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A New Century!


ctober 1, 2020, marked the first day of the first year of the second century of Carolinas Kiwanis. Our theme for 2020-2021 is TEAM KIWANIS- PLAY HARD, PLAY SMART, PLAY TOGETHER. It is an homage to the late men’s basketball coach at the University of North Carolina, Dean Smith. His philosophy was all about team. If he could motivate his players to play hard, play smart, and play together, the wins and championships would take care of itself. Two things will most impact the Carolinas District in 2020-2021: 1) Covid-19; and 2) Membership. We

We start this year with 149 Kiwanis clubs and 4,822 members. The concern is that we had 10,000 members about ten years ago. This trend is unsustainable if we are to remain a relevant service organization. Coach Smith said, “There is a point in every contest where sitting on the sidelines is not an option.” Kiwanians, now is that time. Our Carolinas District Board of Directors held its Zoom retreat on October 9-10. We approved a membership growth plan called “5+5.” Five new clubs and 5% net growth. It is ambitious, but achievable if all Carolinas Kiwanians will help. We have great membership leaders.

recruitment is lagging and needs a boost, please sign up to attend. See the October 14, 2020, CD News or visit the District’s website for details. Mary’s method works! Mike and Mary cannot grow our District alone. They need players. If you can help Mike work on a new club site or help Mary grow existing clubs, please contact them to join their teams. We ask every Carolinas Kiwanian to do two things this year. First, recruit at least one new member this year. Second, if you know someone who lives in another city or town with an existing Kiwanis club, and you think they would make a good Kiwanian,

NOTE FROM THE GOVERNOR can do little about Covid-19, except follow federal, state, and local public health mandates. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. If you have risk factors, do not attend Kiwanis gatherings. Support club activities from your home. Zoom! Use common sense, and take care of your health. When it comes to Membership, there is a lot we can and must do. At the time of this article, we do not have our 2020-2021 beginning membership numbers. We lost 13 clubs in 20192020. They did not meet due to Covid-19. They did not recruit, did not serve, and did not raise funds to support their service. They gave up. The needs of the children youth, and their communities did not stop. If anything, they increased. They failed to follow Coach Lou Holtz’ advice, “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.”

District Trustee Mike Kirchner is New Club Opening Chair. Last month, he successfully organized a new Kiwanis club, the Kiwanis Club of North Myrtle Beach- Little River. They have 21 charter members with more to come. They already are planning service projects. This was accomplished through Facebook, computer research, phone, and Zoom meetings. No pounding the pavement. It is a district first, and will be our template for club opening this year. Work is already underway to open clubs in Canton, Garner, and Pender County. Past Trustee Mary Winfree is the Membership Development Chair. Mary will lead our efforts to strengthen and grow existing clubs, through technology and social media. Mary presented a webinar on October 20, 2020, on How to Conduct a Virtual Membership Drive and Get Results! If your club’s membership

please refer them to a club by emailing the Carolinas District office with their contact information. We will connect them to a local Kiwanis club to learn more about Kiwanis. The late Coach Jim Valvano said, “To go from where you are to where you want to be- you have to have a dream, a goal, and you have to be willing to work for it.” Carolinas Kiwanians, we have dreams and goals. We believe in the possible. Let’s get to work! Yours in Kiwanis Service,




K I WA N I S EVENTS The Carolinas District is working on new and innovative ways to keep events happening during this time of the Coronavirus. For the forseeable future, FREE Zoom Webinars will happen at least twice a month with forums intended to strengthen your club.

Schedule November Subjects: Nov. 11 - Youth Protection: 7:00 pm

In 2020, Kiwanis International implemented revised Youth Protection (“YP”) Guidelines and new requirements for YP training and resources. Join your District YP Chairs to learn how to access these new materials and complete the required standards for your annual individual and club-level certifications. An essential training for all SLP advisors!

Nov. 16 - COVID-19 & Liability: 7:00 pm

Just recently, Kiwanis International published information that our insurance carrier will no longer support claims related to COVID-19. Come learn more about what your club (and service leadership programs) should be doing when having in-person meetings, and get your questions answered.

