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Post your response to the following: As the supply of teachers diminishes, the demand on new and existing teachers increases. As a potential teacher and educator, identify two perceived challenges of the teaching profession that you may struggle with the most. In contrast, identify two opportunities you may have as a teacher. When responding to a classmate‟s obstacles, suggest a constructive way to address the challenges they present. Discussion Question 2 Resource: “Inclusion” and “Culturally Derived Scripts” videos from Chapter 2 on the textbook companion website View the videos on “Inclusion” and “Culturally Derived Scripts” from Chapter 2 on the textbook companion website Navigate to: From the „Select Chapter‟ drop down menu choose Chapter 2 and click „GO.‟ From the menu on the left select „Video Clips.‟ Click on the “Culturally Derived Scripts” video clip. After you have watched

Aed 200 week 1 dq1 and dq2  

AED 200 Week 1 DQ1 and DQ2 AED 200 Week 1 CheckPoint Teacher Certification Licensure Aed 200 entire course. AED 200 Week 2 CheckPoint Studen...

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