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Vol 3 / Issue 8 May 2013

N C S Polaris adventure

bmw 7 series

shanghai auto show

Audi Track Day

Vol-3 | Issue-8 | May 2013




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Driven: Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

Automobile luxury and lifestyle

Truly Enjoyable: Driven GM’s new MPV

RNI No DEL ENG/2010/34755

Gurkha 4X4X4 Extremely Tough ktm orange day

mahindra e2o

o hotel

itc maratha mumbai

payal jain

editor’s note


y senior photographer Mohd. Nasir and I were invited by Force Motors to test drive the Gurkha 4x4x4 (one 4 is for the four wheel drive, the next two 4s denote the four seasons and the four different kinds of terrains that this vehicle can endure) at their track in Pune. I was shown a small patch of land within the company premises where they had built an off road track that consisted of a few obstacles where one could test the capabilities of the vehicle. I looked at the articulation pit track and said, “This is unfair. You want to break your car or what?” The senior technical person from the company simply smiled. I must confess, I have driven vehicles all over the world and on some very treacherous terrains, but this small patch seemed very unfair for the vehicle. I drove the vehicle on this pit and was surprised that it came through every pit with considerable ease. Only once I had to engage the front differential lock by pulling on to a lever next to the gear lever. As for the rest of the hurdles, it was a cakewalk for the Gurkha. Now who would buy this vehicle? Well, not sissy kids who love to race with their father’s money. Nor speed enthusiasts on a killing spree. Nor weak hearted ones with no great driving skills. This vehicle is truly for a man with B**** of steel! That should include the men in the armed forces, those at beaches who work as life guards, those working in deep forests and those in the cities with a passion for off roading. By off roading I do not mean some silly pit dug up with some water for you to wade through. I mean real off roading!

P. Tharyan

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Style content is strictly forbidden. Car N Style magazine is printed, published, edited and owned by Punnoose Tharyan and published from 4058 / D-4, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070. Printed at Pearl Printers, 52, DSIDC Shed, Okhla, Phase 1, New Delhi. This issue of Car N Style magazine contains 84 pages including both covers, plus 28 pages of Buyer’s Guide booklet.

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16. BMW 7 Series with new design and retuned engine

28. Audi Drive: When Lady Luck drove me crazy

BMW has revamped its flagship saloon, the 7 Series. The diesel variant 730Ld is priced at 92.2lakh. Petrol variants 740Li, 750Li and 760Li priced at 1.12Cr., 1.29Cr. and 1.73Cr.

The surprises rolled out. I was told that I would be driving not just the R8, but an Audi S4, an Audi TT and an Audi RS5 as well.

36. First Drive: Gurkha 4x4x4 Extremely tough, extremely versatile The Gurkha 4x4x4 from Force Motors is a 4 wheel drive meant to take you through four different types of terrains and last all the four seasons, year after year. It is just the right vehicle for a large part of India. It’s not meant for the F1 Buddh International Circuit.

32. Ready to race... Are you? Hooligan is the word that comes to mind when we think of the KTM 200 Duke. It is an excited little motorcycle with ridiculous power to its weight riding over a sea of angry noise. And to celebrate its success in the country, its parent KTM organised the first Orange Day in Delhi at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 2 road, New Delhi. Orange day allows KTM 200 Duke owners to brush upon their track riding skills and get acquainted with fellow KTM riders

4 / May 2013

62. Oakwood Residences ITC Maratha is one of Mumbai’s better hotels and is located very close to both the domestic and international airports (5 km from the domestic airport and 2 km from the international airport.) We recently got an opportunity to experience the much talked about warmth and hospitality of this popular hotel.

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tutu’s fine tunes

Highway fatalities and the rules of long drives


R.K. Dhawan (Tutu)

6 / May 2013

remember as a child I had a fetish for sticking reflective tapes on the back of cars and bikes. At night when the lights fell on them, these tapes would glow so brightly that I would be thrilled. Much later I realised that it’s this glow that keeps the motorists safe on the roads. That brings me to modern India and its road related accidents. We often hear of cars slamming into stationery trucks on highways. In almost all such cases it results in fatalities of high order. The media and the police either blame the truck driver for parking his vehicle wrongly on the road, or the car driver is blamed for his rash driving. A lot of us make mistakes while driving on the roads, especially while driving long distances. It’s every important that we do not drive long stretches without taking frequent breaks. Drivers often fall asleep on the wheels thus resulting in accidents. Some high-end cars like Volvo, Mercedes, BMW and the like have sensors that detect irregular movement of the driver and hence put the safety system of the car on alert thereby making the passengers safe and the moment it senses that the driver is getting drowsy, the steering wheel vibrates suddenly, jolting the driver out of his stupor! Not all cars have such features. Thus, it is important that while driving long distances with the air conditioner on, one needs to roll down the windows for a few seconds to let in the fresh air in once in a while. Stale cold air inside the cabin can also result in drowsiness, it is recommended that the driver should stop his car at regular intervals, stretch out so that he remains fresh and alert throughout the journey. As for the truck driver, well it’s not fair to put the blame entirely on him. He too requires a break from long hours of driving. Mind you, he would have been driving an overloaded truck in conditions far worse than that of a car driver. His cabin would be extremely uncomfortable, noisy and hot like hell compared to that of a car cabin. Truck drivers hardly have any dedicated place to rest or eat. The dhabas where they halt for food and rest are not known for their great hygienic and comfort conditions. It is absolutely necessary that all vehicles on the road must have lights and indicators in absolute working conditions. Tail lights, hazard lights, indicator lights etc all need to be bright and working. Today, no vehicle in India is fined for non-functioning lights. No reflective triangles are used to warn oncoming motorists that your vehicle is stalled. The days of sticking branches of trees on your vehicle as a sign of warning are over. When I was young I have seen RTO and police officials periodically checking vehicles to see if all their lights were functioning. Strangely, this is not done now when it is needed the most! (As told to P. Tharyan)

2010 Audi Q7 4.2 TDI

2009 Porsche Targa 4S

2011 Maserati Quattroporte

2010 Range Rover Sport (Supercharged)

2012 Fiat Ducato Motorhome

2011 BMW 730Ld

News in

Hyundai i Tech i10 India drive culminates in Jammu


Report & Photography: P. Tharyan wo i10 cars from Hyundai Motor India started their travel across India early March 2013 to cover a distance of around 9,000km. The cars were driven by journalists belonging to various newspapers, television channels and automobile magazines. Beginning from Delhi, the journey covered India’s beautiful cities and towns like Udaipur, Mumbai, Goa, Bengaluru, Kochi, Chennai, Vishakhapatanam, Kolkata, Varanasi and Jammu, before culminating in Delhi on March 29, 2013. Technically speaking, Car N Style magazine journalists were the last to drive the car from Delhi to

8 / May 2013

Jammu and ensure that the drive culminated safely and successfully, before it returned to Delhi. We began our drive at around 8.30 in the morning a day after Holi. Traffic was beginning to build as we left Delhi towards Jammu on the National Highway leading to Amritsar. After driving effortlessly throughout the day and coming across a few traffic snarls on the way, we entered Jammu and Kashmir as the sun set. We drove the i Tech i10, a car that was launched early March this year. The Special Edition – ‘i Tech’ i10 was launched to celebrate over 12 Lakh i10 customers worldwide. The i10 has been one of the successful

flagship models from Hyundai’s portfolio since its launch in 2007. The Special Edition i10 has a host of first-in-the-segment innovative and high-tech features like RearView Parking Camera and ElectroChromic function on cabin rear view mirror and Steering-mounted Bluetooth device. On the exterior, the styling is complemented by sporty ‘i Tech’ body graphics. Inside the cabin, it has sporty interiors with dual tone red and beige upholstery seats with red dashboard and door armrest inserts. The special Edition i10 is available in 1.1 ltr Era and 1.2 ltr Magna variants.

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Vol-3 | Issue-8 | May 2013




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Driven: Volkswagen


Automobile luxury and lifestyle


Truly ENJOYable: Driven GM’s new MPV RNI No DEL ENG/2010/34755



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beyond limits

POLARIS-ing adventure sports in India


ill recently offroading meant taking your heavy SUVs into sand and slush and experiencing the virtues of a four-wheel drive system, ensconced in your air-conditioned cabins in the sweltering heat and dust. One never really experienced the true spirit of adventure sports. With the coming in of Polaris all terrain

10 / May 2013

vehicles (ATVs) into India, there’s been an awakening of sorts. The true spirit of adventure has been rekindled in the hearts of several youngsters and their families across the country. They are flocking to dedicated Polaris Experience Zones to experience what it means to be rough and tough. These Polaris Experience Zones feature mounts, climbs, axel breakers, water pit, side inclined slopes etc. These zones will either

have or will soon be having stateof-the-art hospitality facilities, workshop, first aid, training classes and other amusement areas to help families spend a perfect weekend. The latest additions to this growing number of Polaris Experience Zones are the ones that have opened in India’s southern state of Karnataka in Bengaluru. Polaris recently inaugurated two off-road circuits in Bengaluru in association with Sarjapur based

beyond limits

Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India Pvt. Ltd, inaugurating Polaris Experience Zone in Bengaluru

Play and Yeshwanthpur-based Target Games & Facilities Pvt. Ltd. With the Polaris Experience Zones in place, hard-core adventure and motorsports enthusiasts can now experience the thrill of riding the heart thumping series of power sport vehicles lined up by Polaris. Polaris India Pvt. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries Inc of the US. While adventure sports have taken on an entirely new definition with these Polaris Experience Zones, it’s also spawned a new avenue of entrepreneurship. Young budding entrepreneurs are eager to set up these zones with Polaris ATVs, convinced by the business opportunities it is ensuring. Says Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India Pvt. Ltd, at the launch of the Bengaluru Polaris Experience Zones, “Bengaluru has a rich racing culture and has a wide variety of terrains. Hence the off-road vehicle segment has the potential for growth. We are pleased to start Polaris Experience Zone with Play and Target Games & Facilities to offer off-road motor experience to motor sports lovers in Bengaluru.” While lauding the efforts of the companies in setting up these Polaris Experience Zones, Dubey notes that southern India is an important market for his company as it contributes majorly towards its growth story in India. “We foresee huge interest

and potential in this market and plan to introduce more off-road tracks in southern India. We plan to increase the number of such tracks from 13 to 25 by this year-end,” he says. Dubey notes that with the introduction of such zones across the country, his company’s purpose is to sensitise the consumers and create a new market for recreational vehicles and to generate more interest in these activities. Polaris seems to have stirred a pent up desire among Indians towards adventure sports with its vehicles at these zones. Polaris Experience Zones are now situated in Greater Noida, Ahmadabad, Bhopal, Nagpur, Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Munnar and Chennai. Bengaluru is the latest to join this craze for Polaris Experience Zones. Polaris dealerships too have increased to 14 in number and are spread across the length and breadth of the country. The company plans to set up mobile vans with essential equipment and tools to reach customers’ doorstep in case of unscheduled service. Polaris currently manufactures a diverse range of products for all age groups and a variety of activities, such as Recreation, Sports, Defence, Beach & Forest Patrolling, Rescue, Agriculture, etc. Engine displacements range from 50cc to 900cc and come in petrol, diesel and electric variants.

May 2013 / 11

News in

Aditya Patel to compete at the ADAC GT Masters Audi AG has announced that Aditya Patel will compete in the ADAC GT Masters 2013 in Europe. Patel is the Audi India race talent and class winner of the 24 hours of the Nürburgring, after a successful test at the Oschersleben track in Germany. Aditya Patel will be representing the reigning champions team MS Racing and will drive the Audi R8 LMS ultra. He will be paired with last

Aditya Patel with Michael Perschke of Audi India and Sanjay Sharma of JK Tyre

year’s MS Racing driver Daniel Dobitsch. The ADAC GT Masters is an amalgamation of 16 thrilling races over 8 race weekends and participation from various drivers from different parts of the world. Aditya Patel’s motorsport career began at an early age with the JK Tyre National Racing Championship in 2001 when he was 14. Audi India, JK Tyre, Audi Top Service, MAS Holdings and Amante have been fully involved in Aditya Patel’s development and are working jointly working towards furthering his career.

