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studies of music under water

1st stage

dealing with buoyancy

preassure from the sides of the tank. The glue turned out not to be waterproof

the great chain of pressing down top plane -> brass wire -> “scaffolding� -> plastic bag -> speaker

fishlets keep the speaker on the bottom of the tank

the use of fishleds allows studies of the effects of how

2nd stage

deep into the water the speaker is

dealing with weight

1st conclusion


when app. half of the speaker was under the surface of the water

80 dB - as a telephone dial tone

when the entire speaker was under the surface of the water

30 dB - as when whispering

the picture isn’t out of focus - the ripples on the surface of the water are waves generated by the sound under water. note how deaceful the “mass” of the water appears

2nd conclusion

waves or physical silence

the characteristics of the waves on the surface of the water differs in relation to wheather the music is primary treble or bass the ripples on the surface of the water is seen more easily (especially in a still picture) if there is a change in the background - in this case, the edge of the aquarium



3rd conclusion

electronica or classical music

studies of space under water

1st stage


how can one create space out of the previous studies?

create a shape determined only by the shape of the speaker + the relation to the edge

the material of “padding� is determined according to the programme - namely concerthall. Cherrytree has great accoustic effects and is used all over the world for concerthalls. the wood is placed according to the fibers and the curvature of the structure

2nd stage


2nd stage


letting the layers overlap gives great accoustcal effects according to the rule of plane vs. “interrupted� surfaces

letting the constructive structure be visible in the first space (coming from the mainland) makes the perciever understand the “tectonics� of the wood padding in the concerthall.

2nd stage


3nd stage

atmosphere the different materials in the spaces creates two diferent atmospheres which could relate to two different programmes

the fishleds fell short keeping the space in the water

3rd stage

bricks on a “scaffolding� keep the space down. note how the preassure from the water is deforming the structure

dealing with buoyancy

- again

Sound and Space Under Water  

two small booklets containing the preliminary studies of a sound venue under water

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