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ebruary is the month of Brazilian Fever. With a mixture of different music like Bossa Nova, Samba and Reggae one of the busiest cities in the world, Rio De Janerio will host the party of the year. Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil. It is not about a big moment in history or about a famous person, but it is important for the people because it's a time of camaraderie, freedom, and almost a whole week without work. As it’s another year of party and fever as Rio prepares you for the best events you’ve ever seen and heard of. With famous celebrities like Jenifer-Lopez and Tom cruise in the street party of Salvador, Brazil becomes the busiest city in the world in the month of February. Carnival 2013 starts officially on February 12nd. Nevertheless, a lot of joy and fun is already running since three weeks before, not only with the technical rehearsals of the Samba Schools from the Special Group, but also with the rehearsals of street bands and carnival groups that already prepare themselves for the very expected and traditional "street carnival" in Rio and Salvador. Samba is possibly the most famous form of music from Brazil and this is evident during carnival. However, Bossa nova became very popular around the world with such famous artists and composers as Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto. The song “The Girl from Ipanema”is the biggest Brazilian international hit song.


e recently spoke to Paula, a new coming artist who is currently preparing for her trip to Brazil in preparation for carnival after being sponsored by the beer ‘Brahma’. She talks to us in the rainy Regents park but in lights us with the hot Brazilian fever.

IM: And Paula, music has always been a huge part of the Brazilian culture but since 2010 the Brazilian Hip-pop has become a lot more dominate than Bossa Nova and samba. Why do you think this has happened and what will the Brazilian people do, to show the new generation the best music?

IM: Paula, it’s good to see you again after a year preparing for Brazil biggest musical party. How do you feel this year will be different to others and what’s made you once again join Rio De Janeiro Carnival?

Paula: I completely agree with you, that Bossa nova and the traditional Brazilian music is the best. Since a young age I’ve alwayed listen to the best artists which really sing to motivate and change the Brazilian societies perspectives and pasPaula: It’s good to sion. I feel that with all this be warming up for new school music which is such a thrilling gripping the young generaevent; I could never miss out on tion is such a shame. Although carnival... It’s a week of crazy mu- there is this new genre in the sic and exhilarating people. I think country I feel that with the fans of the reason it will be so different is bossa nova and samba will albecause not only are Brazil host- ways maintain the true culture ing the world cup but their also ground of Brazilian music. hosting the Olympics so this is really there time to show to the IM: Paula as you’re a new coming world how excellent Brazilian mu- international artist, tell us how if sic is. feels to be known in places such as South American, United states IM: I completely agree and Paula and of course your home town, what do you think about the music London? at carnival, should it be promoted to other audiences or just mainPaula: In one word I’d say overtained in Brazil? whelming because every things happened so fast in Paula: It should such short time. Traveldefiantly be ling, recording, pershown to eveforming is all so fun. ryone how These trips like to Braamazing it actually is and the zil and these exciting new things adrenaline you receive when like sponsors is all overwhelming. watching carnival is crazy! PerI love travelling, and learning sonally I was very influenced by about music and their different the South American music being cultures but it can also be exLatina but a lot of it came from tremely exhausting. Brazil. The fast tempo, upbeat music defiantly helped me to IM: Thank you Paula and good choose the pathway of type of luck for the future. music I wanted to do.

“Traditional Brazilian Music is The Best’’

“ Such a thrilling event’’

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