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Club Members: Daniel Chen, Eric Wu, Jason Fan, Jasmine Zou, Jeffrey Wang, Kevin Xie, Michael Yin, Olivia Fan, Richard Yin, Rickey Guo, Toni Sun, Yihua Zhang Faculty Adviser: Ms. Allision Bryan Photographers: Mary Zhang and Mimi Na Guest Writer: Mr. Rathbun, Christopher Guan, Rena Zhang Special Thanks to Ms. Peters and Mr. Choy


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New Member Recruitment We are inviting YOU to explore the magical process of creating E-magazines! THIS E-zine is the ideal stage for your talent in drawing, photographing and writing. Have fun with us! All 4th to 8th graders are welcomed! Faculty advisor: Ms. Allison Bryan. Contact Rickey: We are looking forward to your participation. THIS E-zine Club 3

Adventure in Learning preserve their dead! Being an avid fan of History, especially Ancient Egypt, I had never expected for this year’s History class to include such a unique hands-on activity. The Archaeology Projects involving us destroying and reassembling ceramic pots to imitate the work of real archaeologists was interesting enough, but this one wins the Nobel Prize for uniqueness. After many weeks of waiting and anticipation, we have finally gotten the chance to do our special History project for Ancient Egypt. Actually, in many of our eyes, it’s not just any ordinary project. Instead of being given the generic task of conjuring up a poster or essay, we get to do something that none of us have done before: work in groups to mummify a real chicken. Now, that’s a real thriller, isn’t it? Actually mummifying a real chicken, in the exact same way the ancient Egyptians did to


Mr. Choy announced that we would be doing this project when we first entered his classroom at the beginning of the semester. We were greatly excited about it, imagining ourselves preparing some lucky poultry

Adventure in Learning for a safe journey to the Afterlife, but the weeks went by as we first delved into studies about Ancient Mesopotamia, and it seemed to take forever. Then, in a flash, the midterm went by and we very soon found ourselves only one day away from the special event. We could barely contain our excitement. I took the remaining three rolls of toilet paper left in my house, preparing to use them the next day. I could hardly wait! The day finally came, and I followed my class as we swarmed to the new lab building in the THIS school area, dragging my three toilet paper rolls behind me. We entered the lab, sitting with our respective assigned groups at each of the four tables. I was teamed with Leighton, Michelle L., Kevin X. and Daniel. We listened intently as Mr. C,


our Science teacher, explained the rules to be followed in the lab and the precautions we had to take. After that, we all donned aprons, goggles and latex gloves, making us look like professional lab workers, and went up to the front of the room to obtain our chickens. Thus the disgusting but fun part of our activity began. We were all tasked to cut open our chicken’s bellies and remove the internal organs, the first step of mummification. With our sharp dissection tools, we did so and began to take out the chicken’s various organs, like its gizzard, intestines and lungs, and

Adventure in Learning put them in a separate container. took them back to the school During the process, building, where we I repeatedly heard laid them in our people saying, “Ew, lockers as temporary ew, ew,” around the tombs. Thereafter room. Thankfully, every day, we checked none of the people on them and changed in our group were the salt mixture, squeamish, though making sure they the smell did get were well preserved. unbearable at one This will continue for point. about a month, and then we’ll wrap up With all the organs disposed of, we proceeded to thoroughly wash our chickens out, then we began to blow-dry it with all the hair dryers we brought. I took my rolls of toilet paper to dry it as well, and soon we pretty much had gotten rid of the moisture on the surface. Then for the next stage, we pulled out our bags of salt and baking soda and stuffed the chicken with it. For the finish, these poor birds in bandages and we put them all in zip-lock plastic send them on their journey to the bags and buried them with more Afterlife. of the powdery stuff. The next day in History After the painstaking process, class, Mr. Choy showed us all we finally had our chickens the videos and pictures he had entombed in bags of salt and taken of our project. Some of baking soda. Triumphantly, we them showed close-ups of the


Adventure in Learning discarded organs that I would not recommend for a squeamish person, and others showed us working together to cut the chicken open. One of the most notable of the videos was the so-called “Funny Video”, showing poor Irene screaming as Jing pulled out the intestines, repeatedly saying “Ew, ew, ew,” and then dropping the organs in alarm as she heard Irene’s high-pitched squeaks. The whole class burst into a fit of laughter upon sight of the scene, and now Kevin L. has been insisting on Edmodo that Mr. Choy post the video on there. We also got a sneak-peek of what the other class, 7 Purple, had been doing. They had decided to


perform rituals on their chickens, and I watched as Eric Gu made a triangle of toilet paper around his chicken, and then ran around it in circles singing and shaking a make-shift rattle. I could very well imagine what it would be like when we performed our own rituals. I would be bringing my copy of The Throne of Fire, chanting random spells listed in it as Wesley or Kevin L. did the dancing. It would be so epic. To top it all off, this mummy experiment was a total victory. I feel proud, and I feel that I have had a lot of fun. Truly, I would never forget this experience. Ever.

Adventure in Learning Presented to you by Yihua Zhang

Sometimes you have secrets that you want nobody to know. Sometimes it's kind of hard talking in groups without someone overhearing you. Why not create your own language? Of course, I’m not the expert on this, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot! Step 1: Relating Words Since I'm using the same alphabet as English to create another language because of convenience, it would be best to make words close to English words that are related to that word. Say that I want to make the word ‘book’. What does a book look like? What does a book remind you of? Do you prefer picture books or novels? Encyclopedias or stories? Is there a favourite book of yours? When I see a book, I think of abnormal things that won't happen in real life, like magic or ghosts and things that will seem impossible. Book in my language would then be ‘imposabelle’. Note that ‘bella’ is beautiful in Italian and I think all books are awesome, making it beautiful. Try to picture things that are related to the word you will translate, and mix some words together.


Adventure in Learning Presented to you by Yihua Zhang

Step 2: Tenses and Plurals If you would like, you could add tenses and plurals to your language. My advice is that you do, since it would be harder to read. If you somehow shape it like the Chinese language, which has tenses and plurals that work differently, then you are free to do so. You can use ‘ed’ and ‘ing’ like the English Did you know? language. Or you can use other characters, Esperanto is a made-up maybe even prefixes instead of suffixes. I like language that was created of the need of an using ‘‘d’ for my past tenses, such as because easy universal language. ‘walk’d’ because it is similar to ‘ed’ and the apostrophe is used to symbolize a missing letter.

Step 3: Prefixes and Suffixes Prefixes, like ‘un’ in ‘uncomfortable’ and suffixes, like ‘ous’ in‘dangerous’are used to make words into another meaning.‘un’ is used to change a word into the opposite of what it means and‘ous’ is turning the original word into an adjective. ‘un’ in my language would be ‘oppo’, since it is the opposite of things. If you want to make language more confusing, try adding prefixes or suffixes to words that didn’t originally have them. For example, if I were to take the word ‘beautiful’ and change it to ‘ugly’ by


Adventure in Learning Presented to you by Yihua Zhang

making it into ‘unbeautiful’, then I would type ‘oppobeautiful’ but with my own word for beautiful instead. Since ‘ous’ is a suffix, you have to make sure it goes fittingly on the end. My advice is to make two suffixes for it; one starting with a vowel and one starting with a consonant. If a word ends with a consonant, use the first one. If a word ends with a vowel, se the second one. Step 4: Compound Words Compound words are two words put together, making a brand new one. An example is basketball, made up of‘basket’and‘ball’. All you need to do is to make the words ‘basket’ and ‘ball’ then put them together! You can even trick your friends with the less obvious ones that don’t even mean to be compound words, such as mango, made from ‘man’ and ‘go’. Step 5: Accents We all know that accents are a very confusing thing, and not very easily avoidable. Perhaps you know a person in Harry Potter that is French. She has a tendency to forget pronouncing the letter ‘h’ and the sound ‘th’ into ‘z’. There is also a condition called a lisp, in which a person pronounces ‘s’ as ‘th’ and vice versa. You could make up your own accent depending on your liking.


