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September 2012 issue #57

Wildman Brent Enman Lancaster South Carolina

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Miss September 2012 Nicki Blooze ~ Sumter, SC Singer Musician Miss Rebelfest 2012 Photographer: RubyRed

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News From The Crew


t never ends in South Carolina.... WE RIDE ALL YEAR ROUND. Winter to us is ‘leather weather’. This is the season for those white tails to start jumping around, Dr. Dilligaf offered up some good advice on whistles. And as the hurricanes come into play we’re happy to have Cotton Howell helps you to get ready; Marli writes this month on pet safety during an emergency. CHECK THEM OUT. (Remember HUGO??)


e welcome back Sandy to the N.Charleston area. And Sweet Melissa ‘Speedy’ to the Darlington Florence Chrome Crew. Both biker sisters ride their own every day!. We are proud to have them onboard.


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s always, take a moment to remember our brothers and sisters in the military. Freedom isn’t free. Ride On....

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arolina Chrome Crew sends our prayers up in memory of all the lives lost during 911. WE WILL NEVER FORGET. Several rides are planned across the state in memory. Steven Williams sends us a message from the front lines on Pg 16. Little known fact...prior to deployment, Steven chose the Chrome Girl Page 3 picture every month!!

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Piston Tailight

O n the C over of the C arolina C hrome

Nicki Blooze ~ Sumter, SC Juju Interviews Wildman

Submitted by: MoJo of Rock Hill, SC

Rebelfest Ladies 2012


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Confederate History Truths

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Dear Dr. Dilligaf

South Carolina Biker Happenings Melany Zenot ~ Mt. Pleasant, SC Zabo MCants - Sumter, SC Submitted by: Cracker

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We’re happy to FINALLY get Wildman on our Cover Musician and biker brother lives in Lancaster with wife Elle. You can find them riding their bikes all over SC Read all about it on page 13 Photo: Carsten Fritzen


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Emergency Awareness By: Cotton Howell Hi folks, yep another Cotton contributing to the best motorcycling magazine in the world. The difference being that Preacher Cotton is trying to save our souls where I just want to help save our ass. In the next few paragraphs I hope to remind everyone of the importance of being prepared. Not just prepared for the stuff that might happen to us when we are out on our bikes, but for all the things that can happen when we are not riding: Hurricane Tips Let’s talk hurricane safety, first it is not safe to ride your bike in a hurricane. Most of the information below I have gotten from someone else. When I find a good statement or safety tip I copy and save it. The copyright police (my wife) said I need to put that disclaimer in. Here we are in the middle of hurricane season. This year has started out with a bang having two named storms before the season started. The predictors have upped their projection to as many as fifteen named storms. Maybe nine hurricanes with three reaching category three or higher. They can’t predict if any will make landfall. It doesn’t matter how many there are, it is the one that hits you that counts. History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster. Hurricane hazards come in many forms, including storm surge, heavy rainfall, inland flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and rip currents. These in turn cause power outages, blocked roads, loss of essential services and job interruption. Listen To The Warnings! If you are told to evacuate, heed the warnings. This is non-negotiable. If we learned anything from Katrina, certainly this would be it. New Orleans did not get the storm head on but within 36 hours the levees broke and the city flooded. Page 8

here are a couple of good emergency planning web sites : SC Emergency Management Division American Red Cross

Have a Hurricane Kit Cash, batteries, flashlights, battery operated radio/television, bottled water, toilet paper, non-perishable foods such as cereal or crackers, canned goods, a can opener, a small cooler, candles and diapers, baby wipes, formula, baby food if you have small children. If you take prescription medicine, make sure you have extra on hand. This is especially important for people who are elderly or have medical issues that require a little extra care. It could be a few days before you can get to a store. Freeze Up Put your refrigerator at the coldest setting. Fill your bathtub with ice. Set your air conditioner really cold, too. This way, if you lose power it takes much longer to defrost and ruin everything in there! Make sure you buy a lot of food. It’s always better to have more than you need. Cans of tuna, bread, snacks and other non-perishable items. My pantry always has Pop Tarts & Peanut Butter. Charge Up Fully charge ALL of your electronic devices and then fill up your car and bike with gas. Secure Important Paperwork Place all your important papers in a secured plastic bag, box or even better, a small safe. Identification is difficult and time consuming to replace so be sure to include social security cards, birth certificates, titles or deeds to property, as well as your hurricane insurance policy, should you have one. Special family photos like wedding photos, baby pictures should also be considered. Go To Lowes/Home Depot or any lumber yard If you live east of I-95 I suggest boarding up windows. Even if the guy next door is laying in the sun in his hammock drinking a beer, out riding while you are preparing ( he will probably be sponging off of you if the storm hits ). Plywood is a coveted commodity for those of who decide to stay. Boarding up windows that will take the brunt of Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

the wind and rain is a wise decision. If board is not available, protect your windows from the wind by crossing them ( X pattern) with layers of duct or packing tape. This will be enough protection for light-to-medium winds. Pets Don’t forget your pets! They get scared, just like we do. Keep this in mind and give them some extra TLC. Dogs are especially intuitive to weather conditions and might get more freaked out than you. They also get hot. Ice, water and extra treats and attention are a must. (Check out Marli’s Page 43) Prepare For Loss of Power Assume the power will be lost. It might not happen, but assuming you will lose power will prepare you much better. You will be hot, sticky and pissed off. Water, a bathtub of ice, lots of beer, wine and/ or hard liquor usually helps. If you have kids, you’re kind of screwed. They get really bored really fast. Board games, books, a fully charged iPad with tons of movies are your new BFFs. Stay Inside! Don’t go outside. We are curious creatures and want to see everything. Nowadays everyone wants to video storms and win $$$$ with the video. It is hands down the dumbest thing you can do. I cannot stress to you how many stories I’ve heard through the years of people getting struck by a tree, a down wire, flying debris. Stay inside, stay inside, stay inside! When you do go outside after the storm, assume All wires are live wires. Thousands of people have been electrocuted after major storms by touching live wires. When walking your dog, make sure you have them on a tight leash and monitor where they go. Power Inverter A cheap ( $20.00 ) inverter can make a huge difference. You can connect it to your truck, car or even your bike. It can charge your cell phones, run a lap top and depending on the size run lights and appliances. There are all sizes and types but I think this is an essential that everyone needs.

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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Sunday, September 16, 2012  Ride att 2:00 Rid Leaves L 2 00 pm  START Carolina Honda Powerhouse 901 Buckner Rd. Columbia SC 29203 Columbia,


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm $20.00 per rider or $30.00 per couple (includes ride, fun & music)

END Wet Willie’s Bar & Restaurant 800 Gervais St. Columbia SC 29201 Columbia, Tickets for drawing giveaways can be purchased at registration and at Wet Willie‘s  3 for $5 or 7 for $10 

Drawings will be held at Wet Willie’s Must be present to win!

For additional information contact Josie DeGennaro at (803) 317-8709 or email ewrideforhope@yahoo com

Rain or Shine!

