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NOVEMBER 2013 issue #71

Mark & Lisa

Bertram Lake Wateree, South Carolina Page 1

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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

13th annual

Vets’ christmas charity ride

Sunday, december 8, 2013 @ 2:00 pm meet at Carolina Honda Powerhouse Store, 901 Buckner Road, Columbia, SC 29203. The ride will depart for Dorn VA Hospital at 2:00 PM rain or shine. directionS I-20 East to exit 70, turn at Hardee’s and Flying “J” onto Buckner Rd. Carolina Honda will be located ½ mile on right. food will be Served From 10AM to 1:30PM by the Boy Scouts of America for donations. Please help support our Boy Scouts. giftS One wrapped gift from the list on the right, or cash donation. We will accept unwrapped gifts. Please tag your gift with contents and size. 4 federal tax id #86-1118696 4 all giftS are tax deductible

4 all riderS muSt be properly licenSed 4 no alcohol allowed on the premiSeS




Page 3 For gift drop-off points or more info click on or call (803) 252-3381

From The Editor


s we celebrate Vetarans Day on November 11th please take a minute to thank the past and present soldiers for their service. Many of the Chrome Crew have served so a big thank you out to our VETS.


oy Run season is in full swing, get your cheez on for the cameras as our crew covers South Carolina.


Call 803-417-8000

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s always, take a moment to remember our brothers and sisters in the military. Freedom isn’t free. Ride On.... CCM was created for local SC bikers, about local SC bikers, & by local SC bikers. keep the Chrome Side Up


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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

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Carolina Chrome Girl

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C arolina C hrome

SC Bikers ~ Mark & Lisa Bertram Ashley Jaeggi, Rock Hill


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Saddle-Up & Let’s Ride


Get Right With The Man

Scott Perri ~ Chrome Crew South Carolina Biker Happenings Editor ~ Rev Cotton Pate


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Gypsy, CVMA ~ Sumter, SC Gunny WHBMC ~ Sumter, SC Submitted by: Col. Cracker

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Back in the summetime on a wet rainy day Mark & Lisa rode out to support WSRC’s annual event for Vets and won the CHROME donated cover shoot at the BlackJack Crawl. It was southern hospitality at its finest when I met up with this couple at their home on Lake Wateree. Read more on Pg 7. RubyRed BIG SHOUT OUT to Patti at Creekside for your help! Carolina Chrome proudly features SOUTH CAROLINA BIKERS


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NOV 2013

SC Bikers Mark & Lisa Bertram

Lake Wateree, SC

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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

November 2013 Cover

Mark & Lisa Bertram After two washed out rain dates with record flooding & torrential thunder storms, the Wind Sister’s were finally able to pull off the Annual Ladies Ride & Black Jack Crawl. And guess what rained. We rode anyway, approximately 50 lady riders saddled up at Creekside Grill, after a ‘Boxer Bike Wash’, heading to Kickstand 97 for the Black Jack Crawl and ending party with several hundred bikers from across the state in attendance. Money raised went to Female Vets programs at Dorn VA and Wounded Warriors in South Carolina. Being a benefit it was no surprise that Mark and Lisa were in the mix. I first met this couple briefly at another benefit for Shiners Kids, they were donating their musical talents. Then again when they won the Chrome cover in the BlackJack Crawl. Mark and Lisa Bertram have been together for 28 years, now living at Lake Wateree; invited us to their home located on a beautiful cove, with the leaves changing and Veterans Day being in November and Mark a former US Marine, it was just perfect. Thank you for your service and your southern hospitality. They met living in Los Angeles where Mark worked as a professional musician for over 30 years with such groups as Tom Petty, Jackson Browne and the Motels. He is currently in the studio recording a new album with Michel Rochelle former musician/producer for Michael Jackson. Mark’s focus as a local musician has been fund-raising to help local individuals with medical issues that cannot afford their hospital care. The Bertram’s have also hosted numerous annual “Flotilla” music festival events to raise money for the local animal rescue organizations. “Whether it is helping a neighbor, veteran or an animal in crises, our music is fueled by caring for others and helping where a hand is needed.” They really enjoy riding in S.C. especially

Photog: RubyRed

this time of year with the Fall colors. “Moving back to South Carolina has been fantastic. We have met so many amazing people to ride with here. We missed that Southern Hospitality that you can’t find in the big city.” Lisa is a Camden S.C. native and her family has been in the area since the mid-1700s.

She works as Director for a Healthcare Technology Consulting Firm. Both are active with animal rescue missions and just two of the coolest people I have ever met. Thank you so much for being on our cover, for your participation in local charitable events, and the giving of your musical talents. We look forward to seeing you on the road and on the stage. Mark has a guitar matching the color of his Harley. Gotta love a couple who’s passions are music and motorcycles! RubyRed

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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride


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Carolina Chrome Girl


Miss November 2013 Ashley Jaeggi Rock Hill, SC

Photo: Reg Stinson Photography

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The BEACH is BACK!! Well, for us local bikers, it really never went anywhere. I’m not much of a political person, I’ve resolved to the fact that the “powers that be” are usually going to do what they want and any complaining from the people is just noise to them. Without going in to all the details, details of which most of you are familiar, back in 2008 the city of Myrtle Beach (well, not really the city or the businesses, but a handful of politicians) decided they just didn’t like all the bikers that came in to town to enjoy bike week. Even though they like to tout Myrtle Beach as the second largest vacation area in the USA, with a diverse crowd of tourists, they apparently didn’t want the $350 to $400 million that bike week brought in (plus the additional revenue those bikers spent on return trips throughout the year). The ordinances they put in place did take a huge bite out of the bike weeks here. The spring bike week which brought in about 300,000 bikers was pared down to about 75,000. Fall bike week, which at the time had only been going on for several years, had grown to be about 75,000 bikers, that shrunk down to about 25,000. We went from having near 400 vendors in the spring rally to about 50 vendors. Myself, I’m not the type that think a bike week is about vendors and I don’t travel to other bike weeks to see them (I go to be with friends, see the bikers, see the music and shows and to see bike Page 10

