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      Volume  10,  February  5,  2012     Picture  of  Butchard  Gardens  

Butchard Gardens,  Victoria,  British  Columbia,  Photo  by  Carol  Dodson    

Mentors’ Message   We’ve  had  a  breath  of  spring,  but  now  it’s  time  to  jump  into  the  February  activity   and  plan  for  the  rest  of  the  school  year.  Did  you  celebrate  the  first  national  digital   learning  day  on  February  1?  Be  sure  to  share  on  the  wall  how  your  school   celebrated  the  day.  We’re  looking  forward  to  seeing  you  at  the  conference  on   February  13-­‐15.  In  addition  to  your  presentations,  your  meeting  with  us,  and  the   opportunity  to  share  in  all  the  benefits  of  the  conference,  we  hope  you’ll  stop  at  the   ORC  exhibit  where  we’ll  be  celebrating  the  launch  of  the  iLearn  Ohio  website.       Information     Ohio  Education  Technology  Conference       February  13  –15,  2012:  Columbus  Convention  Center     SKYPE  Sharing  Session  Applications  Due­‐initiatives/skype-­‐sharing-­‐session   Monday  February  13,  2012     Evidence  of  Transformation  Data  and  Stories  Due­‐content/uploads/2011/08/eot_overview.pdf   Wednesday  February  15,  2012     Rigor  &  Relevance  Strategies  Due­‐model   Wednesday  February  15,  2012    

TT&L Coaches  Speed  Meeting  Session­‐materials/02152012sms   Wednesday  February  15,  2012:  Columbus  Convention  Center       Monthly  Coaches  Report  Due   Monthly  Report  Link   Wednesday  February  15,  2012     Advocacy  &  Sustainability  Stories  Due­‐content/uploads/2012/01/Sustainability-­‐Advocacy.pdf   Wednesday  February  15,  2012     Teacher  Growth  Plan  Updates  Due­‐content/uploads/2011/08/Teacher-­‐Growth-­‐Plan-­‐Overview.pdf   Wednesday,  February  29,  2012     Spring  Site  Visits  Preparations­‐content/uploads/2011/08/TTLSiteVisitProtocol.docx.pdf   March  -­‐  May  ,  2012     Implementation   Redefining Instruction With Technology: Five Essential Steps A  teacher  who  received  a  class  set  (32)  of  iPads  learned  that  she  couldn’t  teach  the   way  she  had  always  taught  and  just  add  in  the  iPads.    The  five  essential  steps  are   listed  below,  but  this  must-­‐read  article  is  found  in  the  January  25,  2012  online   publication,  Education  Week  Teacher.     1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Break down to rebuild. Redefine with a goal in mind. Get more app for your money. Embrace failure. Enjoy the results, reflect towards the future. One student wrote in her daily reflection, "[iPads] make me want to come to school every day because I know that Ms. Magiera has a lesson just for me."

The two  articles  below  provide  examples  of  PBLs  as  well  as  how-­‐to-­‐make-­‐it-­‐work   suggestions.     Class  assignment:  Reinvent  high  school     To  access  this  article,  go  to  where  you  can  register  for  a  free   subscription  of  your  own.  The  article  is  located  in  the  current  issue,  Vol.  15,  No.  2.     The  PBL  Launch  Pad,  Part  One:  Worthwhile  Projects  for  High  School  Students   by  Eeva  Reeder    


Photo from Mail Online, 1/23/12

She did it! Dutch girl, 16, becomes youngest to sail around the world on her own School authorities said she should be in school. What do you think? After you read the article, consider what she learned on her voyage and compare it to what she might have learned in school. Share this discussion during a conversation about PBL with your team. Read more:

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