100% of Proceeds to be donated to Elliott Willis’s Medical Care

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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

WILDMAN If you are looking for a little hard rock and roll, a little pop and some old school rock and roll, then you need to pick up a copy of this CD. Brent “Wildman” Enman is a major talent and calls Lancaster SC home. Brent’s musical passion is only rivaled by his love for riding. Along with his wife Elle, we talked of many trips the two have taken Brent has opened for such acts as Jackyl, Ratt and REO Speedwagon just to name a few. Please get to know Brent better in my next installment of….10 Questions with Brent “Wildman” Enman.

JUJU: It seems you have played with some musical greats. How did you end up getting into a solo career? BRENT: I just decided finally to take control of my own musical destiny . JUJU: Who were your musical influences? BRENT: I love the Beatles, Zepplin, Deep Purple and the Allman Brothers. JUJU: I detect a bit of an accent Brent. You aren’t from around here are you? BRENT: (laughing) Yeah, I am a Damn Yankee. I moved to Lancaster with my wife in 2005 from New Hampshire. I love it here. JUJU: So, Brent, I understand

you have a new CD out called “Wildman”. BRENT: Some of my friends gave me the name a while back. I was a bit wild back in my younger days. So the title just fit. I released it in March. There are 10 songs that I have written, produced and played all instruments on. I started with 13 songs, but narrowed it down to what I think are the 10 best. It was recorded in Charlotte, NC. JUJU: I was reading somewhere that you said your music, you considered “your musical soul on a disc” Which part of the musical process was the hardest? BRENT: The hardest thing is to write a really good song so I would have to say the writing. JUJU: At what age did you start playing all those instruments? BRENT: I am a drummer 1st and foremost. I started that at around age 11. I was playing in bands by the time I was 15. I wanted to write music, I knew that, but hard to write a song with just drums. So my Dad brought me home a $25 buck yard sale guitar and he and I sat down and learned the first few Chords of “Wildwood Flower”. That was it. I am completely self taught. It was so natural to me. It was like I always knew how to do it. JUJU: Tell me something you find unusual about your success. BRENT: I don’t know why, but the CD has done really well in the UK. I know they listen to a lot of old school rock and roll. I am thinking that has something to do with it. JUJU: So how did you get into

JuJu’s 10 questions with.. riding bikes? BRENT: My brother got me into it. He had one and it went from there. JUJU: What do you ride? BRENT: I have a 2007 Night Train. Elle, my wife rides a 1999 Dyna Low Rider. JUJU: Do you have a particular trip you can share with our readers? BRENT: Yeah, back in 2001, we rode to Canada. Went to Nova Scotia, there is an 11 mile bridge we rode. Man, it was beautiful and such a great ride. You can find Brent’s CD on several outlets or go to his website All CDs ordered from this website are signed by the WILDMAN himself! Don’t wait......

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Piston Tailight __________ Handmade “Piston”

tailight w/ tag bracket This month I thought I’d bring you some, in the shop, how-to stuff. The big thing in the chopper world now seems to be recycling old parts into functional components for your bike. The gearhead mentality has really taken over in the “underground” chopper realm with old ‘n rusty being the caliber for these bikes. This tailight and plate bracket are made of ordinary take off parts. In the pic you can see the parts used laid out on a lift. An old evo sporty 883 piston(this piston shape works great), stock late model harley dual element turn signal, Harley 82-95 master cylinder sight glass/grommet and a lens from an old “sparto” tailight. Most indy shops have boxes of these old take off parts and will usually let them go on the cheap. The “sparto” tailight I picked up at a swap meet for three dollars knowing I just wanted the lens and ring. Start by grinding the rear of the piston skirt flat down to the wrist pin part of the casting. This will give a good surface to mount it and a nice area to drill and tap(1/4-20 threads) to attatch the piston to the tag plate(see pic). Then gutt the turn signal for use of the bulb socket and reflector housing. Make a template for the tag bracket using a license plate and the piston to pattern from. You Page 14 can also see the transfer template I made off the back of the

piston to mark the holes to be drilled for mounting to the tag plate. I cut the tag plate from some scrap 1/8” thick aluminum, using a jig saw and bent it in a vice. It is easier to drill the needed holes for the license plate, axle and bulb/socket before bending. A hole saw bit was used to drill the bulb socket/ reflector hole.

Make a large hole behind the lens by drilling several small holes side by side in a circle pattern. That will allow you to punch out the center of the circle and use a file or dremel tool to clean it up to a nice round circle. Next, center the lens, mark and tap a hole for the lens retaining ring. The piston will be removable for bulb replacement so any red lens could be permanently attatched using epoxy if a sparto lens is not used. As for license plate illumination, drill a 1/2” hole in the side of the piston, facing downward allowing the running light feature to also light up the tag. A Harley 82-95 master cylinder sight glass/ grommet can be fitted into the hole as a diffuser. The light socket/reflector is attatched using a 3M two part epoxy. The remaining wristpin holes are filled with a small freeze plug from an auto parts store and again held in with epoxy. The rear of the bulb socket can Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride be covered in electrical shrink tubing

and siliconed to seal. I purposely built this without using a miling machine, lathe, plasma cutter etc...just simple hand and power tools you would find in any chopper garage. The pic of the finished product shows how with a few tools, some stock take off/swap meet junk parts, and a few hours to kill, anybody could build a custom part for there scoot that functions properly and looks cool. Best of all, when somebody freaks out over it and ask where they can buy one you can tell ‘em “it aint for sale”. Keep the wrenches spin’n & the sparks a fly’n. Later Mojo

The Original Billski Mods, Inc. in Rock Hill, SC stop in to shop for specials on leathers & accessories, custom parts/service/repair, and much more. We wrench on all Street Makes/Models from Vintage to Modern. Also FREE shipping over $199.00 in the US. please give us a call


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Serving Daily Lunch Specials Open 7 Days 11AM-Until

Friendly Wait Staff All Riders Welcome Plenty of Paved Parking!!

4350 Augusta Rd ~ West Columbia, SC

803-520-8255 (US #1 Located Near Barnyard Flee Market) Formerly DogHouse II ~ Under New Management

Dear Chrome, It never seizes to amaze me as to how far the reaches of your magazine go. In the ‘Land of Sand’ I received one of your issues in a care package and with in days it had made it around my camp twice. I also had some people tell me that they had read the magazine before and really enjoyed the fact that it was a true locals only magazine ( a lot of my unit is from SC). As you might be able to tell from some of the pics that I sent, Page 2 Girl Jordan had a great effect on moral around the camp as well (I didn’t have to smile for that pic, it was already on my face). Well, I have to go but keep up the good work Page 16

and if you can spare a few more magazines our way... they will not go to waste. Keep it right side up and I’ll keep ‘their’ heads down and in the dirt. S. Williams Busting mine, to kick theirs!

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride


   

NORTH ANSON -- Taavi Kaldro, 74, died July 31, 2012, at his home, with his family by his side. He was born in Tallinn, Estonia, on April 6, 1938, the son of Nicolai and Nadezda (Paivel) Kaldro. He married Mary Lou (Thorner) Kaldro, June 1956, in Boston.