Volvo gifts a XC90 to Jeev Milkha Singh India’s leading light in golf Jeev Milkha Singh has been appointed as the first brand ambassador for Volvo Auto India. The Swedish car manufacturer announced its new phase of growth with Singh endorsing the European luxury brand. Volvo Cars is associated with golf since 1984 and organises numerous golf events across the globe. The XC90 gifted to Singh is an amalgam of luxury and functionality in one big package. Sporting a D5 engine the XC90 produces 200bhp of power and a twisting force of 420Nm. The cabin is a blend of sophisticated technology and luxury. The XC90 is a vehicle for all situations that the city or countryside can throw at it.

12 / May 2013

News in

Hennessey Venom GT sets new top speed record of 427.6kmph! Costs 6.58 crore in the US! This exotic hypercar from the Hennessey stable has set a new speed record. Hennessey Performance announced that on February 9, 2013 its street-legal Venom GT accelerated to 427.6kmph during testing, establishing the exotic hypercar as the world’s fastest production vehicle available for public purchase. The top speed run was accomplished over a distance of two miles using a full-production Venom GT. All testing was validated by (2) VBOX 3i GPS-based data logging systems and VBOX officials were on hand to certify the numbers. Hennessey plans to only build a total of 29 Venom GTs, with one-third of the production run already being sold. Thus, the Venom GT is not only the quickest and fastest production car in the world, but it is also one of the most exclusive. The heavily carbon-fibre constructed Venom GT costs US $1.2 million (approx 6.58 crore) plus shipping, not including options. Each vehicle is custom built to order and requires six months for completion.

Detroit Electric SP:01 is the world’s fastest pureelectric production car Electric cars are getting smarter by the day. Detroit Electric SP:01, a limited-edition, two-seat pure-electric sports car has sets new standards for performance and handling in the electric vehicle (EV) segment. It has an awesome top speed of 249kmph and covers 0-100kmph sprint in a blistering 3.7 seconds. The SP:01 is the world’s fastest pure-electric production car. The new SP:01 was launched under the brand’s mantra of ‘Pure Electric Excitement’ and was revealed at Detroit Electric’s new headquarters in the Fisher Building in downtown Detroit. Just 999 such cars will be built at Detroit Electric’s new production facility in Wayne County, Michigan, with cars sold worldwide through a network of specialist retail partners. The SP:01 boasts of an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The rear-wheel-drive SP:01 features a compact, mid-mounted 201bhp electric motor delivering 225Nm of torque), a lightweight, purpose-designed battery pack and all-new carbon-fibre bodywork. Total weight of the vehicle is 2,354 lb, contributing to the SP:01’s superior driving dynamics and class-leading handling. The vehicle is based on a strong yet lightweight aluminium platform, and is being launched following a five-year development and road-test programme.

May 2013 / 13

News in

Kawasaki Ninja 300 launched for 3.5 lakh Bajaj Auto has launched the latest Kawasaki Ninja 300, which is expected to replace the current Ninja 250R. The high-performance motorcycle will be available in two colours: Pearl Stardust and Lime Green. The premium motorcycle, which will be available across Bajaj Auto’s Probiking stores across the country, is priced at 3.5 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi. Like the 250R, the Ninja 300 will also be following the CKD route, with its kits being imported from Thailand and assembled at the Indian automaker’s Chakan facility in Pune. It will now be locking horns with CBR 250R, Hyosung GT250R and the to-be-launched Suzuki Inazuma. The Ninja 300 is powered by a 296cc liquidcooled parallel twin four stroke engine that develops a peak power of 39bhp delivered at 11,000rpm while peak torque is rated at 27Nm at 10,000rpm. The fuel-injected engine, which runs on a DOHC/8 valve layout, is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox via a slipper clutch. The front suspension is a telescopic fork while the rear suspension adopts a 5 way adjustable mono shock. Even though its ABS version is available in many international markets, it will not be available here in the near term.

Pirelli tests new Angel GT bike tyre on Italian Navy’s aircraft carrier Cavour He is the top notch tester for Pirelli and also the multiple world champion. His name is Max Biaggi and he has successfully done an unprecedented braking test on a wet surface. He slammed on the brakes on a bike rocketing across the flight deck of an aircraft carrier being soaked by water pumps at 17 atm. This is what happened on the Italian Navy’s aircraft carrier Cavour, anchored in the new Taranto naval base which served as an unprecedented test track for the presentation of the new Pirelli Angel GT sport touring tyre, developed for naked, super sport and touring bikes. The six-time World Champion and reigning World Superbike Champion accelerated to 100kmph to then grab the brakes hard at the pre-established braking spot. The new Angel GT tyres allowed Biaggi to first unload all his bike’s horses to the ground and ensured an immediate stop on wet asphalt. This unprecedented test was arranged by Pirelli thanks to the invaluable and professional cooperation of Difesa Servizi SpA and in particular the Italian Navy, which made the flight deck of the Cavour available, moored in the Taranto military port.

14 / May 2013

News in

New Bullet 500 from Royal Enfield Royal Enfield launched the new Bullet 500 in India at a price of 1,53,855/- (on road price for Delhi). The carbureted 500cc bike powered by a Unit Construction Engine (UCE) produces 40.9Nm of torque. With its timeless signature styling, the bike now comes with a magnificent Forest Green colour and the unmistakable thump, offering its enthusiasts a compelling ride. The Royal Enfield Bullet 500 will be launched in a phased manner across the country. Initially the product will be launched in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi-NCR and Kerala which have traditionally been the best markets for the Bullet.

A more affordable Honda Dream Neo for 43,150/Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is on a dream launch spree. And it seems that its big dreams are confined to the mass market in India. After the popular Dream Yuga, the Japanese auto giant has launched a new motorcycle Dream Neo in the mass market commuter segment. The motorcycle is priced at 43,150. This makes the Dream Neo the cheapest two-wheeler from the HMSI stable. The Dream Neo motorcycle is powered by a 110 cc engine and the company claims that it will give a mileage of 74 km per litre of petrol. HMSI President and CEO Keita Muramatsu told newspersons that Dream Neo is the company’s “Big leap” towards consolidating its position in the Indian commuter segment. Among HMSI’s other affordable two-wheelers currently available are 110cc scooter ‘Dio’ ( 44,718 ex showroom Delhi and Dream Yuga with 110cc engine (cost 45,101 exshowroom, Delhi)

May 2013 / 15

News in

BMW 7 series with new

design and retuned engine

16 / May 2013

News in


Report: Karan Joshi

MW has revamped its flagship saloon, the 7 Series with some very subtle changes. The 7 series has always been a tough rival in the luxury saloon segment and with new design and retuned engine, BMW has again set a new benchmark. The diesel variant of the BMW 7 series, 730Ld will be locally produced at the BMW Chennai Plant and is priced at 92.2lakh. Rest of the petrol variants 740Li, 750Li and 760Li will be imported as CBUs and priced at 1.12crore, 1.29crore and 1.73crore respectively. Looking at it closely you will notice, the new 7 Series get revised kidney grille, new fog lamps and the new Adaptive full-LED headlights. The signature corona rings are no more circular but angular now and there is a continuous strip of LED which doubles as a parking lamp and indicator. Speaking of indicator reminds me, the wing mirrors also have indicators on them. At the rear you don’t see much of a change apart from a bold chrome strip across the boot. As far as interiors are concerned, the front of the cabin is huge and exuding a

mixture of luxury and comfort. At the rear of this marvelous saloon you get a comprehensive range of features such as an individual cool box, folding tables integrated at the back of the front seats, automatic air conditioning with air recirculation and fogging and solar sensor. If that’s not enough, there are two newly designed 23.3cm colour screen with BMW ConnectedDrive and a personal iDrive Controller. The new BMW 7 Series is available in both petrol and diesel variants and will come paired with an eight speed automatic gearbox. The 730Ld is powered by the BMW TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line diesel engine, with a capacity of producing 258bhp (more than the previous model) and turning force of 560Nm at 1500rpm. It can sprint from 0 – 100kmph in just 6.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 250kmph.

May 2013 / 17

News in

Smashing Shanghai Report: Abhijeet Singh The Shanghai Auto Show was huge. Spread over 17 halls, there were more than 1300 vehicles on display. The show attracted the attention of visitors and exhibitors from numerous countries. Automobile sales have been declining across the globe but sales in the Chinese market are healthy, in fact China is the biggest and fastest growing automobile market in the world. The liking of Chinese customers is now shifting from compact vehicles to big SUV’s and luxury cars. Pertaining to demands, manufacturers (both domestic and foreign) displayed their lineup ranging from long luxury sedans to big off-road brutes to fast supercars. Some of the vehicles, like these, were truly fantastic.

Lamborghini To celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th birthday they have created the Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50° Anniversario. This limited edition has 20bhp more than the standard Aventador and an extremely fast-shifting ISR transmission. The 50° Anniversario takes 2.9sec to accelerate from standstill to 100kmph, and the top speed is 350kmph. Each of the 100 cars will have a Forged Composite badge with the 50° logo and a serial number. Also present was a Gallardo LP 560-2 50° Anniversario featuring a carbon fibre rear wing from the Gallardo Superleggera and the transparent engine cover.

18 / May 2013

News in

Jeep Jeep’s new Jeep Cherokee debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show this year. The new Jeep is developed not only for the American market, but other foreign markets as well. The mid-size SUV will feature a 9-speed automatic transmission, capable handling characteristics both on and off road and frugal engines. A diesel engine will also be on offer for markets outside the US. Apart from this, two other models were also on display at the Jeep stand, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition. The Anniversary edition pays tribute to 10 years of Wrangler Rubicon history, shod with a host of off road equipment and select exterior colours.

Mercedes Mercedes displayed the GLA concept, its first compact SUV combining daily practicality with coupe styling and dynamics. Under the hood will reside a four pot 2.0 litre engine capable of 208bhp mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The GLA will feature a 4MATIC all-wheel drive system rendering it go anywhere ability and better handling. Another attraction at the Mercedes stand was the SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive, a 740bhp electric super car producing 1000Nm torque. The aim is to produce a sports car with zero emission and preserve the fun of big power less grip.

May 2013 / 19

News in Bugatti Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse WRC (World Record Car) is the fastest convertible in the world. The W16 8.0 litre engine puts out a colossal 1184bhp and 1500Nm of peak torque. In the hands of Chinese racing driver Anthony Liu, Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse WRC clocked 408.8kmph on a run at the Volkswagen Group’s Ehra-Lessien proving grounds. The engine sounds like the God of Thunder gargling, and because of the open top you can hear it clearly.

Maserati The all new Maserati Ghibli will join alongside the Quattroporte as the second sports saloon in the Italian manufacturer’s lineup. The Ghibli will be powered by two 3.0-litre V6 engines with different power and torque outputs, and will focus on sporty handling than the larger Quattroporte. For the first time in the history of the company, the Ghibli will come with a diesel power plant. Maserati also debuted the Quattroporte with a 330bhp V6 engine at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013.

20 / May 2013

News in Porsche Porsche unveiled the 2014 Panamera range for its second largest market across the globe. Centre stage was taken by the Panamera S E-Hybrid, which is the first ever plug-in hybrid by the brand. The electric drive produces 95bhp and can be fully charged in two and a half hours when connected to a 240V supply. Another good news is that the Panamera S E-Hybrid is capable of attaining the ton in 5.2seconds and reaches a top speed of 268kmph. Another model on display was the Panamera X Executive with 15cm longer wheelbase, thus extending the rear legroom, for the Chinese market.

Volkswagen The CrossBlue Coupe is a five seat SUV based on Volkswagen’s new MQB architecture and features a plug-in petrol electric hybrid V6 engine. The focus is to create a fuel efficient and sporty SUV through the combined working of a V6 petrol engine and not one but two electric motors. The SUV thus pumps out 415bhp which is good for a 0-100kmph time of 5.9seconds and the acceleration ends at 236.5kmph. The CrossBlue Coupe can be driven only on the electric motors 33km at a maximum speed of 120kmph.

BMW The German Auto major introduced the M6 Gran Coupe, based on the M6 high performance sports car, which combines M performance with luxury and aesthetics. M6 Gran Coupe is powered by a twin turbocharged V8, capable of taking four adults to a top speed of 305kmph. Another highlight at the BMW stand was the X4 Concept, which is a smaller version of the X6 SAC (Sports Activity Coupe). It is a combination of sturdiness and finesse blended with performance and dynamic handling. Market appearance is scheduled in early 2014.