Adventure in Learning Presented to you by Yihua Zhang

You could even develop different sounds using already existing accents. You could find most of them on Microsoft Word, such as the Chinese Pin Yin symbols. Set your own sounds if you wish.

Another method is to mess up the tenses and plurals if you want to pretend you are horrible at speaking that language. Sometimes books write things like ‘I is hungry’ and ‘You runs fast’ which are basically incorrect, but adds a lot of charm to the character. Try going for one of those effects as well.


Original Story

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to j o i n t h e a r m y, instead he decided that he would rather spend his days gazing at his neighbor’s garden. Tom, before the war, had been a worker at Wal-Mart but he often stayed home to sleep because he was too lazy to actually work. Tom and Bob had kept this way of life for over 7 years, but even they were getting tired‌

The year was 1969, the Cold War was reaching its most dangerous period and the world was on the brink of another world war. So where were 49 year old To m ( a t o b a c c o a d d i c t ) and 19 year old Bob in that desperate hour? dreaming. We l l , p e r h a p s , I s h o u l d explain, Bob and Tom were perhaps the most boring On the evening of and bored people from the November 3rd, Bob was start of time. When the war feeling disgusted because broke out Bob had no desire


Original Story he was tired of his old life. However, he didn’t know what to do so it was three days later that Bob’s brilliant idea came to mind. It was November 6th when Bob and Tom were eating dinner and Bob put his fork down and snarled “I hate this life!” “Good for you.” Tom replied. Then Bob knew what he wanted to do “I want to go to Antarctica.” No Way” snarled Tom… After a violent quarrel which included the neighbors calling the police, Tom decided to yield, but only if Bob paid all the money and brought a yearly supply of coarse tobacco. Then they went to the airport and asked the man, “I want a pilot to take us to Antarctica”. You people got money to pay for it?” asked the man. Bob showed the man his life savings which included 50 kilos of pure 24K gold. The man’s jaw dropped so low that he broke his tooth on the counter and went to the hospital so the airport manager got a substitute. The substitute agreed to go ask the pilots and after a decent interval, came back with a pilot named Joe. Joe was a carefree guy from Alabama who probably forged his pilot’s license as he couldn’t tell the eject button on a plane from a throttle and his navigational skills were even worse. Tom and Bob met with Joe and decide to go two days later.

Image from


Original Story A month later, Bob, Joe, and Tom came back. They refused to say anything but a master thief T To Be Continued...(on the next issue of this magazine)

"Two Penguins "


drawn by Olivia Fan

Original Story


Original Story BY: Daniel Chen Hi, everyone! My name is Mikey. I have to tell you something urgently important. Over the summer, I was having a blast! I did all sorts of awesome things like skydiving, eating, traveling, eating, visiting family members, and more eating. But when I was traveling I accidentally went to a town called Typicalville. It was the most irritating town I've ever gone to. Trust me you do not ever want to go there. If you want to know how irritating it was, you can imagine it like this, you’re reading this awesome book and you were at the best part, then someone came and started to ask you dumb questions. For the people who don't like to read, it's like playing a computer game and just one more *click* you would win the whole entire game, but instead some clumsy guy comes and accidentally trips over the wire that opens the internet and unplugged it. You can probably guess why it's an annoying town because in front of every noun they put a ‘typical'. I think I typical… caught the *cough* ‘typical’ disease too, but before I typically tell you a typical story about the typical day I went Typicalville, I want to tell you about the address of Typicalville so you don't make the same mistake as I did. The address is Plashvash, Googoogaagaa, planet Mars. And the district is Candyland. So kids, never take a taxi to Typicalville! And now for the story, One typical day, typical I was driving a typical car. But somehow the typical I crashed into a typical wall. I was typically mad. So I typically went to get a typical police. Since the typical police saw what the damage typical I done, he typically gave me a typical ticket. He


Original Story typically told me to go to the typical police station to take the typical test. So I went to the typical police station to take the typical test. I typically passed. Then on typical Saturday I traveled deeper into Typicalville. I saw typical things like typical birds, typical flowers, the sight was typically stupendous! Talking to the typical people there was a bit confusing because in front of every typical word I typically have to use typical. And don't even try to talk to the typical foreign people because this is how they typically talk “Typical typical typical typical.” To tell the typical truth, I don't even know what I typically was talking about. Hope I didn't typically insult myself. Then I went to a typical restaurant for a typical dinner. And that's was the typical best part, because they had a pure American Burger, that didn't have a ‘typical’ in front of it. And that was my typical day in Typicalville…

P.S. Don’t go to Typicalville P.P.S. Don’t go to Typicalville


Original Story

Joe was giving a presentation to the Wildlife Officials about the animals he hates. Apparently, he hates all the animals in the world. (Including himself) He organized his papers, cleared his throat, and stepped on stage. He was expecting applause, but all he received was dead silence. Is that a comment for all the things he was researching for 21 hours? Anyways, he read: “Animals, those preposterous things. Especially dogs, for entertainment, they lick their owners feet or chase their own tail when they know they can’t get it. Oh those birds, their toilets are everywhere and they don’t even clean up after themselves. They need to go back to pre-school for some more potty education. Monkeys too, the only things they do is scratch themselves from head to toe and eat bananas while screeching in their “ooh ooh” language. Don’t even mention the elephants; they


Original Story

need some serious body size replacements. They take up most of the space in the continent Asia! They are extremely plump; I would put them on a diet. The dirty pigs, they think their skin is flawless. They brag in front of any animal they see, but when they encounter a tiger, they would admit their skin is not good at all.” “Now are you on the same track with me? Do you hate animals too?” …. No answer at all. That made Joe stomp off stage as if he was this close to winning a hundred Yuan. He went back to revise it. He made 3,641 corrections. (This was all of his work) He even changed the page and burned the originals. Don’t even get me started about what his next topic was, “Bob,” The speech started like this…… the little person sitting on the laptop is from this website the dog chasing its tail is from gallery/clipart/dog_chasing_tail.html the pig with the black backround's website http://krunpt2. the bird reading a book is images/pooping_on_people-12418.htm cartoon elephant products/Cartoon_Elephant_Clipart_Character-150-2.html equal sign asia map monkey eating banana assignment-no12-awesome.html


Original Story S u m m e r Va c a t i o n I n Book Club By Daniel Chen Most people think of summer vacation as a time to relax. And that’s true. And some people think summer vacation is a time to study to get ready for the new school year. And that’s exactly what I’m doing over the summer vacation. As I’m writing this sentence, this essay was what I did while I was celebrating my fabulous (sort of) summer vacation in book club. Well if I wasn’t going to middle school next year, (which is a huge transition for me. As I like to say, it’s a small step for a grade level, a big step for me) I wouldn’t be doing these extra things. Instead I will be traveling all over the world. Well that’s exaggerating, but traveling outside of Beijing would’ve definitely happened. But still my summer vacation wasn’t all that bad. It was like this. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Before the Book Club my daily schedule was like this. Do what most people do in the morning Do extra homework Rest for 10 minutes Keep on doing extra homework Eat lunch Play piano (Best time of the day) Free time! Dinner A little more time T.V.


Original Story 10. Do what most people do in the night 11. Sleep But when the Book Club started my schedule turned out something like this 1. Get up early and do what most people do when the sun is awakening 2. Go to Book Club (lasts ‘till 4:00 pm) 3. Come back home 4. Rest for 10 minutes 5. Piano 6. A little extra homework 7. Dinner 8. Do what most people do in the night See what difference it makes. Overall my summer wasn’t that bad. Now I’m going to tell you the very specific details about the Book Club but before I’m telling you, I’m giving very important advice to the upcoming fifth graders. 1. Try to go to an evened out club or else the side with fewer boys or girls are going to suffer (It might not happen to you but it surely did happen me) 2. Bring something with you that will entertain you just in case you have nothing to do 3. If you’re going to listen to music wear headphones or people who don’t like to listen to it is going to do something


Original Story that’s not good their choice 4. Boys, do not listen to the song Peanut Butter Jelly time even though it’s a really good song or else girls will just get irritated and that seriously leads to a bad conflict

Trust me I know this because the experience is first hand.

