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Choosing A Right SSL Certificate For Your Business Secure Socket Layer(SSL), is a global standard security technology developed in 1994 by Netscape. SSL is fully about encryption. An encrypted link is created between a web browser and a web server by this SSL. This encrypted link ensures the data passed between web browser and server remains secure and private. If a particular site is enabled by SSL then it shows a secure padlock which appears in their browser. E-Business providers use this SSL protocol in order to protect their customers ensuring their online transactions remains secure and confidential. Web server needs a SSL Certificate in order to use the SSL protocol. At present in technological world the number of Certificate Authorities are increasing in huge numbers Certificate provided by the Certificate Authorities contains additional offers like products and services to aid e-Businesses to demonstrate their trustworthiness. In order to indicate the trust in a website, browsers are indicated with a golden padlock which appears in the browser display. Visitors trust level gets increased resulting in conversion of sales. Internet has brought drastic changes in the global business arena for enterprises to conduct online commerce. This growth has both benefits and drawbacks. Cyber criminals and other hackers has taken much advantage due to this growth. Phishing is the largest threat spreading very rapidly. Awareness also has been created on these major internet malware threats. These problems has presented an opportunity for the e-commerce providers to capitalize on consumer fears by displaying trust indicators. Comodo offers six different Free SSL or Cheap SSL Certificates; Positive SSL, Positive SSL Wildcard, Enterprise Elite SSL, Enterprise Gold SSL, Enterprise Platinum SSL and Enterprise Platinum Wildcard SSL. Its good to Compare SSL certificates and get the one that will suit your needs. Here are some steps through which you can reduce your chances of your customers being 'Phished' dramatically. • Use a High Assurance SSL certificate on any page that request consumer information and payment details. • Use positive site seals and trust indicators on payment pages and your home page. • Protect you brand. Use a CVC - Content Verification Certificate on key pages and provide your customers access to free tools such as Verification Engine that verify your brand. Benefits of using High Assurance SSL • Provides visitors with trust indicators to drive overall confidence in your brand, products and services. • Allows your customers to confidently pass ordering information and credit card details to you in a secure manner.

• Enable you to boost your visitor conversion rates - increasing your profitability from the same level of traffic. • Allows you to utilize the branding power of the certificate vendor to your advantage. • Allows you to expand your portfolio of secure services to consumers suppliers and partners. • Facilitating web site security from less than $1 per week. You can Compare SSL using their price , warranty, global market shares and by the free trials offered by them. Learn the secrets of warranty and compatibility to dramatically boost your bottom line profitability, through Digital Certificate related products and services. For additional information visit the below link

Choosing A Right SSL Certificate For Your Business  

Its good to compare the ssl certificates and choose the right one.