May 2013 / 21

Formula One

2013 Formula 1 bahrain Grand Prix

Vettel storms into first



Pictures courtesy: : Infinity Red Bull

ico Rosberg of Mercedes came in ninth in the F1 race at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir despite the fact that he started in position one on the grid. Sebastian Vettel of Infiniti Red Bull stormed once more into position one becoming the world champion at the Bahrain race. He led Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus Renault by a mere 9.1 second, relegating the Finn to the second place. Kimi’s colleague Romain Grosjean came third to grab a podium finish. Paul di Resta of Sahara Force India Mercedes drove a brilliant race from

Race winner Sebastian Vettel (2nd right) of Germany and Infiniti Red Bull Racing celebrates with Gill Jones, Infiniti Red Bull Racing Electronic Support Group Leader, Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean

22 / May 2013

Formula One fifth place on the grid to finally finish fourth in the race. Unable to contain Raikkonen’s faster Lotus, Di Resta almost closed in on a podium finish until Romain Grosjean on a three-stop strategy, hauled him in and overtook with seven laps to run. Di Resta’s performance equalled the

and Jenson Button with 13 points. Infinity Red Bull Renault have 109 points in the constructors’ championship, with Lotus Renault moving to second on 93 from Ferrari on 77. Mercedes has 64 points, Force India has 26 and McLaren has 23 points.

best of his F1 career. Vettel’s has now a total 77 points to his credit, followed by Raikkonen with 67, Lewis Hamilton with 50, Fernando Alonso with 47, Mark Webber with 32, Felipe Massa with 30, Romain Grosjean with 26, Di Resta with 20, Nico Rosberg with 14








Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull Racing-Renault





Kimi Räikkönen



+9.1 secs



Romain Grosjean



+19.5 secs



Paul di Resta

Force India-Mercedes


+21.7 secs



Lewis Hamilton



+35.2 secs



Sergio Perez



+35.9 secs



Mark Webber

Red Bull Racing-Renault


+37.2 secs



Fernando Alonso



+37.5 secs



Nico Rosberg



+41.1 secs



Jenson Button



+46.6 secs



Pastor Maldonado



+66.4 secs


Nico Hulkenberg



+72.9 secs


Adrian Sutil

Force India-Mercedes


+76.7 secs


Valtteri Bottas



+81.5 secs


Felipe Massa



+86.3 secs


Daniel Ricciardo



+1 Lap


Charles Pic



+1 Lap


Esteban Gutierrez



+1 Lap


Jules Bianchi



+1 Lap


Max Chilton



+1 Lap


Giedo van der Garde



+2 Laps


Jean-Eric Vergne



Accident damage

May 2013 / 23

Formula One

2013 Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso of Scuderia Ferrari wins


Pictures courtesy: Ferrari

ernando Alonso of Scuderia Ferrari won the 2013 Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai on April 14, 2013. Felipe Massa came home sixth to add to the team’s Chinese points haul. Alonso delivered Scuderia Ferrari’s first win of the season in Shanghai, in a race that was action

24 / May 2013

Formula One

packed, mainly down to the different strategies employed in managing the tyres. Both Ferraris got off the line really well and Fernando and Felipe made up one and two places respectively to go second and third into the first turn. On lap 5, both men got past the leader Lewis Hamilton, to go into the lead. On laps 7 and 8 Fernando and then Felipe switched from Soft to Medium tyres. Felipe Massa’s win earned him eight points and added that to the winner’s 25 means the Prancing Horse has moved ahead of Lotus to go second in the Constructors’ championship, just five points behind the leaders Red Bull. Several drivers led the Chinese Grand Prix, thanks to the different strategies in play on the tyre front

Top three qualifiers Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG, Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus F1, and Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, a day before the final race. Alonso goes on to win the race the next day, with Kimin Raikokonen and Lewis Hamilton following. Photo: Glenn Dunbar/Lotus GP and after the second stop, which came on lap 28, Alonso went past temporary leader Sebastian Vettel to retake the lead. At the end of lap 41, Alonso made a third stop fitting the final set of Mediums and from then on he controlled the race to the flag. Thanks to this result, Alonso is third in the Drivers’ championship, while Massa is fifth, ten points off Lewis Hamilton.

Second in the race came Lotus’s Kimi Raikkonen followed by Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in the third position. F1 champion Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel came in fourth. Unfortunately his team mate Mark Webber retired during the race. He originally qualified 14th but moved to the back of the grid for failing to provide a one-litre fuel sample after qualifying.

May 2013 / 25

Formula One

“You always keep pushing” in F1 Racing


here is a lesson in life to be learnt from pit stops at Formula One racing. The speed and precision with which the crew change tyres and address other issues are attributes that can be adapted in everyday life to succeed and overcome. The end rule is, “You always keep pushing”. These are the words of front-end mechanic and long-time pit crew member Ole Schack. Ole and the rest of the crew broke the unofficial pit stop record on five occasions in Malaysia. Infiniti Red Bull Racing Renault was not the only team to manage pit stops quicker than they’ve ever been before but they were reasonably sure Mark Webber’s second stop, completed in 2.05 seconds is the new benchmark. These are the latest salvos in a battle that started when refuelling was banned at the end of the 2009 season. It’s been a race as hardfought as any on track and right now it’s perhaps entering an end game. The limits of the possible are being approached - but there’s still time to be found. Crouched over a wheel-gun or a tyre the field of vision is somewhat narrower, coalesced into that instant of activity that gets the car moving again with the minimum of delay. “You can’t judge it to the tenths but you do get an inner feeling

26 / May 2013

when a stop has gone very well,” says Schack. “It’s not so much what you see but what you hear. When it all sounds synchronised, meaning everyone’s done their job at the same time, that’s when you know the car’s arrived and left again very shortly afterwards.” “You always keep pushing,” says Ole. “You push the development of the car and of the equipment. You push to train people better and lower reaction times. The drivers push themselves as well because they have to be quicker to release. It’s a real group effort to improve pit stops - and the times that are being done by crews up and down the pit lane suggest it’s being done well, but, yes, there is more to come. “From the point where you had seven seconds’ worth of fuel going into the car, the procedures have changed massively. There is a limit of course - I don’t think we’ll ever see a one-second stop - but we’re getting close now to changing four wheels in the most efficient way possible.” The ultimate pleasure for a pit crew is doing the stop that steals a place in the race. With margins now so fine it’s an incredibly rare and precious thing, but there are other performance advantages to doing better pit stops. “We’re shaving fractions, which doesn’t usually translate into positions but maybe the effect it

Formula One has is getting you into a DRS zone, or slipping you out of one. The two or three tenths you can find in the pit stop gives the driver a better chance of making the place on track, is where the stop can make the

difference.� The Malaysian Grand Prix saw pit stop action predicted from the start, with the track drying rapidly in the heat but the whole field starting on the Intermediate tyre. Seb, by virtue

of leading the race, was the first man to gamble on slicks, stopping on lap five. The early activity didn’t faze the crew, who recycled him in 2.13s - a record at the time but ultimately one that was short-lived.

May 2013 / 27

Track Day

28 / May 2013

Track Day

Audi Drive

When Lady Luck drove me crazy Report: Karan Joshi & Abhijeet Singh Photography: Mohd. Nasir


n colloquial Hindi they call it, ‘Chhappar faad ke’. When you are craving for something and suddenly the heavens open up to give you more than your share of what you desired….well, that’s

called ‘Chhappar faad ke’. And what a day it was! But first things first---When I was told by my Editor that I was assigned to drive the new Audi R8 on the uber smooth Buddh International Circuit (BIC), I did not know how to react. I controlled my

May 2013 / 29

Track Day

he said greeting me. We exited the pit lane and piled into couple of tight turns before coming to a halt for the exercises. The electronic steering and the ABS of the car were impressive. It’s an ideal city cum sports car. After the exercise, we hit some tight radius turns, and the S4 launched sideways into a lurid, tail happy drift. A fraction before we reached that critical backward drift into the barrier, the rear end caught up and the S4 barreled out on to the straight. (L to R) Indian football icon Baichung Bhutia, Michael Perschke Head, Audi India and ace drivers Karun Chandhok and Aditya Patel

emotions and let my heart do a million summersaults inside my lean rib cage. Later, I sms-ed my friends till my fingers were swollen. I used every means on the internet to tell the world that I was going to drive the Audi R8 on the BIC track. And when D Day finally arrived, I couldn’t hide my emotions any further. I was dot on time at the BIC, waiting to get behind the wheels of an R8 and knowing that you have in the car 517 wild horses squeezed into a solid V10 engine. And then the surprises rolled out. I was told that I would be driving not just the R8, but an Audi S4, an Audi TT and an Audi RS5 as well. Now that’s what is called ‘Chhappar faad ke’! Oh, for that glorious moment, I knew I would be nailed to the cross by my office mates. I was driving four cars and I was driving everybody crazy. No problems, Sir. A

30 / May 2013

man is known by the cars he drives and here I was with the best an Audi could offer. Audi India’s bossman Michael Perschke began the day by launching the new R8 V10 Plus. This was followed by a hot lap race between Karun Chandhok and Aditya Patel and a brief introduction about them. Indian football icon Baichung Bhutia was also part of this event. It was all about Audi’s unique driving programme, the Audi Sportscar Experience (ASE). Chief instructor of Audi, Mark Allison gave us a pre-drive briefing. The formalities over, we rolled up our sleeves to tame the beasts.

Audi S4 I had as my co-driver, Indian National Rally Champion Hari Singh. As I stepped in he was pressing some button on console. “Let’s roll”,

Audi TT Ever since its birth it was designed as a style icon. It was bought by people more concerned about how they looked in it rather than how fast they were going in it. However, Audi sharpened its claws and took to it to the Nurburgring for extensive exercising. This car is equipped with a 2.0 TFSI Quattro engine, which has a capability of pulling it to 100kmph in just 5.6 seconds with the help of 154bhp and 350Nm of torque. The 6-speed S tronic transmission seemed a little slow while shifting. As far as steering is concerned, it is pretty light and you feel disconnected to the road

Audi RS5 With RS5 the key is not to think hard, just get in it and drive. This powerful coupe has a great handling and control with standard fourwheel drive. Fortunately, there is nothing subtle about the engine,

Track Day

making most of all that wondrous V8 noise. Pull back the gear lever to ‘D’, press the accelerator and then all hell breaks loose. The RS5 pulls up to 100kmph from standstill in just 4.6 seconds. With 443bhp, 430Nm of torque and no wheel spin, a constant and addictive slug is just brilliant and easy pace. However, if you drive it like a maniac, you may provoke it to misbehave, as it shifts its torque in search of a grip. But I drove smartly and the car maintained steady traction.

Audi R8 We drove a left hand drive R8. It was my last car of the day and it was a whole new experience for me. I tapped the ‘sports’ mode and let my foot rest on the pedal. Within a fraction of a second, I sank into the leather seat. The sound of the engine was quite distinct. With the mighty V10 placed right behind driver, all

I could hear was the majestic roar. With a four-wheel drive and a sinful power of 517bhp, the car sprints to 100kmph in just 3.6 seconds. The driving experience was simply marvelous. The downshifts were a bit jerky but quick. The suspensions were hard enough to let you feel the road. Handling the car was easy as the steering responded to the

slightest movement. Audi is well known for creating good cars, both for the road and the track. After an entire day at the track with Audi’s best lineup, I thanked Mark Allison for his track tips. And then I looked up to the skies and thanked my stars! It was a day Lady Luck drove me crazy…. And everybody around me!

May 2013 / 31


‘It’s hard to be humble, when you can jump, stunt, and tumble!’