Now for the details, I’m not going to call out names because I think it’s respectful to the people that actually hit me. On the first day of book club there were only two boys in the whole entire book club (not including the teacher). And even worse the amount of girls was more than the boys (by one girl). Like I said, the side with fewer boys or girls and that side were the boys, so all in all we did suffer (a lot)! I was amused when I found out that there were only 5 students. That tells me more advice for you people. NEVER GO TO A BOOK CLUB BECAUSE IT’S BORING!!! Well it wasn’t that bad we had the same amount of boys as girls (INCLUDING THE TEACHER) but after a week, a boy left and a girl left leaving me the only male student. I was hoping the other guy could bail me out in the pillow hitting but sadly, he left. But you know the rule, boys can’t hit girls. And our teacher didn’t do anything about it, partly because every second he gets hit by flying pillows and girls whacking him in the head. Trust me, I don’t blame him. I know in real life girls would get in trouble but this is book club and I got stuck with the scariest girls in my class! They’ve done a lot of brain damage ever since I’ve got out of book club and my teacher could barely remember things because he went onto another vacation and forgot his


Original Story phone charger. Wonder how he can survive without it. I can remember that I got hit in the head just because I corrected a girl’s grammar. And another time was when I did very light teasing I got faced some heavy duty consequences by the girls. (OF COURSE) Here’s something that teachers usually get fooled at, girls might look very nice and friendly on the outside but in the inside there’s actually a devil inside doing very evil stuff. But I’m only saying some girls. And that’s the same with boys, boys might look mean, and dumb, but in the inside they’re actually nice and pretty clever. But then again some are just mean and just plain dumb. Anyways, every day the same routine repeats and repeats. (Only with the hitting) Now let me tell you the daily schedule of the book club. 1. If you get there early you can have a bit of free time till 9:00 am. Literally anything. People even brought their laptops. 2. At 9:00 am we read a book together for 2 hours with intermissions in between 3.


4. And then we do an activity for the rest of the day. It can be swimming, ice skating, going to the mall etc. 5.

Go home


Original Story I can remember some of the activities very deeply. One was embarrassing. If I could remember correctly it was on a Wednesday. We were going ice skating right after we had Mc Donald’s, we went to this enormous mall, it was as big as eight 20 story apartment buildings 2 laid down and 2 on top of it and then repeat the cycle and put it behind it. Once we got there the rink was called the Champion Rink, I knew this was totally not a place for me. For starters, I don’t know how to skate, and then I don’t even know how to put on a skate. Well once we got onto the rink I almost fell, then after walking a few laps, I tried to skate but epically failed. SO then people around me started to look at me as if I was bad influence for other rookies. SO I was really glad to walk out of the rink, for the rest of the time I sat out and I was glad. (To tell the truth, everyone else was doing a splendid job) Well what made me feel even better was that this was the only time we are going to skate, so yay! And even sometimes we even play dodge ball. Some of the 5 graders in 2010-2011 refer it as Jeremy dodge ball. Let me tell you something about it, it’s fatal! For the rest of the week we did our normal schedule and it was not that bad. So summer vacation in book club wasn’t as bad as I calculated.


Original Story Autumn in Fiction World By Daniel Chen Before there was Earth, there was this world called Fiction World. Fiction World was basically the same as Earth now. There were cars, people, (that are not us) modern technology; TVs, computers, a thing called ePad (and series called eTouch, ephone, eNano, a Sacbook, Sacbook Pro etc.) They even had the four seasons, autumn, summer, winter and spring! They learn the stuff that we learn, but they loved advanced neuroscience! They ate stuff like Coke, Fanta, Pepsi and all the other drinks you can think of. They drink vegetables, fruits, grains, meat, dairy products etc. The only big difference between our world and their world is‌ autumn. Are we clear? Well I am tangible of what I said. Correct? Good. Now I’m going to tell you how autumn derives its name in Fiction World: Once there was a city called Autm. It was always cold and the leaves would always fall of. Leaves are always red, orange, and yellow and rarely green. Then a couple of scientists formed a group called The Group. They integrated all the things they know about Autm. They even correlated some cultures with other cultures to have a better idea then they got some scientists that learned


Original Story about linguistics and finally came up with a name for a new season. They called it autumn. Now that you know how autumn derives its name, now you should know what people do on that day. What they do on the first day of autumn is‌ 1)

Do a little dance once they wake up


Eat 2 cloves of garlic for breakfast


Drink juice made out of raw leaves 4) And then they do whatever they want after Did I mention that this is a national holiday for 2 days? Cool huh? iImage from clipart

in Fiction World.

Well that’s basically it about Autumn

P.S. The sad thing is that Fiction World has never existed! L


Original Story TRAVLER’S JOURNAL By Daniel Chen and Jason Fan Hi, my name is Greg. And I live in Brooksville, my job is a butcher. Actually that’s my half-time job. My real job is a secret spy for the C.I.A. I actually don’t live in Brooksville and my name isn’t really Gregory. My real name is actually Inter’ll. And my code number is 00000001 because all the other agents died, sadly. They’re already preparing my grave too! I’m writing this is because I’m really bored since also this keeps me sane. My other agent hasn’t sent me the information on this mission also… Hey guess what, he just sent me the data for the mission! Let me see, oh it’s about retrieving an ancient artifact.

5 hours later

I’m finally here. The sad thing is that the pilot who sent me here was a rookie so the helicopter crashed 2 miles away from the exact location. By the way, the place is a desert and I’m supposed to find a cave… Hey, I found one! On the first few steps into the cave, I fell off an about 1.5 meter tall hill. I almost fractured an ankle bone but I didn’t. I kept on walking and walking. It was like walking into nowhere. Suddenly I heard a rushing sound. I walked toward it and I suddenly saw a huge waterfall in the cave! Then I saw a bright, stream


Original Story of light in the water! To get to the water, I have descended down the waterfall, but first down the cliff. Luckily my had a long rope. But unfortunely I’m afraid of heights. And the rope isn’t long enough, I guess. I tied the rope onto a heavy rock. Then… I slapped myself to see if this was a dream. It wasn’t. So I descended down the cliff. Then I looked up, the stone was following me! Now I have two problems 1. I’m falling 2. A heavy object is falling with me. Good thing is I hung on to a branch. Here is the bad thing about this part, the branch is cracking. (Just a usual day of my job) The cold water is making my arms and fingers incredibly numb! This is very bad! I can feel adrenaline pumping through my arms. I feel super human! Yeahhhhhhhh! All in all I fell, thanks for the super human power in such short time in such short notice. I plunged down into the frigid water. Phooosh. Not a good ending right? So then, I took a big deep breath when a bobbed my out of a water. I was too busy looking if I didn’t lose anything and didn’t see that rock! Bam! The rock fell a one inch a front of me! I literally almost fainted! Well anyways I took another deep breath and swam under the water and saw a bright stream of light. I couldn’t see. But I felt the chest and opened it and inside was… To Be Continued





By Rickey Guo Ms. Bryan was my English and Geography teacher in sixth grade. She reminds me of my former teachers a lot. I observed her and compared them. I am surprised and amazed by Ms. Bryan so much. It seems every American teacher emphasizes so much about Respect. I often think about the difference between my former Chinese school and THIS because Ms. Bryan makes me think about what respect means again and again.