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

builders), but I can appreciate how having more vendors will bring in larger crowds. What really does hurt, with the bike weeks being scaled back so immensely, we lost several local biker hangouts and bike shops as they relied on bike weeks to give them the business they needed to be “in the black” for the year. And with losing the vendors and the crowd, we also lost most of the bike builders and manufacturers that would come to town with their new bikes, demo rides, etc… I miss that, I used to love going around to all the different brands and taking their new bikes for test rides, I was like a kid in a candy shop. But with all of that aside, I think what we have seen is, while it has taken a few years, bike week at the beach is back. After all the grumbling, the protesting, the debating and avoidance, bikers have decided that they just won’t let someone else ruin their fun or traditions. This past spring rally had definitely grown in size, not back to where it was but it is on its way. This year the fall rally was absolutely jam packed. Several local businesses and promoters have stated this was the busiest fall bike week since it started. In just the past two years fall rally has actually grown from a long weekend to a full week long event. It is sad that Suck Bang Blow 4 Corners has closed down, but Spokes & Bones, SBB Original and both Beaver Bars have definitely picked up the slack. I think for the first time ever during fall bike week, a couple of these places had to put out the “lot full” sign and actually turn bikers away. The Harley dealership on both the north and south ends stayed busy, as were the other favorite spots on the

Rock’s Eye View scott perri - feature writer

north side; The Swingbridge Saloon, Captain Poo’s, Harleys Roadhouse and others. This was the first rally here, since 2008, where I no longer heard people or vendors talk about what happened, or how they felt they were “kicked out”. People have decided they won’t let others tell them what they can and can’t do and they have now come back to the area in numbers. I had a great time during the rally. I had a few friends from NC and SC come stay, as well as one from FL. We made the rounds daily, ran in to a lot of friends we have met through the years. I even got up on stage to play a song with Jasmine Cain at Spokes & Bones, I got to live out my inner “rock star” for once! Then there was the group of my Wind Sisters friends, most that rode a few hundred miles in to the beach just to be there for one night. They are true bikers and riders. I can’t say it wasn’t uneventful for our group, myself and a friend got a flat tire and another friend broke a chain and yet another ran out of gas at 1:30 Sunday morning. So we did a bit of wrenching during the week, as well as a late night gas run to try to find a station open that late. Overall, I do think this was my favorite fall rally. Jam packed crowds, positive attitudes and hanging with a bunch of friends. That’s what bike week is all about. I’m looking forward to spring rally, I think it will continue to grow back to become what it was in the heyday. Who cares about the politics or the negative attitudes, the beach is back, enjoy it! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Until next time, Rock On!

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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

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I have suffered yet another computer meltdown. This time I was somewhat prepared as my system was largely backed-up. However my article for Carolina Chrome was not backed up and has gone to the great cyber abyss. The great computer crash of2013 preceded a fall trip to the mountains by just a couple days, so with little time to waste we saddled up for a ride and off we went. This mini vacation ride was another adventure with two other couples and what was billed as a mountain weekend with a “free” place to stay. I received the directions from the couple that secured the house which I promptly ignored (as most men do), because I wanted to opt for a back roads way up. (Remember this for later) This relaxing drive was to take the place of the hectic interstate. Two couples also made that choice, but were leaving ahead of my wife and I and they also chose a roundabout route which was different from ours. We would both be working half days so my wife and I would be several hours behind the others. The weather was dry with a chance of rain so grabbed some lunch prior to leaving and about 1230 we headed out. All went well, a typical ride with the occasion GPS fix to insure we were on the right track until we hit a small town in NC. A pleasant enough place unless you hit it at rush hour. Well fist I cannot believe this tiny place had a “rush hour” but by god they did…There we sat. Stop –gostop- go, with the guy on the moped making better progress than we were. This went on for about a half hour as we inched through 2 miles of this little town. Once out of that town, we made our way north and up in elevation, as we did the leaves began to turn wonderful colors and we hit the area that the peak time for a fall tour. With the traffic jam behind us we were once again making time towards our destination. Then the voice in my head says “we are getting close, pull over and

check the directions”. Well the voice in my head is actually the wife on the back seat yelling into my helmet. So we stop at a gas station and get out the FULL PAGE of directions. I began to think there might have a problem when the last paragraph started with, “go till the road ends, and climb the mountain to the helipad”. OK! Maybe I should have read this before I road 200miles. The directions continued turn right at the entrance to the helipad and take the gravel road around the circle to the entrance to the driveway, (which was also gravel). Now remember all this is on the side of a mountain! A good portion of the climb up the mountain was paved narrow slippery path, but at the helipad the road turned to gravel and in the twilight of early evening with nothing but headlights to guide you, it was tough mauvering a fully packed out two up bagger through the woods. We had to guess at several forks in the road, or should I say path, as we made our way to the house. Once we arrive we looked around took sigh of relief and then realized, where were the two couples that left hours before us? Uh oh. While discussing whether or not to head out to look for them, we head the rumble of V twin exhaust. Not from the path we just came but from another drive way further up the mountain. It seems they went to the wrong house, and had to navigate a near 45 degree gavel climb, turn around and head down that same crush and run drive to get back to us. We claimed the win as the first to actually make it to the house. Well the trek up and down the mountain was only made a handful of times since it was just a weekend stay, but the ride up the mountain was the price we paid for the accommodations. Never the less the mountain retreat as it was a very nice house, well-appointed and comfortable with an unparalleled view from the back deck. It was worth climb. Cruiser-

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Saddle-Up & Sponsored By Atty Robert Reeves

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Nov 2: TOP NOTCH M/C ANNIVERSARY Party 9pm – until American Legion 28 Artillery Drive Sumter SC Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Nov 2nd Halloween Party at Ye Old Tavern in Charleston SC Costume Contest, Karaoke with Sunshine Tunes, Bobbing for mini’s..Come if you dare Chrome Crew on hand for this event!

4825 Curreton Ferry Rd

It’s Happening At Cousy’s Come On Get Your Good Time On!! Wednesday Ladies Day Domestics $1 &.50 off Liq Thursday & Saturday Pool Tourney Dbl Elimination Drink Discounts for Players 8:30pm Sharp ~ $10 Winner Takes All Drink Specials for Players WELCOME WENDY WOO TO COUSYS

