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Image 1: Family or friend which has a camera of bad quality. Generally a picture which has been taken & will eventually be posted on a social networking site or a text message. Long shot & eye level angle. Image 2: Most properly a professional photographer which will be publishing this specific photo on a school website or on the news. Worm’s eye angle and MLS shot. Image 1: A long shot size which shows a professor or teacher which is having a discussion or meeting which 2 of his workers. The reason it’s a long shot is so that we can see a certificate on the back wall. This shows who dominates the image and discussion Image 2: The young child’s eyes represent fear and sadness. She looks as if she’s in threat as there’s a solider standing directly behind her. He’s clearly dominating the young child by having a weapon.

All 4 shots show a clear image of who is dominating the image. Image 1 show’s that it’s an American college with two older kids bulling a younger child. The camera angle ‘worms eye’ shows the powerless image of the child. The two older kids are dominating as they stand directly over the girl.

Image analysis mise-en-scene  
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