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turn right and follow the path around the perimeter of a horse exercise area, eventually reaching a stile on the far side. Climb the stile on to a track, soon to take the arrowed path left into a field. Follow the field edge around to the left and keep ahead to climb a waymarked stile into Posingford Wood. Continue through the wood, go through a gate and then climb a stile on the edge of the trees and bear left. Walk across a field and climb another stile, at a public footpath stone, to re-enter woodland. A few yards ahead the path meets a track, turn right along it and continue through a beautiful stretch of woodland to join a lane at a bend. Keep along this lane for about 100 yards and, at a sign for Pooh Bridge and a public bridleway stone, turn right (TQ 468 333) along a track between a fence on the left and trees on the right. The path heads downhill along the edge of woodland to Pooh Bridge where it surely is obligatory to play ‘Poohsticks’ by dropping sticks into the stream and watching them float under the bridge. Cross the bridge and continue uphill to join a tarmac drive. Keep ahead and at a public footpath sign turn right over a stile. Walk along the left-hand edge of a field, by a hedge on the left, and follow the field edge round to the right to climb another stile. Continue in the same direction diagonally across the next field, climbing a stile in front of a house. Bear right over the next stile, at a public footpath sign, and bear left to keep along the left-hand edge of a field along an enclosed path. Towards the edge of the field turn left through a gate (TQ 474 348) and follow the path ahead across rough grassland, keeping parallel to the edge of woodland on the left. Cross a stile and continue – ahead is a grand view over the Medway Valley and the Weald, with the spire of Hartfield church prominent – eventually crossing a stile on to a road (TQ 474 352). Turn right and after a quarter of a mile bear left at a junction into Hartfield.

DISTANCE: 6 miles (9.7km) OS MAPS: Landranger 188 (Maidstone & Royal Tunbridge Wells), Explorer 135 (Ashdown Forest) ROUTE TERRAIN: Field and woodland paths; metalled tracks STARTING POINT: Church Street, Hartfield (there is roadside parking in the village centre) This is Walk 13 from the Pathfinder Guides No.67: East Sussex & the South Downs book, published by Crimson Publishing ( OS maps available (Landranger 188; Explorer 135). Map above © Crown copyright November 2014 Ordnance Survey Media 074/14.

Neither the publisher nor the author can accept any responsibility for any changes, errors or omissions in this route. Diversion orders can be made and permissions withdrawn at any time.

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