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Melissa Allen Gladden


President Carolina Recruitment, LLC

Melissa Gladden established Carolina Recruitment (CR) in 2001 to bring innovative staffing solutions to the local business community. With an honest reputation and a firm belief in personalized customer service, CR earned accolades from its clients and is now recognized as a leader in staff development for companies with a national and international presence.

1661 Celanese Road | Rock Hill, SC 29732 p. (803) 985-0432 | f. (803) 985-0489 Resides at: 115 Hallmark Crossing | Rock Hill, SC 29732 (803) 328-2040

CR is a WBE minority provider, which offers services such as contingent staffing, human resource duties, payroll services, and permanent placements. Our mission is to create an environment that embraces the diversity of our staff, our employees, and the communities we serve, for the greater good of all.

Small Business Person of the Year Nominated by: Mr. Forrest Norman Business Consultant Winthrop University SBDC 118 Thurmond Building Rock Hill, SC 29733 p. (803) 323-2283 SBDC Consulting Advisory Assistance

We value: human connection, people as individuals, and our communities by being courageous, pursuing excellence, and having fun. It is this mission and these values that deliver dynamic workforce solutions, which improve a company’s talent pool, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

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Melissa Allen Gladden President Carolina Recruitment, LLC


“Melissa, is that the best you can do?” It was a routinely asked question around my home growing up. You would think, being raised by an educator who came from a lineage of educators, that a sophisticated, well-articulated lecture was to follow such a question, but it never did. What followed was silent acceptance. I do not know if my Mom and Dad doubted my efforts or if they were just seeking confirmation. However, what they did with that question, and silent acceptance of my answers, was to instill in me a seed of self-questioning that took root and has undoubtedly shaped everything I’ve done. “Melissa is that the best you can do? “ I was student body president for 5 straight years, because it was the best I could do. In college, I applied and received two prized internships related to my degree, because it was the best I could do. Not only do I work

at a staffing company, but I own it, because it’s the best that I can do. Now, I don’t want to mislead you. Along the way I have had my fair share of embarrassment and challenges, but I’ll accept those moments in order to answer the question asked so many times… I’m Melissa Gladden, a South Carolina native. I have owned and operated a staffing service, Carolina Recruitment (CR) for the past 13 years. My in-house staff and I provide a full range of Human Resource services such as: staffing, professional recruitment, risk management, safety, manage service provider, assessment, and payroll services. What once was a hopeful dream of mine is now a real, in-house, operational team of 11 with a contingent “temp” staff reaching 300+.

After graduating Winthrop University with a BA in Business Administration, I sought out employment as most students do. My first job, right out of school, was a staffing specialist for Mega Force Staffing in Rock Hill, SC. A staffing specialist was an entry-level position and therefore quite humbling for someone with a fouryear degree. However, it was the only livable employment I could find without direct industry work experience. I worked diligently, exceeding all employer requirements and going on to receive the company’s prized Shinning Star award. Shortly after winning the award, the company underwent a restructuring of pay which removed my performance incentives and, as a result, reduced my wages by half. The timing was perfect for me to move into the next phase of my career- Greystone Staffing. The VP of Operations for Mega Force Staffing resigned from the company and approached me to work for her as a recruiter, promising the wages I had become comfortable making. She opened Greystone Staffing in Charlotte, NC. Greystone Staffing had everything; literally everything. We had embroidered shirts and bags, leave behinds, collateral pieces, a new building, desks, everything… except business. After 6 months of plenty, she called us in one by one, laying us off in order to close this famine of an operation. I was devastated! How could I go from the shinning star to standing in the unemployment line with the people I temporarily employed? Valuing people as individuals was the lesson I was learning! Getting to know the people standing in the unemployment line with ME as individuals, not as “temps”, was one of the best life and career lessons I have learned. It was purposeful for me to stand there!