She always respects students who have different opinions. By contrast, my former teachers didn’t or maybe will never do. They like to put their opinions i n t o t h e s t u d e n t ’s m i n d . Actually, I don’t think it is their opinions because they just want us the same as themselves to memorize what was said in the teachers’ reference book. I thought about this after the Stargirl Final exam, I wrote an essay about my opinion of Stargirl. I got full mark on that, but to my surprise, I found

Profile many white-out on the side where Ms. Bryan might have written questions. Right next to my ending, Ms. Bryan wrote that she didn’t agree with my opinion but still thought my essay was excellent to earn a full mark for it. If I hand this essay to my former teachers, I bet I will get 0 on it. Well maybe not, since my former test didn’t have such open-thinking essay topics. She really encouraged me so much to speak out my own thoughts. From this experience, I realized why Ms. Bryan emphasizes the importance of respecting others and their opinions. During classes, she never allowed anybody laugh at others’ opinions at any time and situation. If someone did, he was in a big trouble. Unlike Chinese teachers, Ms. Bryan didn’t want students to be embarrassed about what they had done so she usually asked him or her go outside of the classroom to talk. While if you are in trouble in Chinese school, your name

will be called loudly in front of the class and you might be standing for the rest of the class time, listening to your homeroom teacher yelling at you. That is definite not nice (even not for those who are not in trouble, since they got to do nothing). To have more inference, I think this is a huge difference between the Eastern and Western education. Respect is something helping me to grow up. In Chinese school, I sometimes feel like a really small kid, who doesn’t know anything, never dare to make my own decision, but Ms. Bryan treats us like adults, who can make our choices and manage ourselves. Ta l k i n g a b o u t h e r personality, I would say she is an unbelievably organized person. Who can be flawless? She is a very organized and flawless person. She always has a complicated plan and always gives a lot of homework. That is not only a lot of work for us but also


Profile for her. Amazingly, she never messed up. She always wants high quality of homework and school work. Or maybe there is only better but no best in her mind. Her perfectness can be found now and then. After she wrote something wrong on the board, she usually will immediately swap the ink off using her hand. It seems she can’t tolerate the mistake one more second. When we are facing great challenge, she orders us to try our best.

that point, I thought how crazy 6th grade was. Once Ms. Bryan crouched down next my table to talk to one classmate, she put her bulletin board onto my table. I looked at the board. Small and very crowdy lines formed a table. Little red and green check markers could be seen in the tiny boxes. I felt my head dizzy after looking at the board for about 5 second. When I told my parents about Ms. Bryan during dinner, they were amazed. They didn’t 100% believe me until my mom I still remember the first few attended my English class on weeks of school in 6th grade. the open school day. Every class Ms. Bryan walks around th e c la ssroom w i t h Later I got used to it. There a huge apple green bulletin must be something wrong if board, marking and checking M s . B r y a n d i d n ’ t h a v e h e r our homework. That board is bulletin board with her checking BIG. I have never seen such homework. a big board and had such a usage. I guess I never will find Sometimes Ms. Bryan acts o u t w h e r e s h e f o u n d t h a t . like a teenager, which makes S h e w a s a b l e t o k n o w t h e us thinks that she is one of us. situation of every single kid’s, She makes jokes during classes, like what their excuse for not and even on test. I remember doing homework is and what on the Stargirl final exam, there are missing. She almost never were three essay topics listed. made a mistake while doing The last one said: What are the that. I was totally surprised. At staple food discussed in Stargirl.


Profile What is the population density of Mica, Arizona? What is the death and birth rate? How many UFO sightings have occurred in Mica? (JUST KIDDING! DON’T ANSWER THIS ONE!) D u r i n g t h e T H I S ’ D AY S E - m a g a z i n e C l u b ’s s e c o n d meeting, when Jeffrey asked Ms. Bryan and I who is the boss, Ms. Bryan said we are the boss, tiptoeing in order to meet my height. I enjoy my time learning in her class. Every time when I enter the classroom, I could feel myself expecting something new, something challenging.


Every time I need to push myself to do more work in order to meet the high expectation; afterward I felt I learned a lot from the experience and had a feeling of success. The sixth grade at THIS was a very fruitful year to me.



Q.1: Talk about your past, what did you do before you teach? I served in the US Navy on the USS George Washington for two years before finishing my college degree. I also did lots of traveling spanning over 3 continents: North America, Europe, and Asia.

image from

Q.2: What you think about in THIS? THIS is a wonderful school because students are able to learn a variety of subjects in a very hands-on, comprehensive way. THIS also has a very friendly staff, a diverse student body, and a sense of community. Q.3: Do you like Beijing? Why and why not? I love Beijing because it offers me all the luxuries of an international city while I observe traditional Chinese culture. Q.4: What is your most awkward thing you did? The most awkward thing I have done was when I was in the Philippines and I had to eat a local delicacy called image from



“Balut.” Balut is a half developed duck egg and doesn’t particularly taste that good to me. When I tasted it for the first time, I threw up in front of a bunch of people! VERY AWKWARD! Q.5: What are your favorite things? Sports, food, movies...? My favorite thing would be traveling the globe and exploring cultures most people wouldn’t or couldn’t experience. I also enjoy trying different cultural foods from around the image from world, watching foreign films, and hanging out with my friends.


Book Review Book Reviews for: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More and The Red Pyramid By: Jason Fan

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More image from

To start off, I personally think this book is just marvelous for many reasons. One it’s a mixture of creative fiction stories and the author’s experiences. Just to let you know, the author is the great Roald Dahl. Some of you may know him as an author who writes kid fiction like James and the Giant Peach. But this book is for teens and children in middle and elementary school. Maybe not so much in the elementary school, because this book is a relevantly thick chapter book, with some content for fluent English speakers. So the most I’ll go into elementary is about 5th grade. The book is split into different non-fiction and fiction stories. Each with a mixture of creativity, imagination and real life reports. I think this book I great for people who like fiction, entertainment and magic. I can’t really say that these types of books like Henry Sugar and Automatic


Book Review Grammativator are the “dark” side of Roald Dahl’s imagination. But to be honest they’re certainly not the BFG, or James and the Giant Peach type either. Anyways, if you want me to be more specific about the stories, I can. The first story is about a little boy who can mysteriously “talk” to animals. The second story is about a man who is a finger smith. The third is about a duo who found unexpected treasure. The fourth is mainly how a boy, who was supposed to be dead, flew away from it. The fifth is about Henry Sugar. The sixth is about Roald Dahl (himself) in combat when he was young. And the last, is Roald Dahl’s first story. They’re all magnificent stories and I recommend it to all, (who can handle it). You could buy it at almost any bookstore. This book has 212 pages of only words. The price when I bought it was 70 RMB; luckily I had a gift card. If you don’t have one, it’s going to be a little pricey. If you’re not willing to buy it, it’s you’re choice, this is just a review. But still, the book is AWESOME! Image from The Red

The Red Pyramid This book is written by the holy Rick Riordan. He also wrote the Percy Jackson series and the new novel The Lost Hero in the series The Heroes of Olympus. This book is


Book Review fiction, but uses real Egyptian names, artifacts and gods. Yes, this book is about Egyptian culture. But it’s more specifically about a brother, Carter, and his sister, Sadie, fighting an evil Egyptian god, Set, who basically wants to rule the world. Their mom is dead, their father has been banished and now Carter and Sadie, with a bunch of cool “good” gods and cool powers, have to defeat Set. In my opinion, this book has a typical fiction format. A good guy, a bad guy, they fight and it some how becomes happily ever after. Right? Well, not exactly for two reasons. One, the continuation came out (The Throne of Fire), so the “happily ever after” didn’t come yet. Two, this book has a sort of a talk show theme. Each main character (Sadie and Carter) take turns telling a chapter in their point of view. Like a talk show. I’m just going to say this much because I don’t want to spill the beans. Here’s the bad part of this book. You might get confused with the Egyptian gods because so many were talked about in the book. If you understand that, then maybe you will get confused about the House of Life. I’ll recommend this book to everyone who can read it. This book (like Henry Sugar) is for people who are fluent in English. This book has 516 pages words and words only. I bought this book in America with a gift card, so I don’t know the price. It’s an awesome book and the second book is as awesome!


