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Either we are aware of it or not, we are constantly manifesting naturally every experience that materializes in our reality. Since manifesting doesn't require intentionality for it to happen, most people are manifesting without realizing that they are doing it as part of a daily living routine. However, when we first discover that manifesting is totally in our hands, we realize it is possible to add conscious intention to create our most desired reality. Inspiration is also an important part of the equation. Much like adding fuel to your vehicle, inspiration adds bliss to the intention. Bringing clarity to this concept, you are manifesting naturally with or without inspiration and whether you have an intention or not, all on a subconscious level. Exciting and scary at the same time; wouldn't you agree? Now that you know this, look back at some of the significant events that have happened in your life. You will be able to clearly notice the thoughts, actions, and feelings that created the results you got and that -very likely- you are still experiencing some of those results until this very day. Even though you may not like what you discover, be certain that no matter what you need to change, your results lay solely in your hands. It is not only possible but quite simple to start manifesting naturally from a conscious standpoint -with intention and inspiration- so you can finally get the results you want to get. In time, with practice and patience, you will start experiencing the ease in manifesting naturally based on conscious intention, which will be in direct relation to your ongoing thoughts and feelings, versus the results you've gotten on 'automatic' in the past. A good starting point is to take a look at the things that you have manifested in your life and explore for a moment the kind of thoughts and feelings that you were having when things turned out that way... you will most likely find this exercise quite enlightening. In the beginning it can seem a little vague and senseless, but as you practice this exercise the connections will become evident and clear. Usually, it is your unconscious thoughts that control the creation of things so you MUST watch your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis as well as analyze their content, motive, and presence. At first, you may notice that your thought pattern is due to a prior negative experience or they may just be recurring limiting beliefs that you've adopted throughout your lifetime. Recognizing this is the first step for change, as there is no possibility for change without first realizing that something must be changed. This may seem like a lot of work; however, with practice, it will become a priceless habit that will help you manifest the things that you intend to create.

Be determined to stop, take a look, identify, think and explore your thoughts often and as you go along. Your next step will be to consciously deactivate the thoughts that are not serving you and your purpose. You do this by stating "stop" right at the moment when you catch yourself thinking a negative thought. You may want to say it right aloud too. Then picture in your mind the result you intend to experience and switch to positive thoughts by will. Add inspiration to your intention. If you can, close your eyes and dedicate a minute or two to "see" yourself attaining your intended goal. Feel the bliss of the moment as if it had already happened. Make it a point to allow yourself to feel good about achieving your goals or attaining the things that you want, even if in your imagination first. This will lift your vibration and get you closer to manifesting naturally the objects of your desire. Beware of the negative thoughts and feelings that will still raise in your mind every now and then. When this happens, just bring them to your awareness and consciously shift your focus back to feeling good about your intended results. Realize that negative thoughts and feelings have very little power once you learn not to give energy -or dwell on- them. As you consciously focus on the positive and link those feelings to what you want, power builds up in that direction. This gives rise to the positive flow of energy that creates the things you want. Allow the energy to build until what you want is delivered. Be open for things that excite you as they may be signs of the imminent delivery of your desires. Be gentle and patient with yourself. It can take some time for you to build these new habits. Your thoughts may drift away without notice. Just live in awareness and realize that in time, your consistent self loving effort will bring great results and change your life. Once you achieve this, you will easily be manifesting naturally and on purpose all the time!

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Stop begging! Start Manifesting! ==== ====

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