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Author : Niccolò Machiavelli Pages : 80 pages Publisher : Dover Publications Language : eng ISBN-10 : 0486272745 ISBN-13 : 9780486272 740

The Prince As a you ng Flor enti ne env oy to the cou rts of Fra nce and the Itali

an prin cip aliti es, Nic col ò Mac hia vell i (14 69– 152 7) was abl e to obs erv e first han d the live s of peo ple stro ngl y unit ed und er one po wer ful rule

r. His fasc inat ion wit h tha t poli tica l rari ty and his inte nse des ire to see the Me dici fam ily ass um ea sim ilar role in Ital y pro vid ed the fou nda

tion for his "pri mer for prin ces. " In this clas sic gui de to acq uiri ng and mai ntai nin g poli tica l po wer , Mac hia vell i use da rati ona l app roa ch to

adv ise pro spe ctiv e rule rs, dev elo pin g logi cal arg um ent s and alte rna tive s for a nu mb er of pot enti al pro ble ms, am ong the m gov erni ng

her edit ary mo nar chi es, dea ling wit h col oni es and the tre atm ent of con que red peo ple s.R efre shi ng in its dire ctn ess, yet ofte n dist urbi ng in its

col d pra ctic alit y, The Prin ce set s do wn a frig hte nin gly pra gm atic for mul a for poli tica l fort une . Sta rkly rele van t to the poli tica l uph eav

als of the 20t h cen tur y, this calc ulat ing pre scri ptio n for po wer rem ain s tod ay, nea rly 500 yea rs afte r it was writ ten, a tim ely and star tlin g less

on in the pra ctic e of aut ocr atic rule tha t con tinu es to be mu ch rea d and stu die d by stu den ts, sch olar s and gen eral rea der s as well . The Prince Get Now

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The Prince  

The Prince Get Now

The Prince  

The Prince Get Now