- Anonymous

32 / May 2013


Ready to race... are you? Report: Abhijeet Singh & Karan Joshi, Photography: Mohd. Nasir


ooligan is the word that comes to mind when we think of the KTM 200 Duke. It is an excited little motorcycle with ridiculous power to its weight riding over a sea of angry noise. And to celebrate its success in the country, its parent KTM organised the first Orange Day in New Delhi. Orange day allows KTM 200 Duke owners to brush upon their track riding skills and get acquainted with fellow KTM riders. After the

riders had registered their names for racing, the event started off with a classroom session by an experienced racing rider. This session defined the basics of track riding and the tactics to extract most out of a KTM motorcycle. The classroom session was followed by the main race event. Race winners were awarded at the end of the event with souvenirs and merchandise. A service camp was also available at the venue where owners could get their bikes checked by KTM mechanics or buy KTM Power Parts and Power Wear of their choice. KTM also unveiled the KTM RC8 R Superbike at the event displaying the racing prowess of the European brand. Although not for sale, the RC8 R will be displayed across all KTM showrooms in the country to aspire and salivate and recognise KTM as a racing brand. “The KTM brand has its roots in racing and we want KTM owners to experience the thrills that a KTM bike can provide on a race track�, said Amit Nandi, KTM India Head, present at the event. Orange Day concluded with a stunt show, wherein experienced riders stunned KTM fans by performing daring feats on the KTM 200 Duke.

May 2013 / 33


1195cc 173bhp V-Twin RC8 R One of the most powerful V-Twin in the world

Racing is the very essence of the KTM brand

34 / May 2013


Although the track was smaller, but was good fun

KTM 200 Duke, living upto its name

Winners of the 2013 KTM Orange day, New Delhi

“Orange is the happiest colour.� - Frank Sinatra

May 2013 / 35

First Drive

36 / May 2013

First Drive

Gurkha 4x4x4

Extremely tough, extremely versatile


Report: P. Tharyan, Photography: Mohd. Nasir

ome things never change in the world. One of them happens to be the way Indian journalists evaluate vehicles. Like devils possessed, they race everything, from mopeds to bikes to scooters and from cars to trucks. Given a chance they would love to race a JCB back hoe loader and pit it against the farmer’s tractor. They drool relentlessly the moment the Dubai police adds a Lamborghini to their fleet. No credit is given to the beedi smoking Indian cop in his battered Gypsy vehicle who chases a car full of brigands and shoots each one of them with his outdated revolver. They drool the moment some foreign journalist slams the pedal of a V10 on the streets of Miami. Wake up boys! Don’t you see the cows, the children scurrying across roads, jaywalkers, the perpetually non-functioning street lights and the roads full

May 2013 / 37

First Drive stylish alloy wheels (in the 4x4) etc enhance the looks of the Gurkha. The looks are further enhanced by the chrome snorkel mounted at the roof height of vehicle that ensures adequate air intake. This feature comes handy when the vehicle has to wade through waist deep water. It will never choke itself to death with all that water!

INTERIOR The interior is basic with comfortable seats. Despite only two doors, entry to the back seat is convenient. For

of crater sized pot holes? In India, you got to be tough and for that you need a Gurkha. The Gurkha 4x4x4 from Force Motors is a 4 wheel drive meant to take you through four different types of terrains and last all the four seasons, year after year. It is just the right vehicle for a large part of India. It’s not meant for the F1 Buddh International Circuit. It’s meant for every other place where speed limits range from 60km per hour to 120km per hour and where roads do not exist. Primarily this two-door Gurkha is an ideal candidate for the Indian army, especially the soft top 4x4 model. It’s extremely tough. It’s ideal for those with brawn and brains and who are not used to sitting pretty in air conditioned rooms. You need to be smart and tough to drive one!

EXTERIOR The Gurkha looks handsome and is styled on the legendary Mercedes G-Wagen. The bold front facia, muscular claddings on the sides, large ORVMs, tough foot boards,

38 / May 2013

First Drive

the driver, there’s power steering and a smooth gear to handle. Of course, the differential locks are engaged through two different levers on the floor, which need to be pulled, depending on whether to lock the front wheels or the rear wheels. The air conditioner is effective. The dashboard is sparse with just the necessary dials like the speedometer, tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges.

POWER & PERFORMANCE The Gurkha is all about power and performance. It’s a vehicle which goes to places where all others refuse. Force Motors claims that the Gurkha is the world’s first Extreme Offroader Vehicle. I endorse that completely. This vehicle can be driven in some of the most

inhospitable terrains. A word of caution: You need to know how to drive this vehicle. You have got to be very adept at using your clutch, brake and accelerator. The Gurkha is powered by a 2.6L turbo-diesel that produces enough torque at even low rpms. It’s when you enter the craters at the Force Motors test track that you realise that the Gurkha 4x4x4 is India’s best and most competent off-roader. It’s here when you engage the differential locks and leave the rest to the engine to pull you out of the several pits. The crawl feature ensures that you can keep your feet off the three pedals. The vehicle moves on its own through some very uneven terrain and even climbs steep inclines without a fuss. A short drive on an extremely tough terrain was good enough to convince me that this a

vehicle that differentiates the men from the boys.

CONCLUSION The Gurkha has been launched in a segment dominated by the Mahindra Thar and the Maruti Gypsy. While the Gypsy is a petrol vehicle, the Thar comes with a more savvy Crdi engine option, apart from the Direct Injection one. Unfortunately the Gurkha comes fitted with a Direct Injection BS III engine. That makes it out of bounds for it to be registered in some of the metros including Delhi. A BS IV engine will come in a year’s time. The wait is going to be long, but extremely rewarding. An extreme off-roader is not easy to come by. In the meantime, those outside the metros can start having all the fun!

May 2013 / 39

First Drive

VW Polo GT TSI Compact sprinter Report & Photography: P. Tharyan

his Volkswagen car is a Polo with a goal. The goal is simple. Simply sprint. The car has been built with a single purpose---to bring a smile on the faces of Polo enthusiasts. They have always been complaining of speed and power. They have now got loads of it in the new Polo GT TSI. Thanks to a new TSI four cylinder petrol engine mated to a seven-speed Direct Shift Gear box (dual clutch), the new Polo GT TSI has just got faster. And all Volkswagen did to achieve this was to dig into their parts bin and thrown out some parts from their existing model and add a few more worthy parts. And bingo, you have a sprinter in the Polo avatar!

40 / May 2013

First Drive Engine


Gear Box

Max Power/ Max Torque

104bhp @ 5000 rpm Seven-speed 175Nm @ DSG 1500-4100 rpm

Ground Clearance

TSI four cylinder petrol


Fuel Consumption

Kerb Weight

Fuel Tank Capacity

Tyres Front / Rear




45 litres

185 / 60 R15



May 2013 / 41

First Drive


hatchback is sporty.

On the looks front, the new Polo GT TSI scores high. The Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI gets smoked headlamps (with black finish), side skirts and a roof spoiler. Smart ‘Estrada’ 185/60 R15 alloy wheels further accentuate the overall appeal of the car. The smart front grille with the typical double slats with the VW logo and the GT tag give the car a very purposeful image. The rear hatch lid opens up merely by pressing the VW logo. Everything about this


42 / May 2013

The interior is classy with leather wrapped steering wheel, superior ‘Milan’ Titanschwarz fabric upholstery, leather wrapped gearshift known and handbrake lever handle. One cannot miss the brushed pedals which give a very sport feel from the inside. The front console looks neat and smart with a 12V outlet. Then there is climatronic automatic air conditioning with

dust and pollen filter. A two DIN RCD 320 music system with USB, aux-in, SD card and Bluetooth too is built in. Music flows from four inbuilt speakers. A multi function steering wheel adds to the driving experience. Besides, the steering wheel which can be tilted and telescopically adjusted.

POWER & PERFORMANCE The Polo 1.2 TSI is all about driving aggression. With its impressive torque of 175NM, the GT Polo 1.2 TSI

First Drive

is the best in its class. The car now has a twin clutch DSG automatic seven-speed gearbox. No other petrol car in its segment is anywhere close to it in terms of engine and transmission technology. The 170 odd km drive in Goa from Bambolim to the Aravali beach in Maharashtra and back was simply amazing in the new Polo car. Speeds beyond 120km per hour came in naturally. The new Polo is all about the new TSI engine and its efficient gearbox. It’s unfair to write about the Polo car without giving details of its Direct Shift

Gearbox or the DSG. VW’s DSG dual-clutch gearbox has two clutches with electronically controlled gear selection that gives you fast and smooth gear changes, thereby resulting in lively handling with smooth acceleration. This superior DSG ensures that you get improved fuel economy, even compared to a manual gearbox. Unlike a conventional automatic transmission, this seven-speed gearbox has twin electronically controlled shafts that manage gear selection. This results in split-second gear changes when you are on the ‘D’ drive. While I enjoyed my drive thoroughly, I only wished the distance was longer. With the new Polo GT TSI, distances don’t last!

May 2013 / 43

First Drive

Chevrolet Enjoy Truly Enjoyable

44 / May 2013

First Drive Chevrolet Enjoy Diesel Engine


Max Power

Max Torque

Kerb Weight

1248cc,Smartech, 4-Cylinder in-line, Liquid Cooled,

Five speed manual

76bhp @ 4000rpm

188Nm @ 1750rpm


Suspension: Front/Rear

Brake: Front/ Rear

Fuel Tank Capacity

Tyres: Front/ Rear

Engine Management

50 litre

175/70 R 14 C 95/93S


McPherson Strut with Coil Spring Ventilated discs and Stabilizer with front calliper Bar/5-link Coil / Drum Brake Spring half isolate

Report: Karan Joshi & Abhijeet Singh Photography: Mohd. Nasir


he new MPV from Chevrolet stable, Enjoy is all set to rule the Indian market. It will be giving a direct competition to Maruti Ertiga. The design of the car is subtle and is available in both petrol and diesel variants. But apart from looks and design, every car has a target

audience to address and we need to figure out whether Enjoy will be able to find its target audience and also stare at its rival at the same time.

EXTERIOR The font of the car is similar like other Chevrolets with the classic golden bow

Chevrolet Enjoy Petrol Engine


Max Power

Max Torque

Kerb Weight

1399cc,DOHC, 4-Cylinder in-line, Liquid Cooled

Five-speed manual

102bhp@ 6000rpm

131Nm@ 4400rpm

1260 kgs

Suspension: Front/Rear

Brake: Front/ Rear

Fuel Tank Capacity

Tyres: Front/ Rear

Engine Management

50 litres

175/70R 14LT 95/93S


McPherson Strut with Coil Spring Ventilated discs and Stabilizer with front calliper Bar/5-link Coil / Drum Brake Spring half isolate

May 2013 / 45

First Drive

placed in the centre of chrome finished grille. The headlamps are sharp and edgy, merging towards the wheel arch. At the side runs a loud line along the door handles, vanishing into the tail lamp. The rear of the Enjoy is designed neatly with a long and wide tailgate.

INTERIOR Enjoy shines when it comes to the interiors. It can easily accommodate 7-8 people. With good head room and plenty of legroom, It will be available in two

Third row seats folds to create luggage space

Airy cockpit; plastic quality could have been better though

46 / May 2013

Air conditioner performs well

First Drive seating configuration 2+2+3 and 2+3+3. The models we drove were 7-seaters. The seats were soft and comfortable with good quality of leather. The car has a dual tone cockpit, largely beige. In the front the car is equipped with driver’s seat height adjustment, wooden side tray rim with window and wing mirror controls mounted on it. At the centre of the dashboard are fitted three air-conditioner vents and a standard audio system with auxiliary and USB input. The middle row has two individual seats with hand-rests attached to them and air-conditioner vents on the roof mounted on the B-pillar. Along with that you get an impressive leg and head room. The last row is furnished with one long seat, capable of carrying three

1248cc, Smartech, turbo-diesel

people, and if it’s not needed, just fold it down and you have more space for your luggage.

ENGINE AND PERFORMANCE The Enjoy will be available with two different hearts under the hood and will be powered by a 1.3-litre multijet diesel engine and a 1.4-litre petrol engine. The car was impressive to handle and the steering responded to the movement of my arms while dodging the potholes. The suspensions of the cars were soft and absorbed the shocks well when the car went over few pot holes (well you can’t afford to dodge them all in Delhi). The 1.3-litre 4 inline cylinder diesel engine is jointly developed by Fiat and General Motors, produces a power of

76bhp at 4000rpm and turning force of 188Nm at 1750rpm. With the launch of the Enjoy, General Motors India will also be introducing their all new 1.4-litre petrol engine with a capacity to generate a power of 102bhp at 6000rpm and a twisting

1399cc, DOHC, 4-Cylinder petrol engine force of 131Nm at 4400rpm. Both engines are mated with five-speed manual transmissions and also equipped with ABS.

