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01 Old Billingsgate Market Site: London, England (Thames River) Year: Spring 2017 Program: Housing and Ammenities In Collaboration with Tala Ayoubi and Megan Baker The ambition of the project is to create a relationship with the Thames River in an area of high tourism, turning it into an attraction in and of itself. We are trying to activate this area by giving the building function for private and public use. The users in mind are two types of people who help to maintain and utilize large attractions in the city: permanent residents and temporary tourists.By removing the central part of Old Billingsgate, a new relationship is formed not only within the confines of the building, but in relation to the Thames as well. The public now have unrestricted access to the Thames, using Billingsgate as the stepping stone between the two. This illustration comments on the moment our towers marry the existing structure to create an object which is both simultaneously preserved and accessible.

Urban Plan and Elevation

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Ground Plan Inhabiting the Artifact : Old Billingsgate Market Tala Ayoubi | Megan Baker | Carolina Hasbun

Second Floor: Hotel/Ammenities

Hotel/Apartment Floors 5th-10th

Third Floor: Hotel/Ammenities

Lower Ground Floor : The Vault

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Plans Inhabiting the Artifact : Old Billingsgate Market Tala Ayoubi | Megan Baker | Carolina Hasbun

02 Michelangelo Museum Site: Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence, Italy Year: Fall 2017 Program: Museum to display a selection of Michelangelo’s sculptures. In Collaboration with Holly Metzger This project aims to create an exhibition space for nine sculptures from Michelangelo which are currently displayed across different museums in Florence. By collecting these into the same space, we aimed to explore the intention of each, while trying to rethink the way these are exhibited in relation to their composition. The museum floats on top of Ponte Santa Trinita to further emphasize the presence and importance of Michelangelo and his works to the history of Florence. Ultimately, the design strives to create a new relationship between the artwork and how people experience them, and how they interact with the larger urban context.

03 Downtown Arcade Site: Syracuse, New York (Between Clinton and Salina St.) Year: Fall 2016 Program: Arcade with Retail, Office, and Apartments The aim of this project is to redensify Downtown Syracuse by introducing an arcade with retail spaces that would connect two major streets and contain office and living spaces above. This proposal distributes the housing blocks in two masses that would be pushed to the edges in order to reinfornce the urban street condition. On the ground floor, a space of repose is introduced to provide a gathering space for the community. This space sits under a double skylight that punctures upwards and registers itself in the urban fabric.

04 NYPL & We Work Site: New York City (40th St 5th Ave) Year: Spring 2016 Program: Mid-Manhattan Public Library, We Work office spaces

This project proposes a new New York Public Library branch that houses WeWork office spaces on the top floors and public restaurant, bar, and amphitheater on the rooftop. The service cores are pushed to the side and the space is spanned by steel trusses that allow for large open spaces and visual connections. The plan configurations alternate between open floor plans that allow for collaboration and flexibility along with very rigid and quiet study spaces for individual work. The auditorium hangs above the ground plane and acts as a continuation of the public space by having its own circulation.

05 Syracuse Branch Library Site: Syracuse, New York Year: Spring 2016 Program: Public Library Branch

This Syracuse Branch Library provides an open floor plan by using a column grid system where figural partitions are introduced to divide different programs within the library. The most important space becomes the individual reading area which is treated as a box that punctuates the building to create a skylight condition for the mezzanine levels below. The building is pushed to the edge of the street to reinforce the urban street condition, also allowing a courtyard space to take place on the back.

Ground Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

06 New York State Fair Site: Syracuse, New York Year: Fall 2015 Program: Horse Stables and Playground

The aim of this project is to understand how an object, in this case the stuffed animal, relates to a larger system within the New York State Fair. The stuffed animal finds itself within a zone between play and hygiene, where its cuteness and fluffiness overpower the accumulation of dust in its fur. This project further explores the relationship between fur and play by proposing a horse stable and children’s playground that coexist together by being wrapped in fur. The idea is that the fur not only mediates both programs, but also becomes a living part of the building, changing between warm, moist, dusty, or flowy depending on the weather.

Carolina Hasbun


Carolina Hasbun

“Patted Fur”

Carolina Hasbun

“Dirty Fur”

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Carolina Hasbun Elias - Portfolio  

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