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Immediate Past Governor


District Treasurer

Chief Drew and Sparky with the Southport Oak Island Kiwanis filming team of Helenea Grace, Donna Healy-Dean and Joe Crostic (masks removed for photo). Read the article on page 10. 4






6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20


GEORGE DIXON Division 1 RON KUEBLER Division 2 CHRIS HUGHES** Division 3 JOANNE LEDONNE Division 5

CURTIS RICHIE Division 10 JIM THORNTON Division 11 MAX RODDEN Division 12

ARNOLD GORDON-BRAY Division 15 VACANT Division 16 VACANT Division 17 MIKE HADLEY Division 18

VACANT Division 6 BRITTANY LOVE Division 7




Division 8

BRAD LEWIS Division 23 JIM TURNBULL Division 24 MARSHALL HOBSON Division 25 CYNTHIA BRYANT Division 26

* Divisions 6, 16, and 17 remain vacant. Divisions 4, 9, 19 and 22 were removed when the District restructured. CAROLINA KIWANIAN |



Communicate, Connect, Commit

here’s a well-known Chinese proverb that says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Yet far too many people never even get started on that journey, nor do they make big changes to reach their destination.

the meeting, and you might be surprised at what you hear. What you think is your club’s strongest value might be completely different than Let’s face it, positivity is the what the rest of glue in the process of building a your members powerful team, and your Kiwanis think. Club can be that powerful team in your community. To truly be a Supporting your great team, we need to be more local community than just positive. We need to can bring a whole communicate, connect, commit host of benefits and care to create meaningful to you and the relationships, strong bonds and people around club unity. you. Lending a helping hand can The connection we all have help you to make with our Kiwanis clubs and new friends and our communities should be a learn new skills, connected team. I was recently as well as advance your career, on a zoom meeting, listening to and, most importantly, give several professionals speak on something back. various topics. I started thinking about Kiwanis, why I joined and Many clubs are already doing why others join. This brought meaningful services for your me to: “What is the value to community. THANK YOU! joining your club?” Can you as a This seven-page flyer shown member articulate the answer? above was created by the Can your membership articulate Kiwanis Club of e-Kiwanis 2.0, it? of which I am a member, and it

matters. And, with Kiwanis members, every little thing matters. We need to continue to move the Carolinas in a positive direction. Let’s build some momentum and execute on the little things that add up into big “WOW’s”. Members love to be excited and experience the unexpected in a positive way. With this said, please call your members, and send them cards. Make sure you are staying in contact with your local schools - especially the ones with your Service Leadership Programs. Even if they are not meeting, still send cards and messages letting the advisors and members know you appreciate them and are thinking of them.

contains several ideas that you and your clubs can use to make an impact in your community. If you would like more ideas, please reach out to me. I LOVE working on projects and sharing ideas. There are many unique and creative ways that members This would be a great program have been helping in their for your club. Have everyone communities. If you’re experiencing feelings of prepared to share why they In baseball, base hits matter. stress and anxiety or are going joined, why they remain, and what In football, forward progress through a tough time right now, they think the value is. Record We spend a lot of resources on communicating the benefits of membership and all the services and products provided for our members. However, what is the value to you, and what would the value be to your neighbor?




When we put a voice to our thoughts instead of silencing them, we’re not just caring for ourselves. We’re also creating a stronger, more supportive community for our loved ones. It’s not weak to speak up; give someone in your life a call today if you need to talk. The tools to make Kiwanis more inclusive, more relevant, and more fun for everyone are at our fingertips. Let’s use them now, and we will see how Kiwanis opens opportunities for ourselves and for those yet to discover us. I highly recommend you checking out https://www.kiwanis.org/ doc s/defa u l t - sou rce/member s hip/ace_ analyzing-your-impact. This is a great sight for you to analyze your service projects. If I can be of any help at all, please reach out to me. I love Kiwanis and adore listening to members and hearing your ideas and thoughts; cathy@szy.com.


Yours in Kiwanis Service,

Cathy Szymaski Kiwanis International Trustee

District Board Meeting Highlights The Carolinas District Board met October 9 - 10, 2020 and approved the following:

Committed to opening 5 new clubs and 5% net growth in membership Approved New Member Fee Waiver through December 31, 2020 Adopted new Distinguished Member, Club and Division Awards Created a new Membership Incentive Contest

Grants/Contributions Your club’s gift matters. The Foundation is currently exploring new ways to assist District programs. This takes money. If there are areas where you believe the Foundation can be of greater service please email President Gary Cooper (coopdbcoop@nc.rr.com) or Secretary/Treasurer Stan Perry (perry8@clemson.edu) and let us know. Be an advocate for your Foundation. The phrase on the back of the Carl B. Hyatt medallion, which was coined by PDG Stan Perry during the 1997-1998 year, sums up why we do what we do: “…because every child deserves a hero. “

Apply for a grant here

Read the minutes here. CAROLINA KIWANIAN |


the bravest thing you can do is to speak to someone about how you’re feeling.


