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SWIMMING Ready to take the plunge, but not quite sure of your swimming skills? The Carol Stream Park District’s Swim Academy has a variety of swim lessons for all ages, starting at 6 months old through teens and adults. Swimmers are evaluated for swim level placement, and lessons are conducted in either the 25-yard lap pool or therapy pool depending on swimmer level.

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Swim Academy - Parent Tot

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Parents assist with teaching their little swimmers comfort in water. Instruction includes water adjustment, entering/exiting water, putting face in water, blowing bubbles, supported front/back kicks, assisted floating and jumping with assistance.

Swimmers learn to enter/exit water with confidence. Instruction includes supported front/back floats, bubble blowing, putting face in water, alternation of arms, front/back kicks, back glide, back glide with kicks, water safety. Ages 3-4yrs

Ages 6mos-2yrs Mon 6/13-7/18


Mon,Wed 8/8-31 5:20-5:50PM Sat 6/18-7/23 10-10:30AM 8/13-9/3 10-10:30AM No class July 16 Sun 6/19-7/24 9:40-10:10AM 8/14-9/4 9:40-10:10AM



Mon-Thu 6/13-23 9-9:30AM 6/27-7/7 9-9:30AM No class July 4 7/11-21 9-9:30AM 8/8-18 9-9:30AM 8/22-9/1 9-9:30AM



$55R/$75NR $44R/$64NR

24799 24800

Tue,Thu 6/14-7/7 7/12-21 8/9-9/1

$66R/$86NR $44R/$64NR

24802 24804

Fri 6/17-7/22 8/12-9/2

Swimmers not potty trained must wear swimsuit with swim diaper and tight fitting rubber/plastic pants.


$88R/$108NR $77R/$97NR

24767 24768

$88R/$108NR $88R/$108NR $88R/$108NR

24770 24771 24772

5:20-5:50PM 5:20-5:50PM 5:20-5:50PM

$88R/$108NR $44R/$64NR $88R/$108NR

24773 24775 24774

5-5:30PM 5-5:30PM

$66R/$86NR $44R/$64NR

24777 24778

Sat 6/18-7/23 8:30-9AM No class July 16 6/18-7/23 10:40-11:10AM No class July 16 8/13-9/3 8:30-9AM 8/13-9/3 10:40-11:10AM





$44R/$64NR $44R/$64NR

24780 24782

Kick boards and noodles used as aides. Lessons conducted in 3-4 feet of water. Swimming | Summer 2022 Guide | Page 126