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carolina reis

commissioned work

Visual communication for Le Labo - Toronto’s Francophone Media Arts Centre -

Membership flyer 2013-2014. Le Labo.

Programme booklet 2012-2013. Le Labo.



Underwater tale 1. 2011. Mixed media digital illustration. 300 dpi. 27x18 cm.

Over the last 100 years, 90% of fish have been eaten and half of the coral reefs have gone in a very short time. Since 1950, 40% of the phytoplankton in the sea has been destroyed. Most of the oxygen we breathe comes from these microscopic organisms. According to Sylvia Earle, a renowned oceanographer, “Our life depends on maintaining the integrity of our life support system.” Today, 97% of the world’s nature remains to be discovered, most of it underwater. The ocean accounts for 72% of the planet’s surface?. 95% of the ocean is still unknown. We have gone to the moon but have not yet explored the largest feature of our planet, the mid-ocean ridge that covers 23% of the planet. There is more history underwater than in all museums combined, but we are destroying marine life before we can even learn from it. Sylvia Earle was chief scientist for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from 1990–1992. She won the TED prize in 2009. A great marine explorer, she is a pioneer in raising awareness on protecting the oceans that she defines as “our life support system”. Without blue, no green.

Underwater tale 2. 2011. Mixed media digital illustration. 300 dpi. 17x10.75 cm.

Underwater tale 3. 2011. Mixed media digital illustration. 300 dpi. 30x22.5 cm.

Everyone is a winner. 2008. Mixed media digital illustration. 300 dpi. 25x13 cm. Illustration for annual report. CO2 Solutions.

Winter Landscape 4. 2012. Watercolor. 400 dpi. 20x28 cm.

Polluted landscape. 2012. Mixed media digital illustration. 300 dpi 15x20 cm.

book illustration

NEVER ENOUGH — The Story of a Planet Reborn is about Rula, a princess who saves her planet from misery and brings back the hope of a bright future.

Cover illustration. 2012. Mixed media watercolr and digital illustration. 300 dpi. 47,5x22 cm.

Rula and the BIg Owl. 2012. Mixed media watercolor and digital illustration. 300 dpi. 26x15 cm.

Polluted landscape. 2012. Mixed media watercolr and digital illustration. 300 dpi. 27x18 cm.

personal work

JANUARY 01 14 09 23

Chrisrian Gregorian Year 2012 Chrisrian Orthodox Year 2012 Mahayana Buddhist Year 2554 Chinese Year of the Dragon 4710

FEBRUARY 22 Tibetan Year of the Water Dragon 2139



may each day of the year be celebrated

21 Iranian 21 Kurdish 21 Bahá’í 21 Zoroastrian 23 Hindu

Year 2571 Year 2624 Year 169 Year 1382 Year 2068

APRIL 01 06 09 13 14 14 14 17

New Year’s wishes showing a calendar of the different New Years throughout the world in other cultures and religions. 2012.

Assyrian Theravada Buddhist Nepali Thai Sikh Bengali Tamil Burma

Year 6762 Year 2068 Year 2069 Year 2555 Year 544 Year 1419 Year Nandhana Year 1419

JUNE 22 Kutchi

Year 2005

JULY 18 Mandaean

Year 2142

SEPTEMBER 11 Ethiopian 11 Coptic Orthodox 17 Jewish

Year 2005 Year 1729 Year 5774

NOVEMBER 11 Jain 13 Diwali 15 Islamic

Year 2069 Festival of Lights Year 1434

New Year’s wishes. 2012. mailing card.

Artwork and pattern inspired by Japanese art. 2008.

Original sketch

Divided elements

Traced artwork

“Painted� work


Process from hand drawing to vector artwork and pattern. 2013.


We arise directly from what our bodies can do. Richard Sennett

Studies for WEAROUT. 2010. Color pencils..

Studies for WEAROUT. 2010. Color pencils..

Portraits. 2011. Ink and pencil. 14x20 cm.

Sleeping baby. 2012. color pencils. 20x11,5 cm.

Untitled. 2011. Ink and pencil. 16x18 cm.

Blue Mosque. 2011. Ink and pencil. 12x20 cm.

Once, while traveling, my camera was lost, leaving behind many memories I was gathering from my experience. To keep a visual account of my trip, I decided to record the journey with drawings. Although I now have a camera that I compulsively use, I continue to capture moments with my drawings.

Travel postcard. 2005. Mixed Miedia. 16x12 cm.

Landscape with pickup. 2012. Watercolor, Ink and Collage. 600 dpi. 22x14 cm.


Carolina Reis  
Carolina Reis  

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