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SWINBURNE COLLEGE Course Information Booklet 2014 General English, Level 1

General English Level 1 – Swinburne College – Swinburne University of Technology

Welcome to GE Level 1 This course information booklet will tell you about the aims of the course, your tests/tasks and important information to help you in your studies.

Aims The aim of this course is to improve your English language skills. You will improve skills in Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation and Grammar.

Modes of Study You will study English language in the classroom and by using computers (E-learning).

Content At the end of this course you will be able to: Writing/Grammar   

Fill out simple forms requesting personal information Write simple and compound sentences Write short texts about requesting and giving information, people and routines

Reading    

Understand short simple texts on familiar topics Find details and main ideas in short simple texts Understand vocabulary on familiar topics and personal interests Understand simple grammar and sentence patterns

Listening   

Listen to situations about real life and personal experiences Listen for main ideas and details Listen for vocabulary about everyday life

Speaking  

Have short conversations and dialogues using simple vocabulary and grammar Use suitable pronunciation, stress, intonation and linking words

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General English Level 1 – Swinburne College – Swinburne University of Technology

Assessment Overview You will have tests/tasks in all skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar and Study Skills. Your teachers will give you more information about each one.

Assessment Methods You will have continuous assessment tasks and end of level tests in each skill area. You will get advice from your teachers and help when needed.








Listening Quiz – Week 5


Listening Test – Week 10


Weekly Reading/Vocab Record – Weeks 1-9


Reading Quiz – Week 5


Reading Test – Week 10


Writing Test – Week 5


Writing Test – Week 10


Conversation with Teacher – Week 5


Short Dialogue with a Partner – Week 10





Weighting %



Grammar Quizzes x 2 – Weeks 5 & 10


Study Skills


Independent Learning Centre (ILC)/E-learning


Approach to Study


Working independently, classroom participation, completion of classroom tasks, punctuality and working in groups

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General English Level 1 – Swinburne College – Swinburne University of Technology

Student Responsibilities Assessment  

  

You must finish all tests/ tasks To progress to week 6 of your course you must have completed all the assessment tasks satisfactorily for Weeks 1 – 5. If you missed assessment tasks with no valid reason, you will be required to repeat weeks 1 – 5. If you scored very low marks in weeks 1-5 you will also be required to repeat. This will be decided by the Academic Program Manager in consultation with the class teachers. To move to GE2 you must get an overall score of 60% with all skill areas 55% or greater If you miss any tests/tasks because you are sick, you must get a medical certificate within 72 hours after the test to do it at another time

At Risk 

If you don’t finish all the tests/tasks, you may have to repeat Weeks 1 to 5 to improve your English Language skills

Attendance 

You must attend at least 80% or more classes to finish this level

Plagiarism/Cheating   

You MUST not cheat in a test You MUST not copy work from another student You MUST not get another student to do your work for you

Problems Academic   

If you have any problems speak to your teachers first If your teachers can’t help you they will ask you to see the Academic Program Manager If the Academic Program Manager can’t help you they will ask you to see the Assistant Director of Studies

General 

If you have a general problem you can see the Student Support Manager, Byron Coonerty in TD133 or call 9214 5668 You can also see an International Student Advisor to help you. To make an appointment call 9214 6741 or email

Independent Learning Centre (ILC: TD 140) and E-learning  The ILC provides learning materials and resources for your independent study  You must do at least 5 hours of independent study a week. You must do at least 1 hour of independent study on Blackboard  You can use Blackboard at home or in the ILC Updated March 2014 5

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