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This is a publication by Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás S.A., edited by FSB Comunicações and targeted to the in-house audience. Copies of this edition: 2,600

What is the first word that comes to our minds when we mention QGOG's operations? What is the


number one priority when it comes down to our collaborator's life and business sustainability?



To all these questions, there is a single answer: SAFETY!

Leduvy Gouvea Claudia Hesse Gerson Peccioli Guilherme Lima José Augusto Moreira José Maurício de Faria Rodrigo Ribeiro


JOURNALISTS IN CHARGE Lúcia Martins (JP-1724-RJ) Milena Cosmo (JP-19154-RJ)



Being aware of that it’s how we begin working every day at QGOG, and this is the main topic of this edition. We invite all collaborators to read our newsletter. In all articles, you will find Safety, either as the main topic or mentioning or referring to our corporate actions, both operational and

More than learning about those actions, it is important that we all recognize ourselves as part of them, because Safety – apart from being a key Value to the company – needs to be a constant element in our activities. The intention is that practice, which begins in corporate life, extends to the personal, social and family areas of our lives. The record numbers of no accidents in our operational units, the reference as a safe company in the oil and gas market, and the investment in QSMS and of the whole company in Safety campaigns are only examples of how much we have accomplished, as we always keep Safety in the North of our compass.


For that reason, we once again call our Valued Team to help making our commitment to

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Márcio Pastori


PHOTOS Arquivo Grupo Queiroz Galvão Arquivo Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás

FSB Comunicações Carolina Borges

Rodrigo Ribeiro

And this movement can't stop! WHAT DOES SAFETY MEAN TO QGOG? To us, safety is more than priority: it is one of the company's values.

Safety more solid, which makes QGOG a reference of operational excellence and sustainable development in the petroleum industry.

It is the company's commitment to make safety increasingly regarded IS THIS THE REASON WHY A SAFETY CAMPAIGN WAS CREATED FOUR

as a true value in collaborators' hearts and minds. The motto of this

YEARS AGO? We are always searching for good work practices, and QGOG

year's campaign, “respect to life is a key condition for the corporate

I finally remind the motto of our 2014 Safety Campaign, which summarizes what has been

makes all efforts when it comes down to safety. Always aware of what

activity”, places the human being and life as more important aspects

said so far:

was happening in the world, at that time we looked for things that would

when conducting QGOG's business and sustainability.

be significant to our collaborators. Our wish was an event that could Value your Life: Your Safety is our greatest reward.

effectively be a milestone of the company's vision, but able to build a


movement towards Safety.

We have been below the average of accidents in the drilling industry

Enjoy your reading!

Leduvy Gouvea General Director

CONTACT US Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás S.A. Av. Pres. Antônio Carlos, 51


since 2008. We are at an excellence level among the sector's comWHAT DID QGOG PREPARE FOR THE 2014 CAMPAIGN?

panies and are recognized for our high safety performance. But it is

We are launching the Golden Rules (read more on page 10). Throughout

important to mention that it’s not what keep us going forward. What

the year, we are going to develop a series of actions to disseminate the

drives us is the continuous search for zero accidents and incidents,

concepts to be worked out. In general, presenting the campaign is the

and thus truly making safety as one of the company's values. QGOG's

moment when the company thinks over everything that has been done in

vision is to be a reference in safety management and become the best

terms of safety. Our idea is to call attention to the subject and make the

in class. This is what we look for on a continuous basis.

team focused on the topic. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THIS YEAR'S CAMPAIGN?

3º, 5º, 6º e 7º andares - 20020-010 Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Our objective is to reach zero high potential accidents. We don't want

The safety campaign's planned and developed actions have immediate

to expose anybody to serious risks, even considering that our acti-

effects on people's mood, particularly for those embarked, and also on

vity is highly risky. We have been accomplishing significant results,

Printed on recycled paper 150g/m2 by

safety performance, both operational and occupational of our operational

however, there is a long journey ahead of us.

Walprint Editora e Gráfica

units and bases. At the moment the campaign is launched, and especially when accepting the “commitment to Safety”, it is possible to see the bright in the participants' eyes and their expression of satisfaction and pride for working to a company that really has Safety as one of its values. .