He was a veteran serving in the Massachusetts Army National Guard from 1957 to 1963. Our Dad was an excellent tool and die maker for Polaroid. He excelled and took pride as a scuba diver for the South Shore Neptunes in Quincy, Mass., through the ‘60s and early ‘70s. He held the position as captain for the city of Quincy Civil Defense and Rescue Unit in the ‘60s. He was forced to give those up because of heart disease. Dad was very proud of his Estonian heritage and came to this country in March 1951 aboard the USS Harry Taylor, landing in New York Harbor. He had many stories of having to flee his home country of Estonia and living in displaced persons camps in Germany for six years. He was a wealth of knowledge, well-read, and a couple of his favorite poems are “Annabel Lee” and “The Raven.” Dad had a unique sense of humor, to which all of you who had the pleasure of knowing him can attest. RIP Dad ~ Yank CRMC

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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

842 Hwy 15 N, Bishopville, SC 29010

~Full Kitchen~ Seafood to Steaks Burgers & Dogs


11am - 2AM 7 days

Thursday Ladies Nite & Karaoke

Happy Hour 4-7 pm $1 C ans

Friday & Saturday Live Entertainment

Drink Specials

Bloody Mary Sundays

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SEPT 2: 2ND ANNUAL PITCHING & RIDING DICE RUN, Rock Hill, SC, For Hospice, Jokers, Neely Creek Church Road. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 2: “WARLOCK SUPPORT PARTY, Columbia SC. Animals Airport Blvd 12am-6pm, Fish Fry, Support Gear. ALL welcome. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 2:: 3RD ANNUAL END OF SUMMER FUN RUN & BAND BASH, Moncks Corner SC, Reg 10:30 Steele Horse Saloon, 2033 Old Hwy 52. $15/Sgl $20/2-Up. SEPT 8TH: KEEP LYNI (CRMC) FREE BENEFIT, Columbia, SC. 11am Boss Hawgs, Leesburg Road. Special Pool Tournament. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 8TH: 6TH ANNUAL GASTON COUNTY CBA FREEDOM RIDE, Gastonia NC. Hooter’s 3725 E Franklin Blvd, KSU: 11am, LBO: 1pm, LBI: 5pm, $10/ hand $25 for 3. Meal w/hand. Rock Bottom band SEPT 8: 3RD ANNUAL RUN FOR SHRINER’S HOSPITAL, Ft. Inn. Laurens County Shrine Club, Reg: 9am – 12pm Start/End Roadies, FBO 10am LBI 3pm. Rain or Shine. Dusty 864-872-2743 or Larry 864-876-5176 or 864-684-2934 SEPT 8: COMBAT VETS MA 9/11 COMMEMARATIVE RUN, Dual Reg Buffalo Wild Wings 109 Grandview Dr. Summerville, & Parson Jack’s 3417 G Shelby Ray Ct, Charleston. Reg 9:30-12. Benefits Purple Heart Homes. Old Spook 864-566-2096 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 8: 2ND ANNUAL PATRIOTS BENEFIT RUN, Anderson, SC. Reg 12-1, LBI 5pm, $20/$30-2Up, VFW Post 5996, 1905 Hwy 29 N, 29621. Terry 760-519-7762 or Hemi 864-647-6509 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 8: 2ND ANNUAL ROUGH RIDERS M/C PATRIOT BENEFIT RUN, Anderson, SC. FBO Noon, Anderson VFW Post 5996,1905 Hwy 29 N, 29621. LBI 5:pm VFW. Catered by Sues Wings N Things. The Raising Cain Band All bikes welcome. Chrome Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 8TH: BOILING SPRINGS PARADE, Boiling Springs. Stage 9am American Legion Cmdr. Jack Wright Post 200 H: 864-578-1933 or Laura 864-599-9940, Veterans Group or Clubs interested in participating We are planning to wave flags off of bridges on 9-1-1 SEPT 9: 13 ANNUAL FREEDOM RIDE, Chapin, SC. Leaving Chapin Bi-Lo parking Lot (off Hwy 76)@ 12 Wear your Red, White & Blue Police Escort to State House. Ray’s Hwy 76 Ballentine SC for Food & Entertainment ,All donations to benefit Cell phones for Soldiers, HOGWYLD & Lake Murray ABATE. 803-351-2987 (leave message) Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Page 20

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SEPT 9: 1ST ANNUAL “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” RIDE , Charleston SC, Start: Low Country 4707 Dorchester Rd End: VFW Post 3433 Ladson SC KSU:11 am Food & Drink Available for purchase at end. FREE ride. SEPT 14: BASH IN THE COUNTRY, Denmark SC 11am-until 1262 Shelley Rd SEPT 14: 18TH ANNUAL AMERICAN RED CROSS RALLY - TOP FUEL MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACE, Greer SC. 3pm. Sponsored by H-D of Greenville, The Shop of Spartanburg, Quaker Steak & Lube, Greenville HOG Chapter #4800, Greer Dragway. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 15: THE FRANCES R. WILLIS SPCA 9TH ANNUAL PAW-KERRUN, Dorchester Shrine Club on HYW. 61 in Summerville SC. Reg 10:AM FBO 11:am, Plenty of home cooked BQ, free custom Tee shirt, and goodie bag w/every donation. Lots of give-a-ways and gifts. Over 500 riders in 2011.Contact Chuck 843-873-0402 or 843-860-7341”Let’s Ride For The Paws SEPT 15: FAMILIES HELPING FAMILIES BENEFIT RIDE, Columbia, SC. Reg Thunder Tower H-D. 11-12. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 15: HOMELAND PARK FIRE DEPT & MAA POKER RUN, Anderson SC Reg 11am – 1pm @ Homeland Fire Dept $15 /hand Scott Tanner 864-617-5129 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 15: BENEFIT RUN THUNDER TOWER H-D, Columbia SC Reg 10am-6pm proceeds go to Families Helping Families SEPT 15: 3RD ANNUAL B.A.D. RIDE, Sumter, SC. Reg 10-12 Time Off Lounge, $15/$20, 100+ Mile Ride. Diane 803-506-2865 or 803-847-2131. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 15: Charlotte Ziegler Ride & Benefit, Back Street Bar & Grill 540 Railroad Avenue , Elloree, SC 11am – until Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 15: HOSPICE BENEFIT MOTORCYCLE RIDE, York SC, Tim’s 928 US HWY 321 ByPass Reg. 8:30 $15/Sgl $25/2-Up SEPT 15: DILLIGAF ANNIVERSARY PARTY @ CLUBHOUSE, Anderson SC, Bands, Booze, Bitchezzz, and Bikes Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 16: HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN , Rock Hill, SC Lake Lure, NC. See Pg 39 for flyer Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 16: ELLIOT HOPE WILLIS RIDE, Columbia, SC. Reg 12-1:30 Carolina Honda Buckner Rd, Ends at Wet Willis Gervais St. RAIN OR SHINE $20/$30. Pg 11 Chrome Crew on hand for this event!