Kiwanis Club of Raleigh Celebrates Member Clyde McDowell’s 100th Birthday





n a beautiful Labor Day morning at 10 a.m., on a quiet street at Woodland Terrace Retirement Community in Cary, NC, sixty cars filled with excited Kiwanians, family,

and friends quietly lined up single file for a surprise parade. Cars were decorated with signs and balloons. The surprise? Kiwanis Club of Raleigh member Clyde McDowell was turning 100 years old today. As Clyde sat on the front porch of his building getting some fresh air, his son, David, led the parade up to Clyde’s building in his spotlessly clean Corvette. Cars blew their horns. People cheered as they drove by. Kiwanians dropped off birthday cards in a basket. Well-wishers used a microphone to speak to Clyde and share special birthday greetings. Clyde was touched and overwhelmed by the parade. Residents and staff waived and joined in the fun. WRALTV covered the party. When asked about the party, Clyde said, “I was totally surprised. It was a joy to have my family, friends, and Kiwanis friends celebrate my special birthday.” Clyde, the Carolinas District, and the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh all were born in 1920. Clyde is the oldest member of the club. A Kiwanian since 1986, he joined the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh after his Golden K of Wake County Club closed.


Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Clyde regularly attended weekly meetings. He frequently rode to meetings with Kiwanis member Cricket Harrell. Clyde annually volunteered at the Pancake Breakfast and Raleigh Kiwanis Golf Classic. He would partner with his Kiwanis friend, Cricket. When asked about Clyde, Cricket said, “… since the first time he walked in the door of our Kiwanis meetings we’ve had a mutual respect and admiration for each other. I look forward to ‘My Fridays driving Clyde’. He has taught me so much just in those short drives to Kiwanis and home.” A great example of forming enduring friendships (Object #5 of the Six Objects of Kiwanis).

from Duke University with a business degree and remains a lifelong member of the Iron Dukes. His spent his entire business career with Sears as a Department Manager. He is a faithful member of Edenton Street United Methodist Church, in Raleigh. Happy 100th birthday, Clyde, from the Carolinas District!

Clyde served in the U.S. Navy in World War II. After the war, he graduated




Southport-Oak Island Club Expands Its Kiwanis Reading Korner


he Kiwanis Club of Southport-Oak Island’s project, known as the Kiwanis Reading Korner, where club members are recorded on video while reading children’s books, has expanded its number of titles and specialguest readers. The video library on the club’s YouTube channel now has nearly 40 books or stories which children can watch and read along with because of the club’s split-screen format, displaying both the reader and the page being read. In addition to club members behind the books, the club has recently invited the Southport Fire and Police Chiefs to read for the project. Fire Chief Charles Drew and Police Chief Todd Coring each recorded two books which were released in October. The club has invited other area law enforcement agencies and fire departments to participate in the project. Further, the club has invited other Kiwanis clubs in Brunswick County to participate in the project.

and parents to substitute for in-person guest readers. “We know that the videos are being used in other states as well, and that is great with us,” said Joe Crostic, Governor-Elect, a Past President of the Southport-Oak Island Club and a member of the Kiwanis Reading Korner committee. Governor-Elect Joe added that “We have encouraged our members and friends to share the links with their friends and families, so that as many children as possible may benefit from the effort.” The club also invites other Kiwanis clubs to share the link with their local elementary and pre-K schools. All the videos prepared by the Southport-Oak Island Club can be accessed by searching in YouTube for the “Kiwanis Reading Korner” or clicking the following link: Kiwanis Reading Korner.

