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Carolina Ariza Hernรกndez


Design is all around us, everything we see, all the things that we interact with daily are design, and for me is my life. I am currently on my last year of academic studies in Graphic Design at the University of Bogotå Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Colombia. Since I started my career, I’ve been very determined to do what I love, and to do it the best way that can be done, from the little details, to the big ones that turn ideas into reality. My strongest areas are, editorial design, and branding; I also have a special interest for photography and everything that has to do with image. Even though, I believe that every area of Graphic Design is a very important part of any project, and that they come together every time in order to find a better way to communicate a be effective.

Carolina Ariza Hernรกndez Graphic design student/ 8th semestrer University of Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano e-mail: Cell: +57 300 664 7893 Phone: +57 1 6240503


01/ Branding 01/1 Corporate identity/ Don Isauro 01/2 Region identity/ Cucunuba

02/ Editorial Design 02/1 Magazine 02/2 Book

03/ Data Visualization 03/1 Infographics

04/Promotional Design 04/1 Museum Quinta de BolĂ­var 04/2 Rethoric of image

01/ branding

01/1 corporate identity

Don Isauro is a company that produces crafted beer, it´s located in Bogota, Colombia. It´s main goal is to gain more clients, and to expand their retail sales points. The ideal customer for this beer is the one who knows the difference between a good beer and a bad one, the one that can appreciate the quality. For that we created a logotype and a symbol that communicates the objectives of the company, which are quality and tradition among others; using two different sans-type. We also designed the bottle labels, six pack packages, and promotional brochure.

Project: Crafted beer, Don Isauro Design: Andrés Cabra Mayorga Carolina Ariza Hernández

01/2 region identity

This project was created to promote a small town located in the countryside of Bogota name Cucunuba. The objective was to give an identity to it, to take its features and convert them into an interesting and attractive place to visit. We design the logo symbol based on one of it´s main source, wool, and a different series of graphic pieces that complements the project.

Project: Region identity, Cucucnuba Design: Andrés Cabra Mayorga Carolina Ariza Hernández




Buho, it´s a magazine that begins as an academic project with a social focus. We chose a public that is not very common, the guardians, and created a magazine for them. We worked together as a group, and based this project on different elements like illustration, Typography, photography and composition.

Project: Búho magazine Design: Natalia Rodríguez Carolina Ariza Hernández Illustration: Lorena Ramírez

02/2 BOOK

It´s a personal project in order to find the different possibilities within the editorial design. I chose a music gender, in this case, reggae music, and created a book based on the most valued representatives. As I work in this book, I began to experience the possibilities that are created by typography and image, and how them can communicate the right message to the audience.

Project: libro, Grandes del Reggae Design: Carolina Ariza Hernรกndez

03/ Data visualization

03/1 INFOGRAphics

Visualizing data is one of the most interesting areas of design, it involves all aspects of it, and it gives a challenge to the designer, to research, compare data and to transform numbers and information into an understandable piece for everyone, that combines illustration, photography, and different levels of hierarchy.

Project: Personal data visualization Design and illustration: Carolina Ariza Hernรกndez

single (elder, man woman, student) student tourists couple + children couple no children single with children

27% 25% 25% 15% 8%

users 10% 10% 20% 27% 33%

others single with children couple no children couple + children single (elder, man woman, student)

Active Inactive

Age 18-30

Age 31-59

Age 59+

culture exchange

Baby sitting, Teaching, Urban Farming.

Handworks, Teaching, Urban Farming.

Hosting students, Teaching, Urban Farming.


Miravolante, Aerodrom

Workshops/ labs, Universita popolare

Miraorti, Alloggiami

Project: Data visualization for Oikos Studio Design: Carolina Ariza Hernรกndez

Project: Infographic based on a movie Design and illustration: Carolina Ariza Hernรกndez

Projetc: Infographic about trends in Bogota Design and illustration: AndrĂŠs Felipe Cabra Carolina Ariza HernĂĄndez


04/1 museum campaign

The Museum Quinta de Bolivar, its located in Bogota, Colombia, and it was the place where Simon Bolivar lived. The objective of the project was to reactivate the museum. Even though it´s a very important place to visit for its history, it doesn’t get as many visitors as they would like; so to fight this problem we designed a campaign to attract more people, including adults and kids. To do this we used different formats, like web banners, posters, and more; for the kids we created a didactic kit that combines the learning part and the chance to play.

Project: Campaign for the Museum Quinta de Bolívar Design: Andrés Cabra Mayorga Sebastián Mayorga Carolina Ariza Hernández



It´s an academic project, it´s purpose was to develope a different way of thinking, not only to create advertising images but to re-think the copy, in order to give a chance to the audience to stop and think about the message.

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Project: Rethoric of the image Diseño: Carolina Ariza Hernández

“Vision without execution is hallucination” – Thomas A. Edison.

Carolina Ariza Hernรกndez Graphic design student University of Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano e-mail: Cell: +57 300 664 7893 Phone: +57 1 6240503

Undergraduate portfolio/ Graphic Design