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SEPT 16: ANNUAL GAMECOCKS SHRINE CLUBS RUN, BIKE & CAR SHOW, Sumter, SC. Reg 11-1 $15/hand. 1865 Hwy 15 S, 29154 $5 Entry Show.803-491-7665-Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 21: LAST DAY OF SUMMER & LIGHT UP THE NIGHT RIDE ,FREE RIDE Edgemoor, SC, Lando Beach Tavern 3964 Edgeland Rd, 10pm Tone Benders on stage. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 22: FREE BRUCEBRUCE BIKEWASH & RAFFLE, Eastover, SC, O’Kelly’s, 10201 Garners Ferry Road 1pm-until. Bike Wash $5 Cars $10 Chrome Crew on hand for this event!

It’s Happening At Cousy’s Come On Get Your Good Time On!! Mon: NAPA Pool League 7:pm Sharp Tues: APA Pool League 7:pm Sharp Wed: Ladies Special Beer Only $1 John Bartending & Danny on Karaoke Thur: Pool Tourney Dbl Elimination Drink Discounts for Players 8:30pm Sharp ~ $10

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Sept 8 BENEFIT for 8 Yr Old Taylor Davis A L L B I K E R S W E LCO M E


Service with a Smile 4825 Curreton Ferry Rd Catawba, SC 29704

Crew & s ie t u C ’s y s u o C Private Club ~ New Members Welcome Page 22

SEPT 22: BENEFIT RUN FOR LAREECE GOFF, Hopkins, SC. Boss Hawg’s bar & grill Leesburg Rd 11-5pm start/end at Boss Hawg’s for run details or to make a donation, Gypsy “Chrome Crew” 803-466-1454 or Beverly Rabon 803-556-3557 proceeds to medical expenses from heart surgery. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 22: BENEFIT FOR NATHAN DAVID GEE, Pendleton SC. Run Starts & Ends Twisted Spoke 7603 Hwy 76. $10, Yard Sale 8am – until @ Twisted Spoke. Tina Sikes (Mom of –8 yr old w/ cancer.) 864-784-7058, Kyshia Moore 864-557-2023 or Angie Moore– 864- 557-2025 SEPT 22: DIXIE CLASSIC POKER RUN, Spartanburg SC, Spartanburg H-D. Reg: 9-1030am. LBO: 11am/LBI 4pm.65 Sha Lane $15 per hand. 864-583-8840. Flyer pg 12. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 23: LAKE WYLIE CHILDREN’S CHARITY BENEFIT CONCERT FOR 3 YR OLD LUKE MOORE , Lake Wylie SC. T-Bones Boat Dock ,3990 Charlotte Hwy 12pm – until Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 28- 30: HIGH COUNTRY FALL BLOWOUT, Boiling Springs ,SC 29316 primitive camping,live music, vendors, bike games 4951 Parris Bridge Rd. 864-578-6618 , 864-877-5835 http://www. SEPT 28 -29: CONFERATES MC FALL BIKE RALLY & SWAP MEET, Westminster SC. Hwy 24 Race Way Gates open @ 12pm on 28th, 2 day event Bike Games / Bike Show/ Vendors/ Bands Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 29: THE WHITTEN CENTER PARENTS’ CLUB BENEFIT RUN, Clinton, SC. Reg Whitten Center, 28373 Hwy 76E, FBO 11:am LBO noon. Hands $20/$15 extra hand. Mike Calliham on stage,fish fry at end Laurens Tavern (The Waterhole) Hwy 14 All Proceeds To Help People W/Intellectual Disabilities . Dan 864-938-3407, Buddy 864-426-0966 SEPT 29: BENEFIT & RIDE FOR FREE MEDICAL CLINIC, Lancaster SC, reg: 9am -10am - $ 15/sgl $25/2-up. 1426 Great Falls hwy. KSU 10am, 9am-3pm breakfast & lunch provided. Three 16 Band

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

SEPT 29: ALSTON WILKES SOCIETY-VETERANS CAR & BIKE SHOW, Columbia SC, 10am-4pm, $5 per person, $20 entry fee car/bike. American Legion post 6, 200 Pickens street. 803-799-2490 SEPT 29: BENEFIT RIDE FOR AHSLEY BOLTON, Columbia, SC. $15/ Sgl $10/2-up. Reg 9:30am-11:00am Bobby’s. Food available for purchase. Ashley Bolton had a sarcoma tumor removed from right lung 6/18,. Her hospital bills are huge w/no health insurance. 2 more surgeries needed. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 29: 18TH ANNUAL AMERICAN RED CROSS RALLY - POKER RUN, Greenville, SC. Begins & ends H-D of Greenville/Quaker Steak & Lube - Best hand $5000 - Reg 1pm -3pm. LBI 6pm. Live music by Pozitive Traxion. Sponsored by Harley-Davidson of Greenville, The Shop of Spartanburg, Quaker Steak & Lube, Greenville HOG Chapter #4800, Greer Dragway. Flyer pg 10 Chrome Chrome Crew on hand for this event! SEPT 29: 2ND ANNUAL GUARDIAN ANGEL BENEFIT & CAR SHOW York, SC Reg: 830am-930am KSU 10:am Early Reg- $20sgl $35dbl or Day of:$25/$40 York High, Lincoln Rd entrance. Incl: T-Shirt, Lunch, Raffle. 704-507-6252 Proceeds go to support abused & neglected children Chrome Crew on hand for this event! OCT 3-7: MYRTLE BEACH FALL RALLY, Myrtle Beach SC. OCT 6: HARD KNOX CHOPPERS BALL, Sue’s Hwy 81 North, Anderson, SC Tonya 864-423-5161 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! OCT 6: HARDWOOD CRUISERS M/C ANDERSON CHAPTER 3RD ANNIVERSARY PARTY, Begins @ 2pm @ clubhouse. Info864-3764988. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! OCT 6: 1ST ANNUAL MEMORIAL RIDE FOR SHANNON “SHAY” DOOLEY, Anderson, SC. Timm’s H-D 4110 Clemson Blvd Reg 10am – 1pm OCT 6: ANNUAL MEMORIAL RIDE FOR SHAY DOOLEY, ANDERSON, SC. REG 10-11:30 TIMMS HD $10 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! OCT 6: CUSTOMER APPRECIATION AT OUTT SALOON Lexington, SC (803) 359-0458 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! OCT 6: BENEFIT RUN FOR SOUTHEASTERN FIRE FIGHTERS BURN FOUNDATION, Lexington, SC. Reg: Wings N Ale FBO 10am, LBO 12pm, $20/hand. LBI 6pm @ Anthony’s (Caulks Ferry Road). 803356-3348, 803-463-9314 or SFBF 1-800-650-BURN All Bikes Welcome – Not Limited to Motorcycles Oct 7: ABATE of South Carolina Helmet Suport Rally Assembly Begins at 11am Pitt Stop/Burger King – 1914 Airport Blvd – West Columbia SC. Police Escort to the State House. For more info: Wayne “Pickle” Coates – 803-319-2685 or Ralph Bell – 803-5562354 OCT 13: 6TH ANNUAL RIDE FOR MAMMOGRAMS,Murrells Inlet SC . Imaging Center Hwy 17 North, Sign up 10am LBI 6pm Beaver Bar Pavilion, chili cook off, ony 843-359-3014 OCT 13-14: BIKETOBERFEST, Columbia, SC. Thunder Tower H-D. See pg 6.Chrome Crew on hand for this event!