Members are having a great time reading books that they used to read to their children or even remember from their own childhoods. The committee has tried to make the project It is the hope of the club that the videos will be accessible to its members by recording the used by elementary and Pre-K school teachers videos in their homes or offices, and masks are 10



worn when appropriate to protect each other. Several videos have also been recorded using a green screen and various backgrounds have been added, including live action backgrounds such as an aquarium (for the book “Pout Pout Fish Goes to School” read by members Donna and John Dean). Governor-Elect Joe edits the videos using Adobe Premier Elements software but believes other video editing software would along with Mr. Barry. To date, twenty Kiwanis Club members and spouses have recorded likely work as well. books. The videos include titles of very well-known bestselling children’s books, pre-school alphabet Any Kiwanis Clubs in the District who would like and numbers books and other stories which to learn more about the project can contact were favorites of the readers and their children. Governor-Elect Joe at joe.crostic@gmail.com. For the video of “Over in the Meadow” read He is in the process of preparing a PowerPoint by member Barry Kelchner, pop-up numbers presentation which could be shared at a club appear in the video to help children to count meeting.

Deadline for all District Awards Extended to December 1! Including: Distinguished Kiwanian, Club, Newsletter Award, Club Website Award, Herb Hennig Award Find out more and submit your club’s today!



KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL GUIDELINES AND INSURANCE COVERAGE CHANGES OCT 12, 2020 Kiwanis clubs meet to plan service projects and fundraisers, conduct club business and socialize. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most clubs have been able to continue those activities through virtual meetings. However, as more clubs resume in-person meetings, Kiwanis International has compiled guidelines for clubs and districts to help members continue serving safely with adequate health protocols: • Follow all federal and local laws. The Kiwanis International Bylaws require clubs and districts to comply with laws of local jurisdictions in all areas of operation. This is especially important as it relates to health and safety laws, such as gathering sizes, social distancing and mask requirements. • Coordinate with the meeting venue regarding social distancing requirements, mask requirements, food service, cleaning of surfaces, etc. • Consider requiring all attendees to obtain a negative COVID-19 test before the meeting. This should be strongly considered for any gatherings of 50 or more people. • Require all attendees at meetings to sign a waiver that states that anyone who believes they may have contracted COVID-19 at a Kiwanis event waives all related claims against any Kiwanis club, district or Kiwanis International. Any meeting of youth members (younger than 18 years) in the Kiwanis family will require a signature from a parent or legal guardian. A sample waiver is included here. • Conduct temperature tests on all attendees before they enter the meeting area. Anyone who has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above (or 38 degrees Celsius or above) should be excluded from the meeting. • Ask all attendees to certify that they have not experienced any common COVID-19 symptoms in the last 72 hours. A list of common COVID-19 symptoms can be found here. • Ask attendees to wear a mask when attending any indoor meeting. Starting November 1, 2020, the Kiwanis Insurance policy will no longer cover claims related to someone claiming they became infected with COVID-19 at a Kiwanis meeting or event. “The exclusion is becoming a standard clause in new and updated policies,” said David Kress, general counsel of Kiwanis International. “This was not a change made by Kiwanis International. It is a universal change by our insurance companies applying to all companies following insurance industry standards.” The updated Kiwanis insurance policy does not cover any losses from events that are canceled as a result of the coronavirus. For expenses to be reimbursed, a club would have had to buy a “special events” policy on its own. Kress said that many of those policies now exclude financial losses due to the coronavirus, as well. If you have any questions about the insurance policies that cover Kiwanis clubs, send them to riskmanagement@kiwanis.org.




The Kiwanis Club of Raleigh is organizing an event on November 6 and has created the waiver pictured below for the members to sign. See the full example here


NC HAS LIMITED IMMUNITY TO LAWSUITS CONCERNING COVID - 19 North Carolina passed House Bill 118, Session Law 2020-89, codified on June 24, 2020, as N.C.G.S. 99E-70-72. It is entitled “COVID-19 LIMITED IMMUNITY”. It includes in its protection a broad definition of “Person” in G.S. 99E-70 (2) to include nonprofits. Read the statute here. We have not found any similar statutes passed by the South Carolina legislature.



The Asheville club (below) did a "drive by" and presented JoAnn Roberson with her 50 year pin. In 1970, JoAnn began playing the piano and was active with the club, but women could not become Kiwanis members until 1987. She was the club's first woman Club President in 1998-99.


