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Meeting Guide This guide is only a Practical things to bring: -

Job Questionnaire


Product Sheet


Example(s): Types of Interns, specific kind of work


Research Company => what to pitch?

=> HAVE A GOAL FOR THE MEETING Goal of meeting: -

Have the company talk the most


Get information about the company´s situation, hirering procedures, international presence, relevant events


Make AIESEC relevant based on the information you get at the meeting


What needs do they have? How can AIESEC meet those needs??

Meeting Guide 1) Introduce yourself and let him introduce himself 2) Ice Breaker: Build empathy - Talk about companies results, recent events -

Interests of person who you talk to (Source: Facebook, LinkedIn)

=> Build personal trust => No more than 3 min 3) Set expectations for meeting: how much time to talk? 4) Why are you hear? -

Introduce AIESEC very briefly - make introduction relevant


Introduce Exchange Program very briefly: Talent acquisition/sourcing of international academics

=> not more than 2-3 min => short, precise, relevant: always ask yourself: “what does this information lead to?” 5) Find an opportunity (save money, hire specific profile, opening in china?) -

Identify specific needs


Ask questions (have graduate program - how does it work, how do they normally hire, do they hire foreigners, are they present in other countries etc.)

6) Our product -

This is where you go more into details about the product: benefits, process, step-by-step how AIESEC meets their needs AIESEC Denmark | 5te Unit, Njaldsgade 106, 2. sal tv. | 2300 Copenhagen | Denmark Phone: +45 3332 9748 | |


Involve them


Exemplify (usage of prepared examples if still relevant)

7) What is the difference between the AIESEC product and other products? 8) Close the meeting -

Next step? E-mail, when to call again?


Make sure the initiative is on YOUR side! If they say that they will look through it and get back to you - answer: Is it okay I call you up in about 2 weeks?

AIESEC Denmark | 5te Unit, Njaldsgade 106, 2. sal tv. | 2300 Copenhagen | Denmark Phone: +45 3332 9748 | |