Oct 13: 2012 SC STATE BFC RALLY, Elgin,SC 29045 Reg:10am $15 per Bike/ $10 Passenger International Praise Church of God 5071 Percival Road. Includes Full BBQ Lunch, Live Music, Bike Blessing, Vendors, Raffles, Games, and more. LBI: 5pm, Contact Richard: 803-319-6555 / or Country: 843-509-7983 / Chrome Crew on hand for this event! OCT 13: 3RD ANNUAL ROCK ON! RIDE AND CAR SHOW TO BENEFIT THE BOYS HOME OF THE SOUTH, Piedmont, SC. Reg w/Breakfast 8:30 at Vulcan Materials Lakeside Quarry, 202 Brown Rd, $25 WalMart gift card or $25 donation to ride. KSU: 10am. LBI 3pm Vulcan Materials Lakeside Quarry. Quarry Tours, dancing, Car Show Event, and food. Matthew Pruitt 864-505-5923 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Oct 13: CHARITY BBQ BENEFIT AND YARD SALE FOR BABY BRANTLEE GROVES, Hopkins, SC. BBQ Plates $8. Yard sale at 7am, BBQ 11am3pm O’Kelly’s Tavern, Garners Ferry. 803-319-3620 or 803-4666634. OCT 20: DICE RUN FOR HOT TUB (CHARLES MANGUM), Rock Hill, SC. Sign Up 12pm-1pm Jokers, 1312 Neely’s Creek Rd. KSU: 1pm LBI: 6pm. $10pp, $5 Burger/Dogs Plates w/Fixins!! All proceeds go to the Kidney Foundation Chrome Crew on hand for this event! OCT 20: TURKEY SHOOT, Rock Hill, SC, 9:30am – Until, Located off Hwy 72, All proceeds benefit Emily Elkins Medical Expenses. Food provide. Free Standing Only – 12 gauge only shells provided by Ernie Rinehart. 704-631-7230 OCT 20: RIDE FOR PRISCILLA MCCORMICK, Florence, SC. Reg. 9:30 - 11:30, Reg Doug’s HD, $15/Sgl $20/2-up 843.610.0573. OCT 20: THE YARD BARS WOUNDED WARRIOR RUN, Greenville SC, Reg:10am, FBO:11am/LBI:4pm. The Bar on Pleasantburg Dr and Ends at the Yard Bar in Fountain Inn SC. More Info: Chrome Crew Kidd 864-349-8811 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! OCT 21: BIKER SUNDAY FREE WORSHIP, Hwy 9, Cheraw. 843.610.0573 OCT 27-28: PEE DEE MOTORCYCLE CLASSIC, Florence SC, Sat.10am6pm & Sun. 10-5, Florence Civic Center, Daily $10.00. Info – Vendor Reservations call 336-643-1367 or cell # 336-580-1638 or email us for web site BBQ Cook Off, Ride in Bike Show – Sat & Sun. Vendors, Custom Bikes, Motorcycle Corral, Live Music Sat. & Sun. – Pee Dee Home Grown Concerts, Featuring Pee Dee’s Southern – Country Rock Bands. FREE Parking – Everyone and ALL Motorcycles Welcome. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! NOV 3RD: WIND SISTERS RC 1ST ANNIVERSARY PARTY, Anderson, SC. Twisted Spoke 7603 Hwy 76 Pendleton SC. 5pm – until, Bands, Free Food (while supplies last). Best Tattoo, Best Bike, Best Beer Belly, Games and Prizes. ALL BIKERS WELCOME, ALL WHEELS WELCOME. Check out flyer in Oct Issue oc Chrome! Wildfire 864-221-5386 or RubyRed 803-4178000 Chrome Crew on hand for this event!

Page 23

photo by

Old Spook

Page 24

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

photo by


Page 25

Mon ~ Sat 11am ~ 2am Sun 3pm ~ 12am



Full Dinner Menu w/Daily Specials

Good Food Great Service See you at the SHUCK ALL BIKERS WELCOME

SEPTEMBER BANDS 7th: Nicki DaBlooze 14th: Weekend Bender 21st: Astoria Circles 28th: Bona Lisa

Carolina Chrome Magazine get it while it’s HOT

$ 35

subscription !

You can also snag a script online & while there .... Get yourself a Carolina Chrome T

Makes a Great Gift Available Exclusively Thru This offer

Page 26

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Mail Ckeck or Money Order to:

BIKER OUTLET STORES 4468 Great Falls Hwy L a n c a s t e r, S C 2 9 7 2 0


MJ Bikers Welcome






728-C DeWitt Dr. Lugoff, SC 29078

C Camd


~new members welcome~ private club ~

Party on the BIG Back Deck Off The RAIL

~ ~ be cool or be gone ~

NE Cola’s Newest Local Watering Hole

or our

mous f we’re fa

hots Rail S

!! Biker Sunday Afternoon’s 4-7 Happy Hour










Sept 21

Mon-Sat 4pm-UntilSunday 1pm-Until 1st: 360 Entertainment w/DJ BamBam 7th: Crow Jayne 8th: Ten Toes Up 21st: John Karl 22nd: Chyldproof 28th: Astoria Circles

14/15th: Black Glass 29th:Right Turn Clyde Page 27

Riding in South Carolina

Page 28

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Page 29

“In the HEART of Ocean Drive” Wednesday is Ladies Day A ll L ady R ider s r eceiv e 15 % o f f

Service,Parts,Labor..Anything...even special orders!!

the Little Crane Motel

Weekly Rentals ~ 2 Bedroom, Full Kitchen, 2 Private Baths QUEEN BEDS!! Newly Renovated Cable & Internet Amusement Park Just Across the Street 300 Feet from Beach! 209 1st Ave South, N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 ~ 843-249-7717

Call for Rates! Page 30

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Ladies this is YOUR day at Archies




e off m i t Lounge 1737 Peach Orchard Rd. Sumter, SC 29154

803-499-1841 Bike O P E N Night 7 D a y s THURSDAY Call for CHEAP RIDE to & from Bar

Located on the 21 Bypass 241 Albright Rd, Rock Hill


a Bonafide Biker Bar Be Cool or Be Gone! Private Club New Members Welcome BIKER OWNED