Food Cultural Food in Autumn Mooncakes By Jasmine Zou In Beijing, one of the most well-known holidays is the Mid-autumn festival. The moon cakes are very sweet and delicious. If you like moon cakes very much, then this is for you! Here is how to make a red bean moon cake: Ingredients: Filling: 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of sugar 1/4 cup oil or lard 1/2 pound red azuki beans (about) (20 moon cakes) Flaky Dough: 5 tablespoons of lard 1 cup flour Water- Shortening Dough: 2 cups flour


Food 10 tablespoons water 5 tablespoons lard ¼ teaspoon salt Preparation: Soak the red beans in water and cover it with a cloth for 2 hours. When 2 hours is up, dump the water, and pour 8 new cups of water on the beans, and bring it to a boil. Then simmer for about 1 – ½ hours over low heat until the skins open up, and you can pinch the skin off the beans. Wrap the beans in cloth and squeeze out the extra water. Now put the beans in a sauce pan with the oil/ lard and the sugar. Cook them, stirring constantly, until most of the moisture evaporated. Then let it cool. Remember, one cup of filling can make you 10 servings, so depending on how much you are going to eat, divide the filling, and shape them into balls. Now, mix the ingredients for the water-shortening dough separately until the mixture becomes smooth. Let’s say you want to make 20 moon cakes. Divide both dough into 20 portions. First, use the flaky dough, and spread it out, then put a ball of filling in the center, and gather the edges to close the filling. It might not be completely covered, but no worries! After you cover the flaky dough with the watershortening dough, it looks perfectly evenly covered.


Food You can put the moon cake in a cookie mold to make it have a shape. Repeat the process for the remaining dough and filling. Finally, arrange the moon cake on a baking sheet. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Let it cool for a while before eating. The moon cakes I made were a bit like moon cookies, but I am not a professional baker. This recipe may take time to master, and in my opinion, the sweet snack is worth it. I am sorry to not provide you with pictures, but the mooncakes I made were gone in the short time I went to get the camera. Adopted from: foodfestivals/r/mooncakes.htm


Perspective First of all, if you believe in certain religions or beliefs, this may not be the paper you would want to read. Well, there are lots of religions in the world such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, but sometimes you need to be a little more scientific. Religion can’t explain all the things that happen in this world.

Religion or Science?

R e l i g i o n d o e s n ’t m e a n everything. I don’t mean religion doesn’t mean anything, but some things simply can’t be explained by religion. Some say that God created the Earth; some say a giant chopped the universe in half, but that’s hard to believe. Where did God or other Titans even come

By Christopher Guan

from? Some questions can only be answered by science. Based on science, there does not appear to be a God or Titan. Science shows that Earth formed through events that do not involve God. After the big bang, Earth was just a giant burning ball of molten rock and oceans of lava.


The heat was produced by repeated collisions of smaller asteroids that crushed together to form this planet. As the process stopped, Earth began to cool down. The cooling produced water vapor that created clouds of rain. The water rose, and that’s how the oceans formed. That's how

Perspective Earth was formed, through science not through divine forces. When you are struggling with a fatal sickness. You have two choices: one is to take medicine and listen to your doctor and the other is to take the risk of not doing anything and just pray to God. I would take the medicine and the doctor's advice. You can do both, but you'll realize that the medicine did most of the work. You can't rely on God for everything. However, if you really are a person who puts all his or her faith in God, then you should realize that you have absolutely no control over your life. Just like taking tests, there are two choices too: study or pray. Let's also say that you’re caught in an earthquake. What should you do? As the two choices are the same as above, find a safe place to hide or pray. I doubt there will even be enough time to pray. Even if the earthquake stopped after you prayed, I bet that there is a scientific explanation behind it. I have one last thing to say. If you think all the wonderful things that have happened to you were due to the help of God, good, what about all the bad things that happened to you? Were those misfortunes caused by the devil? Should you really attribute all these things to divine forces that you have never seen or even hope to understand? On the other hand, most things in this world can be explained by science. It can explain the causes and effects that affect all aspects of our lives. Religion or science, it's your choice. Pick one and stay with it. I, however, will stick with science.


Perspective Everybody C



t oI

image from

by Chrixtopher Guan Being bad at something c h a n g e s p e o p l e ’s l i v e s , people think that best people are smart and athletic and discriminate the people that they would never want to see. I say they’re totally wrong. I believe in fairness, treat others like the way you wanted to be treated. We make the choices for our lives, don't’ let others judge you for what your bad at. Believe in yourself.

of the basketball club, I raised my hand for the teacher to put my name on the board. After class, I happily went away with my friends until “the tall guy” came. He pointed to me and said,” You’re only about one half of my height, you’re short, fat and not athletic, what can you do? Maybe just sit and read. Think before you say bubby,” he walked away like a show-off. I bit my lips, clenched my fist. My heart scorched with hatred. L a s t t i m e i n m y o l d My body shivered like a school, I wanted to be part rocket ready for launch. I


Perspective never was pushed so hard in my life. This feeling of discrimination towered me like a giant monster. What’s the use of playing basketball or even have fun when he’s around? I ran back to school and punted my name off the player board and ran off home from school. Anger overfilled with every step I took, just as if I was stomping like a rhinoceros. This day blew away my confidence for a long time.

image from

I noticed that I was wrong. Why did I erase my name off that board? Which rule said other people can judge you horrible like a loser on purpose. Why couldn’t he give me an encouragement, or a nice comments? Who said short people can’t play basketball? Who said people who stammer can’t be representatives? Everybody is the same, you have your strengths and I have my strengths. There’s something that’s not light, but it can turn darkness into light. There’s something that’s not knowledge but can make you wiser. It is confidence, a magical power of life. Fight injustice with confidant. Don’t make people judge you on purpose. You are the God of yourself. Change yourself. Everybody can do it. We are created the same. Just do it.



Hiking By Richard Yin Hiking is one of the most accessible and fun outdoor activities around. If you can walk, you can hike. Hiking can be a social activity, and a great way to spend time in nature and get some exercise. Avid hikers consider hiking the best way to explore remote places, without the distractions of vehicle noise. From a friend, I learned: To hike on a 4000 meters high mountain, you need to climb at least 25 floors in 10 minute. There are lots of mountains for hiking. And I


am going to introduce these mountains here. Mt. Kinabalu This mountain is 4095 meter high, and it is a really good choice for beginners. Even this mountain is 4000 meter high, there are still pretty much trees, you don’t need to worry about breathing problems. It is in east Malaysia. Equipment for this mountain: ・ Walking staff (there will be almost 7 km route to walk a day) ・ Good shoe that won’t

Sports tear in the middle of route. ・ Water bag (3L) ・ Head light ・ Energy Bars ・ Whistle (blow it when you lost others) ・ Warm cloth ・ Cellphone (emergency contact) There are huge winds up the mountains, so you need to wear warm cloth to protect yourself. You need to walk at same speed, but not run and stop; that will make you tired very soon. There are place to rest on the way, so you don’t need to sit on the ground at half way. You need to get to the camping place before 4 o’clock. You should take good sleep at camp, because you are going to get up at 2:00 A.M. for the second day, you will get to the top at 4:00 A.M. Rocky Mountain Perhaps no landscape is etched upon the American psyche as firmly as the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies began to rise about 70 million years ago—a long time for sure but rather recent to geologists. The enigma of the Rockies is that they are found so far away from the continent's edge— Yellow stone national park, are almost 700 miles from the Pacific