Drawing my weekly $150 unemployment check, I took my first step toward being courageous, and started CR, knowing the odds were that it would result in failure. CR’s first office happened to share the same address as my Mom and Dad’s residence, Suite A- spare bedroom. With a one-line phone, call waiting, family com-

puter, dot matrix printer, and carbon paper fax machine- CR was created! Call after call, I begged business; I’ll never forget the first time the phone rang. I proudly answered, “Thank you for calling CR, this is Melissa speaking, how may I help you.” It was Grace Lutheran Church- Rock Hill; they needed a grounds cleaner- I was in business! From my one order to two, then five. I would hand deliver every check and speak to every employee, each week. These weekly client engagements and simple questions; “How are you and how are my people?” created a human connection and loyalty to Melissa that no competitor could match! Finally I was able to move out of Suite A- spare bedroom to a one-

room office and hire a part time employee. At this point, I began to feel the pressure of operating a small business. How could I be everything to everyone and do it better than the national competitor? I had to understand employment law on a federal, state, and local level, workers compensation, payroll and the related taxes and garnishments, marketing, accounting, sales, legal, operations, management, safety, IT helpdesk support to myself‌ Need I write more? How could I EVER gain peace from that pestering question? I continued to do the only thing I knew to do, which was to sell the only thing the national competitor did not have- ME! Even though selling my personal approach was a successful model in the beginning, I now recognize it as a model for survival. I still felt immovable and had grown a company which was still very dependent upon my daily attention. I had not developed a long range business plan. Carolina Recruitment grew to millions in revenue within the first 5 years, and then came to a plateau for the next 5. I was stuck and needed to se-

riously get the company moving forward again. There were many events, programs and organizations which I supported and I knew being involved in our community was important. CR sponsored Come See Me events, ChristmasVille city events. I ran in charity races and sponsored my employee’s church softball, bowling, and cheerleading leagues. I supported the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, Early Learning Partnership, Autism Speaks, and gave to a charity every Christmas in lieu of corporate gifts. CR joined and participated in the American Staffing Association, South Carolina Staffing Association- board member, Society of Human Resource Managers, and York County Chamber- board member. I became a Certified Staffing Professional, received a Workers Compensations Risk Certification, and received my minority WBE (Women’s Business owned- Enterprise) certification. I even hosted an employment segment on our local news station, CN2. This level of involvement forced me to self-educate and learn more about the staffing industry.

However, I still find it hard to detach myself from the day-to-day struggles of running a small business in order to lead it to cont i n u e d g row t h ; I w i l l n o t g i ve u p o n pursuing excellence! Through my community resources such as SBA, client colleagues after whom to model internal procedure and protocols, association education, and advising staffing owners, I have managed to run a more profitable organization even during the struggles of an industry recession. During the 2008-2010 recession, hiring through a temp agency was the smart choice for most companies. It allowed them to staff up according to production and fall right back down to the recession floor. Staffing was popular. However in 2011-2012, as the market confidence began to return the need for contingent staffing began to decline. It was at the end of 2012 that I realized CR needed to grow outside of one community and we needed to offer horizontal services related to contingent staffing. I am grateful to write that after 13 years of business we are opening our third office in Hartsville, SC. We have seen a 37.5% sales growth from 2012 to 2013. We are forecasting additional 2.5 million in renew growth for 2014. CR has added a VP of Executive Search and IT Placements, VP of Sales and Marketing, and an Operations Manager. This now allows me to take ME out the company’s daily operations and infrastructure, and create a grow-able business model centered on providing direction for the company. What started as a seed of self-questioning has grown into an evergreen business- CR. After 13 years of innovation, self-discovery, self-education, and determination, this is still NOT the best I can do! However, it is

the seed of self-questioning that produces CR’s innovation, expansion of services, employment opportunities, contributions to the community, continued increase in growth, and what makes my small business a successful, engaging part of our business community, and the‌ ME has changed to WE and we are having fun doing it! As you can see our values are not just a poster on the wall:

