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Caroline Vallières Urban Planner [Designer]


Volunteer Work 1............. Institute for Conscious Global Change Education 2............. MSc Thesis & Workshops at the Univesity of Applied Arts Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Professional Experience 3............. Competition Sketch

Suifenhe, China

4............. Studio Vlay 5............. Architectural Design

New York City

Vienna, Austria

Montreal, Canada Zhengzhou, China


The project’s main purpose is to combine man, nature and machine into architectures that equate different types of ecology to reactivate the existing. The site is a former industrial salt production area that currently sits as a scar in the Sardinian landscape. Full of contradictions, the site is a mix of sensitive and hard landscapes. One finds abandoned heritage/ industrial buildings, as well as protected flamingo nesting areas. It is a rare instance of a vast wetland inside a city area.It is an interdependent ecosystem where species (for the most part extinct elsewhere in Europe) live together, rendering it more fragile. At the same time, it risks to be suffocated by the surrounding conurbations, pollution and lack of controlled human activities. Wetlands will have to adapt to changing conditions, their plasticity is crucial to both human communities and wildlife as the impacts of global warming are being felt increasingly. As an ecotonne, it is a transition between dry land and water bodies. The design of the project reflects the nature of this border, emphasizing the Inter-relationship of borders where, as Lebbeus Woods states: various systems collide, superimpose, or react to crate a new condition.

The insertion of nodes (originating from salt pan division) along the border will create areas where events and programmatic strategies will dictate the form. Some of these nodes will make ephemeral habitats that appear and disappear, for example, based on salt concentration or variety of flora-fauna. Water is an important feature of the design. Through time there will be a new interface between water and land, giving rise to new ecologies and systems. Furthermore, as wetlands are an effective tool at filtering and cleaning water pollution, emphasis will be to further develop this inherent trait through a redesigned lifecycle that surrounds and activates the site. In essence, there will be a blurring of boundaries through a constant re-organization of typologies, nature and activity as they grow and interact. Spatial patterns of ecology are investigated with both present and introduced flows. The emphasis of the ring will encourage sustainability, eco-tourism and habitat protection. Part infrastructure, part landscape, the site becomes a critical point for the exchanges between flora-faunahuman-energy and water systems. A new logic of transportation will also emerge: rather than relying on fast movements & meetings, a “slow displacement� model will materialize, where pleasure in movement and contemplation is inherent.

Landscape Abstraction : Relation between industry, built form and primary roads

Diagrammatic representation of Transport Study: Metro Map, Tram Map & Strategies employed Maps were created from a study of service - industry - resdifential location and density, as well as primary roads, traffic congestion, density and more Different thresholds from metro and map were applied


............. Landscape Studies ............. Transportation Study ............. Parametric Design

Design through magnetic fields Density, heights and form dictated by important points set Tools: Grasshopper



Suifenhe, China

Bubble Diagram for a future intervention

Goals: Change the flow of traffic, re-use the tradtional architecture, create important focal point, and bring organized activity to the street

Vienna Austria

diagrams drawn for the competition of Seestadft Innovative Centre

Goals: Create a sustainable and mixed use developoment, transport nodes, and enhanced ecology in accordance with phased growth

Zhengzhou, Central China

MontrĂŠal, Canada

Interior Design

furniture . interiors.

Various sketches depicting concepts for interiors (boutique, hotel, façade)

SKETCHES. proposals.

MontrĂŠal, Canada

Construction Plan (Residential)


MontrĂŠal, Canada

Design and Plans for a wine bar in Old MontrĂŠal

MontrĂŠal, Canada

Proposal for a future development located in a dilapited area

Thank you ....... for more work samples, please do not hesitate to contact me

Future Goals professional accreditation team management

Interests public space design urban and rural renewal (infill development) ecological design


Here is my portfolio outlining my works in various fields: interior design, architecture and urban planning.