The Offshore Operations area is fully involved

Like the other areas of the company, the Offshore

Responsible for units with good history of re-

“The message to collaborators is that they are

in the Safety campaign “Value your Life”. The

will also have a series of planned actions, with

cord numbers without loss time accidents, the

very important. We want them to return to their

most important days of the year for the QSMS

the purpose to also reinforce the Golden Rules -

Onshore Operations area embarks on the new

homes with the same integrity they had when

area, when the company reinforces its commit-

measures to be adopted to ensure the physical

QGOG's Safety campaign, “Value your Life”, with

beginning their working day”, he remarked.

ment to Safety, are marked by the visit from

integrity of all collaborators.

the mission of maintaining such excellent standard.

the company's managers, who get personally

The Onshore records the highest record results

Annik also points out that maintaining such accom-

involved in the mobilization, in order to reaffirm

Aristeu Andreatta and Simordem Campos,

without accidents (see the side box).

plishments depends a lot on every collaborator's

and reinforce the company's commitment to the

Offshore Sectoral Managers, highlighted that

involvement so as to make prevention become a

lives of its collaborators.

the work done on the rigs was key to achieve

The challenge of keeping these record numbers

habit, as well as stimulating co-workers to always

is even higher when we take the locations' con-

have a safe behavior. “Avoiding accidents is to put

According to the Offshore QSMS Manager, Leandro

goal is zero accidents, the efforts of planning

ditions in consideration.

LIFE in first place.”

Duarte, this is the utmost point of the actions

and execution of Safety actions will be stronger.

– areas of difficult access, irregular and uneven

“It means to keep the business operating with

since without commitment

lands, hot and humid climate – besides compli-

excellence and sustainability”, concludes Jorge.

there is no establishment

those record results, however, as the company's

planned by the company,

cated logistic for the transport of equipment and

of habits required to avoid

people, among other issues, according to Annik

accidents. “There is no

Leão, Onshore QSMS Manager.

Safety without discipline.

“Reaching such figures is the proof that we are fully developing safe and preventive practices in our work environments, walking along the Safety road day after day”, adds Annik. According to her, avoiding accidents means to exercise the awareness achieved through all training programs, lectures,


Leandro remarks that one of

Commitment is what ensures the record number of units

the challenges is going to be the qualification of new collaborators who will operate the equipment at the new rigs to

And without commitment,

be freighted by QGOG for the

there is no discipline”, he

pre-salt operation. “There are

pointed out, highlighting that setting this routine

empowerment programs so that we are prepared

is key to make the projected programs efficient.

to growth challenges”, he said.

According to Leandro, this commitment is what

Simordem completes by saying that “the invest-


ensures the record number of units, such as three

ment committed by the company when hiring new

proceedings, videos and primers, among other


years without accidents, a mark of Atlantic Star,

collaborators for the empowerment program

actions promoted every year at the company by


with the adoption of measures like the Warning

has been a distinguishing aspect in the industry

Cards for identifying deviations and incidents,

for the training of new supervisors, through an

and the root program of risk Management, which

accelerated learning program. This is an initiative

brings the Safety culture to higher levels on all

for the education of future teams to work in the

the company's layers.

units under construction”.

means of Safety programs and campaigns. “When the team has a safe behavior, that means it is moving towards such record results”, emphasized Jorge Luiz Matos, Onshore Operations Manager. He highlights that a number of actions are necessary to keep those results, but that the main accomplishment is called commitment.






FPSO CIDADE DE ILHABELA COMPLETED UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR In Brazil since January for the installation of the

ximately 20,000 tons, and the unit will bear

The Cidade de Ilhabela was a VLCC oil tanker, and

topside platform, the FPSO Cidade de Ilhabela is

a storage capacity of 1.6 million oil barrels.

it started being built in 2011 in China. When rea-

expected to start operating commercially in the

dy, it will operate in the Sapinhoá field, in block

pre-salt until the end of this year. Currently moored

BM-S-9. The unit is strategic for QGOG, since it is

at shipyard Brasa, in Niterói (RJ), the unit came

going to be one of the biggest units operating in

from China, where it went through a conversion process, from oil tanker to platform vessel, completed in October 2013. The unit is now in a process of integrating 15 of the 18 modules that will be part of the vessel (the peak of more than 3,000 people working at the vessel on a daily basis was

Ilhabela will bear the capacity of processing up to 150 thousand oil barrels and compressing the maximum of 6 million m³ of natural gas

achieved!) – such as pipes, power generation


the country – besides being the second FPSO of

Thinking of the development of young talents and

given by QGOG collaborators and will approach

the headquarters, 5,669 candidates registered

pre-salt to begin its production in Brazil.

