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When you are expecting a baby, it seems like there are one thousand things to do in order to prepare for your new arrival. While you might spend hours debating on nursery colors or the pros and cons of cloth diapers, it is important to put some serious effort into finding the perfect stroller as well. In all reality, this is a piece of equipment that is not only charged with carrying your most precious cargo, but something that you as a parent will be interacting with a few times per day. One of the most efficient ways to find the perfect stroller for your needs is to rent several different models, and see which you prefer. This can be looked at as being equivalent to test driving to find the perfect car. Ensuring that you get the perfect model is important in part due to the cost of strollers; it is not a purchase you will want to make more than once! Ask yourself several questions, and make a checklist as to the items that are absolutely a necessity to you and your growing family for the best baby stroller. Would you like a lightweight model, great for going up and down stairs in urban areas? Or are you better suited for something a little heavier, but with increased features and storage space? How long do you want your child to be using this stroller? Strollers are equipped with all sorts of different wheels made for different terrain, so where will you mostly be it? These are all questions that are best answered in renting a stroller, however as there are so many options it can be beneficial to have a place to start. Once you have a basic checklist, it is time to start researching possible models for your best baby stroller. Renting strollers is surprisingly easy and convenient, and can be done at parks, malls, and amusement parks. Renting from friends who already have children can be extremely helpful. It is likely that you and your friend have similar tastes and needs as you live in the same area, so their stroller might be perfect or close to perfect for your family. Renting a stroller is truly the best way to find the perfect stroller for you and your new baby. Finding the perfect fit will make your life, and the life of your baby, more comfortable.

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==== ==== Check her to find the best baby strollers reviews! ==== ====

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