Thanksgiving OPEN

Friday Karaoke 8:30 w/



ties u C ’s y s Cou Private Club ~ New Members Welcome Page 16

Nov 9th: Wind Sisters RC 2nd Anniversary Party 5pm – until at Pirates Creek 120 Waybrook Drive Anderson, SC 29624. 864-226-0425 Sponsored by WSRD Upstate Chapter. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Nov 9th Benefit Ride/Chicken Bog Dinner for Ryder Floyd hosted by Christian Prayer Riders. Barrineau Holiness Church 3709 St James Road Lake City SC 29560. KSU 11am LBI 1pm Single $20/Double $25. Freddie Huth 843495-0741 or www.christian All proceeds fo the Ryder and his family for his immediate and ongoing medical care Nov 9: TOY RUN FOR TURBEVILLE CHILDRENS HOME, Sumter, SC. Stage noon. Starts & ends at Shuckers in Sumter. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Nov 9: Damion “ Demon” Larrabee Benefit Run On September 16th, 2013 the biker community lost one of their own, Damion left behind his Wife Amanda, Daughter’s Paige & Jade’a. Damion had no insurance. We, HABU CREW, on behalf of his family are asking for the Biker Community to come together and help his wife and children. If you are able to donate money or any raffle items, Please contact KerryAnn Ratzlaff (Yankee) Lead Supporter HABU at 803834-0494 or Dawn Mack (Sissy) Treasurer HABU CREW 803-360-6428. Registration at Ventures 11am $20/$15 Nov 10: GRUMPY OLD MEN MC annual toy run. Darlington, SC. Rain date Nov 17. Darlington Dragway 2056 East Bobo Newsome Hwy Hartsville SC and ends at the Red Fez Club in Oates SC. Reg 11am KSU 1pm. Single $15/Double $25 or toy donation of equal value. Food, Door Prizes, 50/50, Auction. Event T-Shirts can be preordered from any Grumpy Old Men M/C member, limited # shirts available e day of the ride. GOM 843-307-4538 or 843-861-1888 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Nov 12th HD Custom of #1 free workshop Timms Harley Davidson 4110 Clemson Blvd Anderson SC 29621–864-224-1531

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

& Let’s Ride 877-374-5999

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Nov 12th Kickstands UP FOR KENNY MOSLEY – KICKING CANCER’S A$$, sponsored by Brothers of America and Rolling Thunder®Chapter1 Reg Cox’s 10:30am – 12:15pm KSU 12:15pm $10 pp ending Long House Catawba Reservation. Free food Live Music. All proceeds for medical bills Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Nov 23rd 11th ANNUAL TOYS FOR TOTS RUN Heritage Park 861 SE Main Street Simpsonville SC 29681. Reg 10am y KSU 11:30am ride to H-D of GRV, bring new toy 864-234-1340 or www.H-DOG. com Doors open at 6am on Black Friday Dec 1: 30TH ANNUAL TOY RUN PARADE presented by Florence Lions Club and Black Jack HD Reg 12pm Florence Civic Center KSU 2pm for police escort Fair Grounds. $20 pp or new toy Food at end. All proceeds benefit Children of the Pee Dee Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Dec 1: Annual Blue Knights Toys For Tots Columbia SC Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Dec 5: Timms H-D customer appreciation Christmas party 6 until 9 p.m. Andeson, SC. Dec 7: 2nd Annual Emily’s Wish Toy Run TBA Dec 7: CATAWBA INDIAN TOY RUN see flyer on Pg 42. Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Dec 7: Santa at Harley-Davidson of Greenville11am4pm. Bring your own camera &/or we will take your picture and post on Facebook. Thurs. Dec 12 – Customer Appreciation Party Christmas party. Appetizers & Beverages. FREE gift wrapping. Dec 8th Preacher-Man at Electric City Cycle & Leather – starting at 3pm - Pastor Byron Wood 864861-2807

Randy Ghant “Rooster” Biker Owned Business

Dec 8: 13th Annual VETS RIDE ~ Columbia SC Thsi is a big one and the only Christmas many of our local Vets will have. SEE FLYER PG 3 Chrome Crew on hand for this event! Dec 14th: BIKE BEFORE CHRISTMAS –details to follow

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The Secrets OUT!!

ne of the best kept secrets in South Carolina is a biker owned bar in Jefferson SC. Located on Hwy 265 about 30 mins from Camden and about the same from Lancaster you will find The Other Place. (We call it Jimmy Lee’s). On a Carolina blue sunny Sunday in late October, The Other Place hosted their first ‘Customer Appreciation’ party. I met up with my Wind Sisters on Main St in Kershaw for the ride out. The party was in full swing as we made the turn in and was directed by Jimmy right up to the front door to a reserved spot...alright ROCK STAR PARKING! This is one of those places you just have to visit to get the full effect. Level concrete everywhere, plenty

of bike only parking and a super sized outdoor covered bar area, with wooden rails great for leaning. Nicki Blooze & Jewel were rocking the stage, the cold beer flowing and the grill was loaded, waiting was a long line of hungry bikers. Inside the pool tables were filled and so was that bar area. One of those kind of parties where several hundred are mingling around, inside and out, friendly welcoming staff, everybody laughing and having a large time. If you’re looking for a ride on South Carolina back country roads check this local watering hole. You will thank me later. All bikers are always welcome, hard core or new school, hog or rice, be cool or be gone. RubyRed

O THER Place The

CONCRETE PARKING HOURS Wed-Fri 5pm-2am Sat & Sun 2p-2a

Outside Bar Area Thursday Pool Tourney A BIKER DESTINATION

843-517-9929 12825 Hwy 265

Jefferson, SC 29718


Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Thunder Tower H-D


Bike Show 2013

ever say never.... well I’m saying it, NEVER again! This past month DaDon put together Thunder Tower H-D car & bike show and invited a few of the Chrome Crew to judge. Hands down the most difficult show ever. It came down to a very small bracket under the frame being the difference between Best of Show and 1st Place. Of course everybody’s baby is the prettiest and you would think my hard head would have learned by now... just say NO; however, I met my husband judging a bike show, have judged many and I truly enjoy it. I would like to say to ALL who entered at TTHD ‘you have a beautiful motorcycle’. All started with 10 points and deductions were taken from there to level the field for all makes and models, ending with at least 11 bikes having 9 pts. When Tommy walked over to me & Detroit about half way thru and said “this is a tough one”, he wasn’t kidding. Small amounts of rust inside a bolt took a few out of contention. YES they were all that good. And the cars... TomCat & Ms Joyce helped there as they have entered several shows and know exactly what to look for. Me I just stood there wondering now how can I pick them all?!? Congratulations to the bikes who took home a trophy and especially to Robert Snipes of Kershaw who built the Best of Show winner. RubyRed (photos by Cherokee)

Page 19

Jesus caught his fish, then he cleaned them. Well booger day news if Jesus Christ is not your Lord to call on God is gone and we all and Savior you have said your last good till we are in trouble, till we need Him. got tooth decay and many extra pounds byes. And we are to be Thankful for the We treat God like a spare tire when from all the candy that was suppose to things we sometimes take for granted, things just go flat then we want to pull be for the kiddos. Now it’s time to get The little things. When is the last time Him out and say OK God I need you now. And this I don’t understand as

ready for the greatest day of the year THANKSGIVING, Oh man we talking bout some good eating now, I’m talking ‘bout throwing down folks. And it’s also when we get together with family and friends, catch up on everything and to be thankful for all we have. Ya know in some cases this is the only time of the year we see some family members and friends and man we be looking forward to it. Ya know they are some that have gone on to see the Lord and man we be like Boy I wish I could see them just one more time, just to hold em and tell em how much I Love em. Well folks