CONCLUSION Enjoy is an ideal city car and is easy to maneuver in bumper to bumper traffic. True to its name, it meant to be Enjoyed with your family or all by yourself, whether you are going to the office or going on a holiday with your loved ones!

May 2013 / 47

We Drive

Mahindra e2o The future looks good Report: P.Tharyan, Photography: Mohd. Nasir

48 / May 2013

We Drive Motor



Max power

Max torque

3 Phase Induction Motor

48V Lithium-ion

Fully Automatic

25.48bhp (19kW) @ 3750 rpm

53Nm @0-3400 rpm

Ground Clearance

Suspension Front/ rear

Range / Top Speed


Price (on road )

MacPherson StrutGas filled/ Gas filled shock absorber with coil spring

100km in one full charge under test conditions/ 5 hours to full charge

150/70R, Tubeless low resistance

TO- 6.24 T2- 6.47 (Inclusive of Future of Mobility Services)


here is no denying the fact that the car has been built with an eye on our future. But don’t get carried away with everything electric. Yes, it does not consume precious fossil fuels, but it definitely uses electricity, generated from India’s several inefficient power plants. But to be fair to Mahindra, they have gone one step ahead in addressing this issue. The company has on offer a sun2car technology. This means you can set up your own solar panels outside your garage and thereby avoid tapping your local grid. That’s definitely an extra Green Mile!

EXTERIOR The Mahindra e2o looks extremely attractive. Gone are the toy-like looks of the car when it was just a Reva car. This one surely invites a lot of inquisitive stares on the road. As I drove around, people stopped to ask the usual questions, “Battery?”, “What’s the cost?”, “Average?”…. The car looks a bit flimsy and feels a bit fragile when you touch it. But the e2o has a special ABS body panel formation that ensures it is dent resistant. As the body is impregnated and not painted, the chances of it getting scratched are minimised, says the company note on the car. On the looks front, I found the car kind of decent, but a bit too frail for the notorious Indian roads. It has projector headlamps and LED tail lamps, scissor wipers, electric wing mirrors that can be adjusted from inside, and rear defogger.

INTERIOR The interior space is just about okay in the e2o. The two-door design is a bit inconvenient, to say the least. BMWs and Audis have two doors and two rows of seats and they still call them coupes. This car is a tiny one, which just about seats two adults and two kids. With four adults the car gets a tad stuffy. The plastic interiors are not too exciting. The glove box compartment lid kept opening, each

May 2013 / 49

We Drive

time the car went over a bump. That’s not what is expected of a car that costs upwards of Rs 6 lakh on Delhi roads. It’s not very easy wearing the seat belt because the B pillar on which it is fitted is a wee bit away. One has to really stretch back to get hold of the seat belt! Since the youngsters may not ideally go for a car like this, the more matured older ones may find this exercise a bit too harsh for their backs.

screen infotainment system, 4 JBL speakers and two tweeters, reverse camera, digital user manual, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, integrated maps, iPod connectivity. There is also a personal web page for your car. Simply press the start button, hold your key next to the button for the acknowledgement and simply move the automatic gear to ‘F’ for the forward journey.

But this car has loads of features that give it an up market feel. The moment you adjust yourself in the driver’s seat (don’t miss the onetouch foldable seats), you realise that your world opens up to a maze of smart technology. The top-end version has a 6.2 inches touch


50 / May 2013

This car will not appeal to a petrol head. He will simply weep sitting in the car. So spoilt are some of them for speed and acceleration that they may simply brush aside this car, refusing to even try driving it. For a

We Drive

car that is so silent, has a top speed of 81 km per hour, takes five hours to fully charge and is unlikely to take the shoddy and undulated roads of India, it could be virtual “No” from the youngsters. Unless, of course, if you are a born computer geek. Like the guys in Bangalore. Even rich tree huggers and stray dog lovers may stay away from this car and not give up their Toyota Fortuners. You have to be genuine environment lover to buy this car. Let’s look at the brighter side of Mahindra’s electric dream. They say

it’s the ‘Future of Mobility’. The car’s got an Intelligent Energy Management System and 10 onboard computers. The car can be refueled by plugging it in at your home or office. The car’s got an advanced regenerative braking system wherein each time you slam the brake, energy gets back into the battery. This means you are actually saving power and recharging the batteries every time you brake. With the startstop traffic we have on Delhi’s roads, this car is a perfect four-wheeler to drive. With all the plastic around the car, do not assume that it’s not safe. The car’s got a steel space frame structure, three crumple zones, two side impact beams on each side,

among its several safety features.

CONCLUSION Mahindra is offering a ‘Future of Mobility Services’ (FOMS) along with the Mahindra car. It costs 30,000/- It’s a one-time activation cost. Among the several things you can do using this service (it requires a smartphone) is that you can log on through the phone and switch your car AC/ heater, lock your car, do remote diagnostics, plan your vacation, etc. Last but not the least, through this service one can also ‘REVive’ the car. In short, if you were ever to run out of charge, this feature will remotely activate a reserve that will allow you to continue on your way for a few extra kilometres. In conclusion, the Mahindra e2o is not a car for today, it’s a car for tomorrow. It’s a car that shapes your tomorrow, while paying back to the environment what you have been depriving of it for the last several decades. In short, the e2o is a car with a purpose. It makes our future look good!

May 2013 / 51

We Drive

Toyota Etios and Etios Liva Old horses, new saddles Report: Abhijeet Singh & Karan Joshi, Photography: Mohd. Nasir

52 / May 2013

We Drive Toyota Etios V Engine


Max Power

Max Torque

Fuel Efficiency

1496cc, 4-Cylinder 16V, DOHC, Petrol

5-speed Manual

88.7bhp@ 5600rpm

132Nm@ 3000rpm


Suspension: Front/Rear

Brake: Front/ Rear

Fuel Tank Capacity

Tyres: Front/ Rear


MacPherson Strut/ Torsion Beam

Ventilated Disc / Drum

45 litres

185/60-R 15 (Tubeless)

6,69,578 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Toyota Etios Liva GD Engine


Max Power

Max Torque

Fuel Efficiency

1364cc, 4-Cylinder 16V, DOHC, Diesel

5-speed Manual

67bhp@ 7500rpm



Suspension: Front/Rear

Brake: Front/ Rear

Fuel Tank Capacity

Tyres: Front/ Rear


MacPherson Strut/ Torsion Beam

Ventilated Disc/ Drum

45 litres

175/65-R 14 (Tubeless)

5,99,900 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

May 2013 / 53

We Drive ince their launch in 2010 (2011 for the Liva), both Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios Liva have been widely accepted as affordable and functional machines. For 2013, Toyota has revamped both the models to delight more customers and sold more than 1,45,000 units nationwide. The Etios sedan is available in the price range of

54 / May 2013

5,45,390 and 7,08,679 (petrol variant ) and 6,70,743 and 8,15,852 (diesel variant), exshowroom Delhi. The Liva hatchback will be priced between the range of 5,45,390 and 7,08,679 (petrol variant ) and 6,70,743 and 8,15,852 (diesel variant), exshowroom Delhi. Further to support existing and new customers, the company plans to expand its presence to 235 dealerships until later this year.

We Drive

New outside Both vehicles have been refreshed both inside out. The front grilles have been redesigned and receive chrome treatment adding to the sporty appeal. The rear tail lamp also gets a new pattern and looks more sophisticated now. The sedan get chrome on the door handles which lend it a classy touch. Another neat feature now is the indicators which are integrated in the ORVMs.

New inside The dashboard now gets the much needed dual tone layout as opposed to the previous models slightly dull dashboard. Both cars that we drove had a 2 Din audio system

with Bluetooth, USB, Aux-in and a remote for added convenience. The air conditioning unit gets new switches and has clean air filters. The seats are new and better than the previous model. The driver seat is now height adjustable to support shorter proportioned drivers. The combimeter now gets a new face and glows blue when lit, however still inconveniently placed and hard to fathom at speeds. Overall a good value proposition from Toyota, the Etios and Liva are well made vehicles for both city and highway. They are comfortable, functional, spacious and very efficient. And as we always say, Toyotas are built to last and the engines are near indestructible.

May 2013 / 55

We Ride

Honda Aviator & Dio

56 / May 2013

We Ride Aviator (DLX) Engine


Max Power

Max Torque


109cc, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, OHC

V Matic

8bhp@ 7000rpm

8.77 Nm@ 5500rpm

Self and Kick

Suspension: Front / Rear

Brake: Front / Rear

Fuel Tank Capacity

Tyres: Front / Rear


Telescopic/ Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type

190mm dia Disc (CBS)/ 130mm dia Drum

6 litre

90/90-12 54J 90/100-10 53J

53,531 (exshowroom, Delhi)

onda has upgraded its runabout scooters, Dio and Aviator. This duo shares the same 109cc engine which pumps out 8bhp at 7000rpm and a torque of 8.77Nm at 5500rpm respectively. Thanks to new Honda Eco Technology (HEC) the fuel efficiency has gone up by 11pc resulting in a mileage of 60kmpl. This duo has a lot to offer when it comes to styling and

convenience. The sitting posture is comfortable and the handling is very easy. The Combined Brake System (CBS) makes it effortless in bumper to bumper traffic and cornering is a piece of cake. Under the seat is a storage compartment with enough space for your helmet or even for a bag. The vehicles are idle for performing every day duties, be it riding to the collage, commuting to office or to a grocery store. The dynamic abilities and decent pricing makes it a worthwhile buy for the urban environment.

Dio (DLX)



Max Power

Max Torque


109cc, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, OHC

V Matic

8bhp@ 7000rpm

8.77 Nm@ 5500rpm

Self and Kick

Suspension: Front / Rear

Brake: Front / Rear

Fuel Tank Capacity

Tyres: Front / Rear


Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type / Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type

130mm dia Drum (CBS)/ 130mm dia Drum

6 litre

90/100-10 53J 90/100-10 53J

44,701 (exshowroom, Delhi)

May 2013 / 57


O Hotel, Pune

Daring, Different & Exciting jyoti balani


he tag line of O Hotel Pune reads: daring, different, and exciting in decor and design and that’s exactly what this beautifully designed property in Koregaon Park, Pune is all about. Chic, stylish, and young is the mantra of this hospitality venture by Neelam and Anil Seolekar! The rooms are an exciting array of visual design - a sensual treat of texture and style. All rooms and suites have floor-to-ceiling mirrors; hand crafted stone-clad walls and lampshades woven with silver threads that transform you in a dream world with mood lighting. Four fixture bathrooms with custom made tub, the luxury of a rain shower, freestanding basin. A relaxing bath in the custom made Soak Tub in the rooms, instead of bathrooms, that are placed in such a position ensures that guests Neelam Seolekar can watch

58 / May 2013

TV while in the tub. The art here patronizes the village crafts that fuse with the interiors to ensure that a visual experience is achieved. Modern comforts, such as a LCD TV with USB port, large business table with telephone and high-speed internet access, pure herb bathroom amenities and 300 thread count bed linen make a guest’s stay very comfortable. Posture–pedic mattresses adjust to one’s body comfort and shape. Other facilities include Crisp linen with warm timber floors, a Pillow Menu at turndown, combination of silk, tissue and jute for curtains, lampshades woven with silver

threads (with mood lighting).

Harajuku With an innovatively designed Sushi counter, a Teppanyaki corner and high stools along the bar, in addition to cozy seating covers and a private dining area, Harajuku truly signifies the vibrant Harajuku area in Japan. The fare here is authentically and truly Japanese made with the freshest of ingredients. Harajuku is done up in vibrant gold and red colors and has tall, slim, green bamboos that create an esoteric effect. Try the Oxford Salad, Kakiage Donburi (Vegetarian), Prawn Lover


Roll, Rib Eye Teppanyaki. The recently introduced Bento Box (Choice of Vegetarian and Nonvegetarian Set Meals for Lunch) is popular and finds many takers in Pune. End a great Japanese meal with the ice cream tempura and the wasabi brulee.

Addah Fire meets water under the skies to create an open hangout called Addah. Watch time fly by, or the moon rise, or lose yourself in the rhythm of crystal clear water in the swimming pool on ‘The O’ terrace as expert chefs fire up live charcoal recipes from all over India. Addah is the hotel’s alfresco terrace restaurant along the swimming pool.