Mt. Kinabalu

Mt. Everest

Rocky Mountain


Sports Ocean. The tallest point is 4399 meter high; it is the tallest mountain in North America. Equipment to take: ・ Food & Water Supplies ・ Clothes (for usually use and the last day to the top) ・ Shoes enough for at least 6 km per day. ・ Walking staffs Mt. Everest Known as the tallest mountain of the world, 8844.43 meters high. It is between the land of People’s Republic of China and Nepal. You are going to freeze there; it is -47 degrees Celsius! You are not going to get on there unless you are an expert on hiking. You need to walk 2030 km a day. Equipment for this mountain: ・ Extremely warm cloth ・ Ice Axe, Snow shoes ・ Emergency heat source (Stoves, Stenos...) ・ Trekking poles ・ Map, Compass, whistle and equipment that keeps you from lost ・ Water and food supplies ・ First Aid There will be 20 days to the top. It will be really slow for you to climb Mt. Everest. This mountain is really high and steep that you can only get 500 meter in height for one day. You also need to adapt altitude reaction; you might also need the huge, heavy oxygen tank. My father’s friend once gets to the top of Mt, Everest. I saw there photo. There are 3 people, but there are 13 people in the hiking team; there are 10 people helping 3 people carrying food, cooking, finding ways to the top. Form that, you can see how hard it is to climb Mt. Everest.


Sports Golf Today, golf is not only played by old people but by young people as well. It is a game for the family. Millions of people around world play golf. It is a sport that has been around for over 700 years and it is still very popular today. Here are some facts about golf: · It is estimated that there are 26 million golfers in the world today. · Golf is thought to have originated from Scotland 500 years ago but there may be evidence that show the Chinese may have got there before them. · Tiger Woods was only 8 when he shot his first hole in one. · There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball. Dimples are there to make the ball go further and more stable through the air. ·

Prize money in given in golf is greater than any other sport. · Tiger woods earned over US$90million through endorsements and prize money in 2010. The most expensive golf club in the world costs over US$2000.


Sports In my opinion, golf is a very precise ball sport. Some may even call it a skill. To be a good golfer is not so easy. There are many things you have to be aware of. A club can be very heavy so you need to have a lot of strength and accuracy to be able to strike a golf ball cleanly. The equipment that a golfer uses can influence how a golfer plays. Many professional golfers today have the most expensive equipment. They take care of their clubs very carefully.

It is a very simple sport. The object of the game is to hit a golf ball in a hole using the fewest amount of strokes possible. There are usually 18 holes in a golf course and the player that completes the course with the lowest score wins. The lowest points you have on the mark sheet at the end of the course means you are the best. Sometimes the judges will give you extra points if you attempt to hit the ball into the hole too many times. To make the game not so easy for golfers, the golfing environment has a lot of obstacles. These included: ponds, woods, rivers and sand bunkers. These are put of the golf course to try and make things harder.



Steve Jobs, previous CEO of Apple corporation, he was the main part of Apple, all products came from his design. But he passed away right after the day that the new iphone 4s was out. Since almost everyone in this world was expecting the new iphone 5, but when iphone 4s came, it seems like the whole year waiting have been wasted.

IPHONE 4S: Disappointment or Breakthrough ? by Jeffrey Wang

Please do not think that way; Here are the reasons why that iphone 4s is a breakthrough but not a disappointment. 1. Iphone 4 is already almost perfect.

image from


Iphone 4s upgraded the center chip from A4 to A5. The speed of operation system was 11 times faster than the previous chip. 3. The camera upgraded to 8 mp. 4. The new IOS 5 is the best system now in the world.

image from


Technology Siri: voice 5. controlling of answering questions about weather, time, alarms, etc. 6. Covering all kinds networks around the world, allowing you to go on the internet while travelling around the world. image from


4g internet access.

Overall, iphone 4s have made great breakthrough since the previous, and we still admit that iphone series is a present to the world, and apple company is a revolution, a revolution of new technology. I believe apple will not end although Steve Jobs is not living anymore. Apple will continue with it’s destiny of changing the whole world. image from



image from

In Changbai Mountian By RIckey Guo


The most memorable time I had with nature was last time I went to my grandma’s house in Jilin. My parents and I went with other relatives to the nearby mountain. Comparing with Beijing’s mountains, the trees on Chang Bai Mountain looked denser from far away. They looked like a huge pile of colorful leaves in autumn. It was fall and the sky was clear. The air was crisp and the smell of fresh hit my nose. In the north East of China, deciduous forest could be seen almost everywhere. Trees were tall and thick and had small leaves. The most beautiful season for deciduous forest was autumn, when the leaves of the trees changed into red, yellow and orange before they fell off. In this ocean of hue, monkeys and squirrels were wandering around. Squirrels jumped fast and smoothly between tree tops. They usually didn’t come close to the ground since they were scared of humans. I observed them from the cable car when

Nature I passed over their heads. They had some black and brown textures on their body and tails. They all got shiny and black eye balls like black mables. They collected acorns and other edibles whenever they saw them. Unlike squirrels, monkeys got their food from humans. They had red faces and butts, brown bodies and big tails. These features didn’t make

image from,

any difference between the monkeys. It was the same with their actions. They made similar faces to please people. Sometimes they scratched each other’s backs. It was funnier when they scratched their own butts. They always fought for the food. All of these activities just happened on the oak trees right next to the road. They weren’t that scared of people comparing with squirrels, since human were the ones who gave

image from

them the food. There was this small monkey who really liked to eat sunflower seeds. At first it saw me eating them, and it went onto the nearest branch to me. It gave out its hand and


its finger was doing a snapping gesture, asking for some seeds. I looked into its red face and it seemed not feared me at all. I dropped some onto its hand. It took its hand back and started to pick the seeds one by one to its mouth, then cracked

Nature the shell of the seed with its teeth, finally swallowed it. After that, it gave out its hand again, asking for more, and I did give it more. After a few times, I decided to do something crazier: having the monkey to take seeds from the bag by itself. I lifted the seed bag toward the monkey and its eyes were staring at it while eating. Its eye balls were basically following the bag. I stopped in front of its face and it looked at me for one second, and then took the whole bag without hesitation. But the bag was too heavy for the monkey so it dropped the bag onto the ground.

All the monkeys started to climb down the oak trees to get some seeds. Under the oak tree was full of monkeys in a very short of time. Suddenly, a monkey who was so hurried that it jumped onto the ground from midair! It landed onto the ground in safety and squeezed into the crowd, trying to get a lot of seeds. People were all laughing and examining the scenery of Chang Bai Mountain, including this crazy crowd of monkeys, fighting for a few seeds. Until now I still remember every single detail.

image from


Poem Once By Yihua Zhang

Once, I had lived in Beijing for my whole life. Once, my mum told us that we were going to the other side of the Earth. I asked, “Are we taking a plane?” She replied, “Yes.”

And all the excitement then was not about going to a new country, but about flying in an airplane, way up high in the sky somewhere.

Once, I used to think that my world was Beijing. Once, I though the world was huge. And Beijing was a large part of it. But that was not true.


Poem Once, I touched down in Sydney, Australia. Once, we flew to a small city, where we settled. I was excited by the fact that we finally get to live on the ground floor. With our very own lawn and all. I would go to a school that had people with blonde hair and blue eyes. And I knew not a word of English, but was so sure that I will.

Once, I saw another world.

Now, I am back in Beijing. Now, I’m studying at THIS. And I ask myself, “Is this Beijing? Or another different world?” I reply to what I ask, “Both.”



Dragon fruit By: Daniel Chen This ovalish fruit stays by my side, With magenta as skin and green for pride. Now I think it’s mad at me. For describing it in glee, hee hee! As you can see it has the chicken pox, Or is that just white polka dots? The green part is its spikes, Like a porcupine but less quills, Yikes! Or it can be a tack, Stabbed right into the fruit’s back! The spikes are small, long, big and flat, Just like a 2-D baseball bat. Its bottom has rumbled skin and a crinkled nose, At first sight, I almost froze. A small hole on the top and a big body at the bottom, What a beautiful vase I said, And the reply I got was DRAGONFRUIT instead!


