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Today’s Horoscope

Weather in Barranquilla

You will meet the celeb you love. Wil be sunny.

Sunny with 91F

Get a look inside!!

The Game will be On Sept 6. It will be here in el metropolitano in Barranquilla. I will go and many people too. Colombia is a great team and Ecuador is ok.

Now we have a new menu everyday with meat and chicken also salad but there’s a huge problem. The problem is that nobody likes to eat salad and meat in school. Students only buy lemonade. Also they serve food that we don't like at all. They don't understand we don't like to have lunch in school. Even though we like the lemonade a lot. Tried it yet? Well if you haven't do it. They also should serve pasta and sushi because that’s what we like. Literally nobody is eating just like 2 people from the whole middle and high school. If they had more variety everybody would eat.

Where is Justin Bieber ? Justin Bieber is the top 2 in best singer in the world followed by Taylor Swift. He is the most followed on twitter and instagram. He is a really cute and helpful man. Everybody love him.In the picture below you can see his twitter totally there are 221,196 right now. He is handsome and really sweet with fans and girlfriend Ariana Grande

Have you heard the new song of the famous band One Direction??? Is the best song ever and the song is BEST SONG EVER and they get to dress up as old man or girls or even nerd. They all are PER-FECT. We all love Themmm!!!!

What's your name ? 0 CLAUDIA CASTRO ONE Direction or Justin bieber ? 0 One direction Favorite FOOD ? 0 PASTA AND PIZZA Where do you work ? 0 WITH THE PRESIDENT of Colombia What is your hobby ? 0 play tennis Are you married? With who? 0 Yes with Andres Obregon She is the one on the left

One Direction is the best band world wide. Everybody loves them !! They try bto meet all the fans and make them feel special. Niall said that he wanted to meet them all. In this is us the movie they all gave a house to their mother. They all have a great time meeting there fans and hugging them all.














I am interested in one direction. Their music is really good and inspirational. They all have a million fans. They have a lot of fun during tour. They have fun together because they are like a family. They support each other in good and hard times. I am going to there concert in Bogota on April 26. I am going with like 20 girls from the class and we are going to have extreme fun. The concert is in El Campin which is a stadium in Bogota. I heard many girls were going there too.

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