The Roof Top Brassiere serves live charcoal delicacies from all over the country. As you settle down, the service staff places the menu with a torch to decide your meal for the day. Make sure you try the bhune hue anjeer (whey swollen dry figs marinated in mustard and smoked), the Jhinga Nisha (prawns steeped in yoghurt, spiked with sesame seeds) or better still go for an assorted veg and non veg kabab platter. Go for the yakhni shorba (fresh Indian herb infused broth of mutton shanks), the dum aloo Kashmiri(dryfruit stuffed potato cooked on dum, finished with cream and clarified butter), maahi mussallam (grilled vegetables stuffed pomfret served whole in

curry) and sikandari raan (baby leg of lamb marinated in rum) with rotis or naan. The vegetarian and the mutton and chicken biryanis are outstanding. Finish off a great meal with baadam halwa or the makhane

May 2013 / 59


ki kheer (popped lotus seed surprise, served chilled). Sikandari Raan, Bhune hue Anjeer (Vegetarian), Murgh Khurchan, Mahi Mussallam and Baadam Halwa are some unique preparations offered in Addah.

Kitsch Kitsch, the all-day dining restaurant at the ‘O’ Hotel has an eclectic look with new-age interiors and asymmetrical architecture. Kitsch also serves a good mix of European and Indian food. The menu has a huge salad section with unique salads such as strawberry and Feta with balsamic, pastas, pizzas,

60 / May 2013

Splurge Falooda.

O Spa

sandwiches, wraps and risottos as well. This stylish restaurant dishes up a range of steaks such as the T-bone steak, prime rib, lamb rack and Norwegian salmon. Try the strawberry and Feta salad with balsamic, vegetable sandwiches (accompanied by a very innovative caramelized onion, the saffron and chicken risotto -- creamy and cooked just to the right degree.

From the dessert section try the crème brulee. Jumbo Prawns on Lemon Grass Skewer, Fig and Feta Salad (Vegetarian), Turkish Wrap and Grilled T-bone Steak are additional specialties offered by this restaurant. The Chai House at The Trattoria is perfect for indulging yourself with delicacies such as Churros with Hot Chocolate, Bailey’s Chai, Spinach Empanadillas, O Pomegranita! and

The fact that one can choose whether they want to undergo a spa experience indoors or outdoors makes the O Spa well worth a visit. Open terrace treatment rooms overlooking Pune city with water bodies around succeed in creating a peaceful ambiance. For those who prefer the indoors, there are 5 treatment rooms where various body massages, luxurious caviar facials and seaweed body therapies can be experienced. Sabai stone massage is one of their signature massages and helps promote a deep sense of relaxation and skin rejuvenation. Black Granite used during this treatment is a non porous stone that retains greater heat and remains bacteria free. One can exhale and relax as the therapist administers an advance tri-phase stone therapy far exceeding traditional stone therapy. This treatment helps to destress ones entire well being-mind, body and spirit. Other benefits of the Sabai Stone massage are skin rejuvenation, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This massage also helps cure arthritis and joint pains. Popular massages in the O Spa are aromatherapy, Swedish and Balinese massage. The Nuvola dry floatation water bed treatment, excellent for treating insomnia and jetlag is one of the unique therapies offered in the O Spa.

The O Hotel, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001, India call : (+) 91 20 40011000

May 2013 / 61


ITC Maratha Mumbai

Designed in flamboyant classical style Jyoti Balani

TC Maratha is one of Mumbai’s better hotels and is located very close to both the domestic and international airports (5km from the domestic airport and 2km from the international airport.) We recently got an opportunity to experience the much talked about warmth and hospitality of this popular hotel. As one steps into this well-appointed property, the elegance of Maharashtra’s rich history can be seen everywhere. Located amidst the city’s vibrant trade and business centre, ITC Maratha spells luxury with a capital L.

Resident’s Lounge

Designed in a flamboyant classical style, this hotel offers a choice of the finest cuisine, 386 luxurious rooms and suites. Swimming pool

62 / May 2013

Splurge Designed in a flamboyant classical style, this hotel offers a choice of the finest cuisine, 386 luxurious rooms and suites. It also includes an exclusive ladies wing with customised services. Situated close to the business districts of north and central Mumbai and within commuting distance from south Mumbai, the strategic location makes it the ideal place for conducting business. The hotel offers guest rooms and suites ranging from 370 to 2950 square feet, including 246 Executive Club, 77 Towers Rooms, 32 ITC One Rooms, 16 Deluxe Suites, 6 Executive Suites, 3 Luxury Suites and 1 Presidential Suite. Guest room accommodations are tastefully appointed in elegant fabrics, light color schemes and soft furnishings. In keeping with ITC Hotels’ tradition of building hotels whose architecture is inspired by local history and culture, ITC Maratha is inspired by the Maratha Dynasty. Exterior cornices are carved in Jodhpur Pink Sandstone; pillars of Jodhpur sandstone support the dome. The hotel’s main identity however, is the striking IndoSaracenic style domed roof that dominates the façade. Cobbles and neoclassic arches introduced by the British and the coffered ceiling of the porte-cochere like old Portuguese churches reflect many historical idioms of Mumbai and the west coast. Inside a rugged façade, the interiors blend Victorian ornamentation imbued along with the expression of Maharashtrian art highlighting ‘palace-within- a-fort’ ambience. A huge silver lampshade suspended from the roof and a


silver table under a recessed roof adorns the lobby, a framed portrait of Shivaji, a white plaster of Paris backdrop of old Bombay Fort behind the reception counter; two imposing wooden horses representing the famed Maratha cavalry; and shimmering paithani saris considered to be cultural artifacts of Maharashtra, two framed widescreen sheets of glass etched with the ‘Tree of Life’ motif and a poem in the ancient Dodi script are constant reminders of the theme around which the hotel has been designed.

To the left of the lobby and down along a long corridor leading to the Ballroom, two large wall mounted wooden carvings of Lord Krishna and the gopis lend a traditionally festive touch to these essentially functional rooms. The pre-function area of the Ballroom is decorated with cast metal pendant chandelier embellished with silver parrots. Empire-style sofas, local jewellery, coins and amulets, portraits of Maratha Peshwas (Prime Minister) were appointed to assist the ‘Chattrapatis’ (King). The corridors

May 2013 / 63


14th Floor Corridor

that encircle and radiate from this core (many of which are arched like South Bombay’s pavement arcades) serve as ventilation conduits. In the atrium, on either side, are colonnaded corridors that lead to the restaurant and bar. Everywhere, contemporary art is mixed with traditional elements. The archway is embroidered with an elaborate jaali design. Old fashioned colonial punkhas with wooden blades, glass lamps and wicker chairs mingle with Victorian artifacts such as the glassfronted sideboard and carved table. Exquisite marbles have been used in combination to create elaborate mosaic designs and there are different marble patterns on every floor. Resplendently reflecting Maharashtra’s art is aptly revisited on each floor, various paintings that draw inspiration from the themes ranging from Ajanta frescoesdepicting the story of Buddhism, spanning a period from 200 BC to 650 AD. Chitrakatha drawings,

64 / May 2013

tantric art to 400 yrs old Warli tribal art form that originated in a small village near Mumbai, this art is 2 dimensional and linear with the maximum use of triangular shapes among a profusion of artifacts, framed coins and jewellery also line the walls. Silks and the muted glint of silver heighten the air of sumptuousness in the guest rooms which are beautified by paithani silk bolsters, silk curtains and photographs of Bombay’s landmark buildings.

Peshawri This restaurant serves food from the North West Frontier. A unique concept, the restaurant offers a sophisticated yet ethnic experience where the kitchen is part of the restaurant. The decor comprises stonewalls and flooring, hung with Bukhara carpets. Rough-hewn trestle tables and wooden stools complete the rugged look. Copper pots and urns are suspended from

the ceiling and pillars; the crockery is earthenware in an earthy ochre colour, while the menu is painted on a block of wood. The chequered apron, also a novel concept has become very popular. While in Peshawari, you must try the Dal Bukhara, Sikandari Raan, Burrah Kabab, Tandoori Jhinga, Murgh Malai Kabab, Kadak Seekh Reshmi Kebab, Khurchan and Tandoori Chicken.

Dum Pukht Lifting the unique Awadhi cuisine to extraordinary heights is the décor, inspired by a paradisiacal garden. Instilled with hints of Persian refinement, indigenously embroidered table cloth and intricate wood work, the interiors are reminiscent of an era marked by rich traditions of art and culture. Shimmering gold patina of fish-scale mirrored ‘chinikhanas’ adorn the walls of the restaurant while glass ‘Shamadans’ stand sentinel on the floor. A feeling of timelessness is

Splurge coast known for their rich culinary repertoire. Sample local south Indian dishes from coastal regions of Karavali belt (Uttara Kannada, Udipi, Dakshin Kannada), Malabar Coast (Kasargod, Kozhikode and regions around Alleppey), Coromandel Coast (Karaikal, Cuddalore, Chennai, Nagapattinam), coastal Andhra and Konkan Coast offering cuisines of the Nadaars, Mudhaliyars, Bunts, Syrian Christians, Iyers/ Iyengars, Chettiyars and the unique cuisine of Pondicherry.

Luxury Suite rendered by the marbled floor with the effect of a rivulet flowing across and the tranquil waves are reflected on the mirrored ceiling. As the seal of the ‘degh’ is broken and the lid taken off, the fragrance of this royal repast fills the air while the crystal chandelier resonate a mosaic of diverse culture and reigns. Time is of essence in the preparation of all epicurean wonders at Dum Pukht. Cooked for hours or ‘itmenan se’ over a low flame, what emerges is a soft medley of flavours revealing themselves to the palate with gentle subtlety. Stoked by the slow fire of chinar wood, dishes are prepared releasing in its wake a delicate intermingling of subtle flavors and aromas of exotic spices. With the restaurant aglow in the light accentuated through mirrors, central to the décor theme, the food is presented in an epic ambience. The intricate details of the interior celebrate many influences present when Dum cuisine originated- the Persian arch, the floral motif of Awadh, the

decorative furniture and the Mughal passion for inlay.

Dakshin Coastal Dakshin Coastal, southern coastal specialty restaurant at ITC Maratha strives to craft the splendor of Southern cooking and celebrates the flavors of South India. The Southern Peninsula’s culture and rich tradition inspired this restaurant to create a novel eating experience. The dishes are cooked in inimitable styles from regions along the

Deluxe Suite

May 2013 / 65


Keys Hotel, Pimpri (Pune)

The keys to business and pleasure jyoti balani


eys Hotel, Pimpri-Pune is strategically located very close to the MumbaiPune Expressway. With 101 rooms, it is the ideal choice for business as well as leisure travelers seeking a stylish hotel with modern facilities without having to drive into the city. Located next to the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) building, Keys Hotel, Pune-Pimpri attracts travelers from across the country. Those traveling by air can reach the hotel in 45 minutes from Pune airport. For those who wish to travel by train, Pune railway station is within 30 minutes from the hotel. Balewadi

66 / May 2013

stadium and Sahara Stadium are 30 minutes away. The 210 sq.ft Keys rooms have a queen bed and come fitted with an LCD TV, laptop compatible safe, mini-refrigerator, tea/coffee maker, direct dial telephone and voice mail, iron and ironing board, climate control, multipurpose adaptors, ensuite bathroom and power

showers. The working desk with ergonomic chair makes those late night presentations easier. A guest can enjoy the convenience of 24 hour room service, interesting satellite TV channels, relaxing couch, comfort beds with duvets and a black-out curtain should a guest like to relax in the comfort of his\ her room. Complimentary mineral water, tea-coffee-milk sachets, Wi-fi and buffet breakfast are included. An up market hotel which is a preferred destination for a new business traveler, Keys Pimpri provides a lively and vibrant environment while assuring exceptional guest service. This hotel takes extra care of woman travelers by identifying a separate floor for ladies. Rooms for ladies are equipped with additional safety features. To further ensure a guests

Splurge from a selection of five settings to suit your needs. Laundry service and doctor on call are other facilities offered in the hotel.