Melissa Gladden is the founder and President of the award winning and WBE Certified staffing company, Carolina Recruitment (CR). Her company’s vision is to be the human resource partner recognized for connecting the right people with the right organization every time by placing an over-thetop emphasis on the relationships they build with both their employees and clients. CR’s specializes in servicing the warehouse and manufacturing industries. CR provides a full range of Human Resource services such as: staffing, professional recruitment, risk management, safety programs, manage service provider, assessments and payroll services. With 13 years of experience, Melissa is an established leader in showing businesses how to strategically leverage

1661 Celanese Road

their hiring systems to maximize ROI from their customized staffing solutions. Melissa strongly believes in giving back to her community and dedicates her free time to supporting local initiatives. She is a devoted mentor to HR students at Winthrop University, a guest speaker at York Technical College, serves on The Government Relations Task Force for York County, Rock Hill’s Area Business Council, and South Carolina Staffing Association Board Member. She is also an active member in The Society of Human Resource Managers, American Staffing Association as well as a host for an employment segment on Rock Hill’s local cable station CN2. Melissa enjoys running and weight lifting to ease her stress. She is the proud mom of two, Briggs and Hayes Gladden and a beloved wife of Bryan Gladden.

Rock Hill, SC 29732

(803) 985-0432

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About Us... Melissa Gladden established Carolina Recruitment (CR) in 2001 to bring innovative staffing solutions to the local business community. With an honest reputation and a firm belief in personalized customer service, CR earned accolades from its clients and is now recognized as a leader in staff development for companies with a national and international presence. Our core philosophy is built on customer choice, flexibility, and experience. These principles deliver dynamic workforce solutions that improve a company’s talent pool, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. We invite you to experience the CR difference with a customized staffing and manage service provider (MSP) solution to give your account the attention it deserves. Our competition tends to be mired in levels of corporate bureaucracy and jargon while we get results by delivering customer service where it counts… in the field and in person. Our team listens to client needs and project goals to construct a strategic staffing program that builds capacity allowing our clients to make significant gains in personnel development, productivity and profitability. Many companies trust us every day to consistently place qualified employees into open opportunities and so should you.

We are CR and we make a difference. Services We Offer... CR offers a full range of professional services, all customized to our client’s needs and business objectives. MANAGED SERVICES PROVIDER





Standard Labor Agreement


Employee Screening & Skills Testing

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Taxes, Deductions and Mandatory Payroll Cost


Continuity among locations Standard on-boarding & off-boarding process

Permanent Placement

Criminal & Sex Offender Background Check

Executive Search

Social Security & Education Verification

On-Site Managed Service

Reference Checks Motor Vehicle Report & Employer Credit Check

Paperless Pay & Invoicing Customized Payroll Availability & Reporting Direct Deposit / Pay Card Weekly Pay / Customized Payroll Availability

Risk Management & Compliance Safety Programs Management of Workers Compensation

Accept Electronic Payments

Drug Testing & Physicals

Job Categories... Accounting / Finance


Logistics / Distribution

Administrative / Clerical

Health Care / Medical Office



Information Technology


Call Center / Customer Care



Carolina Recruitment, LLC

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NAICS Codes: 561311, 541612, 541214, 561320 UNSPSC Codes: 80111601, 80111614, 80111706, 84111505, 80111611, 80111715, 80111607, 80111710, 80111600

1661 Celanese Road

Rock Hill, SC 29732

(803) 985-0432

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1661 Celanese Road

Rock Hill, SC 29732

(803) 985-0432

Connect with us to stay in touch & receive the latest job postings!