We treat


like a spare tire ...when things just go flat then we want to pull Him out

He said that He would never leave nor forsake us, but yet we do it to Him all the time. Folks why would we do things like this to a all Mighty God that His love can keep us from a devils hell, yet we would do more and then some for family and friends, and yes we are to do for our family and friends, but to put anything before the only one that can save your pure soul from hell is just unquestionable. Just take a moment as we go into the Holidays as we know em,and be thankful for all that God has done for ya and not just the Big

with Jesus Christ as your Lord and you just Thanked God for the small things, remember the small things as Savior you can, you have the assurance things and not asked for anything from well and yes do be very thankful for that there will be that great reunion in God just to say Thank you Lord for my your family and friends, But make sure Heaven. Those that have gone on you car, my bike, my home, and each day you have the assurance that you will so wish you could just have one more you let me live. To often we take the see em again. We never know when we day with, Folks you can. But the bad small things for granted, We don’t want will be spending the Last Thanksgiving with them until we see them again in Heaven so make sure it want be your last if something was to happen. As we gather around the table for our big feast please remember to give thanks to the one that made it all possible Jesus Christ. Do be safe and Grateful during these Holidays and remember that there is one that will forever ride with you Jesus Christ Rev. Cotton Pate ~ Ridin the FrontLine Biker Church [803] 475-9165or [803]246-0554 8617 kershaw-camden hwy. Kershaw S.C. In The Wind With Christ Page 20

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

Places of Worship So if you’re not going to church because you don’t think you fit in….too many tats, a piercing or two, your clothes are wrong, you ride a motorcycle, or have been in prison. We may be just what you are looking for. All are invited, welcome & encouraged to attend. Come just as you are & park your sled along side the rest of us! Charleston Church of Nazarine 1055 Yeamans Hall Rd Hannahan, SC 29410 843-830-5049 /Pastor Carl Rupert Ridin the Frontline church 8617 Kershaw Camden Hwy Kershaw S.C. 29067 Rev. Cotton Pate (803) 475-9165 Calvary Community Church 1321 Bishopville Hwy, Camden Pastor Joe Covino 803-403-6967 YAHWEH CROSSROADS Biker Min Bible Study Every Friday 7:00pm Rock Hill, SC Area Sentry or Halo 803-980-5257 Bear Your Cross Ministries W. Columbia, SC Pastor Jay Campbell 803-603-2463 RIDERS OF FAITH BIKER CHURCH Rock Hill Area 1041 Sylvia Circle, RHSC 29730 BIKERS FOR CHRIST - Congaree Batesburg Area Steve 803-730-6813 David 843-509-7983 HOLIDAY BIKER CHURCH Ware Shoals Area- Pastor Byron Wood 67 E Cork St, WS, SC 29692 864-861-2807

A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist Please follow “Accident Scene Management South Carolina” on Facebook!

Cindy Roddenberry - Leavel, RN, CCRN ASMI Instructor for Bystander Assistance Program Phone: (843) 575-0301 Email:

Ad designed by: Global Vision Social Media

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Built for a Marine by a Marine

The bike you see here is a 1998 1200 Custom Sportster. It was built for a Beaufort S.C. U.S.Marine, Michael Maglio. “Mikey” always wanted a rat rod sporty bobber with a military touch so he gave Luke, a former Marine and owner of Beaufort Cycles, a few simple ideas and Luke ran with them. Mikey said he wanted a “frisco” style riding position, all hand made parts and a grenade for a shift handle. Using a demo grenade (inert of course) Luke was off and running. Since militarized bikes are Luke’s specialty he wasted no time designing a one-off “pivotclutch” floorboard using Mikey’s combat boot soles. The “pivot-clutch” works in conjunction with the grenade shifter for a smooth operation of the clutch. To add a touch of style Luke used a sea bag for a seat cover, threw in some brass

Page 22

knuckles and made a brazed, dished in gas tank for the “old-school” look. Everything is hand made from the fender-housed oil tank to the brake pedal. There’s not another one like it in the world. As for the motor, it’s been completely gone through with a little pep added to the 1200 just for fun. She was made to look rough but professionally built with simplicity and dependability being the goal...and that is exactly what Mikey wanted!

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

D e w i t t P e a ke C e l e b r a t i o n o f L i f e River Ride & Festival S a t u r d a y O c t 15 , 2 013


Well the day turned out great. We had 64 riders and 56 bikes. Scenic ride around Lake Wateree and back. Gave away more than 400 hot dogs and countless drinks, water, and coffee. It was great fellowship and a great ride. The weather turned out to be beautifil. Rain drops started to fall as soon as I put the last cooler in my truck after clean up. The wind was still until Dewitts son began to speak and stop again when he finished. It was a great day in deed. Thanks for everything to all who came and to all who knew Dewitt. He is surely missed. Chad P

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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

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I’ve been practicing South Carolina workers’ compensation law for over 24 years now. I still get a lot of questions by folks hurt on the job asking whether they really need a lawyer or not. In many cases, they don’t. In other more serious injuries, they would be foolish not to at least speak with an attorney. There is a basic framework involved in workers’ comp cases. I have recently written a basic eBook explaining how the process is set up and what to expect. I also suggest ways to look for and interview a potential lawyer to help you and your family. The eBook can be found at our firm’s website And, of course, I am always happy to take calls from those who just have some questions. My name is Robert Reeves and my direct mobile phone number is 803-554-4157. So, what is the answer to the above question? Here is the 411 for comp. If you have a minor injury (muscle strain, clean break broken bone, minor burn), then NO you don’t need to hire a lawyer and pay legal fees. These type of cases typically only involve medical expenses and maybe a few days out of work. Your employer will

pay the medical bills as long as you go to a doctor they authorize. If you go somewhere else, you pay the bill. These injuries generally heal completely, so there is no “permanent partial disability.” This is where you should consult an attorney if you have questions, but they should be willing to help guide you for free (future referrals). Now, if you have a more serious injury (herniated disk, surgery cases, the implantation of prosthetic devices – screws, plates, wires), then YES you need experienced representation by an old, grey bearded, seasoned workers’ compensation attorney (like me). Kidding aside, you and your family’s future is on the line because these injuries do result in permanent, even life changing, disability. As I encourage on our website and in my eBook, you should carefully compare the actual credentials and experience in handling workers’ compensation cases of several lawyers and then meet to personally review your questions and concerns. Then, and only after you have done your research, you should hire the attorney who gives you the most confidence and puts you at ease. Hopefully, that will be me. With the colder weather and just above freezing temperatures in the morning and late night, be extra careful when you’re riding. Be Safe. Get Home. From your friends at Reeves Aiken & Hightower LLP.

