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Made By: Carolina Sierra Soto Grade: 10*2

Instituciรณn Educativa Colombia 2016

INTRODUCTION: In the following lines I will tell you a great part of my life, in which I mention very significant events that are part of me and along with it I will make a little known about Carolina. My story will be based on great moments of my life and what conforms me as a person, I will tell you about my family which I love with all my heart, I will tell you about my parents who are my reason for being, I will also talk about my Friends with whom I have shared innumerable moments. This together forms my life story conformed by wonderful moments and some not so good, but these help us to be better every day I hope and enjoy my story and know a little more about me.

CAROLINA My name is Carolina Sierra Soto I was born on November 9, 2000, I am an only child and I am also the only child in my family for my mother, I do not have cousins so far, it is not very common since my aunts who are 3 and already Adults have not had children. I'll tell you a little about my childhood, I'll start with my baptism. My baptism took place when I was my first year together with the marriage of my parents, they tell me that in my baptism a great celebration took place since I was the first and only child, my family was very anxious for my arrival. I lived in a path of Girardota called San Andres for 8 years; I lived with my father's family. My childhood mostly developed in this path contrary to my maternal family, in my father's if I had more cousins and many more uncles, I have always been a girl very surrounded by love and attentions, this leads to that I am one Very tender and very charismatic. As a child my parents decided to go to a nursery was one of the worst experiences of my life since I never separated from my mother, when I arrived at the nursery I cried uncontrollably until I saw my mother again. A short anecdote that happened in the nursery was that on any day the teacher was neglected and I left the nursery and arrived at my house with bag upside down I was only 3 years old, my mother decided not to take me to that place again. My mother has always been a super mama has protected me and sheltered my whole life, just like my dad they are my greatest blessing and I love them with all my heart. At that time my paternal grandmother still lived, every afternoon I used to go to greet her since our houses were very close, the house was immense and I have always been quite curious and I liked to go scavenging everywhere, I took her makeup and the Made up "beautiful" according to my thinking, was a wonderful grandmother, even though when I died I was very small I was 6 years old his death was something that set my life, she died of cancer in the stomach, I dreamed of seeing me Dress of first communion but pitifully could not see me like this, my grandfather was blind and deaf but had something very particular despite his disability managed to do many things, like my grandmother also died, they are two little angels who take care of me since Where they are, my childhood in its great majority I lived along with them, the love even after so many years it does not change. With my other family spent as much time as possible, in this one not yet deceased none of our members thanks to God, they are from Girardota. Each and every one of them are complements that God gives me for my life, help me to be better every day to correct mistakes to guide me and especially to recognize when you make a mistake they are a blessing from God, your little girl like me Call, the baby of the house and already his baby is 16 years old, each and every one of them are magical, his ways of thinking, acting up to express themselves are totally different but something all agree and it is in love so

overflowing and their beautiful dealings with me that makes me feel really proud. Together with them I have lived experiences and moments to never forget, our Christmas I dare to say that they are the best, we are a family really united no matter the situation that is crossed or the circumstance that live, I have always been much Of them and for them, my family has something in particular and is that they have my opinion for any situation for them is important me how I feel and what I want, that is something really pleasant. When I made my first communion, they told me that I looked like a little bride in my white, fluffy dress as I always dreamed. I had a party that I will never forget surrounded by all the people important to me, with a giant cake and beautiful decoration as he had always dreamed. At that time I was already in grade 3 at the Atanasio Girardot educational institution where I studied until grade 5, from there I went to the 6th grade in the educational institution Colombia and I am currently in the 10th grade in the same institution. College I met great people who today are my friends and with whom I have lived moments to never forget they have been an essential part of my life together we have had good times, not so good and bad moments and we are always there supporting each other others. In my life the year that happened came something which I regret enormously because of carelessness and irresponsibility I lost the year and I separated from my friends with whom I was studying for 4 years is difficult and quite frustrating because really the reasons to fail in The year are not acceptable are the most stupid and the worst that I could see allowed to happen in my life, but as I said in the introduction of bad times learn and corrected not to fall back on the same error, a Despite this event, my friends continue to support me and give me the courage to achieve what I want and extending my hand, I thank God that in my life coincides with people as wonderful as each of them, we all have very different personalities and Extremely different tastes and maybe that's what makes them such good friends. One of the best experience lived with them were my 15 years to never forget this was my dream come true dressed me as a princess as I always dreamed it is better to say that my whole life, my party, my family, my friends all that I wanted that night was with me, to be the center of attention of all the people that day is magic is splendid, 180 people with their attention placed on me, my waltz, my night, my party that day did not matter anything more than me. My parents worked hard for me and their effort was much more than I imagined, that night was full satisfied amazed even after 1 year I can not find words to describe how I felt, was a princess living a dream in real life, if I could repeat any moment of my life without doubt would be the first that would come to my mind. And my friends participated in this important event in my life. On my last birthday they organized a surprise party with the help of my parents, are memories that will never erase from my mind are unique and special they know how important they are for my life.

Now I will talk about what I would like to do when I finish my studies in high school, I am extremely passionate about organizational psychology ie the one related to the industrial zone, is something that not only I have noticed in me but also my family encourages me I am very good and I have the skills to do this job. I have always been very attracted to this career. I would like to pursue my studies at San Buenaventura University because it is one of the best universities to carry out this preparation. I aspire to access and comply with the requirements to be among the best in what I am passionate about. It fills me with strength and I encourage to know that I have the complete support of my parents and my relatives to become a pride for them when I graduated as a psychologist is my greatest goal my greatest desire, and the rest for my life I think Will plan as I come up what I propose. I would like to take my parents to know many parts, to enjoy with them and above all to reward everything they have done for me for so long, I am very grateful to God for my life for giving me the opportunity to have in my life such people Wonderful that make my existence something more pleasant. I aspire that everything I dream becomes a reality and succeed, to be someone in life and be useful to society and I know that with dedication, responsibility and commitment I can achieve it, also with the help of God and my parents I know that I will always have it in any situation or circumstance until God allows it and I hope it is for a long time more, it is my life my motivation as I said above are my reason for being and thanks to them I am what I am now perhaps With errors, but with more virtues than defects.

This is the story of Carolina Sierra Soto, a girl full of illusions and dreams with a great desire to achieve them, who has the love, support and confidence of her family, who believes in herself and what she can achieve if she proposes it the heart. A person full of love and goodwill, faithful and reliable for his friends, respectful and charismatic for other people. In the foregoing I tell you my life, my people, my tastes, my passions, my mistakes, I gave you to know a little more depth of who I really am and that is what I aspire to be. I like to have fun, to laugh, to explore, to know, to inquire about anything, I also like to analyze and be like an owl, to observe absolutely everything without mentioning any words. Animals do not appeal to me, but if I had to say what animal intrigues me or generates in my admiration would be the owl and the horse, I think the horse is an animal too intelligent, "Horses can remember their assemblers and trainers. They also recognize places and experiences in which they have already been or lived long enough. When they are bored they are affected by that discomfort, which can lead them to become ill. It is also known that horses make distinctions with people and even with objects. If something does not like it warns you of its rejection� Riding is a unique experience and the connection that is made with the horse makes me feel really good, I learned to ride from a very early age since my grandfather owns a farm and there are many horses and he is a great fitter, I also have knowledge About the cattle although these animals do not call my attention as much as horses and owls do. I am very devout and very believer of God, my faith is placed in the all moment, when I feel that I do not have the strength to get ahead I speak through the prayer and that helps me to go ahead and with more forces than before, GOD IS MY COMPLEMENT OF LIFE!

History of my life  

Carolina Sierra Soto

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