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know that that goes against the grain, but you wouldn’t dream of not bothering to service your car would you? Yet we all think that having garden equipment serviced is either unnecessary or, frankly, if we are men, we regard it as a bit cissy: we think we can do it ourselves, and we probably could, but the fact is we simply don’t. Instead we wait until the machine doesn’t work and then we want it all fixed instantly at the very time when the workshops are full of similarly careless people screaming for their mowers at the beginning of the season. So take it to the experts in the first place and let them sort it out; and don’t wait until next spring when the dealer is stacked up with work and you are desperate for your machine, be cool and book it in now when you don’t need it. Good advice which I shall take myself this year. Right now, in fact. And don’t ignore all your simple hand tools either. They too will benefit from being put away clean and wiped over with an oily rag. Good tools are a joy to use they deserve looking after, and in the coming months we shall look at some of the best ones which are available.

Hose off all the season’s crud

Learn how to make Animal Sculptures with Willow or Make a Rustic Basket Stefan Jennings will be running workshops at Dunks Hall, Hawkhurst for two days only.

Come and make a dog, a deer, a fox, sheep or perhaps a goose on the Willow Sculpture day on 14th November. £70 for the day

... until it is completely clean underneath

Make a practical and good looking Rustic Basket using a variety of hedgerow material on 15th November. £50 for the day Sadly, this beautiful mower has been neglected and not cleaned for several seasons. This big hole renders the mower useless and a replacement deck costs £391. Don’t let this happen to your mower. November 2014

The day starts at 9.15am and finishes at 4.30pm. For more information or to book contact Stefan on 01823 665342 or email The Onion magazine 29

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