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Understanding the Work of Employment Law Specialists If you are finishing law school or considering a career in the legal field, you might want to join the growing ranks of employment law specialists. As the workplace changes and evolves, the need for good employment lawyers is growing. Companies need them to make sure they are not violating any rights of their employees, and workers need them to defend any rights that they believe are being violated in the workplace. Employment law is growing and also includes reviewing employment policies, terminations, new hires, contracts, employee behavior and a multitude of other issues. Good labor attorneys are needed on both sides, and are paid well for their advice and counsel. As you consider a career in employment law, make sure you take all the classes you can in labor law, fair wages, human resources and harassment. With the explosion of technology and the new digital workspaces that exist, you will also want to make sure you are able to stay current on all the developments and changes in employment law. Study cases, review court decisions, and subscribe to whatever e-newsletters, blogs, and other publications that are available. Staying on the cutting edge of what is happening in labor law is essential. Whether you work on the side of companies or employees, you will need to understand the motivations and actions of both sides. Learn what companies must do in order to protect themselves from lawsuits and keep their staff members safe and free from a hostile work environment. Understand what workers are expected to do if they feel their rights have been violated. Research all of the statutes, regulations, laws, and precedents that have been established in regard to overtime, fair pay, leave policies, benefits, harassment, and discrimination. Entering the field of employment law can be lucrative and rewarding. It is also challenging.