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Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley Berkeley, California Head of School July 1, 2017

Mission Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley educates a diverse population of boys and girls, inspiring them to strive for academic excellence and to develop a high sense of personal and social responsibility. We offer a challenging and rigorous course of study in both French and English, set in a multicultural environment. We support each student in the acquisition of skills and the development of character necessary for citizenship in an increasingly complex world.

The Position Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley (EB) is an educational community unlike any other. Notable for its rich diversity and long history of attracting families from all over the globe, the school provides an environment in which students are at ease with differences and excited to learn from one another. When you enter the school, you step into a world full of active minds with a strong sense of family and a bright spirit. It is a warm and welcoming place where students and teachers are thrilled to work and grow. EB offers its next Head of School an extraordinary opportunity to be an active and engaged leader of a school in which all members of the community are invested and feel part of the family. It will be important for the new Head to be an active spokesperson for the school’s values, reminding members of the EB family and larger community of why the school has been a strong center of learning for the past 40 years. The next Head should be someone who will spend a significant amount of time outside the office visiting with teachers, administrators, staff members, students, and parents to demonstrate genuine interest in and respect for the exceptional work that they are doing. At the same time, there is an opportunity for the Head to build capital by sharing with faculty some of the work a Head must do that is not curriculum-related, such as budgeting, marketing, and fundraising. This is an exciting occasion for the next leader of EB.

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School History In the fall of 1977, Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley was founded in response to the growing need for a bilingual school in the East Bay. The school, started by five families and EB’s first principal Jeannette Rouger, opened with six teachers, 55 students, and 10 nationalities. The now iconic “little house” was home to administrative offices while classes took place in classrooms that today serve Lower School students. From its modest start, EB saw tremendous growth in enrollment and expansion to its campus and programming. The Middle School opened in 1988 and moved to its current location in 1991. Enrollment has grown from 55 to 500 students since 1977. The school has increased the languages it teaches from two to four. Students who graduate from EB have enrolled at some of the finest colleges and universities and have studied, lived, and worked in nearly 50 countries. Further, the school has been unwaveringly steadfast in its mission to provide a rich bilingual education that builds students of character and citizens of the world.

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High School Placement The top 15 high schools attended by EB students are: • Berkeley High School • College Preparatory School • International High School • Saint Mary’s College High School • Head-Royce School • Bishop O’Dowd High School • Lick-Wilmerding High School • Marin Academy • Piedmont High School • Miramonte High School • Lycée Francais de San Francisco • Oakland Tech • Maybeck HS • San Francisco University High School • Campolindo High School • Acalanes High School • Oakland School for the Arts

College Placement The top 15 colleges as chosen by EB alumni are: • UC Berkeley • UC Santa Cruz • UC Davis • UCLA • UC Santa Barbara • UC San Diego • New York University • Stanford University • McGill University • CSU San Francisco • Columbia University • Diablo Valley CC • Cornell University • Dartmouth College • Oberlin College • Cal Poly • University of Oregon • Harvard University • University of Chicago • University of Pennsylvania • USC • Boston University • Georgetown University • Reed College • University of Colorado

The School As the oldest bilingual school in the East Bay, for over 35 years Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley has provided a bilingual international environment for students in preschool through grade eight. Currently 516 students are enrolled on the school’s two campuses, separated into Lower School and Middle School. It is richly diverse, with a student body that consists of 39% students of color and represents 59 nationalities. With a 10.5:1 student-to-teacher ratio, the school prides itself in being able to provide individualized attention and care towards each student. Students see the school as their second home, and treasure the close and trusting relationships they have with their teachers. Each child is cared for, stimulated, and challenged in order to prepare them to be full responsible citizens in an increasingly complex and competitive world.