Keys cafe

Ravi Rawat, General Manager, Keys Hotel, Pimpri

This charming contemporary coffee shop and restaurant offers some of the finest world cuisine options. Depending on a guest’s choice, à la carte Indian, Continental or more can be ordered. This restaurant has a very popular buffet that allows a guest to indulge in gourmet style breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Unlock-the bar safety, public areas such as the business centre, gym, elevators are given access through room keys. “A stay in Keys Pimpri promises a stylish, cheerful, cutting edge international service and atmosphere. We guarantee service, fun, care, freshness and uninterrupted business to our guests,” says Ravi Rawat, General Manager of the hotel. Other facilities offered by the hotel include the convenience of seamless connectivity in the hotel for 2 hours per day during a guests stay, The Keys Travel Desk allows a guest to explore the city. A 24x7 Vending machine is installed in the lobby and a guest can use their own room keycard and access personal care items, toiletries, sweet and savory bites, snacks, beverages and other products for your daily need. With a range of national and international channels, the LCD TVs in the rooms ensure the best of entertainment, sports, current affairs and music. Power Showers installed in bathrooms help a guest rejuvenate with a refreshing shower

Unlock is a unique sports bar that serves mocktails and delectable snacks. It also offers gaming alternatives and lounging area enlivened by soft music and adjustable lighting. One can play a round of pool while sipping on some cool mocktails or get on the play station or watch a cricket match. Those who wish to order their

meals in the room have a pleasant surprise in store. Once the order is placed, the room service staff will have it delivered in a packaged bag. Guests can enjoy at leisure and dispose the waste back into the bins in the rooms. Keys Pimpri is the ideal venue to host business lunches, celebrate special days and check out latest food and beverage happenings. Banquets are equipped with state of the art audio visual equipment, internet access, a self help tea/ coffee maker and timely snacks, enabling guests to focus on the task at hand within a secure enclosure that caters to every requirement. Banquets in this hotel are well equipped to cater to guests starting from 30 to 115.

KEYS HOTEL, PIMPRI-PUNE Near PCMC Office, 31/6, Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Pimpri, Pune - 411 018, Maharashtra. Tel: +91 (020) 3944 1000 Fax: +91 (020) 3000 5020

May 2013 / 67


PAYAL JAIN In an interview with Jyoti Balani

68 / May 2013


eamlessly blending Indian craftsmanship with chic western silhouettes, Payal Jain’s name is synonymous with eternal style. Payal prides herself on meticulously crafting every piece that she creates with intricate precision. Jain’s eponymous brand has truly become the go-to label for ageless garments that are a result of an eclectic blend of exclusive fabrics and detailing that stand out because of the au currant interpretation that she bestows on her work. It is this juxtaposition of the indigenous aesthetic with western sensibilities that has come to be her signature leitmotif. She describes her brand ethos as having ‘A western body with an Indian soul’ which is embodied by each collection that she presents on the runway. Jain is one of the sole designers that take care of each phase of her design realization. She conditions all the textile development that goes into her collection; from approving every fiber to the actual

processing of the weave itself, spending anywhere between 12-18 months developing her line. She believes that each garment be a resplendent journey, telling a unique story. It is this spirit that she imbibes in each of her collections to make them an experience not just garments. Her brand has become more than a label; it is a de rigueur choice for the neo-classical indigenous woman. She upholds the collective standards of an industry coming of its own, ensuring each piece is flawless in its appearance. Graduating in 1993, from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, Payal has seen her vision through, leading the wave of homegrown famed designers. With many accolades under her belt, including dressing trendsetter extraordinaire Victoria Beckham, there is no doubt that Payal Jain and her atelier’s legacy will prevail to be one of the strongest fashion houses in the history of Indian Fashion.

May 2013 / 69

Fashion What made you decide to pursue a career in fashion? Influenced by the arts at a young age (My mother is a musician and father is a design engineer), my world was always pervaded by the creative fluxes including dance, music and fine arts. An artist at heart, I have always believed that fashion is an art form, a creative expression like any other medium such as painting, sculpture, pottery or music. What do you consider the most important facets of the Indian fashion industry? Indian textile and fashion industry are driven by indigenous crafts and arts of India. The rich heritage and years of craftsmanship sets us apart from the rest if the world. We have at our disposal, what the world yearns to research and explore. Our history and culture, traditions of textile which vary from east to west, north to south are mind boggling in their scale and bandwidth, a goldmine waiting to be explored by artists, designers, musicians and creative minded people. Our strength is our strong Indian roots and we must allow our design philosophies to interpret these in a contemporary context.

70 / May 2013

What do you think are the current and future trends in fashion? Fashion changes every six weeks and so do trends; it is one of the most volatile businesses in the world, from a longevity perspective. Spring Summer 13 is all about flowers, butterflies, gossamer feathers, bright splashes of primary colors, vivid digital prints, floating silhouettes, dresses and delicacy. Autumn Winter 13-14 goes on to warm, rich, earthy hues with a strong emphasis on draping, layering, color mixing, texturized yarns, jersey experimentation, touches of metallic accents, lots of charcoal, indigo and black. How do you think your education has prepared you to work in fashion? My education in fashion gave me an insight into the science of fashion. The creative aspect or the ‘Art’ of fashion is something no one can really teach you. It is the expression of an artist in their own unique way however, the ‘Science’ of fashion needs to be studied. Fashion schools teach you pattern making, draping, grading, cutting and sewing amongst many other technical

Fashion sciences. The sense of color mixing and combination, sketching, illustration, art appreciation and history of fine arts are all very important aspects of the profession. Define ‘Fashion.’ Fashion to me is a way of life, it is everything that you do, from the way you dress to the food you eat, the car you drive, the holidays you chose, the entertainment you enjoy to the accessories you buy. It is simply your own very unique statement of style! How would you define your city’s fashion? Delhi is a very fashionable city and most people here are very up to date with the current fashion trends. I have seen the fashion sensibility if Delhites evolve in the last decade and almost completely change from what it used to be in the nineties. People have become very fashion conscious, body conscious and also extremely experimental. There was a time when all working women, no matter how modern....wore Indian outfits to work. Today, almost every woman on the road, be it teenagers, young professionals, house wives, corporate executives or grand moms, everyone is dressed in western outfits or at least, Kurtis with pants. Such has been the evolution of Delhi’s style statement in the recent years. I also feel Delhi is more stylish and sophisticated than most other cities in India, the majority of India’s prominent designers also are based in Delhi for this reason.

refurbished and combined with beautiful silk satins to create a magical presence. My single favorite from the collection was a black satin cape which came together with an old mirror work piece used on bulls by the royal family, when the royal procession came out in public. It looked incredibly modern and sensual when finally put on a model for my first show! What do you like best about designing clothes? Absolutely everything! I can think, eat, breathe, live and sing fashion, there isn’t a thing in the world I would rather do. What are some of your fashion goals? To make a difference in some less fortunate lives every day, little by little, in some small way over a long period of time!

How does designing shoes or jewelry differ from designing clothes? The process remains the same however, the medium varies and so do the challenges. How long does it usually take you to construct a piece? A collection can take anywhere from three to twelve months from the concept to completion stage. Each piece is difficult to estimate as it always runs into a collection. Some trousseau pieces can take up to eighteen months also to complete. Who is one of your favorite local models to work with? Nayanika Chatterjee, I absolutely love her. What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? The first collection I designed was inspired by Kutch tribal embroideries and there were twelve to fourteen pieces all created from old Kutchi mirror work pieces, which were

May 2013 / 71


Numerological Preparations: For the Number 9 Concept and report: Jyoti Balani Food and location courtesy: Arthur’s Theme, Pune, India Numerology as we all know is used to determine an individual’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. These days a lot of people use numerology to examine their life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, or simply figure out where to go next. But few people are aware there is a connection between food and numerology as well. Every number has both good as well as bad qualities. People associated with a particular number are more likely to suffer from a sickness owing to the ill effects connected with their numbers; which is why numerologists recommend foods that help in curing that particular weakness. We consulted prominent numerologist Swetta Jumaani and she came up with a list of ingredients suitable to each number starting from number 1. These ingredients were then passed onto talented chefs from Pune to create 6 unique recipes using their creativity and imagination. Needless to say the results were amazing and are here for all to see and try out these recipes.

Number 9: The energetic firebrand People born on the 9th, 18th and 27th in any month are termed as Number 9 personalities, ruled by the planet Mars. Scorpions and Arians too are ruled by Mars. Their lucky Numbers are those of Venus, 6th, 15th and 24th, of Jupiter, the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th, and of Mars, 9 and those born on the 9th, 18th and 27th in any month. To begin with, Number 9 personalities are usually short tempered, impulsive, impetuous, accident prone, stubborn and inflexible. The logic behind all this is actually very simple! Let’s start by telling you that the planet Mars represents Number 9, which is one of the most disruptive planets in the universe. This Number 9 is the Symbol of matter that cannot be reversed, and is therefore, stubborn because the number 9 when multiplied by any number, always reproduces itself, no matter what the extent of the number you multiply it with. E.G 9X1=9, 9X2=18=9, 9X3=27=19, 9X4=36=9, 9X5=45=9 AND SO ON! The Number 9 is considered to be fortunate only if it is applied for fields such as Boxing, Archery, Armed Forces, engineering, manufacturing, surgery etc. A

72 / May 2013

Swetta Jumaani is from the famed Jumaani family, an ardent fan of her father, the Eminent Numerologist Bansilal M Jumaani, Swetta keenly studied this occult science of numerology under the competent guidance of her father who was a capable Guru. Swetta Jumaani inaugurated her office in Pune on the 6tth of Jul 2003. She created major ripples when her very first prediction on Aug 24 2003, regarding the effects of the planet Mars as it moves closer to the earth, rang true word by word. She can be contacted on Here she tells us a little about number 9 people, their characteristics, their lucky colors, numbers, recommends the line of work that will benefit them, etc.

Numerology classic example of Number 9 doing well for someone is that of the great fighter, Muhammed Ali, born on 18th January 1942 who used the fiery Mars energy inside the boxing ring. Bruce Lee was born on 27th November 1940. Shivaji, the great warrior lived up to his name, which incidentally adds up to 9. P T Usha has her name totaling to 9 too. Number 9 personalities are ‘fighters’ in all they attempt in life. In character they are hasty in temper, impulsive, independent, and desire to be their own masters. Due to this ‘dominating’ and ‘straight forward’ quality, they make great enemies, and bring on their heads trouble and opposition, and are often accident prone. They rarely go through life without injury or wounds, and many times experience the surgeon’s knife. Number 9 is like nuclear energy; it can be used for the good as well as the bad. They usually experience quarrels in personal and professional front mainly arising due to their straight forward nature. And that explains the relevance of the trouble brewing in places such as Gujarat, Kashmir and Srinagar, Mumbai which all total to 18=9! Unless they wish to struggle and battle in life, it is essential for Number 9 personalities to alter their spelling so that their names are on harmonious numbers, as their birth dates cannot be changed. These people should be dealt with patiently, and taken into confidence. If you try to dominate them it will have an adverse effect.

Ingredients that they should include in their regular diet is Onions, garlic, leeks, horse’ radish, mustard-seed, ginger, pepper, wheatgrass, salads, green leafy vegetables, potato, apple, bread, banana, cheese, buttermilk, garlic, chicken soup

In this feature Navtej Sawhney, Chef and owner of the popular restaurant Arthur’s Theme, Pune, India dishes up six recipes using these ingredients:-

LEEK AND POTATO SOUP Serves 4/preparation time:-

Ingredients: 2 leeks, sliced (white part only) 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tsp cumin powder 1 kg potatoes (chopped) 1.25 liter vegetable stock 1/4 cup milk (optional) 2 tbsp cooking oil Method:• Heat oil in a low casserole / saucepan. Add the sliced leeks and garlic, cook till golden. • Add the cumin powder and cook

for a further 2 minutes. • Add the potatoes along with the vegetable stock and cook till the potatoes are tender. • Cool a little; puree the above till smooth in an blender. • Return the above mixture to the pan and season • Stir in the milk if required to adjust

the consistency. • Serve piping hot garnished with a sprig of parsley.