3rd Annual B.A.D. Run


Sept. 15th, 2012

’ n i t hea t




y? n t s r i Th n Aike in’i in! d i R Stop 803-648-0469

Register at 10:AM

777 Cooks Bridge Rd Aiken, SC 29805

$15/Sgl $20/2-Up


Time Off Lounge

ALL PROCEEDS TO American Diabetes Association Motorcycles ALWAYS Welcome

FREE Food Every Saturday & Sunday OPEN Noon-2AM CLOSED MONDAY We Accept Major Credit Cards ALL BIKERS WELCOME BIKER OWNED

Private Club New Members Welcome

Page 31

®2011 Carolina Chrome LLC 803.417.8000


Submitted by: CRMC Cracker

Places of Worship

Jesus caught his fish, then he cleaned them. Well Howdy folks,

I Lost everything

It looks like we have made it thru another

that I ever worked

Carolina hot summer, Man and there were

for in one year

days I didn’t think I would make it. So we hope


and Pray you had a safe and wonderful one.

nothing at all man

Ya know since the article I wrote in August I

everything but my

been doing a lot of thinking(yeah dangerous

kids and they were

I know)So I thought I would kinda continue

next, Went as far

where we left off kinda sorta, just to let ya

as putting a belt

know what kind of God we serve man. Now

round my neck I

I came from a awesome family had the best

was tired of living

Mom and Dad anyone could ever have, was an

this way man, I

only child for thirteen years. Yes I was pretty

stood up on a stool


Charleston Church of Nazarine 1055 Yeamans Hall Rd Hannahan, SC 29410 843-830-5049 /Pastor Carl Rupert

In The Wind With Christ,

Rev. Cotton Pate

anything I wanted and a lot that I never asked

Chrome Crew shut the door and [803] 475-9165 when I did they [803] 246-0554

for, and you may say well that couldn’t be so bad,

was a calendar me

Oh yeah. And as I grew older I became interested

and the wife had made in the mountains of

in the Drugs and Alcohol, and of course lots of

the two boys, and under it said “God’s Love”

other things I didn’t have no business around.

and I couldn’t do it. But thank God I saw the

Well I wanted to see what it was to get things

Light ya know. I got back in church stronger

for myself and was way to sorry to work, so I

than I ever been,I was studying Praying like

began to steal as I wrote to you last month I

never before man. Now this goes on for a while.

ended up in prison and everything else. Now

Me and the wife start going round to some of

I go and get married (What was I thinking)

the Biker churches and ministries, well wasn’t

still to sorry to work, had a beautiful daughter,

long Munk says “ Honey God has shown me a

but the marriage didn’t work. So now I am

vision for a biker church here in Kershaw” well

really doing the drugs snorting, smoking, and

now I did not know that she knew that I was

shooting up any way I could get a high I did.

running from Gods call to preach then and I

Don’t want to take up the whole magazine so

say well Munk who we gonna get to preach for

i will cut it a little short, Life goes on and folks

us? and well this is where Ridin the Frontline

I met the finest woman I have ever met and

Biker Church came from and thank God is still

started dating and seeing her, well in my mind

going strong. You may be asking yourself why

I knew that if anyone could straighten me out

did he write his life story ,Glad you asked. No

this was the one! We go and get married in

matter what you have done or where you come

94,and folks listen I aint all ways been what I

from God can and will use you if you will just

am today. I was a very mean and hateful man,

let Him nothing you could have done is to bad

didn’t care about nothing or no one but Drugs

for God. He took a Drug addict a bad one to

and Alcohol O I thought I was living the life ya

and a Alcoholic and made a preacher out of me,

know, and to no surprise my wife left me we

don’t think He want use you as well. He is there

stayed separated for two and a half years. Now

waiting on you folks just call out and He will

I had been in church and was playing with God,

hear ya I promise. Well till next time remember

smoking dope then head off to church, didn’t

that there is one that will forever ride with ya

take long God knocked me down man way down

Jesus Christ.

much spoiled,(bad mistake Parents) i got bout

Page 32

So if you’re not going to church because you don’t think you fit in….too many tats, a piercing or two, your clothes are wrong, you ride a motorcycle, or have been in prison. We may be just what you are looking for. All are invited, welcome & encouraged to attend. Come just as you are & park your sled along side the rest of us!

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Ridin the Frontline church 8617 Kershaw Camden Hwy Kershaw S.C. 29067 Rev. Cotton Pate (803) 475-9165 Calvary Community Church 1321 Bishopville Hwy, Camden Pastor Joe Covino 803-403-6967 YAHWEH CROSSROADS Biker Min Bible Study Every Friday 7:00pm Rock Hill, SC Area Sentry or Halo 803-980-5257 Bear Your Cross Ministries W. Columbia, SC Pastor Jay Campbell 803-603-2463 RIDERS OF FAITH BIKER CHURCH Rock Hill Area 1041 Sylvia Circle, RHSC 29730 BIKERS FOR CHRIST - Congaree Batesburg Area Steve 803-730-6813 David 843-509-7983 HOLIDAY BIKER CHURCH Ware Shoals Area- Pastor Byron Wood 67 E Cork St, WS, SC 29692 864-861-2807

2nd Annual Pastor Dano Burgess (803) 412-5231

to provide advocacy & support for abused & neglected children

v September 29, 2012

vRegistration: 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. vKickstands up at 10:00 a.m.

v Early Registration Fee: $20 single; $35 double v Day of Ride Fee: $25 single; $40 double v Ride begins @ York Comprehensive High School Lincoln Road Entrance, York SC

v T-Shirt, Lunch & Raffle ticket included

Foundation for Abused & Neglected Children of York County For more information call:

Viva Halcom 704-507-6252

Ride Coordinator: Leon Yard Student & Facility Coordinator: Amanda Davis

Find us on Facebook:

Page 33



Rollin Wit Da Don The Summer Is Almost Over!

Cookouts, Parties, Meet N Greets, Car & Bike Shows & Bike Nights! The hottest events to be on two wheels!

Summer is winding down and for some of you it means putting your bikes up to hibernate for the winter. Well I have decided to help those of you out by pointing out the number one hot spots for the summer. The best spots for Bike Nights are El Toro on Every Wednesday Nights(7pm) &

Hooters on Two Notch on Thursdays(once a month). Hard 2 Please Block Party in Sumter, SC (8/25)Hottt Topixxx always does a great anniversary weekend in Charleston(8/25). Love Doctors M/ C Road Captain Party in Sumter, SC(9/1). Check Facebook or email me at

WORDS TO THE WISE! When its time to purchase new brakes, aftermarket brakes are the best choice. Either you need new brakes or trying to improve your braking, the Þrst thing you should do is upgrade to steel braided lines. They are thinner than stock lines and are not susceptible to stretching and weathering like stock lines. The decreased diameter of the lines allow for more Page 34


Bike Security

Motorcycle theft is a big problem. Almost 50,000 motorcycles were stolen in 2011. Thats more than $325 million in losses. Since 2007, there have been more than 236,000 motorcycles stolen. How are you protecting your bike? Your motorcycle is your pride and joy. You lose it and you lose alot more than that. The averge sports bike these days average $12,000 before customization. Then add another $3000+ for all the extras like paint schemes, chrome, swingarms, safety gear, etc. Here are a few things that may help secure your motorcycle; 1) Use already in place security features; ignition locks. 2) Lock it down; use chains or U-Bars. 3) Use alarms/immobilizers. 4) LoJACK system! -Da Don

concentrated ßow of brake ßuid and lessen the chance of air bubbles in the line. Also aftermarket rotors are better because they are thicker than stock. They are more costly but well worth it. The thickness of the rotor allows pads to last longer. This upgrade is especially good for those who ride with one rotor on the front tire. Thanks Stacks!

