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BY: María Emilia Pachano, Carolina Missura, Martín Cordovez, José Francisco Naranjo & Matías Meneses.

Table of contents: 1. Editorial 2. 2-3 historical events 3. 4-5 current events 4. Satatistical 5. Effects of technology 6. Facts (causes & effects)

Over population: Editorial The over population is sometimes bad. We are consuming more than we reproduce and there is not much resources left in the earth. There is not much water left. The human population is stared to growth since the year 1400. The United Nations estimates that between the year 2040 and 2050 there will be 9.3 billion people in the world. At that point we will be gone it the earth could not keep us alive anymore. We have taken a lot of energy of the earth. In china they killed the sons because they stared to Exide the food. The world would be completely full in about 100 years schools no more space no food. If in this days people already starve. United States consume 26 percent of the world energy consumed in total that are the consequences of over population. For a solution the overpopulation can be a big problem in about 20 years that is why I recommend make a campaign of consuming less because if we will have an overpopulated earth we have to learn how to consume less. The couses of overpopulation are some. World is overpopulated because everyone has kids for them is happiness is alright but some people have 10 kids and that is bad. The effects of it is that at some point we will not fit and we will have no trees and no fishes etc. so at some point we all going to die because over population is why trees are cut down more fishes taken more animal hunted because each time we have to give home and food to more and more people.

So all that is already gone for example oil, trees, fishes, water, etc. is because the human over population. If there is more people we consume more. And animals stay without a home and without food to eat all these nature problems is because over population.

Overpopulation started approximately since 10.000 BC. All started when estimated between 1 and 5 million people looking for food and where to live inhabited the world and star farming and discovered agriculture and animal husbandry in the period of Neolithic revolution. Agriculture and animal husbandry made humans realize that they had the necessary resources to continue to reproduce and develop. So around 800 BC the population was approximately 5 billion of people in the world. The year where the population and food production increased the most was in 1964. So in 2011 the population increased a 235% (1.2 million people). The concern is that the population increased in many countries and especially in Africa the last decades but the problem is that in Africa they don’t have the natural resources they need to have a good way of life and also access to water.


As the population grows, humans need more resources of trees for paper, food, plant fibers for clothing, etc. But also there is creating a lack on croplands to expand cities so people can fit there.

Overp opulation is the most serious problem in the world. Humans will continue using natural resources but this is causing in the world loss of forests, a lot of contaminated air because of so many cars and factories throw carbon dioxide, loss of fresh water (more people is consuming water however lakes are drying out), climate change because the carbon dioxide reaches to the atmosphere and breaks it so the sunlight gets more directly to the earth.

Current events Over population is not a problem for much of the countries around the world. But they are some of them that they only can have one to two children per family. But the problem is that is a lot of people around that there are not a lot of resources to feed all the population. China is one of these examples that have a law that people only can have 1 or 2 children in one single family. Every day babes are born and every day’s people die.

Human overpopulation occurs if the number of people in a country or a city are exceed and the number of capacity of the region occupied by the whole country. Overpopulation can result from a scientific increase of babes that are born every day thousands but the reason of that is that, may lot of people die and some babes are born for live. The overpopulation can increase in the form of people migrate to any country or for many reasons, made be for work, for resources or for poverty. The human population has been growing a lot since the ending of the Black Death. The growing of human population can have many opposite reasons and negative reasons. Positive can be that we have a totality of 7 billion people around the world that makes that people can have a job or can have their own work at home whatever they want to. A census that was made around the world has increased a lot. In the aproximality of 40 years human society have increased a 31%. The recent increase in the human population over the past three centuries has being added to the problems that made have the planet. People want to have a beautiful live but for many causes they don’t have money or they spend on things that are infamous. Over population has made started that many environmental

problems such as atmospheric, carbon dioxide, global warming, and pollution, are very bad by the population expansion. In conclusion overpulation has many causes at all. Made have good reason and made have terrible reasons. Around the world are millions of persons who fight every day for their lives. Most of them die and most of them survive. Some of them spent money in things that destroy their lives and some of them have they life with completely tranquility. That’s why we have at all everything different person’s different countries different cities but ultimately we live in our planet our home the Earth.

