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CAROLINES ANGELS MAGZINE Caroline's Angels Magazine I NEED SLEEEEEPPPP!!! So you have your new baby and the sleepless nights are starting to catch up with you. You are starting to wonder how you will ever sleep longer than an hour at a time ever again, you also start to wonder if your baby will! Where do you start? Who do you listen to? What is right for my baby? What is right for me? Let's take it from the beginning! Before you do anything, just record your baby's feed and sleep habits for at least a week. Caroline's Angels have published their own diary for this very purpose. Don't despair if you have twins, they have thought of you too, a twin version is available just for you.

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Go to our online shop to purchase your diary so you can get started. At $24.95 these are well worth having to get you headed in the right direction. So now you have recorded your baby's behaviours for the week and you can either see some definate patterns of times when your baby is more settled than others, takes larger or more frequent feeds and perhaps some times of the day that they are sleeping longer or not sleeping at all. You may find completely random recordings that give you no patterns at all, there is no right or wrong here. This is all valuable information that you will need to improve your baby's sleep. The next step is to go to our website and purchase the age appropriate

sleep solution fact sheet to guide you through sleep times and tips on how to make your next move. Once you have read through this, you will need to make some notes for yourself on which part's of your baby's day needs adjusting.

For example, if you notice that your baby's sleeps are erratic and short , you may look at the age appropriate sleep times for your baby and simply continue putting your baby to sleep the way you usually do but at the suggested times. Timing is very important and can make things much easier, we have seen many babies improve their sleep just be getting the timing right, so don't underestimate how well this can work for your baby.

The next major thing to address if feeding, whether your baby be small enough just to have milk only feeds or they are having solids, by making sure their feed times are age appropriate in conjunction with timing of sleeps, this will also help your baby not only settle better but hopefully sleep longer. Remember, this is all before you have changed anything in the actual settling process for your baby.

I Need Sleeeeep!!  

Find out how to get started when you have decided that you would like your baby's sleep to improve