continuous investment in human capital, QGOG im-

topics such as: Sustainability, Operations, Career

through the Internet and 170 students were called

proved its trainee program. The Estagiar Program

Management, Presentation Techniques, among

for the following phase. At the end of the process,

“The Cidade de Ilhabela is a very strategic unit for

is attended today by 32 trainees, distributed in

others. In December, our young people will face

12 were hired, and today they are a total of 21

QGOG. When completed, the company will reach

the headquarters and bases. “In 2014 we hired 15

the challenge to present their areas and the kno-

trainees at QGOG's headquarters.

a higher ground”, remarked Leonardo. Sapinhoá

new students to be part of our team”, points out

wledge/experience achieved at QGOG.

field was purchased by the consortium Petrobras/

Carolina Vasco, HR Analyst at the headquarters.

The success of the selection was emphasized

BG/Repsol-Sinopec, and the unit will be operated by QGOG, in partnership with SBM Offshore.

and effluent treatment equipment, gas com-

by the Commercial Manager, Larissa Sigiliano, At the Estagiar Program, the HR department will follow each student with their managers, by means

pression and pressure vessels – according to

Besides, FPSO will bear the capacity of processing

Besides this FPSO, QGOG is going to operate the

of periodic assessments, and will provide lectu-

the FPSO coordinator, Leonardo Viana Lopes.

up to 150 thousand oil barrels and compressing the

units Cidade de Maricá and Cidade de Saquarema.

res that will contribute to professional growth,

“The major part of the modules comprising the

maximum of six million cubic meters of natural gas.

Both will be simultaneously integrated and are

as well as the development of our corporate

topside platform was built and will be installed

Lopes also pointed out that when FPSO is completed

expected to be ready for petroleum production

organizational skills.

in Brazil”, he remarked. With all modules ins-

it will undergo commissioning tests, for the first oil

in the Lula field by the end of 2015 and beginning

talled, the topside will have a total of appro-

extraction - which must take place in up to six months.

of 2016, respectively.

The high quality of the selection was clear during interviews... Selecting only one trainee was a tough call

who stated that: “The high quality of the selection was clear during interviews. The candidates selected by the HR department demonstrated to be aligned with the company's guidelines and knowledge of the main activities of the area they had applied for. Selecting only one trainee was a tough call”.

Assessments made every semester has the purpose to verify the student's progress in the

For those interested in learning about the po-

program, and his/her perception about it (acti-

Candidates went through a thorough selection

licy of the Estagiar Program, the document is

vities done, professional/personal development,

process, with test and interview phases with ma-

available on the intranet, at the SGI – Integrated

and support from the manager). Lectures will be

nagers of related areas. In the last selection at

Management System.





Launch of the Campaign at Laguna Star.

Launch of the Campaign in Manaus.

BECAUSE LIFE IS PRICELESS QGOG launches the campaign “Value your Life: Your Safety is our Greatest Reward.

Safety at work is not only a rule to be followed at

The QSMS Corporate Coordinator, Flávio Costa, em-

the Safety campaign, awareness about safety has

QGOG. It means the commitment of everyone to the

phasizes that the campaign includes several actions

been progressing significantly”, remarked Flávio.

standards and procedures in the execution of daily

that aim at promoting safe behavior and work, and

activities, in order to guarantee that our collaborators

eventually improving Safety performance as a whole.

arrive at home with their safety preserved.

Safety is part of the operational routine. One of


the main actions of the campaign “Value your Life” This year, the campaign is focused on the presen-

is the company's renewed commitment to Safety,

Launched between February and April, the campaign

tation and enforcement of the ten “Golden Rules”,

considering the document is read and signed by

is split in phases and actions with the purpose to

standards that must be strictly followed by collabo-

all collaborators.

keep the entire “QGOG's Valued Team” aware and

rators, with the sole purpose of preserving Safety

committed to Safety, so that they constantly obser-

and health, and save lives. They have been esta-

By the launch of the campaign, the company reports

ve and follow the company's Safety standards. “It

blished based on studies and analyses of the main

the actions of the previous year and presents the

is the moment when the company pauses to think

risk factors involved in accidents and incidents of

planning and goals projected for the current year.

over Safety”, remarked Rodrigo Ribeiro, Director of

high potential severity in our industry.