1661 Celanese Road Rock Hill, SC 29732

Media Release

Contact: Name and title Carolina Recruitment Phone: (803) 985-0432, Fax: (803) 985-0489 Email:


Carolina Recruitment’s Melissa Gladden Receives Award from State Staffing Association  

ROCK HILL  –  Melissa  Gladden,  president  of  Rock  Hill-­‐based  Carolina  Recruitment,  was  recently  named   volunteer  of  the  year  by  the  South  Carolina  Staffing  Association  (SCSA).    The  award,  presented  during   the  SCSA’s  annual  meeting  in  Columbia,  recognizes  the  Association’s  top  volunteer.    Rep.  Ralph  Norman,   of  SC  House  District  48,  was  present  for  the  event  and  presentation.     Owner  of  Carolina  Recruitment  since  2001,  Gladden  is  a  York  County  native  and  a  1999  Winthrop   University  graduate,  with  a  BS  in  Business  Administration.    She  is  the  host  of  “Lets  Get  To  Work”,  a   staffing  issues  advice  segment  on  CN2,  the  local  cable  television  station.         In  addition  to  serving  a  member  of  the  SCSA  board  of  directors  since  2011  her  volunteer  efforts  include:   Society  of  Human  Resource  Managers,  New  Member  Welcome  Committee  for  the  American  Staffing   Association,  is  a  mentor  to  Winthrop  University  HR  students.         As  one  of  the  top  business  associations  in  the  state,  the  SCSA  represents  and  serves  the  collective   staffing  industry  in  South  Carolina.  Through  legislative  advocacy,  education,  ethics  and  communication,   SCSA  works  to  promote  the  interests  of  the  staffing  industry  and  its  role  in  the  state’s  economy.     Carolina  Recruitment  is  located  at  1661  Celanese  Road  in  Rock  Hill,  and  in  addition  to  York  County,  it   serves  Chester,  Lancaster  and  Mecklenburg  counties.    As  a  local  leader  that  knows  the  ins  and  outs  of   the  marketplace,  the  firm  provides  its  clients  a  competitive  advantage  and  flexible  staffing  solutions  with   proven  results.     The  firm  has  300+/-­‐  employees  and  represents  50+/-­‐  clients  in  the  distribution,  warehouse,  mechanical   assembly,  telecommunication,  service,  clerical  and  call  center  industries.    Carolina  Recruitment  provides   the  following  services:  payroll,  temp-­‐to-­‐hire,  long  and  short  term  employees,  direct-­‐hire  placements  and   on-­‐site  staffing.       Carolina  Recruitment  is  certified  by  the  Women's  Business  Enterprise  National  Council  (WBENC),  the   largest  third-­‐party  certifier  of  businesses  owned,  controlled,  and  operated  by  women  in  the  United   States.    It  is  also  a  recipient  of  the  “Herald  Buzzie  Award”  in  the  best  staffing  company  category.         ###  

'HDU1HZ(PSOR\HH Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to personally welcome you to Carolina Recruitment. I understand the uncertainty, anticipation and excitement you feel right now as you are about to start on a new endeavor in your life. I understand because I was the applicant/associate seeking employment myself years ago. Needless to say my â&#x20AC;&#x153;temporaryâ&#x20AC;? experience made a lasting impact on me. It is my greatest hope and vision that you have a respectable, individual experience with Carolina Recruitment. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an exciting time for Carolina Recruitment as we continue to grow. We remain adaptable, motivated and responsive to our employees and to our clients. We pride ourselves on strong relationships and value people as individuals. We are glad to have you on board! Carolina Recruitment is continuously transforming the way we operate to improve our ability to remain on the cutting edge of our industry; thus, pursing excellence for you and our clients. We have had to be courageous and forge ahead in times of uncertainty. Today, we are stronger than ever, grateful for our humble beginnings that embedded an appreciation for the human connection. $VSDUWRIRXUWHDP<28DUHWKHPRVWLPSRUWDQWDQGJUHDWHVWDVVHWZHKDYH1HYHU hesitate to recommend ways we may improve our operations to better serve you and our clients. I also want to encourage you to have fun! Have fun, be courageous, treat HYHU\RQHZLWKUHVSHFWDQG\RXWRRPD\Ă&#x20AC;QGWKDW\RXUXQFHUWDLQ´WHPSRUDU\ÂľH[SHULence may become a lasting rewarding endeavor. Welcome! Sincerely,

