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How to use this Style Guide The Style Guide is packed with useful information and exists for many reasons: • • •

to help you in your work by providing easy-to-follow guidelines for the proper use of Avance brand elements; to help ensure consistency in communication of the brand; to provide a statement that declares, protects, and strengthens the brand.

You are encouraged to take a look at the entire book before diving into the Marketing Toolkit. Digital assets are explained here and can be downloaded from:

Keep in Touch Help and explanation is always just a phone call or click away: Elizabeth Leed Marketing Communications Manager 910-332-7176 Kaytie Brown Marketing Associate 910-332-4554 Caroline Grant Marketing Communications Intern 910-332-7185



How can I download the Avance logo? Go to the Marketing Toolkit page at You will need your username and password to access this site.

How do I get a user name and password for the collateral site? You will be given this information by a member of the Marketing Department. If you are a new employee please request this information from Caroline Grant –

Whom should I contact to get help with a project that involves the Avance brand such as a trade show banner, promotional item, or a brochure? On the Marketing Toolkit page (located on the collateral site) is a MarComm Request Form. Download and fill out the form, then submit to Kaytie Brown (, Marketing Operations Lead, for approval of the project. Kaytie will prioritize and pass the project on to the appropriate member of the Marketing Department.

What fonts are used as part of the Avance brand? The typefaces used in Avance communications are Gotham (printed) and Proxima (web). An alternative free font is Arial.

Do I need permission to use the Avance brand elements? In general, it is not a good idea to use or share the Avance name, brand, or trademarks without permission. Please contact Marketing to ensure approval of use and the standards are upheld.

Whom should I contact with questions? Please send inquiries to: Kaytie Brown, Marketing Associate 910-332-4554 Elizabeth Leed, Marketing Communications Manager 910-332-7176 Rick Feiler, VP of Marketing 910-332-1710


Mission Statement

Early in the development process, the Design Team decided to create a percutaneous pedicle screw system that matched the market in versatility, flexibility and credibility while offering a simple, quick and effective solution to lumbosacral fixation. During the development process the team received feedback and guidance from the sales team and over 30 surgeon customers. With this level of voice of customer research, Avance is sure to meet the surgical needs of our current AxiaLIF and VEO surgeon users as well as those needs of the greater MIS surgeon community. The simple and effective design of Avance differentiates it from the competition. It was created with a slim, sleek appearance allowing for visualization during rod placement. The overall small volume of the towers makes it easy for surgeons to work at the lumbosacral region without interference. The flexibility in screw sizes and instrumentation give surgeons the options needed to match individual patient’s anatomy and disease state. Avance, the science of simple in a percutaneous pedicle screw system.

Protecting the Avance Name

Baxano Surgical has a policy of protecting the verbiage and symbols that are associated with its name, its products and its reputation. Baxano Surgical owns and controls its name(s) and other marks, product names, insignias, seal, designs, and symbols that have become associated with the corporation.

Our Identity

The identity of Avance is personified by its logo and the look and feel of marketing and sales materials and tools. The logo is slick, unique and immediately recognizable. The slim lettering brings a technological or scientific look to the logo. The orange “V� is meant to express the bold, audacious personality of the brand. It represents the brilliance and simplicity of the system. It is also an ownable and identifiable color that will represent the brand on printed materials, interactive communications and on instruments. The grey in the logo links Avance back to the family of products owned and marketed by Baxano Surgical. Similar grey colors can be found in VEO, AxiaLIF and other product lines. With this identity, we would like to make sure the orange color is used sparingly and with emphasis to ensure the look remains sophisticated, technical and scientific. Using a large amount of orange or colors outside of this palette may bring a cartoonish or carnival look and feel that would run contrary to the image we are building.

Master logo

Mark Only


Master 2-color logo

PMS colors

CMYK colors

RGB colors

Bright RedU, 021C

0, 83, 100, 0

255, 80, 0

65, 57, 52, 29

85, 86, 90

42, 35, 35, 1

154, 153, 153



7547U, 11C 429U, 7C Black

Secondary Master 2-color logo

Alternative 2-color logo

Alternative 1-color logo


Master logo clearspace

Proper spacing around the signature elements allows for optimal recognition.

half the height of the A = 1x 1x


Mark clearspace

Proper spacing around elements, when using the mark only, allows for optimal recognition.


half the height of the mark = 1x




For Corporate presentations use the standard Avance power point template provided to maintain a consistant look.

Please note that the Avance powerpoint template is available on the collateral site Marketing Toolkit


Instrument Marking Instruments shall be marked with the following: • • • • • •

Avance™ Product Description Catalog / Article Number, where appropriate, and/or size indication if needed for safe selection or use. Baxano Surgical name or trademark Batch code or serial number, where appropriate CE mark

If the marking would affect the intended performance, or if the instrument is too small to allow for legible marking, the information required above shall be provided on the label.

Instrument Finish All Instruments (unless otherwise noted) will have a matte finish. If a situation arises in which an instrument requires a polished surface to improve functionality or some other need, the project team for that instrument will address on a case by case basis.

Font, Location, and Orientation Arial Narrow, a standard universal font for laser marking, will be utilized whenever possible. Font height should be relative to the surface being marked - this is especially important for markings placed on cylindrical shafts. In general, for cylindrical shafts, the font size should be between 1/2 and 1/3 of the diameter. When an instrument is held such that the handle is positioned to the left, text on instruments will be left-justified. Please keep in this convention in mind when labeling which way the handle is positioned. Text on opposite sides of an instrument should be able to be read by rotating the instrument on its long axis.


Grouped Information Below is an example of marking on a Avance instrument BAXANOŽ SURGICAL, INC., batch/lot #, and CE mark (side 1) AVANCE™, the instrument name/description (ALL CAPS), and the catalog number (side 2) Note that the product brand logo is the only logo used on instruments.

Side 1

Side 2

Instrument Handles Instruments with integral handles should display the brand logo on both sides, with labeling on the instrument per the above guidelines. Removable handles should display the brand logo on both sides as long as the company info can be included somewhere on the base of the handle.

Labeling In general, sales unit boxes will be pre-printed with the Baxano Surgical logo on three sides. The Avance logo will be applied to the upper central portion of the box above a contents label. A third label, containing the Baxano Surgical logo and various required information, will wrap around the remaining box side.

Content Label

Rx Only





STERILE EO Contents of Unopened, Undamaged Package are Sterile


(1)00814864010514 (17)YYMM00 (10)1437DDDYYz US and foreign patients applied for.






Baxano Surgical Inc.速 110 Horizon Dr., Suite 230 Raleigh, NC 27615 Tel: 866-256-1206 Tel: 919-825-0872





110 Horizon Drive, Suite 230 Raleigh, NC 27615 Customer Service Tel: 866.256.1206 Fax: 877.750.0940

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