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Only Dyno Jet Tuning Center in Columbia, SC 10% Off All Branches of Military Veterans

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How To Choose the right tire Motorcycles are the most popular vehicles in the world as well as the most affordable. There are key factors that play a large roll in how expensive it is to own, ride and maintain a motorcycle. There is the engine size or cc that plays the biggest part. The larger ccs a sportsbike is, the more expensive it is. But the one factor most people over look is the tires. Motorcycle tires range in size as well as performance. Did I mention price? Even though it has 2 wheels vs 4 on a car, motorcycle tires can be more expensive due to the compound of the rubber needed to help it sick to the road better for traction. The backbone of a motorcycle tire is called the Carcass. It is the interior layer consisting of overlapping cords called plies. The angle of the plies determine a tire’s strength and flexibility , while the entire Carcass construction determines the tire’s performance and wear. When a tire rolls, the part that hits the pavement flattens out and becomes the contact patch. As it rolls forward, the patch moves away from the pavement and returns to its rounded shape. This constant action causes the plies to flex and heat up. The more a tire heats up and the softer the compound, the more rubber is left on the pavement. The most familiar part of a tire is the tread. it is the outer most region of the tire that presses against the road. The surface of the tread is crisscrossed with groves called sipes. Sipes are what channel water away from the contact patch and prevent hydroplaning. the entire tread affects cooling, wear and stability and most of all traction! Now there are other parts of the tire like the bead but we aren’t to concerned with the rest of it. What we are concerned about is how to get the most out of a tire! I gave you a brief description of tire lingo but now I want to talk about how riding effects the wear of a tire. Page 38

I loved to ride my Kawasaki ZX-14 hard. This meant high speeds, quick take-offs and a lot of light to light street racing. Because I rode like this, I went through tires fairly fast. I only used a soft compound tire because I needed the traction just in case one of the guys rolled up on me and I need to wax a Suzuki at the! The softer the compound, the more traction but the more rubber left on the pavement everytime I rode. The more rubber left on the pavement meant the faster my tires wore out. Most people I know usually go with a softer compound for that very reason. However, if you are the type person who doesn’t burnout or need to leave in a hurry, go with a harder compound tire. They primarily last longer. They don’t leave a lot of rubber on the pavement when you ride. If you need a lot of traction then the softer compound is the way to go but you do tend to wear the tires out a lot faster. I am listing a few tips to help prolong the life of your motorcycle tires. 1. Prevent burn outs or spinning out every time you leave. All this does is leave more & more of your tire on the road. 2. Try not to slam on brakes a lot. Locking the tire and sliding not only burns excess rubber off but also creates flat spots in your tires causing them not to perform correctly. 3. Always monitor your air pressure. Too little or too much air can easily decrease the life of your tires and is not safe. 4. Always use matching tires on you bike. This means tires of equal size, rating and type. Using different tires causes them to wear improperly. 5. Check your rims. Rims that are bent or cracked can affect wear on your tires as well as tire air pressure. No matter what you ride, ride safe. Tires with wires showing or sides dry rotted are deadly hazards waiting to happen. If you ride daily like I do, check your tires atleast once a week. get some soapy water and check for leaks. The only thing that keeps a motorcycle on the intended path is the tires. Make sure the air pressure is correct. That is what is holding the bike and you up. Ride safe. Any questions or comments you have please feel free to email me at

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di H Cyn W : y E or & St OME CR s o t Pho te CHR ta Ups

Gene Niblack, ..............roadnamed Cowboy because he rode bulls too, road cross country from Oklahoma to Cali several times with his brother who has passed away. Cowboy has a 71 Electraglide police edition and his Bro had a 69 Electra glide police edition both in mint condition (somethign to be said for taking good care of your steel horse!) They mostly rode the Golden Nugget sponsored rides. He did rides in Daytona, Ventura ,Denver , Bakersfield , Julian all sevral times over and of course Sturgis 3 or 4 times just to name a few. His brother was Carroll Niblack he was 10 years older and he had been riding since 1952. The first run they did thru Death Valley his bike ran hot so he fixed that immediantly when upon return by changing out the oil filter set up with a cooling system. Cowboy was asked once how he didnt run hot anymore going thru death valley and he always told people ‘You run them fast enough they run cool :)’ He has a lot of good memories of all his rides and we thank him for sharing with CHROME. There’s been more several offers on his bikes but he just can’t part with them.

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Cali Ron’s Bucket List Ride

My wife and I relocated here in August of 2004 from Southern, California. We were both in our forties with no family out here. Since then I’ve been back to Cali 3 times once in 05 for my Grandpa’s (my mom’s dad) funeral, 06 Big Momma’s (my dad’s mom) funeral, and 07 my parent’s funeral. That was a tough one, my parents passed in motorcycle accident coming back from Wyoming down through Utah is where it happened on 7-7-07 (7 is the sign of completion in the Bible). I started to wonder if I was being punished for relocating out here. Having faith in the Lord I knew he was teaching me to be a stronger Husband, Father, and Brother to my family. So in August of 08 I purchased a Soft Tail Deluxe (white and silver with white walls) coming from Cali it’s all about the chrome. I drop some serious cheese (money) in Donna (the name I gave my bike). Me and Donna rode everywhere Daytona Biketoberfest, Maggie Valley Thunder in the Smokies, Rally in the Valley, tons of poker runs, charity rides, Chimney Rock to hang the POW flag. Then last year my work gave me medical retirement in May at 49 years old, my lungs aren’t working right and that’s another story. 3 months later I turned 50 so being retired I had more time to ride; you can only mow your yard so many times a week. July of 2013 my older Brother Rick would call me and give me up dates of my last Grandma’s health (94 years old), dementia was setting in. Rick would say she’s good in the morning and bad in the evening, so I knew it was just a matter of time before I would get another call. Not this time I wanted to see my grandmother one more time. So me and my wife were setting on the couch around 11:30 in the morning and I turned and looked at her and said “I’ll be back” and got up and packed 4 shirts, 4 socks, 4 underwear, and 2 pair of jeans. My wife asked me where you are going. I said “Home to see my grandma and my family”. My wife started to cry and asked “are you coming back” I told her of course I am you’re my wife, I love you baby. So I rolled up the shirts, underwear, socks, jeans, and packed them in a little travel bag that sits on my rack and headed out at 12:30pm. No planning this trip at all it was on a whim. I headed up 321 to Hwy 40 and took it west towards Tennessee, I road until about 7pm and settled in a town past Knoxville called Cookeville. Nice little bar across the street from the Super 8, big scooter mugs of beer for 2 bucks. Day two started out sunny and hot from the beginning. The state of Tennessee goes forever east and west, and every exit was a State Park or Ville. Shit I can by land there and turn it into Cali Ville or Cali State Park. It was nice to ride through the states big cities Nashville and Memphis. Going over the Mississippi River into Arkansas I wanted to stop and take picture of the (welcome to Arkansas) sign but you can’t stop on the bridge. Once in Arkansas I broke for lunch at a Loves truck stop, my arms and face were getting fried. I was downing Gatorade at every stop; my goal was to get to Little Rock. After taking on the sun and entering Little Rock the Lord hit me with a refreshing sprinkle Page 40