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride


Beauty of the Month Spanish Fly Charleston SC 2 0 0 6 Ya m a h a R 6 September 2012

Page 35

Under New Management

• Monday $1.75 Beer Day 10-7 Open Mic Night • Tuesday Ladies Dart Night Karaoke w/Ernie • Wednesday BIKE NIGHT 5-11 $1.75 Beer $1 Jello Shooters • Thursday Dart League & Pool League • Friday Dart Tournement & Karaoke w/Ernie • Saturday Aug 4th Wounded Wolf Band

Oldest Biker Bar in the Low Country!

10am-2am 7/Days a Week



~Wed & Sat ~

Sunshine Tunes Karaoke

• Sunday Church Service 10-11 $1.75 Beer Wounded Wolf Karoke & Line Dancing BIKER FRIENDLY ALL BIKES WELCOME

803-494-4944 3201 Broad St Sumter, SC 29150

All Day Every Day domestic

ICE COLD CANS $1.50 ICE COLD BOTTLES $2.00 Saturday & Sunday

Free Food While It Last

y Haopupr H

-Fri Mon m 4-7p

BIKE ONLY Paved Parking

Biker Friendly Daily Specials

Free Food Sundays!!

Hwy 601

Across from Wal-Mart Distribution Center

Friendly Staff

843-574-0991 9409 Hwy #78 Ladson, SC 29456 All Bikers Welcome

Private Club - New Members Welcome Page 36

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Mon-Thur 4pm-10pm Fri & Sat 2pm-2am Sunday 1pm-8pm

Old Spook

Trikes: Local Boy Makes Good This is just about as slick as it gets. The Zendt family, Craig, Andrew, Melany (pictured), and Tina of Northridge Custom Cycles just set up shop in May at 1919 Savannah Highway. I fell over the location on the way to Charleston and was I surprised! These guys are the real deal, right from their mechanics, trained by HD, he received his PHD certification from Harley, to the incredibly laid back, relaxed atmosphere of the place. They use a dynamometer for their tune ups and motor rebuilds, a device recommended for Harley owners or anyone wanting a professional tune up. People just come in to talk shop and chill. You aren’t supposed to bother the mechanics while they

Charleston Chrome Crew

work, but the shop is open to the showroom so you can see work in progress and chat! Very cool! These guys didn’t make me feel like a next door neighbor; it was more like family. Service is top notched and real reasonable. If you have questions on work you are doing yourself, they are all ears and will help. What floored me were the custom Zero Engineering Motorcycles. All have Harley parts, are easy to work on, and are in the NADA book. This is custom at its’ best. A branded, custom bike that is insurable, capable of being financed, and resalable. Hard to do with a custom product. Stop by and check them out on Saturday Sept. 15th for the Customer Appreciation Day & Swap Meet.

Did I forget the Frankenstein trike conversions? Nearly any bike can be converted to this very sleek, chopped down bike. Melany’s bike is just that. They feature Frankenstein, Kuryakyn, and many more. I give this place 5 stars and 3 thumbs up if I had a third thumb. To all my buddies down range, stay safe. Leland “Old Spook” Landesberg

North Ridge Custom Cycles

AdId: E 9700002028696 - 01 CustId: 9859300091 Dir/Iss: CHCSC YP1 08/2012 UDAC: DTS - BLK ATTUID: df2153 Date: 06/21/2012 09:55:AM

YPH: 103490 Motorcycle & Motor Scooter Dea YPSH: Rep: 336223 - pe041e ELMORE PAMELA

K E N T Co l l in s Attorney At Law

ALL CRIMINAL CASES DEFENDED ~Federal~State~Magistrate~City Courts~ Former State


803-917-7849 yes i ride

Page 37

Eye Designs Optical 803-366-6111 2368 N.Cherry Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732

Carolina Chrome T’s at

Get You Some!!!! on the back



(krom-o-sek’ul) n.

hardcore biker or motorcycle enthusiasts; favorite color chrome; rain in forecast constitutes cage trip; bandana for fingerprint removal; all about the kool points; often seen reading Carolina Chrome Magazine

Please don’t let someone tell you your RX cannot be filled in a wrap style Come See US.... We’ll Do It Get WRAP Protection n Wrap O Riding Gla he ss T ~ wyley x~ t


~ costa del mar ~ ~ oakley ~ ~ ed hardy ~

hardcore biker or motorcycle enthusiasts; favorite color flat black; ride in rain constitutes bike wash; tool pouch contains actual tools; not about the bling; often seen reading

Carolina Chrome Magazine

on the front

Vintage tattoo eyewear

®2011 Carolina Chrome LLC 803.417.8000

clip and save

ALL $15

Save $35 on ANY RX glasses

Men’s short Sleeve & Sleeveless Ladies Babydoll T’s


10% off

non prescription

eye wear!

OPEN SUNDAY 12pm-5pm

803-461-1121 190 Pontiac Business Ctr Dr.

®2011 Carolina Chrome LLC 803.417.8000


Columbia, SC 29045 Page 38


(krom-o-fo’bik) n.


eye exams available by dr. craig murtha for $69 or bring in your own RX we have our own on - site lab ! christine murtha,lic. optician & motorcycle instructor


Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Page 39

BOSS HAWG’s Bar & Grill 803-776-2225 4876 Leesburg Rd Hopkins, SC COLDEST BEER IN TOWN


All Bikers Welcome

Call The Rite Ones You Can Count On!


Same Day Response • 24 Hour Service


Master Licensed & Insured Customer Friendly

803-980-5257 803-370-9822

• Restaurant Repair • Residential • Commercial • New Construction Specializing in all types of Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Leak Repair, Water Heaters, Faucets & Tubs.










