing in order to build a six-figure income. What makes her story so unique is that Lisa started with humble beginnings in the wilds of Alaska where she lived a less than ordinary American life without modern conveniences like running water. An avid reader and driven to overcome her circumstances, Lisa learned everything she could about prosperity consciousness and business success and worked with mentors and coaches to become the phenomenal success she has become today. She is known throughout the Network Marketing & Direct Sales Industry as the "Queen of Thinking Big!" To find out more about Lisa and her coaching and training programs please visit

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==== ==== Click here to find out how to find your inter strenght..... ==== ====

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