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Books of recommended reads The Ultimate Book Guide* (ISBN 0713667184) The Ultimate Teen Book Guide* (ISBN 0713673303) Rough Guide to Books for Teenagers (ISBN1843531380) Great books to Read Aloud* ( ISBN 0552554987)

A Parents’ Guide to Supporting Reading for Enjoyment

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 Quentin Blake, 2006

In the new library at Holmesdale Technology College

Set a good example. Let your child know that you value books and make sure they see you reading. Don’t stop reading to your child Some children love being read to, even when they have become fluent readers themselves. Make time to read Set some time aside for family reading, perhaps at bedtime Talk about reading Share your views about books you have loved but also books you have not enjoyed; send the message that reading is great fun, but that it is also ok not to like a book! Don’t just read books Encourage your child to read in different formats: magazines, newspapers, comics, the Internet etc. Let them read what they want Don’t pressurise your children into reading what YOU think they should read. Reading is highly individual and criticism is usually counterproductive.

We believe in the Rights of the Reader! We provide a safe and welcoming environment. We are open at break and lunch and after school. We always welcome students to come and read or just choose a book. We have got a reading corner with bean bags and comfy chairs for students to read books and newspapers. We have a reading club which meets every Tuesday in the Library after school. We cater for all tastes and abilities. This includes fiction, non-fiction, comics and graphic novels, newspapers and magazines. Our magazines include titles like ‘Top Gear’ , ‘Playstation 2’ and ‘Dr Who Adventures’ to encourage reading. We believe that reading doesn’t only take place between the covers of fiction books.

We reward reading. All year 7 students are automatically entered in Accelerated Reading scheme. This is a good scheme which advances your child’s ability to read books very quickly. There are prizes to be won along the way, and quizzes are taken on their laptops. We listen. We try very hard to get books that students WANT to read and always welcome recommendations!

Parents tips on reading  
Parents tips on reading  

Booklet to help parents help their children to enjoy books