The Kiwanis Club of Orangeburg, SC celebrated its 75th anniversary on Oct. 5. Their actual charter date was May 21, but COVID precluded celebrating it until they started meeting again. Immediate Past Gov. John Hethcox and the past and current Lt. Gov’s Lenore and Brad Lewis were in attendance. A slide show was presented on their activities over the last 60 or so years and a full page feature was included in the local newspaper on their celebration.


Pawleys Island and Georgetown Kiwanis volunteered at Habitat for Humanity on Kiwanis One Day.



Got our logo out in your community?

Let Kiwanis International know here. The Kiwanis Club of Rock Hill inducted three new members October 15, 2020: Sandy and Warren Heer and Ronna Butler. The McDeeds Creek Elementary K-Kids, sponsored by The Sandhills, Moore County Kiwanis Club, and their faculty advisor, Michelle Crews, kicked off their first service project of the year IMMEDIATELY upon returning to school, called Sock - toberfest. They are donating over 3,000 pair of socks to the Boys and Girls Homes at Lake Waccamaw. With opportunities to interact with our local students severely limited at all levels, North Brunswick Kiwanis continues to express their gratitude for the teachers who work so hard to teach. The teachers and staff at Belville Elementary School (BES) were happy to enjoy the “Welcome Back!” snacks that Deb Watkins, our school Lead for BES, provided via “care cart” sponsored by the North Brunswick Kiwanis Club!

The Kiwanis Club of Raleigh recently was inducted into the Boys & Girls Clubs’ of Wake County Hall of Fame. CAROLINA KIWANIAN |


Use Virtual Key Leader to Improve Your Club Meetings NIK KOULOGEORGE | OCT 01, 2020

Many clubs in the Kiwanis family have been meeting online since the start of the pandemic. It is always great to see friendly faces, but video calls can get boring — or downright monotonous — after such a long time.

Virtual Key Leader is a free PDF workbook now available for anyone. It is designed to engage more students in the Key Leader experience, particularly when many in-person Key Leader events have been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19

pandemic. The workbook is divided into six “tracks”, each of which focuses on one of the Key Leader Principles. (Service Leadership, Integrity, Personal Growth, Respect, Community and Excellence) Great for all ages, Virtual Key Leader makes a wonderful classroom or family activity. Here’s how to use this free digital workbook from Kiwanis International to shake up your club meetings: 1. Walk through the workbook. Each of the six tracks contains three lessons, which often include a video, follow-up questions and optional activities for extended learning. These lessons serve as a great way to guide a conversation around community service, values, leadership and goal setting. Each lesson takes 10-20 minutes to complete. Simply open the Virtual Key Leader workbook and use the “share screen” feature on video conferencing applications like Zoom, Teams or Skype. Once members can see your screen, you can watch the video together, and they can follow along and type answers into their own copy of the workbook.




We often think we know all there is to know about topics like “Service Leadership,” but a refresher never hurts. 2. Assign lessons or tracks to be completed at home. The lessons and activities in Virtual Key Leader can make for great discussions even if you do not have time to walk through them during your meeting. Just ask each of your members to register for Virtual Key Leader and download the workbook. Then assign a track or lesson to be completed prior to your next meeting. Ask participants to save their answers. During your next meeting, ask members how they felt about the activities, what they learned about themselves or how this could help in your club’s work with youth. Encourage members with children or grandchildren to use Virtual Key Leader as an opportunity to bond and discuss important topics like values and setting goals with one another. This is a great option for clubs with limited time. Your discussion can take as little or as much time as you need, and it offers a pleasant departure from the typical business meeting. 3. Incorporate mindfulness into your meetings. Each of the six Virtual Key Leader tracks starts with a video focusing on mindfulness. These videos — led by Lisa Pyron at Kiwanis International — are themselves a great way to kick off a meeting.

Please join Carolinas CKI Professional Network to help college students who are looking forward to entering their career fields. With networking being the key in today’s world, you signing up can provide wonderful opportunities for college students in the world of either being a mentor, providing an internship or even possibly a job opportunity. We cannot grow this network without your help, and need you to help make a difference in the lives of college students just trying to make it in their industry of choice. Sign up below! More information will be sent out soon! Thank you!

Sign up now! and anxiety. It allows for more focused conversations and adds a benefit to your meetings that members might otherwise not experience in their day-to-day lives.

You can register for Virtual Key Leader and receive your free workbook at kiwanis.org/ virtualkeyleader.