(803) 491-6201 or (803) 720-4121

10% Off Service Call with mention of this ad.

bike day sunda y fre e fo


All Bikers Welcome Page 40


Formerly H&R Established 1961

3380 Chesnee Hwy, Spartanburg,SC


Open 7 Days ~ ALL BIKERS WELCOME Private Club ~ Be Cool or Be Gone

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride


Parts, Service And Accessories For All Your 2-Wheel Needs

Electric City

2420 Main Street Elgin, SC 29045 Phone: 803-729-4258 Joe Licketto - Owner M-F 9-6 & Sat 9-4

Cycles & Leather

Anderson SC


1542 East Main St Rock Hill, SC 29730

Phone 803-981-6919 Fax 803-981-6806

®2011 Carolina Chrome LLC 803.417.8000

M i ke H a r g r ove

Carolina Chrome Magazine Found Here


24 h r s / 7 d ays


10% OFF ~ Mention Carolina Chrome

Tow :803-775-4876 Office: 803-773-3053

ikers B l l A me Welco

D on ’ s

Best Hooker in Sumter County


Trim Shop

Custom Interiors

Auto, Watercraft, Motorcycle Seats ~If Your Ass Don’t Fit Your Seat Come See Me~ ~ALL Bikers Welcome~ 843-669-8805 2627 Willow Creek Rd. Effingham S.C

Don Wolfe

1573 S Lake Dr, 29073 Lexington, SC

96 Hwy 1 South, Lugoff SC 29078

~ Full Lunch & Dinner Menu ~


Page 41

®2011 Carolina Chrome LLC 803.417.8000

utomotive Repair

Over 35 Yrs Racing & HD V-Twin Exp. Motorcycle Road Service Dyno Tuned Engines Flow Bench Porting Engine Balancing All Touring Needs Big Inch Motors ~ Mysteries Solved ~

24 Hour

Emergency Road Service

& Pick-Up

SERVING THE GRAND STRAND & EAST COAST SINCE 1977 10615 HWY 707 MYRTLE BEACH SC 29588 Open 7 Days 9:am - 5:pm To Better Serve YOU! Carolina Chrome Magazine Found Here!! Page 42

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride



pet tips

& YOUR PETS By: Marli, Santee Chrome Crew

I don’t get paid to ride my motorcycle, so like most folks, I also have a day job, gotta keep gas in the scoot. After chatting with RubyRed one afternoon and sharing a little about my work (w/Columbia Animal Shelter), she asked if I would put together a few quick tips, facts, etc. for each issue about the world of animal care and control and caring for our pets. So, here we go..#1 Even though hurricane

season is well under way (in fact it started early this year) we certainly aren’t out of the woods yet. Hurricane season officially started June 1 and won’t end until November 30. And right now we are going through the peak of the season. So, with that in mind, I thought it would be a good time to share a few tips to help take care of your pets should you face a disaster. For starters and probably the first thing people think of is food and water. Not only do you need to store enough for you and your family, but also for your pet. It is generally suggested that you have at least five days worth of food and water for each

of your pets. Always make sure your pet is wearing current I.D. in case you become separated, whether at home – waiting out a disaster - or while traveling to get away from a disaster. Not only should you include your contact information, but also a third party should you be unreachable at some point due to the disaster. Tags are great for immediate identification, but having a microchip implanted is a great form of permanent I.D. as well. It’s also a great idea to carry current photos of your pet with you during a disaster. Should you become separated it will help identify your pet and even prove ownership when claiming a lost pet. Make sure you have the appropriate collars, leashes and carriers if you have to travel. Naturally these will be needed to contain your pet and carriers can also double as a place for your pet to sleep while traveling. If possible also take along comfort items for your pet. Items such


as their favorite toys, blankets, etc. This will help lower your pet’s stress level. Also, don’t forget any medications your pet may be taking. These are just a few but very important tips. With recent hurricanes, particularly Katrina, it has been brought to light just how important it is to make sure we not only take care of ourselves in the event of a disaster, but also our pets. There are now even government mandates in place for communities to make sure plans are in place to help people and pets navigate disasters. Even with these in place, it is still ultimately each pet owner’s responsibility to make sure they are prepared. So, if you haven’t given it much thought, take a few minutes to put your plan in place. Keep in mind that if you have to travel, most hotels/motels are pet friendly during a disaster. You can find more tips at Stay safe out there and thanks for being a pet owner.




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Dear Dr. Dillagaf, Please help me find a way to thank motorcyclist who stopped to help my Mother push her car out of the traffic. She is 83 years old and told me she sat in the heat trying to get it started while trucks and cars pulled behind her blowing the horns and yelling. She said about 50 motorcycles came (I’m sure it was probably only a dozen or so). She is a strong independent type, but was in tears by this time, they pushed her car to safety and took total control of traffic on the off ramp, at first she was afraid but they were so nice and fixed her battery. Mom said one young fellow about 50, sent another man across the bridge to get her a cold coke. I asked if she got a name or anything, “they were all the same dressed in the same uniform an real big and mean looking but just as sweet as pie”. This happened on the bridge at I-77 near Great Falls SC. I got a magazine at the dealership thinking she may see something that told us who they were, but no. I have a newfound respect for the motorcycle riders. Thank you for helping a dear sweet elderly lady in distress. Ralph Knight Murrells Inlet, SC Ralph, They probably just thought she had the beer. All jokes aside, in this day and age everyone is so afraid to help people, out of fear of getting sued, that your mother may still be on the side of the road if it weren’t for the brotherhood that bikers share which gives us a greater sense of community than the common citizen. I can promise Page 46

I F YO U A R E E A S I LY O F F E N D E D T U R N T H E PA G E N O W you that those bikers aren’t looking for praise for something that comes natural. If you want to thank them then just keep telling your story and show support for Biker Awareness by coming to events, who knows, you may end up on a bike helping someone yourself one day.

away or it does not work. Mama Bear Catawba, SC

Mama Bear, BECAUSE YOU JUST CAN’T. That’s what the instructions say so just follow them and quit messing with the Spirit Bell MoJo. If you’re the kind of person that would argue with a STOP sign then you are going to need a whole string Dear Doc, of bells from everyone you know to On FACEBOOK which I am convinced keep those nasty road gremlins off was created by Satin, I recently read your bike. about a run where the funds was not given to the organization it was put on for. There was a big stink about it. I’m like everybody else I will help anybody Dear Doc, but not so pleased about my dollars not Hunting season is upon us and deer going to who I thought. What can you do will be running out at dusk. Can you to assure your hard earn bucks goes into somehow mount a deer whistle on a the right pocket before you contribute? bike? I do a lot of country back road Vizine riding and ever heard of anybody doing W Columbia, SC this. I think it might work. Chico Vizine, If you support a cause then Lando, SC you need to get involved by knowing who is organizing and running it. Don’t be suckered in by flashy Chico, I’ve known bikers from deer pictures and advertisements. Go to infested areas that tell me the only the source, don’t just send money to deer whistles that work are the anyone asking for it. Being skeptical electronic ones that have to be wired and paranoid about something you into your bike, check your favorite care abut is important if you want parts supplier and have one installed. to know where your money is going. Other than that I know that deer hate And yes I’m almost positive that hunters and coyotes so maybe you Zuckerman is Satans last name, just should paint your bike with a camo ask his best friend. scheme, wear a hunting vest, and get a horn that howls. To submit questions for

Dear Dr Dilligaf, Dear Dr. Dilligaf Why can’t you put your own spirit bell E-Mail: Ref Dr. Dillagaf in subject line on your own bike, I am told it has to be Snail Mail: CCM Attn Dr. Dilligaf given to you as a gift to keep road spirits 100-3 Forum Dr. #181 Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Columbia, SC 29229

(Don’t Be Afraid)

tone Benders

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Carolina Chrome Magazine Issue #57  

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