Academics The academic program provides students with a lifelong sense of exploration. Students become confident learners and grow as respectful young people who feel at ease in any environment. Classroom instruction is balanced by time spent outside, on field trips, and through community service. Technology is integrated into the classroom beginning in kindergarten and students gain familiarity with techniques and understand how to safely and effectively use these tools. The school takes a bilingual approach to learning because it knows that succeeding in the 21st century will require new ways of thinking, strong language and communication skills, and an open mind. French is spoken by 274 million people around the world—the fifth most spoken language—and French and English instruction

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complement each other at EB. The curriculum, which has begun to integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics through the STEAM initiative, adjusts to students’ development as they move through the grades. As a French-accredited school that follows the French educational system, EB students benefit from the high standards of the French curriculum—world history, geography, geometry, and a third language beginning in sixth grade—in addition to the full California curriculum. The benefits of learning a second language are plenty—increased mental flexibility, creativity, higher self-esteem, and even professional advantages. Because of this, students at EB are set on an early path towards success. All teachers in the French program are native speakers and the majority also holds credentials through the French education system. With full access to the same resources available to teachers in Europe, EB’s teachers are well-equipped and able to dedicate time to each individual student.

Preschool Young minds are the most receptive to learning a language, so full immersion starts in Preschool at Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley. Students age three and four are gradually introduced to French through songs, stories, and hands-on activities. Due to the many countries around the world that speak French, many of which are represented in the student body, preschoolers are also exposed to different cultures and traditions in their multicultural classroom setting. Because students learn at different paces, classes have a bilingual teacher’s assistant so they can communicate in English until they are comfortable speaking French. Students also receive an hour of English instruction each day. The learning environment is safe and nurturing, and the ultimate goal is to help each child grow in independence while preparing them for educational experiences beyond preschool. Students’ curiosities are catered to and children are encouraged to play, ask questions, and discover the world around them.

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Lower School Lower School is divided into Cycles, following the French educational system: preschool and kindergarten make up Cycle 1; grades one, two, and three are Cycle 2; grades four through six are Cycle 3; and Cycle 4 is comprised of grades seven and eight. Kindergarten sees the beginning of literacy and an introduction to mathematical concepts. The academic program encourages children to explore, play, and communicate effectively. The arts, intentional movement, and time in the garden are fundamental to the program. While students are encouraged to express themselves in French as often as possible, they receive exposure to English instruction each day and the full-time bilingual teacher’s assistant is there to support students who are not yet comfortable speaking in French. Students in grades one and two continue with 80% of their day taught in French. Subjects include mathematics, dictation and composition, cursive writing, science, physical education, and the arts. Coverage of French culture and traditions also continues. Twenty percent of the time is spent working in English; after grade two students are typically able to read and write in both French and English. By the time students reach grades three through five, they begin to have equal class time in both languages, taking half of their classes with English-speaking teachers and half with Frenchspeaking teachers. Several core subjects, such as mathematics and language arts, are taught in both languages as part of a coordinated and comprehensive approach to learning. Social studies is taught in English, while geography and ongoing studies in history are taught in French. Students refine reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing skills as they move through the grades. Beginning in third grade, the students attend multi-day field trips that are one of the defining elements of an EB education. Not only do the children explore the world around them through interdisciplinary educational experiences, but they also learn about their own ability to be independent. The crowning jewel of these lower school trips is the fifth grade visit to France. The fifth grade students’ exchange with equivalent students (“correspondents”) in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, takes place in spring.

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The French correspondents come to stay with fifth grade families for two weeks, attend school at EB and get to know the Bay Area. Equivalently, the EB fifth graders visit France for two weeks and live with the same correspondent and his/her family that s/he hosted in Berkeley. EB teachers accompany the students on the trip and facilitate the immersion into the French school. This trip has consistently been of tremendous benefit to the students, building their confidence in speaking the French language and in themselves.

