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Metal and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the process of building structures made of metal using certain fabrication processes.

These processes are listed below –

 By cutting the metal – this is achieved by sawing or shearing the metal  By bending the metal – this is achieved by hammering or pounding the metal  Finally by assembling the pieces – this is achieved by welding the metal structures created and fastening them

Some applications of metal fabrication seen in our daily life are in the construction of machines and structures using raw materials such as plate metal, welding wires etc. Sheet metal fabrication is a process where the metal is hammered into sheets that vary from foils to plates depending on the thickness. Metal can be cut and bent into any desired shaped with the right

Fabrication processes for sheet metal are listed below –  By bending  By curling  By expanding  By ironing etc. Some applications of sheet metal fabrication are found in airplane wings, car bodies, building roofs, etc using aluminum, brass, copper metals etc.

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Metal and sheet metal fabrication