How has Virtual Key Leader enhanced the member Whether it’s a simple listening experience for your club? Let us exercise or a nature walk to inspire know on social media. some “awe,” incorporating a mindfulness exercise into your Studies show that practicing meetings can help your club be mindfulness can reduce stress more productive. CAROLINA KIWANIAN |


H A P P Y B I R T H D AY ! Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplas

The following clubs celebrate a birthday in the first quarter of this Kiwanis year (Oct/Nov/Dec):



Greensboro Spartanburg Winston-Salem

Reidsville The Sandhills, Moore Co.



Rock Hill Salisbury Gastonia Fayetteville



Statesville |














Gate City, Greensboro


Black Mountain, Swannanoa


1956 1960


Cape Fear, Fayetteville


Florence- Pee Dee Pembroke

Dillon Waynesville


We’re opening clubs around the district.... Do you know anyone that would make a great Kiwanian that lives in the following areas? We've either just opened, or are working on opening, clubs in the following areas. If you know of any prospects we need to reach out to, please contact the district office (leahcdo@gmail.com). Canton Garner North Myrtle Beach Pender County / Burgaw




Tarboro Golden K



Western Catawba Co

Myrtle Beach



Columbia Northeast

Pawleys Island



Sunrise Goldsboro Anderson Golden K



Goldsboro Golden K CAROLINA KIWANIAN |


Welcome to the Team!

The following became mem Asheville Beverly Buckner Banner Elk Brenda Lyerly Bluffton Katherine Pesaturo Joseph Schmitt Cape Fear, Fayetteville Darrin Bush Annemarie Ziegler Chapel Hill-Tar Hell Golden K Wallace Mandell Frank Sloan Mary Sugioka Priscilla Winn Charleston Catherine Hamilton Columbia Chelsie Higdon


East Cooper, Mt. Pleasant Thomas Gribben David Huffstetler Frances Huffstetler Allison Olawsky Taylor Swift

Lake Norman Julie Anna Kaufman Andrea Knott-Kaczma Susan Medlin Lincoln County Hight Reid McDowell County Lacarna Carson

Georgetown Tracey Miller

Moncks Corner Jennifer Grant Terry Williams

Greensboro William Black Tiffany Brower Hartsville Robert Adams Benson Driggers Elizabeth Hill

Conway Jack Benson Darlington Templin Hardee Nancy Matthews

Hillsborough Nina Daye John Traubert


Hope Mills Area Grilley Mithcell

Fayetteville George Hendricks

Hendersonville Angel Chandler Hannah Kenworthy Kelly Noble Lisa Parham Jamilyn Wiener

Columbia Golden K Christine Maw George Rice


Darlington Continued Michael Payne Hunter Thomas

North Brunswick Kenneth Formalarie North Myrtle Beach-Little River Kerri Allen Patrick Canary James Furr Helen Graham Eugenia Hounsell Robert Hounsell Jerry Howard Vincenzo Imparato Janet Leonhard Matt Leonhard George Mamo Kay Mamo Tracey Penland

Photo by Rene Bernal on Unsplash

mbers July - September 2020 North Myrtle Beach-Little River Cont. Nancy Richardson Terry Richardson Debbie Slayden Harry Slayden Ronell Thompson Jim Turnbull Mary Ellen Wyszynski Onslow County Karen Esala Tondrea Leach Naomi Thompson Raleigh Liane Saunders Raleigh Midtown Richard Hart Robeson-Lumberton Vonta Leach Adrian Lowery Gregory Malinsky Jospeh Osman Brion Oxendine Travis Pait Jenny Scott Andrea Simmons John Simmons Christopher Summers

Rock Hill Continued Sandra Heer Warren Heer Rocky Mount Larry High Saunders Roberson The Sandhills, Morre County Delina McKnight James Pittard Simpsonville Tim Lincolnol Carol Ruppel Southport - Oak Island Robert Dean Evellyn Jeffries Spartanburg Marisa Cecil Sumter Brady Anderson Joshua Glenn Christopher McKinney Sunrise, Goldsboro Chretien Dumond Tryon Mary Prioleau

Rock Hill Ronna Butler CAROLINA KIWANIAN |


Profile for Carolinas District of Kiwanis

Carolina Kiwanian Fall 2020