Middle School To provide a strong foundation for success in high school, college, and beyond, the Middle School academic curriculum is shaped around both California state and French Ministry of Education standards. Students in grades six through eight receive instruction in social studies, mathematics, and language arts in both English and French, and they choose to study either Spanish or Mandarin as a third language. Physical education and the fine arts are also included. A team of passionate and talented teachers and specialists works together to ensure their respective lessons support each other, and they continuously inspire and challenge students to develop a deep and meaningful understanding of their subject areas. Learning is hands-on and collaborative, and students are encouraged to question, create, and transform their ideas into action. The Middle School also features a one-toone laptop program. Unique to Middle School are the “Itinéraires De Découvertes” which are interdisciplinary projects students work on in mixed-grade groups with one or several teachers. This innovative approach to learning exposes students to specialty topics such as Life in the Amazon, Expressing Ourselves (conversations about race and identity), Piñata or, or Digital Filmmaking. This distinctive component of Middle School, combined with challenging academic preparation and bilingual instruction, sets the stage for students’ success in high school. With the culmination of eighth grade comes the eighth grade trip to France in May/June. Much like the fifth grade trip, the EB students house students from a school in France for two weeks and the French correspondents reciprocate a few weeks later. Field trips for the eighth grade students include visits to historic sites in and around Paris that they have studied, as well as in-depth trips to Paris museums, parks, and chateaus. The two weeks in a French home further strengthens the students’ skills in French fluency and prepares them for their new world of high school with increased confidence.

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Arts and Athletics Realizing that exposure to the arts is key to successful learning, Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley includes the visual arts, music, and theatre at all grade levels. Starting with songs and learning to draw selfportraits in the lower grades, to acting out their own original works in Middle School, students have multiple opportunities to explore their gifts and express themselves artistically. Optional after-school classes in cooking, violin, piano, visual arts and more, are available to support continued exploration. As is intended in the STEAM curriculum, the arts are also used as a way to teach students about additional cultures and often support lessons in social studies, literature, and other areas, deepening their understanding and appreciation of a subject. Physical education is part of the EB experience starting in pre-kindergarten. Students have ample time to move and release energy, allowing them to better focus in the classroom, while simultaneously learning valuable lessons in teamwork and cooperation. After-school sports opportunities are also available to students. Lower School students can participate in after-school classes in dance, martial arts, yoga, as well as EB soccer teams. At the Middle School level, students are able to join soccer teams and co-ed sports teams for flag football, basketball, and volleyball, which compete against other local independent schools. EB is the proud winner of 49 Championships in the East Bay Independent Athletic League.

School Life In addition to a strong academic program, Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley offers a close sense of community among students, faculty and staff, and parents. The feeling of belonging to a close-knit family helps to create a nurturing and safe environment for students who feel comfortable taking risks and being in their own skin. A prevalent atmosphere of inclusiveness and equality permeates throughout the school as it holds numerous events that celebrate diversity and the multitude of backgrounds found in the community. The Search Group | Carney, Sandoe & Associates

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Believing that an effective education includes experiences outside of the classroom, EB offers a multitude of opportunities for students to continue to grow and learn as responsible citizens. A community service program starts in fourth grade and provides students with ways to contribute in meaningful ways to the EB community, as well as the greater Bay Area, and has included projects such as food drives and environmental protection activities. Students can also elect to serve on the student council or as conflict managers. EB provides support programs for students who require additional learning assistance. Learning specialists are on campus to assist students with learning differences and work with the classroom teachers and parents to provide the best type of support. An ESL teacher is available for students in kindergarten through grade eight, and similar support is provided to students who are experiencing difficulty in their French proficiency. A dedicated counselor in Lower and Middle School and a high school placement counselor add additional lines of support for students.

Physical Campus Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley has two campuses located two blocks away from each other in southwest Berkeley. Lower School serves as the main campus and houses preschool through grade five as well as the administrative offices. The campus boasts a library that is open to students and parents, science lab, multi-purpose room, art and music rooms, and a gymnasium. Students have space outside in the main courtyard to enjoy the playground and play with friends, and the small courtyard is home to the school garden. The preschool has its own yard play structure, water tables and tricycles. The Lower School saw major renovations to its outdoor space in 2014 when the size of the playground doubled and an outdoor learning environment replaced the blacktop, giving students new ways to explore and play outside. The nearby Middle School campus features classrooms, a library, a sports yard, and a small garden that is used often by teachers to supplement their lessons.

