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Cricket 101 Big Break Basketball Little Shooters Class This class introduces youngsters to the rules and fundamentals of basketball. Participants practice and improve on dribbling, passing, shooting and teamwork skills through drills and games. Participants must bring their own ball.

This Cricket program introduces kids to the game, which is played with a special bat and ball (provided). Cricket helps increase endurance and stamina, as well as hand-eye coordination and ball-handling skills. Ages 6-15 Thu 6/9-8/18 6-8PM $100R/$120NR 24361 McCaslin Park Cricket Field

Ages 5-9 Mon 6/6-7/18 4-5PM $85R/$105NR Mon 8/1-29 4-5PM $71R/$91NR Fountain View Recreation Center No class 7/4.

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Big Break Basketball Hoopsology Challenge your basketball skills and unlock new levels in your game with Big Break Basketball Certified Skill Enhancement Trainers! Players learn a variety of skills to help increase their playing abilities in this fast paced six-week program. Additionally, players learn how to become their "own trainer" and are asked to show up with pencil and paper in this academy style program. Participants must bring their own ball. Ages 6-12 Mon 6/6-7/18 5-6PM $85R/$105NR Mon 8/1-8/29 5-6PM $71R/$91NR Fountain View Recreation Center No class 7/4.

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EVP - Vollykids USA Volleykidz is an introductory class.The lesson plan introduces the pass, set and spike using a very light volleyball. Volleykidz helps improve hand/eye coordination and left/right coordination through the use of fun drills and games. Ages 9-12 Tue 6/7-28 5:30-7:30PM $99R/$119NR 24444 Tue 7/5-8/2 5:30-7:30PM $99R/$119NR 24445 No Class July 26 Tue 8/9-8/30 5:30-7:30PM $99R/$119NR 24446 Fountain View Recreation Center

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