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Lerfel Sarah (Colette) One of the first-ever concept stores, Colette has remained as one of the coolest – thanks to Sarah Lerfel, the creative director and co-founder. Opening in 1997, the expansive, streamlined space is credited for bringing hipsters back to ultra-posh central Paris and continues to draw in savvy tourists from around the world. Its name is not a salute to

Retailer the twentieth-century novelist, but a reference to Lerfel’s mother and co-founder Colette Rousseaux. Reflecting Lerfel’s ever-changing tastes in fashion, food, art and design, shoppers on the ground floor peruse sneakers, artsy magazines and a curated selection of music. While upstairs on the first level there is a pricey ready-to-wear section. Lerfel’s social


Sarah Lerfel. b Paris (FR), 1976. (Colette.) The Colette store on rue Saint-Honoré, Paris. 2012.

connections facilitate Colette’s renowned collaborative projects, which include the issue of exclusive Hermès foulards and a pop-up Chanel shop where the artist Fafi customized purchasers’ quilted bags with special drawings.

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