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Berkeley, California Nestled on the east shore of San Francisco, Berkeley is home to around 121,000 people and a hub for arts, culture, and food lovers. It is a spirited city, famous for being the counter-culture center of the 60s and evolving into a culinary and cultural destination with a green soul. The city has many parks and promotes the development and maintenance of green spaces. It is a leader in a nationwide effort to re-tree urban areas, and in heavily involved in environmental causes. Tilden Regional Park lies east of the city and features trails for hiking, horseback riding, and cycling. The Berkeley Marina and McLaughlin Eastshore State Park are also popular areas to enjoy time outside. Berkeley is also home to the oldest and most distinguished campus in the University of California system, the University of California Berkeley. UC Berkeley is consistently ranked by US News and World Reports as the top public university in the United States and attracts both students and professors from around the world. The result is a city filled with cultural and ethnic diversity from which EB students, faculty and staff benefit. Vibrant cultural and culinary possibilities abound in Berkeley, Oakland and the East Bay. Cal Performances brings world famous music, theatre, and dance to Zellerbach Hall on the UC Berkeley campus. Local orchestras with international reputations include Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. The Chilean-American La Pena Cultural Center celebrates traditions through artists and musical performances. The Tony Award-winning Berkeley Repertory Theatre hosts dozens of shows annually in its three-theatre downtown complex. Pixar Studios is located less than 2 miles from the EB campuses and San Francisco’s Civic Center Theater District (adjacent to Twitter’s headquarters) is less than 15 miles away. Many local restaurants specialize in local and sustainable food, and with over 350 to choose from citywide, there is no shortage of options. Chez Panisse, credited with being the origin of California cuisine, for example, was founded by EB alumni parent Alice Waters. It was Alice Waters who originally started EB’s garden program in addition to Berkeley’s Edible Schoolyard.

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Opportunities and Challenges The next Head will inherit a school with a shared sense of community and family, a solid history of delivering an effective bilingual program, a dedicated Board of Trustees, interested and involved parents, and a solid core of long-serving, committed teachers. The school is rich in diversity, both in terms of culture—with about 60 nationalities represented—and socioeconomics—with half the student body receiving financial aid. Like many independent schools, EB faces challenges and needs a visionary leader who will, in partnership with the Board, help the school write its next chapter. As such, EB presents the next Head with some challenges: the school must engage with the long-term challenges of independent schools today, especially concentrating on sustainability of its funding model, including recruiting new sources of non-tuition revenue; the school must find ways to market itself better in an increasingly competitive climate; the two campuses need to become more unified under the umbrella of a single school; a support structure for faculty and staff needs to be developed to give opportunities for professional development and proper evaluation, alongside clear and demanding accountability goals of the highest standards; in this new cycle of further professionalization and engagement with the challenges above, an environment of trust and openness must be sustained and promoted between faculty and the administration. The next Head must also be comfortable working with a teacher’s association.

Desired Qualities of the Next Head of School Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley and the Board of Trustees seek an educational leader with the experience and skills to lead this exceptional educational institution. Experience with both the academic and business side of leading a school is preferred, and candidates should have experience working with highly motivated and talented faculty, an active Board of Trustees, and an engaged parent community. In addition, the following qualities are seen as high priorities: • A leader with a visibly engaged presence and approachable personality who is able to connect with members of the community • A decision-maker, but also a good listener who will consult with others and ensure their opinions are heard and valued • A French speaker, preferably bilingual and bicultural • An educator with a deep understanding of both the French and U.S. education systems, as well as a strong knowledge of educational best practices, including bilingual immersion schools • An open-minded, innovative strategic thinker who is proactive in leadership approach • A delegator who is collaborative, transparent in communication, and can build relationships • A charismatic, inspirational motivator who will recognize the faculty and staff’s strength and support their ongoing professional development In addition, the following qualities are preferred but not required: • Experience with strategic planning and the accompanying leadership skills required to implement plans across the organization • Experience with balancing inclusion with the requisite number of French students for a French school The Search Group | Carney, Sandoe & Associates

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• Experience with financial aid and maintaining diversity

To Apply Interested and qualified candidates should submit electronically in one email and as separate documents (preferably PDFs) the following materials: • • • •

A cover letter expressing their interest in this particular position A current resume A one-page statement of educational philosophy and practice A list of five (5) professional references with name, phone number, and email address of each to:

Art Charles Managing Associate, International Search Ralph Davidson Senior Search Consultant

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