May 2013 / 73

Numerology APPLE BREAD PUDDING Ingredients: 10 slices white sandwich bread ½ cup butter (unsalted) ¾ cup granulated sugar 1 ½ tsp cinnamon powder ½ tsp grated nutmeg 6 large apples 1 tbsp lime juice ¼ cup brown sugar ¼ cup milk 1 tbsp custard powder

Method: • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. • Apply half the mentioned quantity of butter on the bread slices. • In a small bowl mix together ½ cup sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg. • Sprinkle the above on the buttered bread slices. • Arrange the bread slices on baking sheets and mildly toast in the oven. • Cool the cinnamon toast. • Peel, quarter and core the apples. • Cut the apples lengthwise into thin slices and place them in water along with the lime juice. • In a thick bottom pan, heat the remaining

butter along with the brown sugar. • After the sugar has melted add the sliced apples, add enough water to cover the apples, and cook on slow fire till the apples turn soft. • Remove from fire and set aside. • Warm milk and add the custard powder, stirring constantly. • Butter an oval gratin dish / a 2” deep baking dish. Arrange a layer of cinnamon toasts in the dish. • Spoon half the apple mixture evenly on the toasts. Top with another layer of cinnamon toast and then the remaining apple mixture. • Arrange the remaining cinnamon toasts, sugared sides up. • Finally pour the mixture of milk and custard on the layered toasts. • Cook in the oven for 20 minutes. Refrigerate. Serve chilled with either plum sauce or cranberry sauce

BALSAMIC SALAD Serves 4/preparation time Ingredients: 100 gms iceberg lettuce 100 gms Romaine lettuce 50 gms zucchini (diced) 50 gms onions (diced) 50 gms carrot (diced) 50 gms broccoli (flowerets) 20 ml balsamic vinegar 1 tbs garlic paste 15 ml olive oil 2 tsp mustard paste Salt and pepper as per taste Method: • Wash the lettuce leaves. Place them in a colander to dry • In a pan heat the olive oil and add

74 / May 2013

the garlic paste and sauté till the color changes a little. • Add all the vegetables except the lettuce leaves. Add the mustard paste. Season.

• Sauté for 2 minutes and set aside to cool • Arrange in a salad bowl the lettuce leaves and top with the sautéed vegetables


Serves 4/prepraration time

Ingredients: ½ bunch spinach 50 gms cream cheese 20 gms chopped onions 8 slices white bread 8 cheese slices ½ tsp paprika powder ½ tsp basil Salt and pepper as per taste Few olives for garnish Few slices of cherry tomatoes for garnish Few sprigs of parsley for garnish Method: • Wash and drain the spinach. Boil the spinach and onions till done. • Place the above in a blender and puree. • Cut the edges of the bread and toast. • Place a cheese slice each on the toasted bread. • Add cream cheese, paprika powder and basil to the spinach and onion puree. Check seasoning. • Divide the above mixture in to 8 equal portions and place each portion on the toast. • Garnish with olives, cherry tomatoes and parsley.

POTATO SKINS Serves 4/preparation time

Ingredients: 6 large potatoes 20 gms finely chopped onions 20 gms finely chopped garlic 2 tbs chopped parsley 20 ml olive oil ½ tsp oregano Salt and pepper as per taste Oil for frying Method: • Wash the whole potatoes and wipe dry. • Skin the potatoes using a knife. Place the skinned potatoes for 15 mins in a bowl of water with 2 tsp of salt. • Drain the above. Heat oil and fry the potato skins till golden brown

and crispy. Set aside • In a shallow pan heat olive oil, add the chopped onions and garlic, sauté till they turn golden. • Add the fried potatoes and toss. Remove from fire and toss in the remaining ingredients. Season. • Garnish and serve hot with Sour cream


Ingredients: 4 chicken breasts (approx 125 gms each) 50 ml wine vinegar 2 tbsp mustard paste Salt and pepper as per taste 2 tbsp garlic oil 2 pinches mixed herbs 50 ml chicken stock 1 tsp chopped celery 50 ml pureed red bell pepper A pinch of sugar Method: • Marinate the chicken pieces for 30 mins in wine vinegar and half the mustard paste. • Grill the chicken pieces on both sides till done in a non stick pan. Keep aside.

• Heat the garlic oil in a medium size pan and pour the chicken stock along with the chopped celery and the remaining half of the mustard paste. • Add the bell pepper puree, herbs, sugar, salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes. • Slice the grilled chicken and arrange the pieces on a plate. Serve accompanied with the sauce • Garnish with parsley and accompanied with sautéed vegetables.

May 2013 / 75


HTC One India is set to see temperatures soaring with the announcement of HTC One. HTC India finally introduces the most anticipated handset of the year – HTC One. The device is beautiful, and its aluminum crafted metal body is so gracious. The high-end handset packs a 4.7-inch Super LCD 3 display with resolution of 1,920 X 1,080 pixels (468ppi), Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad-Core processor. Clock Speed, 1.7-GHz, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage , Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, HTC Sense 5.0 , and 2,300mAh battery fitted inside. The biggest highlight of the device has its “UltraPixel” camera along with HTC Zoe feature. The HTC One has a 4-mega pixel rear camera with Auto Focus, LED Flash and 1080p Full HD recording. HTC says the camera fitted inside can take in more light, which results in top quality images when taken in low-light conditions. In terms of software additions, the device comes with HTC BlinkFeed, a new way to experience home screen. The other features include: HTC BoomSound, Wi-Fi, 3G, A-GPS, DLNA, Miracast, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and 3.5mm audio jack, a 2.1-mega pixel front facing camera, and weighs 143g. Available in two colours: Silver and Black, and is priced at 42,990/-. Report: Anuj Bhatia

Sony Xperia SP Ah, freshness is back, and this time around it’s magical. Meet the Sony Xperia SP. The much awaited handset has been announced in the Indian market. The device packs a 4.6-inch HD Reality Display with resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels (319ppi), Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual Core processor with 1.7GHz clock speed and 1GB of RAM fitted inside. In the imaging department, the Sony Xperia SP comes with an 8-mega pixel rear camera with Auto Focus and LED Flash. The rear camera also supports 1080p Full HD video recording facility. The makers added VGA quality front facing camera as well. The handset could be your next handheld gaming console – thanks to its PlayStation Certified nature. The highlighted features include: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, NFC, Wi-Fi, 3G, 8GB ROM (expandable), Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, USB 2.0, and long battery life. Available in two sizzling colours – Black and White, the device cost consumers 27,490. Report: Anuj Bhatia

76 / May 2013


Fujifilm FinePix HS50 Fujifilm has launched FinePix HS50 with a high-precision 42x optical manual zoom that translates into a focal length range of 24mm - 1000 mm. The new EXR CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II with autofocus speed of just 0.05 seconds makes the HS50EXR a powerful camera. The camera that comes with a 3.0-inch Vari-Angle LCD screen that can fold out and flip around, a built in stereo microphone capable of full HD movie recording (1080p) at up to 60 frames per second. Priced at 32,999/-

Fujifilm X100S The X100S features Fujifilm’s newlydeveloped 16.3 million pixels APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor with a unique, highly randomised, colour filter arrangement making the sensor’s performance comparable to full-frame output. With built-in Phase Detection, the X100S offers the world’s fastest AF speed of just 0.08 seconds. Making use of the in-built phase detection pixels for AF action, the X100S offers a “Digital Split Image” feature, which displays dual images on the left and right to be lined up for manual focusing. The camera has got FUJINON 23mm F2 lens offering premium image quality in a compact body. Price - 74,999/-

May 2013 / 77


Asus Nexus 7 It was the most anticipated tablet to be announced in the Indian market. Asus India, finally announces the retail availability of the Nexus 7 with pride. The device comes with a 7-inch LED –backlit IPS LCD display with resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels (216ppi), Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core processor, 1GB of RAM, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 32GB of internal memory( non expandable), a 1.2-mega pixel front facing camera, Bluetooth 3.0 and non –removable 4,325mAh battery. Games like Temple Run 2 can be played without any hiccups– thanks to the built in Quad-Core processor. The tablet feels light, and weighs just 340 grams. The Asus Nexus 7 is optimised to give nine hours of video playback, and 10 hours of web- browsing on a single charge. The most holy tablet – Asus Nexus 7, is set to cost you 21,999 (32GB) with 3G connectivity whereas the Wi-Fi only version with 32GB internal storage sells for 18,999. Report: Anuj Bhatia

OSIM India Introduces uRelax Stress has become an important part of your daily life. Your body suffers the most due to excessive tension. OSIM India has a solution in the form of uRelax. It basically transforms an ordinary chair into massage chair. The device is a massage cushion that fits easily onto most chairs. The portable massage cushion uses three modes: Shiatsu, Swing and Rolling massage modes. With the comfort of remote control, it is easy to select your desired massage programme. Each massage session is programmed to run for 15 minutes. The uRelax retails for 15,000 in the Indian market. Report: Anuj Bhatia

78 / May 2013


Intex Aqua Wonder Quadcore After having tasted success with the Intex Aqua Style, the makers are back with yet another glorified handset. The Intex Aqua Wonder Quadcore is aimed at young ambitious professionals. The device comes with a 4.5-inch IPS qHD display with resolution of 960 X 540 pixels, MediaTek MT6589 Quad Core processor, 512MB of RAM, 1.93MB of internal memory with expandable memory up to 32GB, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS, an 8-mega pixel rear camera with Auto Focus and LED Flash, 2-mega pixel front facing camera, Dual SIM, Wi-Fi, 3G, A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, and 1,800mAh battery fitted inside. The handset is loaded with multimedia features too. Apart from Google Play store, the Intex Aqua Wonder Quadcore has in-built preloaded applications to make your experience enjoyable. The company has exclusively tied up with for an initial period. The Intex Aqua Wonder Quadcore can be yours for 9,990 in the Indian market. Report: Anuj Bhatia

Karbonn Titanium S5 Any seeker who is keen to buy a true Android –powered handset can look forward to the Karbonn Titanium S5. The device is quite stellar in terms of styling. The Karbonn Titanium S5 comes with a 5-inch qHD IPS display with resolution of 960 X 540 pixels, 1.2-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QuadCore processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of ROM (expandable), Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, Dual SIM, an 8-mega pixel rear camera with Auto Focus and LED Flash, 2-mega pixel front facing camera, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, A-GPS, and 2,000mAh battery fitted inside. Available in two dazzling colours – Duke Blue and White, the flagship device can be purchased for 11,990. Report: Anuj Bhatia

May 2013 / 79


Corneliani Spring Summer Ceremonial Collection 2013 Corneliani the international Mens wear brand has unveiled its Ceremonial Collection for this season. The collection includes suits, shoes, cufflings, belts and ties, distinctively designed for the demanding and fashion- conscious man of today. The most noble fibres are adopted to express corneliani timeless sophistication, creating fabrics that are comfortable and high performance in shades of blacks, dark blues, slate grey, silver and pearl, as well as ivory with brilliant shiny matt or stain effects. Price Range – Belts – 15,000 Onwards Ties – 8,000 onwards Cufflings – 12,000 onwards Suits – 1 Lakh onwards

80 / May 2013


Manero PowerReserve from Carl F. Bucherer At Baselworld 2013, the Swiss watch brand Carl F. Bucherer is presenting a new mechanical model in the Manero range: the Manero PowerReserve. With integrated power reserve indication and the high-precision CFB A1011 Manufacture caliber, the timepiece combines high functionality and sophisticated technology. The silver-colored dial is divided into an outer ring and an inner ring, which are differently colored. It has stainless steel case with diameter of 42,5 mm and a depth of 12.54 mm. The timepiece is beautifully complemented by a brown alligator-skin strap or stainless steel bracelet. Available at Ethos.

Class-1 Chronoffshore Automatic The Class-1 collection is undoubtedly among the most legendary of the Edox collections. In this new version, the details are still as polished and distinctive: the sturdy and sharply contoured case middle features a new bezel in scratch-resistant black ceramic, a high-tech material used in the world of ocean racing. The black carbon dial, featuring a giant-sized “1�, evoking the Class-1 collection, gives a look that exudes virility, athleticism and animal magnetism. Made of high tech steel, the classic Class-1 plate embellishes the flank while the case back is embossed with the profile of the propeller that powers these super-boats. This watch will be exclusively available at Ethos watch Boutiques.

May 2013 / 81

BMW Motorrad sent five lucky winners off on the adventure of a lifetime, spanning across five continents with a new BMW R 1200 GS. “One World. One R 1200 GS. The ride of your life.� was the name of the game. One woman and four men made the cut from a starting field of some 12,000 applicants around the world. Picture courtesy BMW

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