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Caroline Hall 4-11-11 Police Report A dead body was found in a 1998 blue Mercedesnear Interstate 10, 5 miles east of Downtown Phoenix early this morning. The man had been shot in the chest and a 16-gauge double barrel gun was discovered beneath the body. Phoenix Police Officers, John Smith and Paul Davis were on routine patrol around 6:00 a.m. when they found a car near Interstate 10, 5 miles away from Downtown Phoenix. They walked up to the car and saw a man inside. They knocked on the door but the man did not respond. The police opened the door and checked for a pulse and found the man was dead. The body was taken to a medical examiners office for an autopsy. According to the police who discovered the body the man had been dead for several days. Follow Up The dead body that was found in a blue Mercedesearly yesterday morning has been identified as Richard Risser. The 46-year-old insurance agent was reported missing on Saturday when his wife filed a police report. His body was found at 6:00 a.m. in his own automobile near Interstate 10, 5 miles east of Downtown Phoenix by officers John Smith and Paul Davis. “A shot gun was found beneath the body. He was shot in the chest but we don’t know who pulled the trigger, we don’t have any witnesses,and we don’t know who will be responsible until we complete the investigation,” stated Detective Jack Clark. The body is at the medical examiners now and police are awaiting the medical examiner to rule the official causeof death.

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