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How far would you agree with the following statement? “We would be better off without technology” Write an essay of approximately 250-300 words.

Would we be better off without technology? Most people today probably wonder what we did in the good old days without the technology we now have. I imagine that I might be in the minority but I feel that we would all be better off without technology! First of all, technology has had a massive impact on the way we communicate with others. It is not uncommon for people to go out to dinner with friends and to have blackberries and iphones on the table bleeping with text messages or ringing with calls that are often answered during the meal. This behaviour gives a clear message to the other people at the table, which is that whoever is at the other end of the phone is more important than the friends at the dinner table. In cases like this, technology has definitely had a negative impact and has turned many people into rude individuals. Secondly, technology has had a negative eff ect on relationships. Many people think that social networking websites and phones with surfing capabilities have brought people closer. I disagree. While you may know what your friends are doing on a more regular basis, people seldom sit down and spend time focussing on their friend by getting together for coffee or even stopping off at the friend’s house uninvited. Thirdly, even working life has been negatively aff ected by technology. While it might seem easier to send documents to colleagues by email, people are now so inundated with voice messages, emails and requests that people have to spend more time sorting through these than doing their job. People also rely on the computer keeping information and make li€ le eff ort to remember it themselves. To sum up, technology is not as important as people might think. It has negatively affected communication, relationships and working life. I think we would all be better off without it. Examiner’s comments: This is an excellent answer. The student has chosen to answer the question from a single point of view rather than debating each point from both sides, and this is fine. The arguments are clearly expressed and well-supported, and the student makes her case well. The conclusion is clear.

Source: Pearson Education 2011

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