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SPORTS - ALL STAR SPORTS Tee Ball Junior Players work on hand-eye coordination while learning the basic mechanics of batting, catching, throwing, fielding and base running. Participants must bring their own glove. Ages 3-4

Multi Sports Players learn drills to improve skills in different sports each week.

Thu 6/9-7/28 11-11:45AM $102R/$122NR 24374 Cambridge Park Sat 6/11-7/30 11-11:45AM $89R/$109NR 24370 Simkus Recreation Center, Turf Field No class 7/2

Ages 3-4 8/6-8/20 11:45AM-12:30PM $40R/$60NR 24427 Cambridge Park

Ages 4-6 Thu 6/9-7/28 4-5PM $102R/$122NR 24365 Simkus Recreation Center, Turf Field

Ages 4-6 Sat 6/11-7/30 11:45AM-12:45PM $89R/$109NR 24371 Simkus Recreation Center, Turf Field

SPORTS - HOT SHOT SPORTS Adult/Tot Basketball

Little Dribblers

Young children develop motor skills while having fun running and ball handling. Parents and tots work together in this class, learning the basics of basketball. Dribbling, passing, shooting and team work is emphasized. A variety of activities are played each week. Participants must bring their own basketball.

The Lil Dribblers Basketball program introduces children to the game of basketball in a safe and fun environment. We use age-appropriate activities and games specifically designed to increase balance, body awareness, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and listening skills. Participants must bring their own basketball.

Ages 2-3

Ages 4-6

Fri 6/10-7/22 4:30-5PM $65R/$85NR No class on July 1 Fri 7/29-9/2 4:30-5PM $65R/$85NR Fountain View Recreation Center

24431 24437

Fri 6/10-7/22 5-5:45PM $70R/$90NR No class July 1 Fri 7/29-9/2 5-5:45PM $70R/$90NR Fountain View Recreation Center

24434 24440

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