Poem Its spikes remind me of a puffer fish I hope I don’t touch one as my wish! As we opened it, I said goodbye friend, But inside we saw more of a fiend! Instead of getting the chicken pox, It’s got the Darky pox!

The skin is soft with a smooth texture, Reminds me of my friend Dexter. Its top is dry and rough, As if it’s acting tough. The spikes can be lifted up and goes automatically down, Just like a lever called the noun! Its weight is like a professional baseball, Catch, or else it’ll fall! Inside its slippery and sticky, Which I think is pretty icky! Press it hard and it’s pretty squishy, And if it’s not, something’s fishy.


Poem If you squish it, juicy water squirts out, Like a water gun doing its job with no doubt! It’s like bumpy road with water all over it. Careful, or else you’ll trip! The texture in my mouth is like a squiggly worm Of course it won’t squirm.

It has a slightly scented sugar smell, With some black seeds as you can tell. And maybe the slight smell of grass, Don’t smell to long or you’ll be late for class! The outside smells like chlorine from an old swimming pool, First it smells disgusting and second, not cool. And in my own opinion a bit of dust, This could be a big disgust. Its spike smells just plain awful, This is pretty much the opposite of joyful. It kind of smells like the inside of a stem of a flower,


Poem Is if it was as tall as a tall tower!

It has a sweet taste, The reaction is a cute little face. The black seeds are really crunchy, I can hear the crispy sound going “munch munch!” Take a bite and it’s juicy and watery, Perfect fruit for the summertime at the sea. Just like drinking a cup of sugared water with little chunks of ice, How nice! It’s kind of like kiwi, But with no “iwi” Kiwi has a stronger flavor Dragon fruit basically has no flavor. The thing that they are alike is their texture in my mouth. Not east, not west, not north, but south. Dragon fruit dragon fruit, For now just go mute.



Mary in the green land.

Infinite street. A pumkin full of love.

Notice the world.

Photographed by Mimi Na 61 A little and beautiful flower.



Bush walk.

Sun in the grass

Photographed by Mary Zhang 62

Laying on the ground.

Community Sports Day Provided by Rickey Guo 6th graders playing Hula Hoop

2nd graders bouncing against balls

The whole school students, parents and teachers played together on Community Sports Day. Ms. Peters was painting .

Student Council prepared the bake sale.


Community Sports Day JJumping ropes!




Campus Life

After the match, coach is encouraging the team.

The First Soccer Match in the New School Year

By Rickey Guo

Today, I have experienced deeply how it feels to be a real Spartan and support my peers. Even though we lost, 4 to 1, it doesn’t mean we were disappointed and depressed. It is just a game. Who cares if you win or not? The real purpose of playing sports is to enjoy the game, support each other and learn how to be a part of a team. That is the spirit of playing sport! If you are a Spartan, go to the game and support our team!


You will never know what the real feeling of being a Spartan is, unless you are participating in a team or come to watch, cheer and support our team. We care each other, help each other and learn together,. We win I would say. We learn from our mistakes. Mrs. Rush always says that. Mistakes aren’t bad unless you don’t learn from it. To tell you the truth, the game was kind of unfair for both boys

Campus Life and girls. Just by looking at the burly boys from IAB, you knew it. The IAB players all had soccer team uniforms and looked very professional, while our boys just dressed in PE uniforms. They ran really fast and weren’t that tired after the game. After the match, our boys were all very sweaty. Kevin’s face was red and dripping like a wet tomato. The IAB weren’t. Their passing was amazing compared with ours. Think about it, a lot of them must be 8th graders. What we got in our soccer team are mainly 7th graders. Our 8th graders weren’t so strong compared with them. IAB boys’ soccer skills were really good. For girls, it was more unfair. There

Jeffrey passing the ball to Daniel.

IAB attacking

THIS Spartans attacking IAB's goal.


Our Audience


Campus Life Try our best!

Danger comes!

were mostly 6th grade girls in our team. The IAB girls got a wider range of age. Our girls lost with the score of 4:0 and our boys lost with the score of 4:1. But all of these didn’t matter. The loss didn’t mind the audience at all. The audience was all from THIS and I was one of them. We were all very nervous when the IAB attacked. We yelled out and cheered loudly, jumping up and down when Stanley scored the first and the only goal. Mr. Howard was so excited that after we finished clapping and cheering, he still ran around and yelled, “Yay! GoSpartans.” The green grassland was full of excitement at that moment. Girls watched it all the times.

They are really tough guys!


Campus Life

By Rickey Guo com

How much are you involved in this year’s Halloween Party? Did you have fun? Were you scared? In general what do you think about it? Well I was involved greatly, ha d fu n a n d w a s n ot scared. I agree with Chris Rathbun’s conclusion that this Halloween Party is a miracle. Even though I was participating in the preparations from the beginning to the end, this huge event turned out to be much beyond my expectation. I am going to share what I know that happened behind the scene. The whole student council worked from 1 o’clock all the way


Image from halloweenblogonline.

Campus Life to about 6: 30p.m when the party started. It took a long time to put up the line of black and orange paper pumpkin faces above the stage in the Multi-purpose room. We taped several packages of them to meet the length between the two microphones on the opposite sides of the stage. The paper was really weak, so fragile that it ripped easily when it is being pulled. Our solution to that is taping again and again. We taped the two part of the face together and that made the pumpkin face crumbled. I guess no outsiders realized the faces crumbled since Mr. Choy himself didn’t when he was checking our work. There was a surprising accident in our committee. Zealand from tenth grade fell from the height when he was taping the pumpkin faces onto the ceiling. The chair he was standing on went off the table and he literally flew down onto the


ground. Fortunately, Zealand didn’t get hurt. While pulling the curtain, I found a pack of chips opened by itself, I swear not by me, but no chips were eaten inside. “It is going to be a waste,” I thought. So I decided to finish it up. Others soon joined me. Later Kevin Leng found a huge bottle of Spirit opened by itself too, so we drank it up. When I went to 205 to get the fog machine and told Mr. Choy the food that was opened by itself, he asked me, “what did you guys do

Campus Life with the food?” I answered without thinking: “we ate them.” Mr. Choy smiled at me not saying anything, later I realized Mr. Choy just thought we were the ghosts asking “Trick or treat?” The haunted house is the biggest and most fun activity we planned this year. To make people scared, only 6 people are allowed to enter at once. That made the waiting way much longer. I notice for those who entered, there were huge differences between their reactions. Some are not scared at all while others were scared to death. Christopher Guan was one of the brave guys. He said he scared the ghost away! He complained that the haunted house should


be more fun and scarier. At the same time, a rumor says that 4 people fainted inside the haunted house. But nobody is sure if that is true. The fog effect in the house was great. You can’t see anything down the hallway, which made everything unpredictable and horrible. I personally didn’t think it was scary, since I was part of the team who planned and created it, all those flying bloody hands, legs and heads were our work. Anyway, I believe everyone had fun no matter they got scared or not. Our hard work is worthy and I think this Halloween party event is exactly what we the student council should provide to the student body.

Image was made by Rickey Guo

Campus Life by Rickey Guo

image from image from image from tinkerbelltonks.wordpr...