Overpopulation Statics, is the world overpopulated? There are many persons living in this world right now and the numbers are growth and reducing but more important is these numbers can really affect out daily life? Well yes for many reasons I will explain later, these year population is about 7 Billion but as I said it can go up and down, these past years the numbers have been growing dramatically, if you see the population in 1990 wasn’t as higher as 2013, and if we continue like this in the future will be without space? Scientist are worried because the numbers growth more than lower more and the growth number is really big, one thing that is even more worrying is that 1/3 of humans are mistake or non-wanted pregnancy’s. Population in the world growth rate is about 1.14% per year, the population average is estimated about 800 million per year. One thing that is really worrying is that people is having babies for accident and that is not good because then the number of adopted people is higher and that can cause really bad affects in kids, overpopulation is really worrying and it could be hard to think a solution how could we stopped.Overpopulation have one thing that for my opinion is the one that cause more effect on us, this is the exploiting of resources, when you have a bigger amount of persons then the country need more resources and so then it comes the exploiting of resources, like in China for example China need a lot of resources for its population, why is this also so bad because some countries do not have the money as others and so those countries become poor and so people could become in hunger or dead for not eating. In conclusion, the world, our world have a huge amount of person living in it, and each time is increasing and that will not be good, because we can finish our resources or we will need a much longer world to live but building a new world could take hundreds of years.

How has technology affected overpopulation? Overpopulation is when there is an amount over the limit of population in one specific place. Technology has a lot to do with overpopulation because it is one of the main causes of it. Like for example the way of getting food has advanced more in the last years so now on every corner you can find a fast food restaurant. So the population of the wealthy countries such as the United States has increased a lot. The population of the pour countries increases for another reason; they don’t have the resources to feed the entire population so the poor and uneducated people have a lot of children to help work on the field. Technology does not help the poor countries as much. In the last sixty years the world’s population has nearly tripled. Today half a million habitants live in cities. Technology has also been an contributing factor because now we are able to build a building in half the time and we can make in double the size so more people can live in more limited spaces like new York or los Angeles. In some countries such as Dubai engineers have managed to build islands in the middle of the sea so that they can build houses in them. As fast as the technology advance the population of the world increases. In Shanghai millions of buildings and sky gaspers have been built in the last twenty years. 20% of the world’s population consumes 80% of its resources. Many people think that technology can save us from overpopulation but this is only if it is used for the right reasons. China has imposed legal restrictions on having more than one child. Extraterrestrial settlement and other technical solutions have been proposed as ways to mitigate overpopulation in the future. From a historical perspective, technological revolutions have coincided with population explosions. There have been three major technological revolutions – the tool-making revolution, the agricultural revolution, and the industrial revolution – all of which allowed humans more access to food, resulting in subsequent population explosions. So technology is basically over of the main reasons of overpopulation if it can be a solution for the future no one knows. The more we concern ourselves with how to keep ourselves comfortable and our stomach full we don’t care how

many children are going hungry and how much the world’s population is increasing.

FACTS Overpopulation is increasing every day in the world. The world capacity is getting to the limit not because of the number of humans that live in it, because of how humans are living and changing it. World conditions are very worrying because of human’s nature and diversity is running out. Because of how humans decided to live the world is getting worst and many people do not realize that one day the world will no longer be able to resist. Unfortunately most humans do not •

care about world conditions, only care about their way of life and how they manage it.

An estimated 680 million chronically hungry people. As population and hunger increase in the developing world, water availability for irrigation is declining. The FAO estimates that by 2020, 135 million people may lose their land as a result of soil degradation. Of the 20 countries that rank highest on the 2011 Failing States Index (published by Foreign Policy magazine), all but one have a total fertility rate of 3.5 or higher. Between 1999 and 2011, the world’s population increased by 1 billion

200,000 World population growth each day

The richest 20% of humanity consumes 86% of all goods and services, while the poorest fifth consumes just 1.3 %. Only 17% of the world's population lives in industrialized countries The average life expectancy is 61, up from 40 in just 50 years. The numbers of people 65 and older make up 10-15% of the world population today and are expected to increase to 20-30% by 2050.

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