0HOLVVD$*ODGGHQ&63 President

1661 Celanese Road

Rock Hill, SC 29732

(803) 985-0432

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January 15,  2014      

Ms. Anna  Huntley,  Economic  Development  Specialist   U.S  Small  Business  Administration-­‐  South  Carolina  District  Office   1835  Assembly  Street,  Suite  1425   Columbia,  SC  29201    

To Whom  It  May  Concern:    

Seldom do  I  feel  this  confident  in  providing  a  reference  for  someone  seeking  an  award  as  important  as  SBA’s     Small  Business  Person  of  the  Year  like  I  do  for  Melissa  Gladden,  CSP.    In  my  capacity  as  president  at  the  York  County   Regional  Chamber  of  Commerce  and  in  representing  over  900  members  firms  in  the  Rock  Hill/Fort  Mill/Tega  Cay  (SC)   areas,  I  have  had  the  pleasure  of  knowing  (and  the  honor  of  working  with)  Ms.  Gladden  for  the  past  four  years.    Ms.   Gladden’s  firm  is  Rock  Hill-­‐based  Carolina  Recruitment,  which  has  approximately  300  employees  and  represents  around   50  clients  in  York,  Chester,  and  Lancaster  (SC)  counties,  as  well  as  the  Charlotte  NC  area.        

I have  reviewed  the  award  nomination  guidelines,  and  it  is  obvious  that  she  meets  all  eligibility  requirements  and  easily   exemplifies  the  qualities  and  performance  that  merit  the  Award.    As  noted  in  the  information  below,  she  greatly  exceeds   the  criteria  for  staying  power,  employment  growth,  increased  sales,  financial  performance,  service  innovation,  response   to  adversity  and  contributions  to  community-­‐oriented  projects    

Ms. Gladden’s  company  is  certified  by  the  Women's  Business  Enterprise  National  Council  and  has  a  reputation  for   providing  its  clients  a  competitive  advantage  and  flexible  staffing  solutions  with  proven  results.    It  has  also  been   recognized  by  the  local  daily  newspaper  for  being  selected  by  readers  as  the  “best  staffing  company”.    As  company   president  for  12  years,  she  is  well  respected  in  this  region  as  a  savvy  business  owner  with  high  ethical  standards.    It  is   also  obviously  that  she  operates  her  business  and  life  with  unwavering  integrity.    

She selflessly  serves  the  community  and  Chamber  in  her  capacity  as  a  county  business  leader  and  as  a  Chamber  member   volunteer,  serving  on  both  the  Chamber’s  Area  Council  Board  of  Directors  and  our  Government  Relations  Task  Force.     Ms.  Gladden  also  serves  on  the  board  of  directors  for  South  Carolina  Staffing  Association  (SCSA),  one  of  the  top  business   associations  in  the  state;  and  she  was  recently  named  SCSA  volunteer  of  the  year,  one  of  the  Association’s  most  coveted   annual  awards.    Her  other  volunteer  efforts  include  the  Society  of  Human  Resource  Managers,  American  Staffing  Assn.   (as  New  Member  Welcome  Committee  member)  and  Winthrop  University  (as  a  mentor  for  Human  Relations  students).    

Her strong  and  positive  character  is  also  obvious  in  her  practice  of  giving  back  to  the  community  through  her   sponsorship  of  York  County  Day,  the  annual  day-­‐at-­‐the-­‐capital  event  in  Columbia,  promoting  our  county  to  the  rest  of   the  state.    She  also  hosted  “Lets  Get  To  Work”,  a  local  cable  television  segment  that  provides  helpful  advice  to  citizens   on  employment  issues  and  staffing  trends.    