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When you attend a sleep – over, you actually don’t sleep at all even though it is called “sleep over”. This is the first time for most of us, and it did give me an unforgettable memory. i ate so much, a huge hamburger, a bunch of French fries and some ice cream cake making me hard to walk back to our bus. Then playing bowling ball, i sweated a lot and got really excited. I didn’t know more thrilled things waiting for us. Making posters for the Halloween

Party and watching a TV show called “Scary Statics”. The light was turned off by Mr. Choy. It was dark everywhere except the screen and so scary that we all screamed when the people in the show screamed. After the TV show, we played Hide and Seek. Jeffrey and I were frightened, we two decided to be a pair. All the lights were turned off in the building. We only had a flash light and I totally got Mr. Choy’s purpose of the TV show. Jeffrey and I found a great hiding place, squeezing together, felt a little safe. But in the third round, we were the catchers. Mr. Choy is so


Campus Life

bad he left all the doors open and all the rooms in darkness. Think about it, you are walking in a deadly silent and dark building down the hallway, a face jumps out! How scary is that!!! Jeffrey and I totally got freaked out. We were walking very closely, sometimes we held hands. We first found Jennie who was doing something outside 2nd floor bathroom. She was singing and we jumped in yelling, “Ha!” She screamed. I turned the flash light to her, while she went crazy hitting my


arm with her metal flash light. Jeffrey walked to ward her saying loudly “It’s over!” but Jennie threw her flash light to Jeffrey. It hit right on his nose. Jeffrey got mad cursing her. Later, Jennie explained she was scared so she hit Jeffrey. I don’t believe her because it didn’t make sense. We continued our searching with Jeffrey’s broken nose. We did find Jason and others at the terrace. When we walked into the music room, we were

Campus Life so nervous. It was really dark, I opened the door hesitantly, Jeffrey was behind me and I turned on my flash light moved the light to the right, nothing there. I stepped backward and about to leave, suddenly I saw Mr. Choy staring at me through the window door. He said slowly and quietly. “Rickey” BOO! I sat on the ground directly. Mr. Choy’s scariest picture –the vampire in the yearbook put up in my mind. Exactly the same pose as the picture. Jeffrey was almost shocked to death. Later I found out actually Chris and Philip were also in the music room. Philip behind the AC and Chris was in a cubby under a cover. We j u s t c o u l d n ’ t leave the music room alive! W e f o u n d everyone except fourth floor, we heard Jerry giggling. We knew he was


Campus Life behind a door in one room. We two walked closely and slowly. Someone started to run after us. I knew it was Jerry but too scared to be still. Jerry made me think of him as a zombie. I ran away. And Jeffrey ran after me immediately. A ghost or Jerry ran after us. I was so scared that I jumped from the middle of stairs to the bottom at the second floor, landing on my butt. We all gathered in the student lounge and everyone was talking about where he hid. A graveyard sound came


from the upstairs. It was so unexpected, even Mr. Choy showed his terror. We all said “Mr. Choy, you go check it.” But Mr. Choy answered, “I am scared too.” So Jason said, “Let’s go together!” The crowd moved slowly up the stairs. Jeffrey and I were in the middle. The music became louder and scarier. It was room 406. Hero David entered the room first and turned on the light. A black thing was near the computer. Jason rushed over and pulled the thing up. It appeared to be a person

Campus Life

with a white and yellow mask on. He rushed out of the room The pictures are provided by and went downstairs. That was Mr. Choy. so creepy. Soon the same music started downstairs. Mr. Choy, Jason, Chris and Philip caught this stranger later. If you want to know who he is, look around the magazine for the answer. After all these, I certainly couldn’t fall asleep at all. So I would say it should be called a “stay-up”. But it is terrific fun!


By Eric Wu This issue’s poll is based on Multi-cultural questions. As you can see below, most of the people I interviewed were born in U.S., many people come from the U.S., though I am not one of them, I am from Canada. Most of the people have a nice mother but some have a strict mother. Not surprisingly, there are many people who can speak 2 languages, and not many people can speak 3 or 4 languages fluently. Strict ------------------------ 30% Nice -------------------------- 55% In Between ------------------ 15%

1 ------------------------------- 10% 2 ------------------------------- 70% 3 ------------------------------- 15% 4 ------------------------------ 0.5% U.S. ------------------------------ 45% Japan ----------------------------- 15% China ----------------------------- 25% Other ---------------------------- 15%



Culture By RIckey Guo Mr. Rathbun was my ESL teacher when I first came to THIS. He had a big influence on me since then. Every time during his class I learned a lot. I remember he told a true story that happened on 2001; an American Air force pilot drove his jet across China’s air boundary. The Chinese air force shot the jet down. The pilot was kept as a prisoner in Hainan province. After a compromise between the U.S and China, the American pilot was sent back home in safety. He was interviewed in a TV show and was asked “Did they torture you? Did they pull your hair?” The pilot answered, “No, but I was served with fish head soup.” That really surprised the host. Being served with a fish head soup was regarded as terrible treatment. But according to Chinese culture, fish head soup is among the best soup that could be served in Cantonese! This is such a big cultural difference. Then Mr. Rathbun pointed at each one of us “You know you guys will be the bridge between cultures.” This story is stuck in my mind and it inspired me of this issue’s cultural difference column. I originally asked Mr. Rathbun for some primary sources, planned to quote sentences from him into my article. But after reading his story, I was moved and decided not to “destroy” such a beautiful piece of writing. Instead of quoting, I put his whole story onto this magazine to share with all of you. It is pure original from Mr. Rathbun.



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Shortly after arriving in China, my wife and I and our five-year-old son were driving along the streets in Beijing on a freezing, snowy and blustery night about 10:30 p.m. For some reason, after leaving a restaurant, the electronic window on the rear right side of our Volkswagen wouldn’t work, and snow and frigid air was blowing through the backcar door window. My wife and I were wondering what to do, because we still had quite a ways to go before we got to our home. Our young son was


cuddled up in a blanket, as we were trying to protect him from the cold. Then we noticed a gas station alongside the road, but all of the lights were out and it looked as it had obviously closed for the night. There was a little ramshackle “dormitory” for the young workers at the gas station, off to the side of the gas station, with frost-covered windows. At this time in Beijing, workers from remote areas of China would often work at jobs like these in return for a little money and a place to sleep.

Culture I stopped the car and my wife braved the freezing cold to get out of the car and knock on the window of the flimsy, pitch-black gas station lodging facilities Suddenly a flashlight came on and out walked a very sleepy looking young Chinese boy of about 20, who appeared to have been very soundly sleeping in his bunk bed. His hair was all tousled and standing on end. My wife explained our situation and he turned back into the darkness of the “dormitory” of dozing and dreaming colleagues, and returned with a screwdriver and some other tools. He slipped on some boots without tying the laces -- and still wearing his pajamas, with a green Chinese army coat thrown around him for good measure – walked over to our car. I watched all of this with amazement and incredulity since I could only imagine how different this scenario might be if we tried to rouse a gas station employee from his sleep behind his security-proof glass fortress on a cold, blustery,


snowy night in any big city in America. After working on our car for about 10 minutes while fighting cold, darkness and numbing fingers, with the light and warmth from a flashlight his only aid, he told us to try the window – and it worked! I pushed the electronic button, and it went up! Then, without fanfare, the young Chinese boy turned around and started walking towards the deserted gas station “dormitory”. We ran after him and stopped him and tried to put some money in his hands to pay for his work, help and kindness – but he refused to accept it. With a simple turn of his head from side to side, the young gas station employee said that money was not necessary. He accepted our thank you, but if truth be told, he was more focused on quickly getting back to his ramshackle dormitory and crawling back in his humble, but better than n o t h i n g ,

Culture relatively warm bed.

more difficult now to find such a hardworking and pure young gent And I don’t blame him. But now in Beijing. it was my turn to shake my head in wonder, as I envisioned a time in But there was an era, in the America when such gallantry and not too distant past in Beijing, “class” was still in fashion. and probably much longer ago in New York City, London, Paris and Of course, with all of the non- Moscow too -- when such rare stop growth of buildings, rising occurrences, and pure goodness, inflation, internationalization, were much more common, than and emergence of a domineering today. and unchecked money culture in China -- I suspect it would be much Image from s/%E5%A4%A7%E8%A1%A3/xgtupian/1/8

It is Ashkan Ghaneian scaring us to death on the midnight of our sleepover day.


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