Such actions represent an “energy injection" into

Operations at QGOG.

Gustavo Galvão during the launch in Manaus.

the system (SGI), further stimulating the whole The continuous practice of applying established

QGOG team towards Safety.

The Safety value is translated in its description:

procedures and programs – and now including

“Respect for life and key condition for corporate

the Golden Rules – effectively contributes to make

Rodrigo highlights that in a highly risky envi-

sustainability”. Four years ago, the annual Safety

QGOG a company of high performance in operatio-

ronment, the creation of bad habits makes us

campaign has been promoted by the QSMS depart-

nal safety, with excellent indicators and low rates

blind to see danger that might occur, which

ment, supported by all other QGOG's departments.

of accidents and incidents. However, the objective

change everyday. It is necessary to think over

Valuing life as a sustainability pillar requires a constant

is to further improve its practices, towards zero

daily actions to always learn new things and be

and tireless work to make everyone aware of the

accidents, and it requires commitment, continued

constantly aware.

importance and internalization of the “Safety Value”

effort, discipline and continuous purpose regarding

during activities done on a daily basis.

the Value of Safety. “We are not satisfied, we want

This way, the company's actions and the Golden

'zero accidents'!”, concludes Rodrigo Ribeiro.

Rules have the purpose to contribute so that colla-

“Safety is a non-negotiable value at QGOG”, remarked

borators are not careless about being aware on a

Márcio Pastori, QSMS Corporate Manager. “Here at

“We are among the best in class”, added Márcio,

daily basis during their activities, and to accomplish

the company, Safety is more than a priority it is a

when listing QGOG's safety data compared to

that we rely on the strict and proactive work of

Value”, highlighted Rodrigo.

those of the industry. “In every new edition of

our leaders and their teams.





QGOG 2020


More than gold, they can worth lives! The Safety

The QSMS Corporate Manager, Márcio Pastori,

the use of restricted devices and cargo mo-

guidelines that are already part of QGOG's routine

says that the idea is that people incorporate

vement are some of them. Within each of

will be even more important this year. Named as

such rules and turn them into habit. “It is like

these areas, there are rules so that workers

Golden Rules, they were put together on a placard

we face safety belts nowadays", he gives as

avoid accidents or incidents. In the Safety

with guidance that must be strictly followed by

an example. To him, creating the release ma-

Campaign, rules are the starting point of a

the company's collaborators on a daily basis.

terial reinforces the company's concern about

process to create habits, according to Flávio

The group of actions was identified and split by

its collaborators. "We are sure that by esta-

Costa, QSMS Coordinator. “This year, we are

area of risk, and it is one of the most important

blishing this primer we are valuing the lives of

going to focus on educating our teams. The

updates of 2014 Safety campaign.

our collaborators, he states.

company will give priority and attention so that all collaborators do not take for granted

This year, we are going to focus on educating our teams. The company will give priority and attention so that all collaborators do not take for granted the fulfillment of the Golden Rules

Q1As a whole, 10 high-risk areas or opera-

the fulfillment of the Golden Rules during

tions have been identified by the team who

their professional activities. We don't want be

created the project (see the leaflet on this

better than anyone. We just don’t not want to

page – to detach and keep!). Work at Height,

have accidents”, emphasizes Pastori.

It arrived in Brazil in January, after one month,


by the petroleum industry. Fernando Biral, from



rig Urca, the first pre-salt drilling unit in the con-

In these blocks are the machinery and the other

Olinda Star, in operation in the Campos Basin,

text of the Sete Brasil project. The lower hull was

embarking equipment and systems, including the

is the first floating drilling rig in the country to

assembled by Keppel Fels in Singapore, where it

dynamic positioning system, propellers, genera

be granted the local content certificate by the

came from in mid December. At

service, such as integration,

Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural

the shipyard Brasfels, in Angra

commissioning and tests of

Gas and Biofuels (ANP). Certification allows that

dos Reis (RJ), the lower hull will

all its systems.

the rig is used in fields that have local content

go through the assembly of six

the advisory firm Apsan, was one of those who participated in the elaboration of the project. He

megablocks that individually

Work at Height and Falling Objects

Work in Heat

weight over 1,600 tons.

explains that the Golden Rules are based on the company's incidents and experiences and reflect the legal and regulating requirements applicable

Work in Confined Spaces

Work in Heat

to QGOG's business. “The Golden Rules reinforce the critical areas of the current Management System that bear high risk of severe injuries or

Cargo Movement and Lifting

Safety Devices

death, in case they are not followed”, he says.