For these  and  many  other  reasons,  I  am  pleased  to  wholeheartedly  recommend  and  endorse  the  nomination  of     Melissa  Gladden  for  this  award.    For  more  information,  please  contact  me  at   or  803-­‐324-­‐7500.       Sincerely,    

Robert F.  Youngblood   Chamber  President  

January 12,  2014         My  name  is  Bryan  Gardner  and  I  am  the  Operations  Manager  at  Carolina   Recruitment.    I  started  with  CR  in  May  of  2011  as  an  Account  Manager  after   graduating  from  the  University  of  South  Carolina.    After  my  initial  training,  CR   allowed  me  to  manage  my  accounts  as  I  saw  fit.    CR  management  is  trusting  and  has   confidence  in  CR  employees  to  do  their  jobs  correctly.     CR  gives  employees  the  flexibility  to  change  policies  if  another  way  of  doing   something  improves  efficiency.    All  management  asks  is  that  the  information  is   spread  to  all  those  employed  with  CR.    For  me  personally,  this  has  allowed  me  to   experience  different  ways  of  completing  tasks  while  doing  it  in  the  most  efficient   manner.       CR  has  the  ability  to  adapt  quickly  and  change  if  there  is  a  need.    This  leads  to   satisfying  clients  to  the  best  of  CR  abilities  and  allows  CR  to  grow.    CR  has  outgrown   the  current  location  and  will  be  moving  into  a  larger  space  within  the  year,  along   with  expansion  into  other  markets  within  the  Carolinas.         The  office  is  a  fun  environment  with  no  two  days  being  alike.    CR  employees   participate  in  company  outings,  employee  appreciation  events,  and  many  other   activities.      The  best  part  of  CR  is  the  exceptional  customer  service  provided  to  every   client.    The  relaxed  atmosphere,  flexibility,  and  an  Account  Manager’s  ownership  of   each  account  allows  employees  to  grow,  have  fun,  and  advance  to  management  roles   with  CR.    CR  provided  me  with  a  wonderful  opportunity  to  learn  the  industry  and   have  a  voice  in  everyday  discussions.     Sincerely,       Bryan  Gardner   Operations  Manager              

January 16,  2014       Ms.  Anna  Huntley,  Economic  Development  Specialist   U.S  Small  Business  Administration-­‐  South  Carolina  District  Office   1835  Assembly  Street   Suite  1425   Columbia,  SC  29201     Dear  Ms.  Huntley:     It  has  been  my  privilege  to  be  associated  with  Mrs.  Melissa  Gladden  for  over  six  years  and  I  am  honored   to  present  this  letter  of  recommendation  in  support  of  her  nomination  as  the  South  Carolina  2014  Small   Business  Person  of  the  Year.     Over  the  years,  I  have  had  the  opportunity  to  witness  Melissa’s  growth  from  a  small  organization  serving   her  local  region,  to  a  proud  South  Carolina-­‐based  company  providing  services  nationwide.    She  is  a  savvy   businessperson,  with  an  unshakeable  spirit,  entrepreneurial  attitude,  and  sincere  commitment  to  her   industry  and  the  community.     I  am  a  2013  Ernst  &  Young  Entrepreneur  of  the  Year  Award  recipient  and  have  grown  my  own  company   from  a  start-­‐up  in  1998  to  over  a  Billion  in  Accounts  Receivable  financing  today.    In  my  business,  I   support,  advise,  and  mentor  hundreds  of  small  business  owners  across  the  country,  and  I  can  honestly   say  that  Melissa  Gladden  is  among  the  very  best.    She  is  competitive,  but  fair,  compassionate,  but   strong,  and  goal-­‐focused,  yet  flexible.    It  is  directly  because  of  Melissa’s  efforts  that  thousands  of  hard   working  South  Carolinians  have  been  able  to  enjoy  gainful  employment.      South  Carolina  has  a  more   engaged  workforce  because  of  Melissa  Gladden  and  Carolina  Recruitment.     I  wholeheartedly  support  this  nomination  recognizing  Melissa’s  outstanding  achievements.    Please  do   not  hesitate  to  contact  me  if  you  have  questions  or  require  further  information.     Sincerely,         Joel  E.  Adelman   CEO      

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Melissa Gladden Application  
Melissa Gladden Application