rain and man did that feel good. I ended up in a town called Conway just pass Little Rock. I was spent, sun burned, hungry and needed to cool off. It down poured that night so I was able to put Donna under the stairwell for cover. Day three started with me going to the nearest Wal-Mart to get sun block and a long sleeve tee shirt. Got the sun block but long sleeve tee shirt was none to be found. The lady there said we have long sleeve shirts (plaids, checkers) no thanks lady the only dress shirt I wear on Donna is Harley Davidson mechanic shirt. Leaving Wal-Mart at 5:45am started out great it was cool not hot and the smell of sseewwweee (is that how the razorback people spell it) was in the air. Then 20 minutes into day three I got hit with a down pour, it was moving from north to south so I rode it out for 15 minutes and then there was the state line with (welcome to Oklahoma) sign. 95 degrees through the whole state and a shit load of casinos but I was able to find a long sleeve tee shirt (bright orange and a 2x) I wear a large but ”fuck it” I’ll take it. Damn shirt so big the sleeve rolled up my arms as soon as I took off. When I fueled up at the next stop I got a couple of rubber bands and fix the problem. After leaving Oklahoma I was looking at these black clouds to the north that were on my ass, no time to sight see a storm was coming. Pushing through the top part of Texas I made it to Amarillo and had a late lunch. My goal was to get to Albuquerque New Mexico. I called my wife letting her know where I was, by this time I had my friends and family texting me saying I’m nuts and to be safe. This was something I needed to do I kept telling them, they all said but you don’t have do it alone. I told them I’m not alone man I have the Lord and Jesus with me and were having a blast wrapping about the past, they have a good ear. Enough of texting back to the ride, leaving Amarillo heading to Albuquerque was still a grip away. Finally “Welcome to New Mexico wow it a sight after 13 hours riding, but those clouds were still looming. So I made it to Santa Rosa, a nice little tourist town with its own rules. Albuquerque will have to wait Cali Ron was sunburned and tired. Since I’m in the desert my plan was to leave early tomorrow around 4:30. Day four started well fueled up at Pilot but it was chilly, in the low 50’s but when I took off boy did it get cold quick. It was dark and the moon was going down and my finger tips were getting num so I pulled into a Philip 66(still around) hoping to find a jacket (wearing 2 shirts and that funky orange long sleeve shirt wasn’t cutting it) no luck on the jacket but I did find brown garden cloth gloves (on size fits all) better than nothing, put them on, slid my open finger gloves on over it, and boom I’m heading into the moonlight once again. Sunrise was coming up and so was Albuquerque. Riding through Albuquerque was cool; their freeway system was done right. Then again it was early Sunday morning. Welcome to Arizona came quick and my journey home was feeling special. The Lord’s desert was beautiful as ever and the ride through that dirt and clay scenery up until a Dudley (highway patrol) pulled me over. I got off my Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

bike and took a stance. I said “you got to be shitting me I was flowing with traffic” the Dudley replied “relax I stopped you because of your handle bars (18in apes), in Arizona your bars can’t be above your shoulders sir.” After a few jawing back and forth he gave me a written warning so I can show other Dudley’s if I get pulled over again and for my way back through Arizona. That was cool of him, but its funny Arizona is more worried about bars then a helmet on your head. Don’t get me wrong I love the no bucket law, but what’s next “your bike has too much chrome sir and the glare is too much for the other driver’s”. Oh well into Flagg Staff and out of Flagg Staff not much there. Starting to descend down into Kingman that’s right before Cali, made it to Kingman and the rain clouds are behind me a little. Fueled up and wolfed down a killer double\double with cheese animal style at In-n-Out Burger. If you are from the west or have been out west you know what I’m talking about. I hit my brother Rick to let him know I’ll stop by his house first in Moreno Valley that’s in Riverside County. He’s tracking my ride letting me know the weather there and stuff. Rode through Needles and you can have it, my house is bigger. Heading to Barstow the sun was setting and to my left was this big ugly looking black on grey cloud over the hills with that grey drape that looks like pouring down. I’m thinking man I’m glad that cloud is over there and then I look down the highway and see this sign coming up. It reads “Barstow 12 miles”, I couldn’t believe it I traveled all this way staying ahead of the rain and now I’m going to get douched before I get there. Now I’m laughing knowing what’s going to happened to me, so I look to the sky and asked Jesus “really we road together all this way and now this really” so I get to highway 15 and starting to come around the hills and as I’m bending onto the 15 heading to Victorville I looked up and saw that big ass dark cloud but then I couldn’t believe my eyes. That grey drape cloud was parted down the middle and the 15 ran right through it and on each side of the 15 it was raining. The 15 was soaked so it got rained on and I just couldn’t believe what I witness. I just started laughing out loud and all these trucks pulling their boats and bikes, are staring at me like I’m crazy. I looked to my right at the a red dully in the lane next to me and yelled “look what Jesus did he parted the rain”. What a rush man that was freaky and my mind was racing, as I got over to the far lane on the left I started to notice there was 6 lanes wow! Everyone was jockeying for position like the Coke Cola was about to start. I went from feeling great to a panic attack, after what seemed like playing a racing video game I made it through Victorville and headed down the Cajun Pass. I was quickly reminded of one reason why we left, smog, smog, smog (I love Carolina Blue). Passing through San Bernardino was quick and Riverside was in my sights. Heading up the 60 into Mo Val I was getting goose bumps and chills, I exited the 60 on to Redlands Blvd. Made a right up to the stop sign, a left here a right here left again and a right again and


96 Hwy 1 South, Lugoff SC 29078


ikers All B s Alway e m Welco

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Pizza & Grill

235 West 3rd St 803-568-7272 Reason to RIDE! Swansea, SC A GREAT (like you needed one)

Contact Edna “Lil Bit” at 803-606-5402 for membership info.Join today!