Energized Systems

(electrical, water, pneumatic and mechanical)

Work in Heat

work”, he remarked.

The first to be certified by ANP

approximately, the lower hull of the submersible

YOUR SAFETY IS OUR GREATEST REWARD. The Golden Rules came up from a deep study made

Olinda Star


Safe Behavior

It will be an unprecedented, pioneering work

commitment goals, established in ANP's tender When completed, the rig will

rounds, always preserving the unit's capacities,

be operated by QGOG. SS-

which can reach 1,100 m of water layer.

Urca is expected to begin

The six megablocks are in

its commercial operation in

The document also states that the rig - comple-

advanced stage of the cons-

2016, and it is one of the 29

tely refurbished in Brazil - was assembled relying

truction process at Brasfels,

drilling rigs to be delivered

on domestic material and labor. The certification

according to Nelson Sena, QGOG's Project

until 2019, with local content ranging from 55%

process of Olinda Star took one year and it is

Manager, and will be hoisted and installed by a

to 65%, according to the rules of the sector

in line with the national plan of fostering the

new crane achieved by the shipyard specifically

to the pre-salt units.

naval construction and Petrobras' strategy of contracting national goods.

for this process. “This is a significant milestone for Keppel, Sete Brasil and QGOG in the process

The projected investment to build the 29 rigs

of building drilling units in Brazil”, stated Nelson.

is approximately US$ 25 billion. Rigs will bear

For the QGOG's Commercial Manager, Larissa

capacity to drill wells of up to 10 thousand deep,

Sigiliano, "the certification of the rig evidences

The hoisting is expected to take place in April.

on water layers up t o three thousand meters.

the forefront position of Queiroz Galvão, which

Nelson mentioned that this is the first time such

SS-Urca's total length is 108 meters, operatio-

in 2007, even before the mandatory minimum

a big assembly of megablocks is executed in

nal displacement of approximately 45 thousand

commitment to local content, made the decision

Brazil. “It will be an unprecedented, pioneering

tons and accommodation for up to 160 people.

to upgrade the unit in Brazil".

Use of Restricted Devices





ECOVITAL BEGINS ACTIVITIES WITH TESTS IN THE PLANT Ecovital started the tests of the first big sized plant in the country for the incineration of hazardous waste, derived from complex industrial processes. The company is the combination of Vital Engenharia Ambiental (Queiroz Galvão's environmental arm) and EcoBras Tecnologia, and the unit will bear capacity of burning up to 2.5 thousand tons of this type of waste per month. The plant is strategically situated in the city of Sarzedo, Minas Gerais state, close to Gabriel Passos refinery, owned by Petrobras, and Fiat factory, in the neighbor city of Betim. The unit is


capable of incinerating residues from products

Construtora Queiroz Galvão Internacional (CQGI) has

of Ghana. The construction is very important for the

like ascarel, paint sludge and expired medications.

already started the drilling phase of the road complex

road system in that country. The execution of the

of Kwame Nkrumah, group of avenues on three levels

foundations must be completed until December, and

under construction by the company, which intends to

the first construction phase must be completed and

relieve traffic congestion in downtown Accra, capital

delivered to the population in mid 2015.

QG INFRA COMES TO LIFE TO COMPETE FOR CONCESSIONS Queiroz Galvão Group created QG Infra with the purpose to compete for public concessions in infrastructure, aiming to reach an investment portfolio of around R$ 19 billion. QG Infra is born as a grown-up: its portfolio includes 300 megawatts of hydroelectric power generation, participation in CRT (which explores the Rio-Teresópolis road) and Águas do Brasil, apart from developing projects



Computers, tablets and notebooks ready to go.

