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Contribution to a longer piece. A group of friends are putting together a series of contributions about the island you live on in order to publish a tourist guide to the island seen from the perspective of the local people. They have asked you to contribute a piece about local markets. Write your contribution. You should write about 200 words.

Markets and tight budgets. Rethink your consumer habits and at the same time lend a hand to our farmers and craft workers to save our local economy from the credit crunch. Do your yourself a favor and take home the best quality food available directly from the most fertile lands of our Island and put right in front of you at a reasonable price. Are you thinking of a gift for a friend or partner? Perhaps you are searching for cheap furniture away from conventional stores. Whatever the article, material or food you need, you will have plenty of options to choose from in the network of open air markets in the towns all over Majorca. Here you have a description of some of the most remarkable venues you can visit throughout the week on the Island. You will see that taking the trouble to explore can be really worthwhile. Farmer, craft and second – hand markets. All towns have their own weekly open market. Depending on the day of the week you will find different products and articles to buy in each one of them. Perhaps the most peculiar one is the market of Sa Pobla. It is located in the very centre pf the town and is easily accessible if you are arriving by car. It opens on Sundays at 6 a.m and runs until 1 p.m. Farmers and craft workers coming from different areas will welcome you to their stalls with a charming greeting, offering the best they have. Nothing new as this is part of their job but the customer service is the friendliest you can find. Other recommended markets in the region are the Sineu market on Wednesdays or the market in Inca on Thursdays. They are said to be the most authentic and largest markets on the Island respectively. There you will find all kinds of local produce stalls and many more things. Were you to be searching for second-hand articles you could drop by the Consell market. It also opens on Sundays and it is one of the most curious as there you can find the most bizarre but still usable devices of a domestic nature: beds, restored armchairs, vacuum cleaners, computer games, lamps , clothes, etc. All in all, whatever your decision might be, your choice of market will be worth the visit. And if you are not convinced, you can still move on to the next town and see what is going on there. Your wallet will end up thanking you indeed.  Examiners comments: Very good. The task is successful as a contribution. It is informative, entertaining and would encourage vistors to visit the markets. Language is correct and the organization is appropriate. There is a conscious effort to use advanced structures in an appropriate and natural way.Vocabulary is good, precise and wide-ranging.

Contribution to a local tourist guide  
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