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CALI RON .... continued from page 40.... then a big full throttle to let the neighborhood know that Cali Ron is on the street. As I’m pulling up my bro’s house, he’s standing with a ice cold brew (Heineken), I got off Donna looked at his watch 6:45pm. I then thanked the Lord and gave my brother a hug, took my beer and said “not bad for a 50 year old, crossing the United States with Apes”. Rick just laughed and said “not bad but I’ve done Surges”, I looked at him “your right” next year I’ll go north instead of west. Rick then tells me to go unpack, the Jacuzzi on and the pool is 72 degrees, and Yvonne is cooking dinner. I stayed a week out

here seen my friends my family (aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and especially my grandma and she remembered me) I got my spirit of life back in me, and headed back home Monday morning at 6am. My trip back was going to be slower with more time to take pictures, one morning though when I was leaving Amarillo the sun was coming up on my left and this big white cross was on my right. I thought to myself another sign (a Sun on my left and Son on my right) check out the photo as proof. Everything was riding smooth until the last exit leading out of Oklahoma and heading into Arkansas I had a blow out, my rear tire. This added

another day to my trip not a problem I’m retired. It was smooth sailing the rest of the way home and their it was 321 to the 85 east to 485 to 77 south exits 88 Gold Hill right to Johns Place (KOA Campground). All my bro’s were on the patio, got off my bike gave thank to the lord and yelled what time is it? 5:15 someone yelled out, and at that moment in my life I was the “New American Bad Ass” at least for the rest of the day. Special thanks to Carolina Chrome for letting this rejuvenated man share his Bucket List Ride. Sturgis your next, keep on chroming Cali Ron out…………… Page 41

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Volunteering & Other Ways YOU Can Help Your Local Animal Shelter We often get the question, “I’m not in the market to adopt a pet right now, but how else can I help?” A great question and the answer is, plenty. Animal shelters, whether they are government or non-profit, always need help in a variety of ways. It doesn’t matter if they are large, small, strapped for cash or well-funded, caring for a multitude of animals day in and day out takes a lot of work, supplies, money and man power. Here are some of the basics to consider if you want to lend a hand. Spending time with the animals themselves is often near the top of the list. I can speak from experience at our shelter that we love to have folks come spend time with our adoption animals. Many are there for months even a year or more waiting for their new home. Having people come in to spend time, take them outside or just sit on the floor for some cuddle time or a good brushing is vital to keeping them happy and socialized. It keeps them engaged and interested in people and prevents some from becoming depressed even. Pets – even cats - are social animals and need the interaction. The more social they are, the better chance they have at getting adopted. If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, some facilities are happy to have people come in and help with the cleaning. Be prepared to work though. Complete and thorough sanitation

every day is vital to maintaining animal health. That means, break out the elbow grease, there may be some scrubbing to do. Bring in supplies. Old towels and blankets are always welcome. We don’t care if they have holes in them. Trust me, if they didn’t have holes in them to start with, they will the next morning when that litter of six puppies is done playing tug-of-war during the night with their bedding. Purchasing cleaning supplies (bleach, laundry detergent, etc.), paper towels, water hoses, spray nozzles, dry and canned pet food, and other such items is always a huge help. Call your shelter and see if they have any special needs. We love getting used washers and dryers in good working order. Washing a multitude of bedding – towels and blankets – takes a toll on equipment. Even things like a microwave, fans, medical equipment, storage racks, use your imagination, could be something that makes that shelter’s life a little easier each day. If you don’t have stuff at your house to give and you don’t feel like going shopping, there is always money. Money is always welcome. Not only might a facility need the cash to go make some much needed purchases, they may need it simply to pay a light bill that month or some other something just as mundane. It’s not warm and fuzzy, but important to keep things running smoothly


pet tips

for the animals. Speaking of the animals…even if you aren’t currently in the market for a new pet, please encourage your family, friends and coworkers to adopt a shelter pet if they are in the market. Every pet adopted from a shelter is another life saved. And when you are in the market… you know what to do.without tummy trauma. You may stick more to cottage cheese, sour cream or yogurt. ~Fish – cats love fish and benefit from the omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Too much is bad though and can actually deplete your cat’s vitamin E at some point. ~Cooked ~eggs – another great source of protein. Hardboiled or scrambled are best. Keep them plain.~Meats – cats are carnivores and this is another good source of protein. Cooked is best, particularly chicken. Again, just remember, when giving your pet a little people food, make sure it’s not something that will harm them and keep it to small doses. For the most part, at least 85% of their diet should usually be a good quality pet food. Pet foods already contain the right balance of nutrients that your pet needs. It’s also always a good idea to consult your veterinarian. Okay, that’s it for now. All this talk about food has made me hungry. I’m going to eat. Ride safe out there. Marli – Chrome Crew

Researchers for the South Carolina DOT found over 200 dead crows near greater Columbia recently at the trecherous mal-function junction, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu. A Bird Pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and, to everyone’s relief, confirmed the problem was definitely NOT Avian Flu. The cause of death appeared to be vehicular impacts. However, during the detailed analysis it was noted that varying colors of paints appeared on the bird’s beaks and claws. By analyzing these paint residues it was determined that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with motorcycles, while only 2% were killed by an impact with a car. SCDOT then hired an Ornithological Behaviorist to determine if there was a cause for the disproportionate percentages of bike kills versus car kills. The Ornithological Behaviorist very quickly concluded the cause. When crows eat road kill, they always have a look-out crow in a nearby tree to warn of impending danger. The conclusion was that while all the lookout crows could say “Cah...Cah”, none could say “Hog...Hog.”