"Meetings have been ever more positive. After

All this for another kick-off by the Information

some years, we've made significant improvements

Technology (IT) area and QGOG processes.

and we are being able to move on in tune with

More than a meeting at work, the IT kick- off


Collaborators from all over the country already

the company's strategies", states Vreuls. He hi-

has been an important moment of integration

Queiroz Galvão Desenvolvimento Imobiliário launches in April the residential venture B.Side,

have their projects and goals set for 2014, after

ghlights, among the main actions of 2013, the

and learning. "I found it awesome. As a new

in Botafogo, one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. The undertaking

a meeting that took place by the end of January,

consolidation of the Electronic Market and SGO,

collaborator of the process area, the event

will have three and four bedroom apartments, besides four or five bedroom duplex

in order to assess the successful

the ERP of the Operation. "But

was important to make me further understand

penthouses. In a single tower and with four apartments per floor, the B.Side will bear a

outcomes and flaws of 2013, and

we also made progress in a

how the whole company's system worked. It

leisure area, including heated hydro massage pool, solarium, children’s swimming pool,

define the paths for this year. A

series of controls related to

was an important asset", says the Process

rest area, steam sauna, indoor and outdoor fitness area, playground, party lounge, pantry

total of 12 actions, a result from

governance", he mentions.

Analyst Cristiane Lobianco.

and barbecue grill with pizza oven.

this meeting, will be implemented

For this year, the message

The IT Coordinator of Manaus Base, Kleiton

at the event was: "Work out

Figueira, adds that the meeting is key for the

quality focused on the human

strategic alignment of operations among the

for Lines 6 and 18 of São Paulo subway system, and Line 4 of Rio de Janeiro's subway system.

until December.

We have been able to move on in tune with the company's strategies


The kick-off begins with an analysis of the weak and strong points of the projects to

being". "It is necessary to understand people behind

bases. "Distance cannot be a problem for the

QGEP completed in February the formation testing in the first horizontal well of Atlanta

be developed. Then comes the time for making the

the systems. It's not only a matter of solving

strategic planning; such alignment is essential

Field, in the Santos Basin, within the Anticipated Production System. The productivity

action plan. It has been this way for four years,

equation X or Y. But to try to identify why they

for the good execution of the IT actions within

results of the reservoir are above the superior limit of the range estimated by the company,

when meetings began at QGOG. From that moment

exist. Creating a software, for example, derives

the company", he states.

confirming the excellent potential of the field. The company has already started drilling the

forward, the sector improved, according to the

from a person's wish and we need to understand

second of 12 wells to comprise the Production System, following the schedule established

IT Corporate Manager, Etienne Vreuls.

it better", according to Etienne.

by the consortium. The reservoir is situated in Block BS-4, 185 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro's coast, in the exclusion area of pre-salt in the Santos Basin, where QGEP is the only private company in operation.





Macaé Base

RDO Base RESILIENCE, THE KEY TO REDUCE STRESS Becoming less concerned with problems is a way to reduce stress. Those who are able to achieve that, resisting to pressure and taking advantage of adverse situations, avoid a series of effects that may cause diseases and psychological problems. In other words, facing stressful situations as relative occurrences, As for the CCO – Operations Control Center

After being non-operational for two years and having

Rio das Ostras Base has already completed

some areas damaged for heavy rain in December,

the migration of all links from its offshore

the Macaé Base went through a two-month refur-

units to the new teleport at the base, which

– it will consolidate the integrated management

bishment, when the roofs and the drainage system

began with Olinda Star, in November 2013,

of rig operations, by implementing the monitoring

were replaced, new interior and exterior painting,

and completed in February this year with

of a big group of indicators, their effects, trend

besides the installation of QGOG's network and a

Atlantic Star, allowing the improvement in

analyses, and execution of training programs

new telephone system.

telecommunications services.

for users and those who are interested.

Works began in January and the employees of the

The teleport also allows physical access to

CCO is part of the SGO project – Integrated

hired company received instructions about safety

the equipment situated in the company's en-

Operations Management System – currently

A company of QGOG size needs an efficient

inside companies, particularly considering the

procedures required by our company, through a

vironments, facilitating problem resolution

in the beginning of its third implementation phase,

Information Management System, which allo-

principle that professional stress happens in

lecture given by the Technician of Safety at Work,

and ensuring the reliability when providing

when it will be capable of integrating results

ws viewing and accessing the main documents

any segment of work and it is not restricted

Weslei Oliveira

resources for the offshore units.

and standardize operations control.

required for the work of everyone. Thinking this

to top executive jobs or those considered

over, the QSMS and IT departments purchased

to be risky.

because this behavior helps to fight diseases


and means professional and personal growth. Stress is a hormonal reaction of the human


body, which responds to situations that will require high emotional effort to overcome it. The point is that the human body was not built to bear continued stress. That's why

- Safety at Work: Reality or Utopia.

