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Yoder Family News Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;

Junio 2014

His faithfulness conƟnues through all generaƟons.

The last few months have been pre y different for us as we got to learn, Psalm 100:4-5 experience, live and be part of so many new things, while going through this we also had the opportunity to serve and get to know new wonderful Please Join us in Prayer people, that love the Lord and are living their lives to glorify His name, that **Pray for all of us here at the MVLA office while we get has blessed our lives tremendously. ready to start with training and workshops as we get to develop stronger rela onships with different pastors and leaders. **Pray for the Directors of MVLA (Alcides & Sileny) as they get ready to send their youngest daughter to

It seem to us like the me has flown away since the last me we sent our previous Newsle er (and for that we apologize) but we’ve had a pre y busy me. We have dedicated a lot of or me to the transi on and have gone through several process in order to be “formally” part of the Missionary Ventures family.

college, for God’s provision and strength during this transi on. **Pray for the Miller’s (our dear friends) last semester in language school and for all the prepara on that they need to get done to come to Nicaragua to serve. **Pray for Grant and for the 6 months that he’ll be serving and ministering alongside us, pray that he will learn the language, for his safety, for the me that he’ll be spending with his host family, for the cultural adjustment that he will go through but most importantly that he’ll be able to show and use the spiritual gi s that God has blessed him with in a way that will bring honor to Him and will fulfill what He has called him to do. **Pray for the adop on process, pray that God will provide Godly people and connec ons along the way that we can trust as we get more involved in the process. **Pray that God will provide the financial resources that the adop on process will entail and that He’ll meet all the spiritual, physical and emo onal needs that we’ll have during this as well. **Pray for our child’s protec on and safety that God will place him in the right place with the right people un l we’ll be together.

One of our highlights so far has been the sense of family that we’ve received from everybody. The MV family has welcomed us with wide open arms, they have all been so kind, understandable and incredibly helpful to us. Just at the beginning of our me with them we had the blessing of par cipa ng in the La n Conference that MV held in Nicaragua, we were a li le bit nervous to be part of this because we knew that many of the missionaries from MV in La n America were going to be present, also a few people from the central office including the president and vice president of the organiza on (no wonder why we Missionary Ventures La n Conference were nervous). I think we were a li le bit worried that we were going to feel like outsiders because we were just the newbies and most of them had known each other for a me but thankfully it was quite the opposite we can truly say that they made us feel like we were part of them. We had a wonderful me ge ng to know them and also hearing about what God is doing in their lives and ministry, it was such a refreshing me for us, we definitely experienced God’s love and faithfulness through them all. During the conference Several were able to share with the main topic being, Alcides & Joe sharing at the Conference making disciples of all na ons. We are thankful that we were able to be there and hear what God had to say through all of them. Even Alcides (MVLA director) had the opportunity to share with all of us. These people impacted, ministered and spoke into our lives in ways that we can’t describe.

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. 2 Timothy 2:2

The last 2 years of missionary services, the Lord has been very inten onal with us about passing along the valuable things that He has taught us in the field to other young missionaries that will need them and will be blessed by them. This has been such a humble and fulfilling way to serve our Lord. He has used it not only to develop deeper rela onships with these wonderful people that we’ve had the privilege to meet and walk Grant & Joe during one of their alongside but He has also mentoring mes used this to teach us that community is the key to Spiritual growth and also that this is a me to learn and encourage each other to have an a tude and a heart that worships Christ. At MVLA we’ve been blessed to received our first short term individual. His name is Grant and he’ll be serving with us for 6 months and Joe will be walking alongside him during this me. Which we are so thankful for this new opportunity to plant and invest in Grant’s life. In the mist of everything God blessed us with the right me to co-lead the team that we received this year. This team is from a church that is partnering with us to help us reach and train the La ns to go to the less and unreached ethnic groups. With them we were able to model on a smaller level what it means to go and serve in an unreached country. As many of you know you can’t enter these countries with a missionary tle you need to enter with a profession or a work plan to use as a pla orm and a strategy to reach others for Christ. So we had the opportunity to have a small team of graphic designers that where part of the bigger team. They took on the challenge to design publica on materials for a micro finance coopera ve and in only one week they were able to create a web page, a brochure, a powerpoint presenta on, a logo and took videos and pictures. It was wonderful to see how God used their gi to open so many doors not only within the churches...

Never knew you can love someone that you haven’t met so much... We know that you have been eager to know how things are going with our adop on process. So let us share a li le bit with you, to bring you up to date. Even though we were very anxious to start the adop on process as soon as we came back, we prayed and sought God’s direc on and received confirma on from Him, to wait so that we could dedicate the me that was needed for the transi on, so we did. At the beginning of April God gave us the green light to pick up where we had le , so we talked to Mi familia (which is like Children’s services in the States) about our inten ons to start an adop on process within the country. We were very happy to finally be able to start with this big step, un l they told us that in order to be able to do it we needed a temporary residency. At first, we were a li le bit frustrated because we just saw this as a wall that was li ed up before us and wasn’t le ng us move forward, but once again we were reminded that God is in control and that we need to trust that He would be with us every step of the way. A er spending me praying we were not about to let this bump on the road determine how the rest of the journey would be. So we moved quickly and found out what we needed to start the residency process and once we knew, we decided to started moving by faith so we traveled to Costa Rica to get all the legal documents, which took us a couple of weeks to get them. Thankfully we were able to submit our residency through the legal status that MV has in the country which has been a huge and wonderful blessing for us. For the honor and glory of our Lord a week ago we submi ed all the documents at immigra on, and we are now wai ng for the government’s decision. They told us that by July 22nd we’ll have our residency, which this was wonderful news for us. Although God has been so faithful and we’ve seen Him moving in marvelous ways in providing the money that we needed to pay for the legal documents and the lawyer to start the residency Praises process, we are praying for God’s financial provision to **We thank the Lord for be able to pay all the residency fees that the government the love and sense of family will charge us on July 22nd, that we do not have at this that we have found in MV. moment. **For the wonderful support that we have received We know that this could possibly be a long and scary from many of you during journey, but we also know that God’s ming is perfect the transi on. and there is no doubt in our hearts that this is His ming **For the new opportunifor us. Will you please pray with us for God’s provision es that God is giving us to for the rest of the expenses that this process may entail serve Him. **For the Fuentes’s leadand partner with us financially through MV as the Lord ership (MVLA directors), it leads? Details on how to donate are below... ...but also within the community that we were serving, God even put in their hearts to design a logo and other publica on materials for one of the smallest supermarkets. It was neat to be part of such an amazing life changing experience, hearts were touched and faces lit up. People from the community didn’t understand why somebody would want to do this for them for free, but the most important thing was that the Lord’s name broke through leaving the churches with an example of things that they can do to serve Him in another country.

has been so refreshing and humbling for us to serve alongside them. **For God’s presence and guidance in the adop on process. **For the humble opportunity that God has given Joe to walk alongside Grant (Short Term Individual) to be a mentor and a friend for him while he’ll be serving with us.

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