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FLAT TRACK RACING mike poole ~ feature writer


My first two articles were about how to get into flattrack racing and what is flattrack racing. Now that you’re interested, it is time you find a place to go and race. Unfortunately the 2013 season is quickly coming to an end and many riders are tearing down their motors to freshen them up for next season. There is hope so don’t give up just yet. Harris Motor Speedway in Harris NC is having a winter flattrack motorcycle series. Mark you calendars for an open practice on November 3rd and then racing dates will be December 7th, January 4th, January 25th and February 8th. When the 2014 season opens up, look to go racing at MidCarolina Speedway in Neeses SC, Woodleaf Speedway in Woodleaf NC, Southern Pride Kartway in Blacksburg, SC, Carolina 120 Speedway in Mooresboro NC, and Tarheel Speedway in Tarheel NC. The SEMDTRA series will also be running at local tracks throughout the Carolinas. SEMDTRA ( South Eastern Motorcycle Dirt Racing Association). MidCarolina Speedway in Neeses, SC can be given credit for bringing Flattracking back to the Carolinas. The track is a big ¼ mile track with very little banking. If you want to really slide a motorcycle trough some turns, this is the place for you. There are no fences around the track and pretty good runoff areas which make forPage a safe 44racing facility. MidCarolina

races every third Saturday of the Month. Twice a year the SEMDTRA series rolls into MidCarolina and puts on shows also. In 2013 Woodleaf Speedway started their own motorcycle series. After participating in the SEMDTRA series for a few years, the owners of the track decided it was time to start their own series in addition to putting on the SEMDTRA races. Racing takes place once a month on different weekends so check out the tracks website for specific dates. The track is a sticky 1/5 mile and offers great racing. Watch their facebook site and you might get some opportunities for some open practices throughout the winter.

MidCarolina Speedway

in Neeses, SC can be given credit for bringing Flattracking back to the Carolinas... Another track that started racing motorcycles in 2013 was Southern Pride Kartway located in Blacksburg SC. The track is a small 1/7th mile and offers racing opportunities for beginners as well as experienced racers. In 2013 they put on 8 races. Keep an eye out on their website to see what 2014 has to offer. Tarheel Speedway in Tarheel NC opened in 2013. The track had been closed many years and a new owner, Rick Lovette, decided to open it back up and kickstart Flattracking in Eastern NC. Rick is a flattracker himself and knows his way around the track on his Saddle-Up vintage Yamaha 250. Many & Lets-Ride

of the proceeds from his events are donated to charity and he provides a great atmosphere to go race. Catch one of their open practices and you are likely to get treated to grilled hotdogs and some good old picking and grinning as well. The track is a sandy 1/5 mile and like all the others, offers plenty of excitement. Carolina 120 speedway is a ¼ mile track. While it is mostly a go cart track, the track owner agreed to let us run a few motorcycle classes once a month in conjunction with the go cart races. Because the go carts and motorcycle run the same night, there usually is a super wide and sticky groove to run on. You can pretty much run where ever you want on the track and your bike will stick. Finally there is the Semdtra travelling series. They travel to tracks that normally run motorcycles as well as go cart and car tracks throughout the Carolinas. They usually race once every three weeks. If you attend a Semdtra race, expect to see about 100 entries. The Pro classes in this series are fast but the Open Am classes have put on shows with up to 18 entries in one event. The Vintage 250 and Vintage Open classes feature many ex AMA riders from the 70’s and 80’s. One rider, Ken Steele, is 76 years old and is still a points contender each season. Check out the Semdtra website for more information on where they will be running in 2014. They also have a very detailed set of rules which will prove very helpful in assisting you in deciding which class is appropriate for you, your skills and your motorcycle.

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Dear Dr. Dilligaf, My friends all called me crazy, my family thought I had really lost it, I did it anyway. I relocated half way across the US because it just felt right. It’s different here and I do miss my friends and I miss getting my Chrome! But I have never in my life been treated better or been happier, and nobody seems to understand. Is there some imaginary radius that is OK with everybody if you ‘love’ inside that distance. So Doctor I ask you please……just HOW far is too far to relocate your entire life for the 1% love of your life? Transplanted in Texas Transplanted, No matter where you go, there you are. Family is family and they will always find a reason to keep you close, even a bad one. Do what makes you happy and remember home is where you make it. Good luck with the Steers and...well you know the rest. Just tell ‘em you’re in Baja Oklahoma and see what kind of reaction you get. Dear Doc, Recently I crossed the GA line and went to a so called biker party at a so called biker bar and nobody spoke. Found the flyer at my local dealership. I’m new in this state and so far Bro not feeling any so called southern

Page 46


hospitality. Walked around had a few cold ones tried to strike up a general convo and was shut down. WTF?? Hell man I’m a regular hard working Joe who loves the ride and from a long line of hell raising hard riding scooter trash. Could it be that I was the only one in a black t-shirt and I rolled my old pan out that turned ‘em all off? I own a 2014 just got it back from the recall crap I use for highway miles and plenty of white shirts for when I have to wear them. Where do all the pan riding black t’s go? Just trying to get in where I fit in. Found this rag in Anderson and looks like you’re the man with all the answers. Buzzcut ~ Oconee County Buzzcut, Making friends has an equation, the more beer you have the more friends you make. In Oconee find the Last Chance Saloon, in GA I’d hit the Dixie, Hammer Heads, or maybe the Zoo but no matter where you go on a pan head you’ll need a hammer and lots of beer money for them friends you want. Dear Dr. Dilligaf, Her I am a semi functional alcoholic, more alcoholic than functional. I am not happy about being ensconced in Fairbanks Alaska its getting very cold here and one of the very few friends of my life is in SC. Whenever we talk on the phone, I want to pack my bags and come there. She is like a sister to me and I have not seen here in 25 years but we have stayed in touch. I died once but I came

Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

back. Oh God what should I do? She rides a motorcycle and I ride a mountain bike as the temperature gets down to 40 below, it is not advisable it actually hurts. I’m asking her if I come down to the lower 48 will she teach me to ride a motorcycle she flat out says NO you drink to much. I rode a fellow Marines motorbike about 30 years ago and I was drunk then. Hell Doc I can’t ever remember being sober. Any advice on riding a Hog, it’s on my bucket list before I die again. Are you any kin to Dear Abby? Buzzard ~ Fairbanks. AL Buzzard, Stay your drunk ass on a mountain bike, you come down here and wreck one of my brothers or sisters while driving drunk and frost bite well be the last thing on your mind. Want to ride? Tell your girl friend to buy a side car to cart your ass around in and leave riding to the riders. No relation to Abby, she’s too flat chested for my family. Dear DR. Dilligaf, My mother hates my new girlfriend and my new girlfriend hates my mother. Should I marry her anyway? Mama’s Boy ~ Bishopville, SC Mama’s Boy, Look at it like this. If you catch your momma making sandwiches for your best friend behind your back, is she still your Momma?

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Saddle-Up & Lets-Ride

NOVEMBER 2013 Issue #71  

South Carolina Motorcycle Magazine

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