the topic has been growing in importance

the Management System made by the Support

And prevention brought results! It is important to

Foundation of the Federal University of Rio Grande

Resilience is a psychological concept, inspired

do Sul (FAURGS).

by Physics, especially regarding the resistan-

emphasize that no accident or incident has been reported during the construction works, which are

It was initially implemented to support document

now completed.

management at QGOG. According to the QSMS

larly the Information Capture System to issue the

ce of materials, which means the ability to

´report of greenhouse gas emissions´.

resist and mold under pressure. “A resilient professional is the one who recovers and

Corporate Manager, Márcio Pastori, collaborators

Another important functionality under develop-

molds himself/herself to every ‘deformation’

can have real time access both to the latest and

ment, and that must soon begin to be produced,

(obstacle)”, defines Dr. Távira Sucupira, Labor

oldest versions of such documents, as well as to

is the module to assess the proficiency of content

Physician at QGOG.

The Operations Support Office of Nova Mutum

the history of reviews, workflow and approvals.

related to SGI critical procedures, applying online

was awarded the trophy Orange Day 2014, in the

The access system allows to better control what

exams after reading the document. This will en-

Távira further explains that human balance is

category Administration. The prize, with results

is effectively happening in terms of information

sure that all collaborators, related to the critical

similar to the structure of a building. If pres-

made public in early February, selects the most

management, related to SGI documents.

procedures, have read and are proficient in them.

sures are higher than what the structure can

The data of Warning Cards (approximately 40

Márcio emphasizes that the Management System

walls and columns. The same can happen to

Nova Mutum Base

creative pictures made by collaborators, who

Manaus Base

bear, the result will be the surge of cracks in

wore orange clothes and accessories, part of the company's anniversary celebrations (see

On March 8, some QGOG's female collaborators

classes. The event was attended by professional

thousand records of deviations and incidents) is

also allows to follow up corrective and preventive

us: the “cracks” come as diseases, lesions,

more pictures of the Orange Day on page 16

in Manaus participated in the "Corrida da Mulher

competitors and MMA fighter José Aldo. Local fe-

included in the Management System, making it

ac Stions derived from flaws found by internal

psychological problems, among others.

and on Marcelo Nagibi,

– Rita Calderaro" (Women's Race), a competition

male personalities were present, like the First Lady

possible to manage all of them, increasing con-

and external audits. In this case, nonconformities

EAO Administrative Manager, took part in the

that definitely is among the big sports competi-

of the municipality and the Municipal Secretary of

trol over actions taken and results achieved. The

are registered and monitored, establishing action

“The more resilient the person is the lower

engagement of the team he was in charge;

tions in the sate of Amazonas.

Social Assistance and Human Rights (SEMASDH),

Management System has other functionalities, and

plans for treating them, so that such issues are

the number of diseases and the better the

Goreth Garcia, as well as the Secretary of Youth,

many other are planned to be included, particu-

settled in accordance with the planning.

quality of life”, she stated.

collaborators who today work in Mato Grosso even created an orange serum to show that

The fourth edition of the race gathered together

Nova Mutum's team really has "QGOG's blood

over four thousand women, in Ponta Negra, western

running in their veins".

in the city. The competitors were provided with

All competitors were given flowers and medals.

special activities like beauty parlor and pole dance

A different and healthy way to celebrate the date.

Sports and Leisure (SEJEL), Alessandra Campelo.



THE COLOR OF CREATIVITY IS ORANGE QGOG completed 34 years on January 21,

The winners were the Warehouse de-

and for the third year in a row we had the

partment of Porto Urucu, in the Onshore

Orange Day, the day when our collaborators

category – even the jaguar from Amazonia

are called to dress in the orange color, the

was dressed in orange for the celebrations!

company's official color.

The Alpha Star team also made all efforts

The theme this year was “I am part of this Valued Team” and in order to further stimulate creativity and team participation, a trophy was created. Every year, people improve their creativity. Accessories, clothes, food, drink, celebration cakes, decorative garnish... Imagination

and was the winner in the Offshore category. And the number one highlight was the Operations Support Office of Nova Mutum – first time in the competition and winner in the Administrative category, with “Orange Blood Running in Their Veins”. Congratulations to all participants.

has no limits when people wear QGOG's

Take a look at some of the pictures of our

orange shirt.

orange Valued Team!



ONSHORE WINNER Porto Urucu Warehouse

29 trad